Chapter 450: The Queen’s Passion

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The current scene was too erotic, and any way he looked, this was a bit unsuitable for children.

Su Xing’s body had only his underpants, and squashed atop Chai Ling, the even more gratifying Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling was completely naked. That lustrous and sexy body laid upon the ice, not hidden in the slightest. Her body’s details were fully visible at a glance, particularly what was being gripped tightly in Su Xing’s hand the same way a dragon clutched a jewel in its claw.

The soft plumpness in his palm could very clearly provoke his blood. Then, this blood gathered in his lower half, his hardness pressing against Chai Ling’s slightly moist valley. Therefore, Su Xing would accomplish the mission all the male’s in this world wished to complete but never would…”Don’t scream!!!”

Chai Ling was so ashamed she wished for death, yet she wanted to speak. Having seen so many novels, Su Xing immediately guessed the next plot point would be so shrill scream or something. He unconsciously covered her lips. Chai Ling had no martial force, and being embraced like that by Su Xing, his masculine air assaulted her face as if to suffocate her. Little Whirlwind Chai Ling’s consciousness was muddled.

Chai Ling opened her eyes wide. This originally should have been a very humiliating scene. At the very least, from Chai Ling’s perspective, she definitely would kill the man that blasphemed her body, turn him to dust. The strange thing was that Little Whirlwind Chai Ling did not have any feeling of rejection. On the contrary, she was somewhat subtle. This sort of even more shameful thinking, Chai Ling blamed it on the effects of the Together To Hell.

After all, this was an intertwined divine item. There always would be an unavoidable connection between them. Comforting herself like this, Chai Ling’s heart was greatly relieved. However, this Su Xing honestly was loathsome. Just how much longer was that hand going to grab her, could it be that disgusting thing below would not move away?

So hot.

She was clearly laying on top of ice, yet Chai Ling felt her body was hot. She struggled a bit, to make Su Xing let go.

“First let me explain.” Su Xing decided to settle this matter first. 

Chai Ling slightly nodded.

“First of all, this isn’t what it looks like.” Su Xing’s first sentence was cliche. On second thoughts, this seemed to be very easy to misunderstand, so he changed his phrasing: “Someone kidnapped you, and she was about to do some perverted things to you. When I noticed, I rescued you…However, that woman was too strong. En, our clothes are shredded…”

Little Whirlwind’s face was red. She silently nodded, a bashful expression showing she understood.

“As long as you understand.” Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief.

Chai Ling chomped. Su Xing recoiled in pain, immediately letting go his hand.

“You, you, you…” Chai Ling was so angry she did not know how she should curse him. Although she knew that a freak misunderstanding was possible, seeing Su Xing’s innocent expression, she could not do so.

This Palace was squashed underneath you for so long. What should have been seen was seen, what should have been touched was touched, and what should not have been seen nor touched were more or less now the same. Still, you give This Palace an innocent face. “Bastard, bastard, bastard…” Chai Ling punched and kicked, her embellished and completely ineffectual curses landing on Su Xing.

Su Xing could understand Chai Ling’s feelings, after all, this kind of coincidence was lower than buying a lottery ticket.

Fortunately, although Chai Ling was venting through her arms and legs, she was not hard-hitting. Those fancy blows had a sort of coquettish flavor, smashing against Su Xing’s body like a massage, particularly Chai Ling that still was wearing nothing. Those firm and upright waves on her chest rippled and jiggled out a dazzlingly stifling scene. Su Xing could only turn his head away to not look, otherwise, his lower half would definitely explode.

However, Su Xing already was spent. All of his energy was gathered in his dantian, making his vision turn black, nearly fainting.

“You are injured.”

Only after venting did Chai Ling notice Su Xing’s wounds. A palm imprint, seeing that palm imprint, Chai Ling immediately froze, and her face was even redder…

“En. You should believe me now. The clothes of the woman who drugged you are still there?” Su Xing pointed at a pile of shreds on the ground.

“Eh?” Chai Ling was indeterminately gloomy. “Then why did This Palace awaken when you grabbed This Palace’s breast?”

No matter how innocent Su Xing was he could not say that he only did so to stimulate her, otherwise he truly would be treated as a rogue, “You can’t blame me.”

“If you cannot be blamed, could it be This Palace must be blamed?” Chai Ling snorted.

