Chapter 430: The Third Heavenly Star Falls

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“Nine Tattooed Dragons, we need to finish this quickly. By the time Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Sheng come, they will not be so easy to handle.” Ruan Jin’er saw that Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun was unexpectedly even in battle against Demon King of Chaos. She wrinkled her brow, turned her head to look, and she saw that she could no longer hold back.

More than a hundred Flying Swords revolved into a sword array under the control of Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground, falling like rain. The Azure Sea Green Duckweed was subsequently flung, becoming a green rainbow that attacks Meng Hudie.

The Full Star shook her flag continuously, the puppets were gradually endless.

Ruan Jin’er was somewhat resentful, but neither could she easily use her trump card. She knew that if Shi Jinglun were to know, she would be an even more troublesome opponent afterwards.

Jiang Shiyu’s Flying Swords entangled Ruan Jin’er’s Heavenly Swords. She raised an artifact in her hand. With aid from the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Ruan Jin’er’s Flying Swords could not take too great of an advantage.

Furthermore, after Shi Jinglun heard Ruan Jin’er’s words, she put away her carefree attitude and said to Fan Ming: “Little Sister, it truly is a pity that you do not follow Me. Why would you choose a man like this.”

Fan Ming’s eyes were like a fierce demon’s. Her demon claws danced, her killing intent becoming threads, relying on the powerful Five Star Destined Weapon to not fall behind in battle against Nine Tattooed Dragons.

“Watch this.”

Shi Jinglung suddenly smiled. The weapon in her hand became a gorgeous staff with the motif of a coiling yellow dragon. This was one of her Nine Dragon Arms – Yellow Dragon Staff, which was one of the most powerful.

Four stars glittered, making Fan Ming’s expression change.

The staff heavily hacked at her.

Fan Ming waved her claw to go block.

The power of the collision between Star Weapons gave rise to an explosion. Without thinking, the staff in Shi Jinglun’s hand became nine sections, instantly extending her attack range.

“Dragon Bites Tail!” Shi Jinglun shouted, using the Emperor Dragon Nine Section Staff’s Yellow Rank Technique.

The nine section staff was like a coiling dragon, looping past Fan Ming’s defenses and striking the girl’s back, a powerful momentum like layers of giant waves, piled up one after another.

Fan Ming spat out blood. Her expression was ashen, but she was not to be outdone as she returned with her own Yellow Rank.

“Purgatory Fragmenting Soul Claw!”

Five crescendoing wails of death twisted towards Shi Jinglun. The Nine Tattooed Dragons’ staff technique returned to defend. Two powerful forces collided in the water, exploding. The baleful aura was routed, and the staff’s power simultaneously vanished into nothingness.

“Oh…” Shi Jinglun’s brows rose. She was unruffled as she charged in with great strides, the nine section staff in her hands heavily swinging.

Under her storm-like offensive, Fan Ming felt her entire arm shudder from weakness, her strength ebbing more than she had wanted.

Metal clashed, and a murderous air turned dense.

The surrounding seawater was continuously drawn apart, whirlpools swirling. Fan Ming was worthy of being an expert in martial arts. Facing Shi Jinglun’s constantly changing nine section staff, she was hindered. However, a Five Star Destined Weapon being countered by a Two Star was defeat any way it was put.

Several hundred moments later, they were evenly matched on the surface, but Fan Ming nevertheless sensed that Shi Jinglun’s staff power seemingly had a hole, continuously showing absolutely good cracks. However, the Fan Ming doing her utmost to contend was willing, but her flesh was weak. She was unable to directly attack that gap of victory on the nine section staff.

Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s eyes showed an unperturbed grin.

As of she was already certain of victory.


Fan Ming ground her teeth. Taking advantage of the nine section staff’s return swing, she leapt high and circulated her whole body’s Star Energy.

The girl’s surroundings were pitch-black as an abyss, swallowing even the seawater.

“Dark Rank – No Return From Evil!!”1

A hoarse voice broke free of Fan Ming’s supple throat. The Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws shook out an endless aura of death. That black depth was like a true canopy.

It was a pity, though, for Shi Jinglun already anticipated this, or perhaps it could be said that the Nine Tattooed Dragons was long waiting for this moment.

