Chapter 476: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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Nine Dragons Palace.

Qingci lifted her head to look at the brilliant stars in the sky, her expression pensive.

A moment later, the door behind her opened, and a graceful and beautiful woman flew out.

“Qingci, are you waiting for that man to come marry you?” Shi Jinglun wore a mocking expression as she walked in.

“Your Star Weapon has advanced to Five Star?” Qingci glanced sideways at her.

Mentioning this, Shi Jinglun was somewhat angry. If it was not for that man who suddenly rushed out and stole some of the Yellow Dragon Pearls, she would not have wasted so much time. “Back on topic, I just encountered Hu Sanniang…Could it be said that man who stole my things is that man you call Su Xing.” Shi Jinglun’s eyes flashed with coldness.

“As matters stand, whether or not he is is meaningless.” Qingci slightly smiled.

Shi Jinglun grunted.

“What are you preparing to do next?”

“Qingci is preparing to go seek out the remaining Sisters. Already, Dai Zong’s trail has been found.” Qingci pondered.

“The Magic Traveller? This is certainly a thorny Little Sister.” Shi Jinglun pursed her lips, not at all convinced that Qingci could recruit her into the Uprising: “Right, has Qingci assembled those Little Sisters from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion for the Uprising?”

“Other than Female Tiger Gu Dasao who is somewhat apprehensive.” Qingci replied.

“Is that so? Take it slowly then. Gu Dasao seems to have a good relationship with that Su Xing…” Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s brow wrinkled tightly. Her heart filled with a sort of feeling of foreboding. How was it possible for a single Star Master to attract the notice of so many Star Maidens. This honestly was outrageous.

“Jinglun, what are you preparing to do next?”

“Guan Ying has already left these Star Duels. Now, Great Saint Starkiller is already a stray dog. I was just about to use her to test the Five Stars Yellow Dragon Staff.” Shi Jinglun curled her lips into a grin. “Perhaps this is perfect for comprehending the Earth Rank Technique.”

Qingci nodded. Everything was working smoothly.

Three Ruans Water Fort.

At this time, Ruan Jin’er was currently sifting through the Astral Bag she obtained from killing Ming Die. The operation to slay Guan Ying could be said to have been foiled repeatedly, however, knowing that Guan Ying had withdrawn from the Star Duels. The hate in her heart finally greatly diminished. Although she was unable to personally dispatch Guan Ying, there was still a chance to kill Great Saint Starkiller.

Looking at this practically instantly killed Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivator, Ruan Jin’er was very curious about some things.

As a Supervoid Cultivator, one of the Four Great Law Protectors of the Devil Star Palace, it could be assumed she would not be too burdensome.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Ruan Jin’er abruptly burst out laughing.

Which made the Ruan Mei’er reading the “Water Kettle Margin” raise her face.

Forty-eight pieces of Spirit Jade and a hundred liang of Spirit Sand floated above the table.

“Saint of War Jade, Black Sea Spirit Sand, unexpectedly, these are materials for upgrading the Five Star Great Blade.” Ruan Jin’er said in pleasant surprise. These materials originally were prepared by Ming Die for Guan Ying’s upgrade to Five Star. However, in the end, Guan Ying used the Devil Star to upgrade to Five Star, and these lost their use.1 Now, this actually was a great convenience for Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground. However, Saint of War Jade was not suitable for upgrading the Sword Star’s Azure Seas Green Duckweed. Using them for an exchange was nevertheless not a problem.

These unexpected upgrade materials already made Ruan Jin’er satisfied, but the best was yet to come.

“Hell Illusion Death Butterfly Sword.”2

Ruan Jin’er’es eyes glinted. This Flying Sword art was but an extremely wicked sword chant. All Flying Swords it employed could produce Death Butterfly True Spirits, with one becoming many more, transforming into endless numbers. Ruan Jin’er’s Innate Skill Sword Chant had previously already learned several dozen types of Sword Chant. She was able to control hundreds of Flying Swords, but all of the Flying Swords she learned had limits and were unable to advance. When she face off against Su Xing’s Immemorial Sword Chant, she completely was at a disadvantage.

Ruan Jin’er saw that all of the powers of the Hell Fantasy Death Butterfly Flying Swords that Ming Die left behind were very complete, perfect for to be able to change some swords out.

This Ming Die’s pleasant surprises for Ruan Jin’er truly were endless. Five Star materials, Hell Fantasy Death Butterfly Flying Swords, and now she also found a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure “Soul Searching Chain” and several Supervoid Magic Weapons. However, Ruan Jin’er was incapable of using these magic weapons. Considering the imminent start of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Feast, she actually could use these for trade.

