Chapter 449: The Queen’s Nephrite Fragrant Night

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“Are you Maiden Mountain’s?” Su Xing’s consciousness was rapidly fading away. 

“Yes, yet also no.” She replied. “What, do you wish to give up? This is good as well. Your Humble Servant shall take her away then.”


Su Xing charged at her.

A very good expression, as expected of Lin Chong’s Star Master.

The masked woman slightly nodded.

Heaven knew where that love in her eyes came from. Su Xing only thought of knocking her down. He did not hesitate to use his all to defeat her, to take Chai Ling back.

His body leaned back and immediately leaned against a soft bosom.

Snow-white hand hands hugged him from behind, and black hair gracefully flowed over.

The masked woman already embraced him from behind, as if she was a mother lovingly protecting her child.

Her voice was bewitching and alluring.

“You must be even stronger.”


Su Xing grit his teeth and spat out a few words. “Pervert, don’t get close to me.” His whole body had not yet healed from his painful wounds, yet he attacked.

Her silhouette vanished.

By the time the masked woman reappeared, she was already a distance of a hundred meters away from Su Xing.


An absolute monster!

Their battle time was not long, but Su Xing nevertheless was exhausted, Originally, he had just been refining the Instant Frost Flame. Now, he had an encounter with a boss-level woman that popped out of who knows where.

Could it be she was a warrior that had been raised in secret at the Great Circle Castle.

After all, the Great Circle Castle was extremely tight. To be able to knock Chai Ling out and even leap about with her one the shoulder, this required lots of strength, but it made no sense that Chai Ling’s own people would backstab her. Furthermore, Little Whirlwind was very shamelessly carried on her shoulder. Chai Ling’s clothes had already been undone by the baleful aura, and she was left only with several very pitiful pieces.

Seeing Chai Ling’s jade body, Su Xing’s blood surged, and his mind was unsteady.

The Heart Like Mirror was not the least bit useful against this absolutely beautiful Star Maiden’s allure.

“Once more.”

Su Xing launched a counterattack. Originally, he thought of using the Five Dragons Lantern, the Four Symbols Seal, this sort of Spirit Treasure, but recalling that the opponent would definitely use Chai Ling as the perfect shield, Su Xing could only dismiss this idea. He attempted to rely on his abilities that equalled a Star General to take back Chai Ling. 

The sounds of battle in the night were endless.

Su Xing formed a hand seal. The Flying Swords once again fathered. Heaven Tearing and Langya became threads. The power of the sword-qi circulated in the air, Star Energy increasingly condensed. The surroundings unexpectedly rolled with a tornado, converging onto the pair of swords. The two lights flashed, illuminating Su Xing’s ice-cold and unswerving expression.

A faintly visible golden dragon emerged.

The next instant, Su Xing waved a hand.

Immediately afterwards, an inconceivable scene occurred.

Countless Flying Swords broke out of space, rolling into a powerful hurricane. The most fundamental rule of battle was to seize the opponent. Since he was incapable of outpacing his foe, then he would directly go large-scale.

Su Xing’s plan was completely correct.

The masked woman’s speed had been inhibited by the countless sword-shadows. Immediately afterwards, the Flying Swords turned into a sword array, and by the time the woman noticed, she was shocked to find that Su Xing’s presence had completely disappeared.

How is this possible?

The masked woman gasped.

She looked around in front of her. Danger suddenly descended. The hidden Su Xing waited for his opportunity and moved, his killing intent completely revealed. Although the masked woman’s speed was more than fast enough, she still was left with a slightly burning wound.

“Your Hiding skill is pretty good.” The masked woman smiled.

“Oh, gee, thanks.” The greatest benefit of pitting himself against the strong was that he could quickly study and learn the brilliance of his opponent’s martial arts style in a difficult battle, so most of the time, rather than say Su Xing was a cultivator, it would be better to say he was a sword cultivator. He was even more fond of using close combat to solve problems. 

His own abilities were the most guaranteed capabilities.