On her chest, a shield patterned after a dragon baring its fangs appeared. This shield blocked, stopping this Dark Rank in its entirety.

Earth Dragon Shield?

Fan Ming was startled. Her Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws grabbed.

Suddenly, a figure flashed. Shi Jinglun appeared next to her, and Fan Ming’s Devil Claws danced. They were about to pierce the target, but how could she have anticipated that Shi Jinglun’s nine section staff would change, becoming an ordinary staff.

Fan Ming’s attack landed on nothing.

Shi Jinglun caught her off guard. She stabbed with the staff in her hand, and a yellow light shot out swift as a hawk.

Fan Ming’s chest took the heavy blow, and she was knocked flying. Shi Jinglun’s Star Weapon changed again, transforming into a crimson bow. Based on a dragon bending at the waist, a dragon fang acted as the arrow. Shi Jinglun did not pause at all, pulling back on the string and firing an arrow, doing everything in one go. Her movements were natural and flowing, and Fan Ming basically was too late to ponder.

A fire dragon boiled the seawater, breaking open Fan Ming’s chest.

Correct Star Demon King of Chaos’ eyes widened, and her whole body turned ice-cold.

The fire dragon sunk in and immediately burned.

Fan Ming screamed, her figure suddenly shattering and disappearing without a trace.

Yellow Rank.

Dragon Pierces Heart!

“Ming’er.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s complexion was wan, staring as Fan Ming was killed by Shi Jinglun into the Star Nest.

“Do not be sad, I will send you on your way as well.” Shi Jinglun smiled, her figure suddenly vanishing.

With Correct Star Demon King of Chaos entering the Star Nest, Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s side became extremely grim. The Three Ruans acted together, stirring up havoc.

“I already can’t stand looking at you. Today is your death day!!” Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Ping’er laughed. Her arms spread open, and two water dragons shot over.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, it would be better for us to first go steal the Good Fortune Pills.” Jiang Shiyu’s complexion was wan, already giving up on the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill.

“We cannot divide our attention right now.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon knew that if their teamwork collapsed, they could only be killed even faster.


“Wait for Great Saint Starkiller.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said, secretly angry that Great Saint Starkiller had surprisingly yet to arrive.

“I will also kill that arrogant Starkiller.” Ruan Ping’er jeered. She waved her hand, and Star Magic struck Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s body.

Just as Ruan Jin’er flung out Azure Sea Green Duckweed, the green light about twist Full Star Meng Hudie to death, suddenly at this moment, a saber-light slashed and knocked Azure Sea Green Duckweed back.

The Meng Hudie that escaped by the skin of her teeth returned to Jiang Shiyu’s side. Just as they were about to thank her savior, turning their heads to looks, their expressions stiffened.

The seawaters parted, and a cold baleful aura rolled over like clouds.

A man naturally walked out of the black qi.

Great Saint Starkiller.

“Great Saint Starkiller, you finally arrived.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was relieved.

Great Saint Starkiller curled the corner of his mouth. Gazing at Ruan Ping’er, he disdainfully said: “Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Ping’er, you wish to kill me? You still do not match up.”

“A Star Master dares speak conceited nonsense.” When naturally irascible Ruan Ping’er heard Great Saint Starkiller say this, she was unable to restrain her anger. Her claws spread open, about to use her Dark Rank Move.

Just at this moment, a black light flew out from behind Great Saint Starkiller. It shot directly at Ruan Ping’er. A baleful and boiling power made everyone turn pale with fright.

The Ruan Ping’er about to use her Dark Rank was wide open.

Ruan Jin’er shouted, flustered: “Ping’er, look out!”


Ruan Ping’er hastily crossed her claws to block.

The chilly ice-cold still broke apart her body. There was a sort of indescribable pain, as if Ruan Ping’er’s soul was being pulled out alive. Ruan Ping’er’s eyes widened, not daring to believe as she stared at the demon-like woman in front of her.

A great blade surrounded in black qi made it very difficult for people to believe its master was Brave Star Guan Sheng.

Guan Ying’s eyes were completely cold. Her blade cut down Ruan Ping’er, cutting her along with her Ancient Dragon Alligator into two.

“Elder Sister…” Ruan Ping’er muttered in disbelief, turning her head back, stupefied.