“Exactly. Who allowed Chai Ling’s chest to be so firm, it’s honestly too firm. I was injured. I had no strength, so I just grabbed something. Otherwise, just think about it. What’s the point of touching your chest when I’m completely out of strength?” Su Xing indeed was exhausted somewhat.

“Shameless pervert, you unexpectedly dare speak of This Palace in such a way.” Chai Ling angrily pounded him in a fit. Suddenly, she noticed Su Xing’s eyes were glued to her lower half. Only then did Chai Ling notice that she was completely naked. The verdant underbrush of her valley was completely visible to the naked eye. Chai Ling’s normal charm was not fake, but having been seen, Chai Ling was disinclined to maintain her facade of frailty.

“Have you looked long enough at This Palace?” Chai Ling’s smile was very sour.

Su Xing faked coughed and handed her a cloak, closing his eyes.

“Why would you do this?” Chai Ling saw that Su Xing truly had no energy. Though her heart somewhat hurt, she could see this man truly wanted to protect her.

“Why would I save you?” Su Xing said.

“Is it because This Palace has captivated you??”

“That is indeed very captivating.” Su Xing stared pensively at Chai Ling’s body.

“Bastard.” Chai Ling punched him.

“I can never ignore you, can I?” Su Xing felt that he could not do this. Even if someone said all the reasons under Heaven, some worldly benefit, Su Xing still could not do this. Let alone not standing by and watching someone he knew die, he would not hesitate at all to save people he did not know. After all, sometimes, identity and belief engraved into his being was unable to be destroyed.

Sensing that Su Xing had many stories in him, Chai Ling was silent.

Su Xing suddenly struggled to get up. When Chai Ling saw this, her brows wrinkled, and she wrapped herself in the cloak. “What are you doing?”

“Wife is still up there, knocked out…” Su Xing’s eyes were hazy, his consciousness rapidly receding.

Chai Ling stuck out her lips, surprisingly jealous of Hu Niangzi. Queen Chai sensed her own vile thoughts and hastily took a deep breath. She looked at Su Xing wobble. Chai Ling could not bear it and supported him. Her lips curled, and she smiled charmingly: “Xing’er, you rest well. This Palace shall send for Jinzhi and Yuye to look after your Wife.”


Hearing her say this, Su Xing slowly lost consciousness.

“Xing’er, sleep well. Hee, hee…”

In the end, Chai Ling showed slight evil as she looked at the Su Xing collapsed against her chest. The Little Whirlwind’s body went limp, the cloak fluttering. She picked up Su Xing. That sort of true skinship brought a strange sensation. Chai Ling felt the place between her thighs grow moist, spilling forth a tide.

“How can This Palace let you go like this.” Chai Ling chuckled.

“Hey, Konghou, come out then. Have you seen enough of This Palace’s erotic sight?” Chai Ling called out in annoyance.

From space out walked a seductive woman. Konghou already finished wearing a corset and a shirt, bound with a belt of jewels.

“What are you doing!!” Chai Ling was unhappy.

“Helping create an opportunity for you, Chai Ling.” Konghou waved her hand, and a bottle of fine wine appeared.

“You…This has humiliated This Palace.” Chai Ling was extremely angry.

“Chai Ling, Your Humble Servant saw that you were very willing? Could it be you truly do not wish to know just what sort of person the man you fancy so much actually is?” Konghou drank the wine, contentedly belching.

“Xing’er, how is he…”

Chai Ling was silent. With a little girl’s disposition, she waited expectantly.

“The person himself is fine. The man that Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Siyou looks upon is naturally unparalleled.” Konghou proudly said.

Chai Ling twitched her lips. “Then, Konghou, just what were you prying into? Seeing This Palace absolutely naked with him, are you very happy?”

“Are you happy?” Konghou asked back.

Chai Ling very much wanted to feign an “I am very angry” expression, but recalling what Su Xing did for her, her lips could not help but curl.

“This is fine then.” Konghou shrugged.

“Su Xing’s martial arts are very formidable, quite brilliant.” Recalling her dialogue with Su Xing at the end, Konghou smiled.

“How can the man that drank the Together To Hell with This Palace be lacking.” Chai Ling proudly stuck out her chest.

“Alright, Chai Ling, this melodrama of Your Humble Servant’s has helped created your chance. What do you plan to do next? Sign a contract? Your Humble Servant feels he will not decline.” Konghou thought. 