Although this masked woman was excessively strong, she apparently was intentionally probing Su Xing’s potential. Unwittingly, Su Xing once again burst at the limit.

He charged at the masked woman at high speed. His speed was extremely quick, as if he was flashing by, and a trail of afterimages was even left behind him, similar to a Star General’s Ten Thousand Techniques Realm. The surrounding cyclones seemed to be pushing him, letting out an intense scream!!

“You indeed are a Star Master worthy of expectation.”

The masked woman showed a very benevolent expression.

Essence Blood concentrated into Su Xing’s hands. As if he could step across space, he immediately slid past the short distance between the two. The Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves appeared in his hands, and his boxing technique twinkled back with four glittering stars.

Borrowing Faceless Jiao Ting’s Destined Star Weapon, Su Xing used the Boxing Technique he inherited from Yan Qing to its limit.

His fists were like roaring dragons.

Dark Technique: Dragon Punch.

The masked woman merely nodded in praise. Regarding this kind of high-speed attack, she maintained her approval, nothing more. She did not retreat or evade at all. Her footsteps powerfully stepped in, her pace very steady, not fearful of the aggressive Su Xing in front of her. Instantly, the two were already in contact.

Dragon Punch leaned in, directly impacting her stomach.

The masked woman merely shook backwards, and then she struck back as if nothing had happened.

Su Xing’s movements were quick, out of the question. As far as this kind of high-speed attack was concerned, Su Xing was an expert. His arm sunk, and the second Dark Technique practically flew out after Dragon Punch.

Su Xing’s silhouette seemed to displace. The masked woman flew into the air for the first time, and her eyes showed slight surprise. Su Xing already had oddly appeared behind her. Then his wrist recoiled and instantly attacked.

This was Su Xing’s true goal.

Dark Technique.

Heaven And Earth Inverted.

The masked woman caught this punch. Su Xing abruptly leapt, activating Light Smoke Dance Steps. The leftover might of his fist numbed his opponent’s nerves for half a second. Su Xing then immediately snapped his fingers afterwards. Instant Frost Flame exploded right then.

The whole body of the masked woman immediately was completely frozen over.

And at this moment, Su Xing already retreated several dozen meters, a completely naked queen hugged against his chest.


The ice shell shattered.

The masked woman showed surprise. Such powerful growth capabilities, such deliberate thinking. Was this the effect of Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine? To unexpectedly pluck Chai Ling from her hands, she even felt disbelief.


Although Su Xing had taken back Chai Ling, he nevertheless still noticed that his endurance had reached its limit. He did not have even the strength to use the Jade Pendant. He could only carry the Little Whirlwind. He could barely stand, so close to falling over.

This woman honestly was very strong. Su Xing had never felt so exhausted and powerless.

If she were to take action again, Su Xing feared he could only rely on Chai Ling.

“Chai Ling, wake up, quick.” Su Xing weakly called out, his hand incessantly shaking her body.

The Noble Star was incredibly muddle-headed.

Seeing her erotic appearance, Su Xing’s heart was restless.

“It appears that you truly want her very much? However, you already are completely unable to move now. Your Humble Servant needs only a finger to be able to destroy you.” The masked woman swaggered.

Su Xing believed she could do so.

“So what?”

“Your Humble Servant has already said you have a good feeling about you. Your Humble Servant shall give you another chance. Hand her over to Your Humble Servant, and Your Humble Servant shall impart to you a top-notch boxing technique. No Star General would be you opponent. How is this condition?” She let out an enticing offer.

Su Xing plainly knew that the mysterious woman in front of him had this capability to do so. Just that series of exchanges let Su Xing sense that he and her were not on the same level. It could even be said that Su Xing had never encountered such a difference between him and an opponent.

“It sounds truly capable of making one unable to refuse.” Su Xing said.

“You agree?” The woman smiled.

“Why would I agree?”

“Chai Ling and you have no relation, yes? Whatever happens to her certainly does not harm you at all.” The woman continued to say.

Su Xing disdained.