She caught sight of Second Sister and Seventh Sister madly charging towards her, their faces showing a despair and pain she had never seen before.

So it turned out Elder Sister and Little Sister also are afraid…A thought flashed through Short-lived Second Brother’s mind, and then the world became shattered pieces.

Guilt Star Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Xiaowu Starfell.


The remaining two Ruan Sisters’ fury immediately filled the ocean.

Sparks flew everywhere in the battle for Black Turtle Idol. Several li away, a woman stared expressionlessly, delaying entry until all sides had been exhausted.

“Xi Yue, are we not going to play with those foul-footers?” Boatman Zhang Feiyu turned her head and said.

Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue shook her head.

Regardless of whether it was Great Saint Starkiller, they were all enemies. Rather than go help, it was better to sit on the rampart and watch the tigers fight. “However, I actually want to slaughter Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Sheng.” Zhang Feiyu’s smile was very rippling.

“Why has Milord not come yet. Could he have met with trouble.” Xi Yue turned her head back, gazing into the deep sea, showing an expression of worry.

Zhang Feiyu clicked her tongue. Ever since that Su Xing appeared, Xi Yue already was not the Xi Yue she was familiar with. Had she ever seen this girly nervousness.

“What is there to worry about. There is Little Sister looking after him.” Zhang Feiyu did not accept this. Just as she said this, she snorted: “Speak of the devil.”

A white light pierced through the dark seas, just like a sharp sword ripping through frozen air. A white sea snake of fierce spiritual aura already appeared, and riding on the sea snake’s back was a man and two women.

It was the man Xi Yue kept harping about, Su Xing and…Zhang Yuqi and Gongsun Huang.

“Milord.” Xi Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you alright?” Su Xing lifted his gaze to look at that Black Turtle Idol. He could sense the universally shocking battle from here.

“Little Sister, did you flirt along the way? Why were you so slow.” Zhang Feiyu assailed her.

Zhang Yuqi stuck out her tongue.

“And Wife?” Su Xing looked around and noticed he could not see Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang’s figure.

“She comes.” Zhang Yuqi pointed.

Hu Niangzi daintily walked over, and Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief. He saw that there were two other people together with Hu Niangzi.

Ranked one hundred Number Star Little Yuchi Sun Xinyue and ranked sixty-fifth Walking Star Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Shuangfei.

“You two…” Su Xing had wanted to ask, but when he saw the ice-cold fury contained in the girls’ eyes, he immediately understood.

“Just be careful.” Su Xing ordered, saying nothing more.

The two girls nodded. Spotting Su Xing, the hatred in their eyes decreased substantially.

“Have you seen Guan Sheng?” Su Xing asked Xi Yue.

“We just saw her enter Black Turtle Temple.” Zhang Feiyu answered. She wrinkled her brow: “Why is that Guan Ying somewhat odd. Her whole body is full of Devil Qi, somewhat dreadful.”

“Xi Yue fears this is because of the Devil Star Palace’s Nine Nether Devil Star Stone. Ai, this is the price of the number one Devil Palace.” Water Illusion Fair Xi Yue sighed, feeling considerably sorry about Guan Ying’s fall from grace.

Everyone was silent.

“Guan Sheng is depraved enough to use a Star Killer to forge her Star Weapon. I will definitely kill her!” Hu Niangzi hatefully said.

Any way it was put, Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng was the chief of the Five Tigers of Maiden Mountain’s one hundred eight Sisters. Her martial force was second only to the Jade Qilin, and her warrior spirit received even more of the Sisters’ respect.

In any generation of Star Duels, Maiden Mountain’s Sisters that had died under Guan Sheng’s blade had never had any complaints.

Who could have foreseen, the cruel Star Duels had finally still made this generation’s Brave Star take desperate risks, to act unscrupulously for the sake of victory.

“What do we do right now? Nine Tattooed Dragons and the Devil Star Palace are in battle. Milord, shall we be fisherman who take both the snipe and clam?” The Water Illusion Fairy gently said.

Just as Su Xing was about to answer.

Suddenly, his pupils shrunk.

Another red shooting star fell into Black Turtle Temple.

Immediately, a scream of suffering resounded throughout the entire Black Turtle Temple.

Su Xing’s group looked in shock at each other. Without thinking, they charged towards the Black Turtle Idol.

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