Chapter 432: Everyone’s Anger

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The Wind Thunder Water Fire Boundless Array was a Primal Chaos array. The array had a gale, thunderclap, pouring water, flames and black qi pervading the center that obscured everything. The Boundless Bell in the array rang, and those wind, thunder, water and fire became even more powerful. Su Xing noticed that he was surprisingly unable to break free of this space, completely losing direction.

There was no way to avoid saying Great Saint Starkiller’s skill was played very beautifully. With Guan Ying’s Nine Nether Devil Star Stone used to forge her Five Star Destined Weapon, added on to the corresponding allure of the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill,  they would break them one by one using the Prehistoric Killing Array trap created by the Boundless Bell. Great Saint Starkiller’s plan was nearly invincible. The Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master was absolutely not angling for fame.

But however precisely Great Saint Starkiller calculated, reality was far from being as smooth as a calculation.

“Little Huang, break the array.”

Su Xing softly said.

Gongsun Huang nodded, using Star Magic without any hesitation, and the Pinebrand Ancient Sword activated a spell. In the sea, although many of Gongsun Huang’s Star Magics were restricted, her Dark Rank Star Magic Half-destroyed Landscape was without issue at all.

A rampart-demolishing power filled and poured out of the Pinebrand Ancient Sword. The ground and mountains shook, the sky and earth crumbled, the seas dried and the stones softened, splitting the world…Apparently, all descriptions for power and destruction became poor adjectives. Even the cultivators on the sea above Black Turtle Temple were rocked about. The Supervoid Middle Stage Ming Die sensed even more clearly an unbelievable pressure.

What is the meaning of this?

The waters within a range of a hundred li jolted, islands sunk, and weaker cultivators fell down during this powerful quaking.

Half-destroyed Landscape.

Half-destroyed Landscape.

Half-destroyed Landscape.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes were like boulders, her hands like butterflies nimbly dancing, consecutively using her Dark Rank three times. Gongsun Huang’s original limit was twice, but after drinking Bai Yutang’s Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied, she could use three in succession without breaking a sweat.

Half-destroyed Landscape’s powerful pressure bore down, and the Prehistoric Killing Formation Wind Thunder Water Fire Boundless Bell Array’s knells quickly eased. The power that Half-destroyed Landscape raised destroyed its foundation, for it was particularly effective in confronting magic circles. Originally, it had even broken through Emperor Liang’s confinement. However, the Boundless Bell’s enveloping Prehistoric Killing Array was indeed formidable, for Gongsun Huang had to use it three times in succession.

Countless counterattacks practically were like waves washing away sand. Wave followed wave, never stopping, without gaps. Booming apart, a mountain-sized power squeezed over. Even Su Xing felt that his body was very uncomfortable.

After a rumbling crash, there was the enormous sound of heaven and earth collapsing.

The Boundless Bell’s final knell abruptly quickly drew longer…sharp, then faded.

Black Turtle Temple’s terrain appeared, however it had already become a heap of rubble. In the center was a particularly large Black Turtle Idol that was even more devastated. The forbiddance had been broken, and Good Fortune Pills lay strewn across the ocean.

Shi Jinglun and the others were shocked.

“How is this possible.”

Great Saint Starkiller watched the Boundless Bell in his hand that was void of spiritual power change color.

Lifting his head to look at Su Xing, his gloominess seemed to want to eat him alive.

“Little Huang, go in and rest a bit.” Su Xing tenderly caressed her.

Gongsun Huang nodded, entering the Star Nest.

“Great Saint Starkiller, thinking yourself clever is to dig your own grave.” Su Xing’s right hand spread open.

Twenty Immemorial Flying Swords flew around his body, golden light and green rainbows intersecting and glowing.

“The Langya, you really are the Purple Thunder Monster.” Great Saint Starkiller recognized these extremely hated Flying Swords.

“Make your move.” Su Xing shouted.

In the Wind Thunder Water Fire Array, Guan Ying originally wanted to first kill Li Shuangfei and Sun Xinyue for use in upgrading her Star Weapon, but the pair’s coordination was very tacit, Moon Gazing One Sigh and Fingers Linked To Heart not holding back at all, simply blocking the Great Blade Guan Sheng of a Five Star Divine Weapon. However, the pair were already arrows at the end of their path. Just as they were a few seconds from giving out, just at this critical moment, the power of three consecutive Half-destroyed Landscapes inhibiting Guan Ying’s attack. The Boundless Array’s damage left the pair of girls with even more precious time. Hearing Su Xing’s words at this moment, they knew tacitly what to do.

