Chapter 472: The Last Matchless

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Great Saint Starkiller shouted in fury.

“Great Saint Starkiller, die.” Hu Niangzi somersaulted, flying high into the air. Golden light and green wind interlocked, like a flying magpie. In the blink of an eye, the double sabers’ cold light slashed directly towards Great Saint Starkiller’s head.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!

The Great Saint Starkiller who had already lost all of his drive used his Immemorial Flying Swords to barely defend. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords merely were broken by the double sabers in an instant. Just when the Flying Star Magpie Dance was about to take Great Saint Starkiller’s head, a shadow suddenly flit by, and a black light that was like a sword intercepted the double sabers.

Hu Niangzi withdrew in shock.

The meddler was none other than Great Blade Guan Ying.

Because the current Guan Ying had rescinded her contract, the Devil Star corrosion was even more ferocious. Her whole body was covered in black markings, full of an unimaginable eeriness.

“Guan Sheng.”


Great Saint Starkiller showed pleasant surprise, for he had thought Guan Ying had a change of heart. How could he have anticipated that Guan Ying would not even look at him. The black qi she scattered carried a sort of repulsive chill. Great Saint Starkiller drew his hand back.

“This General asks that you leave this place at once. This is This General’s final obligation.” Guan Ying said indifferently.

“Ying’er!” Great Saint Starkiller’s throat was hoarse, his heart suffering unbearably. At this time, he seemed to have awoken from his insanity, but to regret now was already too late. Looking at Guan Ying’s cold and detached eyes, he knew, the girl whose extraordinary might and fierce might was imprinted in him for his whole life was already gone.

Guilt, remorse, pain, countless negative emotions made tears splash across Great Saint Starkiller’s face, an exceptionally sorry figure. Even Hu Niangzi was shocked to see this. Was this still that renowned and tyrannical number one Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory, Great Saint Starkiller???

“A scourge like Great Saint Starkiller must die!” Ruan Jin’er sneered. The wind stirred, and she tossed the Azure Seas Green Duckweed, which became a green rainbow that directly twisted for Great Saint Starkiller.

Hu Niangzi completely lacked a favorable impression of Great Saint Starkiller. Any way it was put, she could not separate his involvement in Wang Ying’s death.

“Do you wish to be buried here alongside This General?” Guan Ying’s voice was cold enough to emit chills.

Great Saint Starkiller hesitated a moment. He grit his teeth, sorrowfully cursed, and in the end, used the Outlaw Jade Pendant.

The Azure Seas Green Duckweed struck nothing.

“Guan Ying, what use is an unjust, heartless, meek coward like you.” Ruan Jin’er repressed her anger.

Guan Ying glanced at her. Suddenly, her figure swayed.

Ruan Jin’er’s eyes were dazzled. Guan Sheng was already in front of her. The Five Devil Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade descended, and Ruan Jin’er became fearful. Flying Swords blocked. Star Generals fell into a weakened state after rescinding their contracts, but the Devil Star Guan Sheng nevertheless was peerless. She drummed up all of her strength, and the Devil Star Guan Sheng was exceptionally fierce. Ruan Jin’er was caught unprepared, and her chest suffered a fierce punch.

The great blade beat back the Azure Seas Green Duckweed, and immediately afterwards, the tip was already pressed again Ruan Jin’er’s throat.

The color drained from Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground.

“Let go of Elder Sister.” Ruan Mei’er raised the Dragon King Dagger.

Guan Ying was completely without killing intent. Although she appeared enshrouded in a terrible qi, extremely dreadful, Ruan Jin’er even making preparations for a Starfall, Guan Ying only said calmly: “This General has offended you and asks that the Ruan Sisters take their leave first.” 

Ruan Jin’er’s expression slightly changed, and she immediately heard Guan Ying’s implication. She shot a complex glance at Su Xing: “Is this man worth your protection? Hm, hm, Guan Sheng, could it be you betrayed your master only to sign a contract with him? Hm, hm.”

“Please leave. This General is unable to contain the Devil Star.” Guan Sheng panted, her tone rough, somewhat in pain. “This General naturally will reach a settlement with him.”