“No.” Chai Ling declined without any hesitation. Although it was possible to sign a contract, Chai Ling still did not want it to be so random. Fortunately, she was Noble Star Little Whirlwind, the ninth Imperial Empress of Liangshan Continent’s Great Circle Castle. How could she get married…A marriage contract ceremony required pomp and circumstance. She needed to move Liangshan in order for it to work.

Konghou thought she was looking at a lunatic. “Your Humble Servant has a way. Say you want to get married, make your Xing’er vie for your hand. En, you definitely would stir up Liangshan…As for who you marry, Emperor Liang is a perfect choice. And then, his ten Star Generals will swoop in towards the Great Liang Dynasty. To emotionally give your heart to him before thousands of staring eyes, reaching that contract, not only will Liangshan Continent be shaken, Maiden Mountain will also have to raise a mad current.”

Chai Ling said, “Konghou, how contrived was the novel you read. Is This Palace doing this not half-hearted? How could This Palace do such a thing.”

Konghou’s expression said that it was fine as long as she knew: “Painstakingly pursuing a goal will only produce the opposite result. However, after experiencing this, Su Xing perhaps will no longer be able to forget about you, even if he wanted to, Chai Ling.”

The woman’s words were considerably mocking. Her eyes stared at those elegant curves, which were what her words referred to.

“Konghou also seems to have been seen.” Chai Ling shot back sarcastically. “Compared to your figure, where is Little Sister comparable to Elder Sister’s exquisite curves. Even This Palace wants to squeeze you a bit.”

Konghou pursed her lips and smiled. She merely drank wine and did not retort.

Chai Ling was uninterested.

“Find a way yourself.” Konghou said. Her figure vanished like smoke.

“Disrespecting This Palace like this, how should This Palace punish you?” Chai Ling’s gaze returned to Su XIng. Queen Chai licked her lips. She was somewhat hoarse. Little Whirlwind moved closer, her fragrance attacking his nostrils, slightly quivering.

This Palace really wants to kiss him.

But this kiss would result in a completely chaotic change to her entire world from this moment forth.

This was no more than an issue of lips, yet this was like a heavenly moat.

In the end, Chai Ling still passionately kissed him, ruthlessly kissed him. This made Chai Ling’s cheeks pink, her whole body powerless and limp. However, she still could not overcome her mental defenses.1 

“Forget it, let nature run its course. Treat this kiss as compensation for blaspheming This Palace. Hmph, what a favor to you.” Although she knew Su Xing could not hear her, Chai Ling still said so, minding herself.

Next day.

Su Xing woke up. He saw Hu Niangzi was currently anxiously standing watch at his side.

“You’re alright.” Su Xing asked.

Hu Niangzi nodded. “Dear Husband, she…”

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  1. She just can’t bring herself to initiate the Kiss Contract.


  1. For a kiss contract to work. The star maiden needs to think of wanting to contract him or some freak accident like Yingmei’s happen.

    1. Clearly, contracts are based moreso on disapproval rather than approval. As long as a Star General does not explicitly reject a contract, then it is possible for the contract to be formed. In Chai Ling’s case, she vacillates too much for the contract mechanic to interpret whether or not she wants it.

      1. Basically, Star Maidens can ‘want to form a contract’ and have the Kiss Contract work, but not the other way around.

        Star Masters ‘must not want to form a contract’. They must ‘also care for the Star Maiden as a pers9n’ for the akiss Contract to work.

        CPR or not, that’s WHY Su Xing could contract Yingmei. Her heing unconscious triggered a loophole in that no will could be established and it just went with Su Xing since he passed the conditions for a Star Master to use the Kiss Contract.
        Chai Ling’s case is pretty much the exact opposite of Yingmei’s situation…. but the rich bitch can’t make up her mind… which stops it from being anything other than a kiss.

        Yuqi ‘has no soul’, so she’s a bizarre exception, 9therwise she’d be a repeat of Yingmei.

        What’s weird is that, I’m not sure if a Kiss Contract would form if the intended Star Master was the unconscious one. We kinda saw that it’d work the other way after all, so maybe?

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    [“Forget it, let nature run its course. Treat this kiss as compensation for blaspheming This Palace. Hmph, what a favor to you.” Although she knew Su Xing could not hear her, Chai Ling still said so, minding herself.]

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