Dark Ranks were used again.

Guan Ying returned to her senses in a ten-thousandth of a second. The Five Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing was about to kill the pair, but two Earthly Star Dark Ranks still made Guan Ying hesitate. Seeing the other Star Generals about to kill Starkiller, Guan Ying turned back to protect her master, refraining from shooting the rat to avoid hitting the vases.1

“Guan Sheng, die.”

Without the fetters of the magic circle, the Ruan Sisters, Shi Jinglun and the Zhang Sisters attacked together. Each of the girls’ attacks were ruthless, full of coldness. Facing the joint assault of five Heavenly Stars, Guan Ying’s shoulders grimly sunk, letting out a scream of either extreme pain or something else as she slashed with her great blade.

Su Xing did not hesitate at all to urge forth his Sword Chant. The Heaven Tearing Metal Swords trembled, becoming golden rainbows that shot downwards.

Their lengths approached zhang, and they were glaring to the eyes.

The Flying Swords’ speed was fast, appearing to be like a lightning flash, arriving beside Great Saint Starkiller within an instant, breaking through space.

The golden rainbow strangely wound around him, and Great Saint Starkiller’s Flying Swords counterattacked.

Xi Yue also controlled her “Heavenly Paradise Water Moon Mat Marked Flying Swords”2 to help. Although Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords could spread a profound Heavenly Cycle Sword Array, with two people pressuring him, each of their Flying Swords interlocking, his fight was very entangling.

“Purple Thunder Monster, it is perfect that you came.” Great Saint Starkiller’s cultivation had reached Supercluster Peak. He was insufferably arrogant and confident. He squeezed together a hand seal, pervading his whole with black qi. His sleeves hastily shook, and he opened his mouth at the same time.

A green shield made of bamboo and a white pearl emerged from his body.

The two treasures’ light was luminous, its might astonishing. With just one look, they absolutely were not trifling treasures.

When they were released, green and white light covered and protected Great Saint Starkiller within, yet Great Saint Starkiller was not done. Suddenly taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and spouted countless clumps of black qi. This black qi scattered and wandered everywhere, becoming a black fog that wrapped his body.

Becoming a black, crystalline armor.

This battle armor was abnormally exquisite, its surface gleaming with indeterminately flowing lightning, as if it was an item not of this world.

Ever since he had lost to Su Xing’s Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, Great Saint Starkiller schemed of a way to restrain Su Xing. Fortunately, Great Saint Starkiller’s Flying Swords were not Devil Swords, yet the Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivation method he practiced was unquestionably restrained. Contrarily, it was the Eight Desolations Heavenly Devil Body that he had mostly thought grand that became a soft underbelly. For this reason, Great Saint Starkiller collected many defensive magic weapons.

“Green Bamboo Shield,”3 “Heart Protecting Treasure Jade,”4 and “Ink Crystal Armor”5 were born for this.

Controlling three types of defensive magic weapons was an extremely tough trial on Great Saint Starkiller’s Divine Intent. Simply with the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords present, he believed this was enough to face Su Xing.

“You think that you’re safe hiding inside a tortoiseshell?” Su Xing sneered.


Great Saint Starkiller was taken aback.

Suddenly, Su Xing struck a hand seal and waved his hand. A large swathe of purple lotus flowers shot forth. These purple thunder lotus flowers became hundreds upon thousands, a multitude that hovered in Great Saint Starkiller’s surroundings.

“This Great Saint had even thought you had some killer move. Do you think this type of Purple Thunder can face me?” Great Saint Starkiller laughed out loud.

It was indeed very difficult for Purple Mansion Immortal THunder to break three layers of defensive magic weapons. The crucial point was that Five Star Guan Ying who swept everything before her. For every second more she remained in this place, she became that much more dangerous. The Star Generals present hung on Su Xing’s mind. For this reason, he did not spare any energy to quickly dispatch Guan Ying’s Star Master Great Saint Starkiller and then worry about her. Su Xing formed a hand seal and opened his mouth.

“Purple Thunder Wrapping Heaven!”6

Su Xing used a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder ability.

The thousand purple lotus flowers suddenly exploded, and arcs of purple lightning hopped over. Under Su Xing’s direction, they seemingly came to life as they interwove into a web, encircling and binding, making Great Saint Starkiller just like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

Xi Yue nodded, gesturing at the same time.

“World Of Exceptional Beauty Sword Array!”7

The fifty-two Flying Swords transformed into white rainbows, stacking in layers, forming another Sword Array to trap him.