When Ruan Jin’er heard, she did not dare delay. If Guan Sheng truly lost control, then this certainly would not be worthwhile. Ruan Jin’er coldly said: “Hmph, Guan Sheng, to be unable to kill you is the hatred of my lifetime. You let me off this time, but next time I see you, I still will take your life in honor of Ping’er.”

“This General will give the Sisters an explanation.” Guan Ying said.


Ruan Jin’er looked at Ruan Mei’er. In the end, she left behind a hateful glance and used her own Jade Pendant to escape.

Very quickly, the Nine Hells island was left only with Su Xing’s group.

Su Xing naturally knew that Guan Ying’s actions were because she worried that he who was already without any strength left would suffer the prying of the Two Ruans. This was considered the gratitude Guan Ying had for Su Xing accompanying her to the Nine Hells.

“Can your Devil Star still be removed.” Su Xing asked her. The two little lolis Gongsun Huang and Bai Yutang supported him from the left and right so that he would not fall onto the ground.

Guan Ying shook her head.

Su Xing sighed.

The Devil Star had already sunk into her quintessence. If she was an ordinary Star General, she long would have already lost control and sentience, and it was only a general of such absolute warrior spirit like Guan Ying’s that could maintain the last bit of her clarity. However, there was still a limit in the end. Guan YIng becoming the Devil Star was only a matter of time.

Hu Niangzi tightly gripped the double sabers, with hate and unreconciliation in her eyes.

Although Guan Ying’s actions made Hu Niangzi’s impressions change, the hatred she kept from the Sister Wang Ying she was to share her life and death with nevertheless did not relax at all.

Guan Ying fell onto the ground. The Guanhan Red Hare also returned at this time; the Guanghan Red Hare did not cower at all at its mistress’ terrifying aura. On the contrary, it affectionately rubbed against her. Guan Ying stroked the Guanghan Red Hare’s long mane. Her forehead flickered with a Star Crest, reflecting with the horse. It was unknown what she said, but the Guanghan Red Hare lowered its head and whined.

“Hu Sanniang, let us now settle life and death.” Guan Ying put away the great blade and stood before her.

Having already known this, Hu Niangzi apathetically drew her sabers.

“You will not use the great blade?” Hu Niangzi’s tone was ice-cold.

“No need. This General already cannot hold that great blade.” Guan Ying said calmly.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue nodded, not saying anything.

“Dear Husband, would you allow Niangzi to settle this alone?” Hu Niangzi turned her head, her tone tender.

Su Xing glanced at Guan Ying, only feeling that things were already too far gone.

“I will have Little Huang help you when needed.”

Gongsun Huang slightly nodded.

When Hu Niangzi knew that Su Xing cared for her like this, she smiled. She turned her head back to face Guan Ying, still with brimming a harsh killing intent.

“Guan Ying…” Hu Niangzi suddenly yelled. Her figure swayed, and then she suddenly vanished.

A golden bright and dazzling saber-light hooked around like the wind.

Guan Ying’s fist blocked it. The Devil Star flowed, sharp as a divine weapon.

With the clanging of metal, the pair successively clashed.

With intense killing intent that seemed substantive, Hu Niangzi’s pupils flickered with a radiant light. She half-spun, Light Smoke Dance Steps.

In Guan Ying’s field of vision, there was only a beautiful afterimage left!

Soundlessly, a powerful to extreme force already drew near her.

Her eyes flickered with a cold light. Guan Ying’s arms suddenly rose to protect her front, and without even dodging, the black aura around her body automatically flowed in a frenzy, defending her front.


The power connected…Hate Transmission!!

In an instant, the ice-cold, immense hatred on the double sabers’ edges made a temporary exchange with Guan Ying’s arms. The saber-light suddenly flashed, and a rupturing sound rose. The cold tips were like vipers slithering across her body, and the strength that her body had accumulated was gone without a trace.

Guan Ying staggered backwards, her entire person already retreating several paces. In her surroundings, the surging black aura seemed to have been cut to pieces.

Her figure was greatly unsteady. Guan Ying stood with great difficulty, her firm expression already showed weakness. Those eyes flickered endlessly. With a muted grunt, a clear line of blood quickly flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“Not bad.” Guan Ying smiled. Her eyes began to stray. Her consciousness was already about to be devoured by the Devil Star. Her weakened self and refrain from using the Five Star great blade meant she virtually had no chance facing the Five Star Golden Wind Morning Dew of Bright Star Hu Niangzi.