“I don’t care who you are, but if you think you can make me commit to a betrayal, then stop talking.” A thought flashed through Su Xing’s mind. The woman in front of him clearly possessed an absolutely oppressive grace yet discussed conditions with him at her leisure. This meant that her goal was not Chai Ling at all, but him, rather?

Was this Chai Ling probing him?

Su Xing cast a glance out of the corner of his eye at Chai Ling’s body. His heart was not too sure. If she was probing him, this Chai Ling’s sacrifice was too great. Su Xing certainly did not believe that arrogant and haughty queen would make herself completely naked to benefit herself.

But everything unfolding before him only had this explanation.

A person sent by Chao Gai?

Maiden Mountain’s trial?

Su Xing brainstormed, thinking past many possibilities. His thoughts were inherently meticulous, and he very quickly sensed that the events that occurred tonight were somewhat not too ordinary.

But regardless, that this woman only wanted to test him, there was no doubt. Thinking of this, Su Xing loosened his grip on the Purple Rose Astral Treasure he had been gripping.

The masked woman’s eyes flashed an odd luster. Her voice suddenly chilled. “Your Humble Servant merely feels you show promise that we would chat nicely. If you do not recognize your good fortune, Your Humber Servant shall not be polite.”

“Hand Chai Ling over to Your Humble Servant!!!”

A baleful aura that was seemingly substantial seeped into Su Xing’s whole body.

A terrifying imposing aura pressed towards him.

Su Xing felt himself unable to budge. The tip of his tongue appeared afraid, and his heart gave rise to the pitiful idea of fleeing.

Su Xing forcibly suppressed the fear in his heart and threw caution to the wind. 

“I wouldn’t give her to you, even if I die.” He discreetly chanted. He grabbed onto Chai Ling’s jutting breasts. Su Xing actually was not thinking of doing something indecent, but he thought that by provoking her sensitive spots, he might be able to make Chai Ling wake up.

Regardless, when the Great Circle Castle’s master awoke, there naturally would be a plan to deal with her. 

“Then die.”

The masked woman’s murderous aura erupted, and she charged.

Suddenly, Gongsun Huang emerged, pointing her Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

With the last of her strength, she activated Wind Rolls The Clouds.

The masked woman clearly did not expect this.

Knocking head on into the gale, the Star Magic of the Leisure Star who was number one in magic energy was tyrannical. Wind Rolls The Clouds was like ten thousand sharp swords.


Her night clothes became countless butterflies that floated away.1

Her buxom, sexy, and full figure again made Su Xing’s eyeballs feast upon a sight.

The woman showed her true face.

Her clear pupils flowed with longing, her slender brows beautiful, and she had wonderful skin, as glossy as jade. The world seemed to pale. How could one word describe her beauty, especially that languid feeling upon her brow. She showed a lion-like dignity, making Su Xing unable to help but think of Wu Siyou.


Konghou was caught unprepared. Her cheeks reddened, and she suddenly disappeared into the wind.


The opponent’s shame turned into a rage that perhaps she would kill him to silence him.

The Su Xing that had returned to his senses inwardly cursed.

Her fragrance filled the wind, a gust that blew gently. The woman had already disappeared.

If it was not for that subtle fragrance and the shreds of clothing all over the ground, Su Xing would have thought this was an illusion. 

“Little Huang.” Su Xing immediately lost all the strength in his body and collapsed.

Gongsun Huang was silent. She had entered the Star Nest, exhausted, to rest.

The sky was full of stars.

The aroma was increasingly thick when he suddenly heard a groan.

Su Xng turned his head. This Chai Ling finally woke up.

Queen Little Whirlwind looked at the man pressed on top of her body, and then she saw that she was completely naked. Her eyes widened, and her face turned red. She did not say anything.

Only then did Su Xing notice that his hand was still grabbing Chai Ling’s erect peak. He himself was even more naked. Any way this scene was looked at…he was in very deep trouble…

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  1. The secret technique to beating anyone stronger than you is to strip them of their clothes. That’s a fact.


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  4. Yeah. Even Konghou was honestly surprised that could pull that off, even at the end of his rope like he was.

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