Great Saint Starkiller was indeterminately astounded. Su Xing sneered, and only then did he use his killing move.

A giant green mountain suddenly expanded several hundred times in size, turning into a chain of peaks. Green flames burned on those mountains, and green lotuses soared, pressing down towards Great Saint Starkiller from above. The powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure directly squashed past Great Saint Starkiller’s Green Bamboo Shield and other defensive magic weapons. The trapped Great Saint Starkiller had nowhere to run.8

He had fallen into their trap.

The color drained from Great Saint Starkiller’s face.

“Guan Sheng, die.”

Hu Niangzi’s hands held Golden Wind and Morning Dew, full of hostility, her dance steps and double sabers simultaneously in use.

The Guan Ying of the Devil Star raised the shocking great blade, her expression terrifyingly black. The lone person’s Five Star Destined Weapon blocked Hu Niangzi, Shi Jinglun, the two Ruans and the Zhang Sisters, as well as Li Shuangfei and Sun Xinyue, eight Star Generals altogether.

However, although there were eight, the fact was that there were only three of them that could actually contend against her in a direct confrontation: the Four Star Shi Jinglun, Ruan Jin’er, and Hu Niangzi. The other girls wanted to kill Great Saint Starkiller. They had no choice against Guan Ying’s Five Star Destined Weapon that was honestly tyrannical. Not only was the baleful aura soaring, it made them incapable of breaking free.

The double sabers were blocked.

Guan Ying let out a sinister shout. Her steps spun, and the great blade drew a shocking trajectory. The might of Five Stars made her aggression able to shake apart mountains and rivers. The surrounding attacking Star Generals fell into disarray, having been slashed back.

Each one of their bodies already were injured by blade-qi.

“So strong.” Zhang Yuqi drew in a breath.

“She is the Five Star Guan Sheng. You all, do not confront her directly. It will be enough to distract and interfere. Stall Guan Ying, wait for Xi Yue and him to kill Great Saint Starkiller, and then we will worry about her.” Shi Jinglun’s tone sunk.

The eight Star Generals had no choice facing the head of the Five Tigers.

But someone had different thoughts.

“Today, you will be a corpse cut into ten thousand pieces.” Ruan Jin’er pointed, and a thousand Flying Swords suddenly descended.

More than a thousand sword-lights practically left her with no place to hide.

Guan Ying was emotionless, her great blade slashing horizontally.

The vigorous blade-qi instantly shattered the thousand Flying Swords, but Ruan Jin’er’s true killing move came at this moment.

Ruan Jin’er gripped the Azure Seas Green Duckweed and twisted, using her Dark Rank “Curtain Flower Canopy Shadow Reversed!”

The seas bubbled forth countless green duckweed, seemingly illusory, flocking over.

Guan Ying waved her blade, one slash breaking the attacking green rainbow.

There was a gap.

The other Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue that similarly had revenge deep as the sea closely followed behind. The girl’s face was covered in frost. Her dance steps were complex, Golden Wind and Morning Dew turning into a golden rainbow and green light. Two arcs of gorgeous light flew out, making a beeline for Guan Ying’s front.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!!!


Guan Ying could not resist, taking several steps back continuously. That black armor on her body split with two wounds.

Blood diluted in the water.

Golden Wind and Morning Dew did not stop, and Hu Niangzi once again used her Dark Rank.

“Azure Dragon Slash!”

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade let out an azure dragon of murderous aura, easily twisting apart the green duckweed and pouncing directly towards Hu Niangzi.


The seawater and stones disintegrated.

Hu Niangzi’s Dark Rank was broken. The person herself sustained the heavy blow and was sent flying. Guan Ying raised the blade wishing to finish things off in one step when the Zhang Sisters already blocked in front of her with perfect coordination. One used fire in water, and the other used Star Magic.


Hu Niangzi painfully groaned. Her whole body seemed to be beaten black and blue, and she nearly could not stand firm.

A water-light at this moment lingered on her wounds, and the pain oddly abated.

“Impulsiveness will make you lose your life.” Ruan Mei’er used her Water Healing Innate Skill, calmly speaking.

Hu Niangzi grunted in affirmation.

“Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill!!”

Just at this moment, an astonished shouted came from inside Black Turtle Temple.

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  1. 投鼠忌器
  2. 洞天水月簟紋飛劍
  3. 青竹盾
  4. 護心寶玉
  5. 墨晶鎧
  6. 紫雷兜天
  7. 別有洞天劍陣
  8. When you have something hiding in a shell, what do you do? Smash it with a giant rock, of course!


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