“Bring out all of your power.” Hu Niangzi coldly shouted: “This Niangzi does not need your pity.”

Guan Ying’s hands lowered. The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade of heavily black qi was already in her hands. “This General will bring the most powerful martial force.”

“Just what This Niangzi wants.”

Hu Niangzi kept astride her, her slow dance steps like a serpent. She suddenly disappeared from Guan Ying’s eyes.

A dazzling golden light that was like a winter sun splendidly glowed, its radiance blossoming.


The double sabers and great blade crisscrossed, bursting forth with powerful sparks.

An intense explosion sound.

Hu Niangzi retreated, the Five Star Golden Wind and Morning Dew showing difficulty matching the Devil Star.

“Little Sister, come receive the lifetime of battle experience of This General.” 

In the instant Guan Ying attacked, the black qi storm devastating the island instantly vanished without a trace. Not only this, all of the drifting fragments and dust were simultaneously pressed onto the ground by a sort of incorporeal force. The entire space suddenly returned to clarity.

Hu Niangzi was astonished. She looked at the blade’s edge that was against her stomach, evading at the last moment with Light Smoke Dance Steps. While her body was still in midair, Hu Niangzi hovered, and with a shout, she spat out, “Flying Star Magpie Dance!!”

The double sabers became a bird, its wings a combined attack.


The response to Hu Niangzi was a weak laugh. Guan Ying raised her blade. The black blade-light immediately changed shape on the ground into something resembling a catch that pounced towards Hu Niangzi.

Endless black qi rolled in all directions, filling ruthlessly. 

Hu Niangzi’s thinking was also matchlessly swift. Although those black blade-lights were frightening, it was not at all invulnerable. The Bright Star’s double sabers circled, rolling a golden wind and a rain of dew that immediately twisted.

Then it broke.

More than a dozen wounds deep enough to show bone appeared on her body. Hu Niangzi flew quick as a butterfly flitting through flowers. She directly arrived at Guan Ying’s flank, wielding a blade that contained ample anger.

“Not enough!” Guan Ying was like an instructor, using a chiding tone. Her left fist struck Hu Niangzi.

Hu Niangzi vomited blood and took a hundred steps back.

“A Matchless martial general ought to be even faster than her opponent.” Guan Ying practically did not pause. Unrivalled’s imposing aura suddenly exploded, and taking a step forward, she was faster.

The great blade spun, striking Hu Niangzi with the back of the blade.

As expected of the chief of the Five Tigers, even when she was so weak, her devil transformation state still was bold and powerful.


Su Xing already began to worry.

Hu Niangzi once again clashed with Guan Ying.

The double sabers danced, creating a brilliant radiance. Blade qi flowed in all directions, wrapping up Guan Ying, yet Guan Ying was also domineering and fierce. Every step she took was not as splendid as Bright Star Hu Sanniang’s yet they were invincible as boulders.

The heavy great blade appeared quicker than the double sabers. Many times, Hu Niangzi was surrounded by peril.

Gradually, Su Xing noticed that in Hu Niangzi and Guan Ying’s Matchless battle to the death, Guan Ying did not have that sort of feeling of “you die, I live.” On the contrary, she seemed to be imparting her own martial arts, allowing Hu Niangzi to personally receive them.

Her words were full of teachings that made Hu Niangzi resentful.

Guan Ying’s expression was increasingly distracted, and her attacks were increasingly  sluggish. The powerful Devil Star already made the Brave Star lose her edge.

She wants to die?

Su Xing suddenly perceived.

And at this moment, Hu Niangzi just happened to use the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso’s Yellow Technique – Red String.

The lasso wrapped around Guan Ying’s wrist that held the great blade, making the Brave Star wide open, yet Guan Ying on the contrary smiled at this moment. The great blade in her hand disappeared. Raising her head, she carried the Brave Star’s last Matchless, welcoming the Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers’ final twist…

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    “In the end, she left behind a hateful glance and used her own Jade Pendant to escape.”
    This sentence is about Ruan Jin’er. Is this mistake of the author? Or uncontracted Star Generals can have Jade Pendants? Or she can use it because she can use Flying Swords and similar to Star Master?))

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