Afterwards, there were some top-notch pills and talismans, even the Super Grade Talisman named “Yin Realm Black Lotus Curse Creation Talisman.”3 Although she did not know what this talisman was used for, Super Grade Talismans were comparable to Prehistoric Spirit Treasures.

Seeing so many things, Ruan Jin’er somewhat felt that Ming Die’s death was not worth so much. “As expected, we cannot be careless around this kind of Supervoid Middle Stage.” Ruan Jin’er muttered to herself.

“Mei’er, these pills are perfect for helping you increase cultivation. Slowly refine them.” Ruan Jin’er threw over several small bottles.

Ruan Mei’er assented, taking them into her hand.

At just this moment, a disciple outside the door announced his presence.

“Has Great Saint Starkiller’s whereabouts been located?” Ruan Jin’er asked.

“Reporting to Great Fort Master, from the information we just received, Great Saint Starkiller has died!”


Ruan Jin’er and Ruan Mei’er showed surprise.

“Was it Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s doing?” Ruan Jin’er was unhappy.

“Reportedly, it is the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.”

“Surprisingly him?!”

Several days later, Su Xing emerged from his sword-forging space. At this time, several more beauties had appeared in the Immortal’s Abode.

“Suwen, Little Yi, you came back.”

Su Xing saw that An Suwen and Yan Yizhen had returned, and he could not hide the love in his heart as he ran over and tenderly hugged each one.

“You’ve worked hard. How did you get along with Hanyan these past few days?” Su Xing asked, concerned.

An Suwen warmly nodded, softly saying: “Big Brother, we encountered Elder Sister Siyou at the very end in the Palace of Empress Wa. Everything honestly was thanks to Elder Sister Siyou.”

“Where is Siyou?”

An Suwen leaned close to his ear, and Su Xing broke into laughter. As it turned out, Wu Siyou was still shy.

“Suwen, Little Yi, get to know Yuqi, Tangtang, and Niangzi. I’m going to pick up Siyou.” Su Xing announced.


Outside the Immortal’s Abode.

A beautiful woman currently stood on the mountain peak, overlooking the mountain river’s beauty. Her hair that was like a flowing river covered past her jutting butt, a stark contrast to her palace dress. There was a sort of charm of a lily in the snow. The silk stuck close to her skin, outlining her curves that would make any man crazy.

“Wifey, won’t you come in?”

A tender voice came from behind the woman. A pair of strong arms hugged this graceful body.

Wu Siyou shuddered. Only because she knew that the fire beside her ear was familiar did she not use killing intent to tear apart the other person, however, even so, such brazen conduct still made Wu Siyou surprised. The Harm Star’s ears burned, and she pursed her lips, gently saying: “Lord Husband…Release Your Servant…”

“Wifey, I’ve missed you so much.” Su Xing whispered into her ear.

Wu Siyou felt her heart go limp. Her upraised butt was fiery against Su Xing’s close touch. Just as Wu Siyou was about to push Su Xing away, suddenly, Su Xing spun her around to face her. The pair stared at each other, and without saying anything about his feelings, Su Xing lowered his head and could not help but kiss her.


Wu Siyou’s eyes froze. She was too late to explain before her moist lips were seized by the man. Su Xing’s hands continued to make Wu Siyou unable to escape. Her heart softened, and Wu Siyou closed her eyes. Her arms wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, wantonly sucking back on his lips and tongue. 

Their hot kiss was intimate.

Immediately, the kiss was even more fervent. Su Xing’s hands could not help but automatically roam along Wu Siyou’s absolutely beautiful body. His hands stroked her tender butt, and the Wu Siyou who currently sunk into the kiss completely ignored the caresses her butt received. Up until Su Xing’s hand slipped into her jacket, when his dexterous grasp gripped her plumpness, only then did Wu Siyou sober up.

“That is enough.”

Wu Siyou broke free of Su Xing’s embrace and took several steps back, her cheeks pink as her cool elegance carried a moving charm.

“Wifey, just when will you be willing to marry me?” Su Xing pouted, his teeth still retaining Wu Siyou’s moving fragrance. What made Su Xing gloomy was that he had kissed her like lovers stuck together like glue, yet she still surprisingly did not sign a contract.

“Marry you?” Wu Siyou was taken aback. Thinking of Su Xing’s meaning, her cheeks turned crimson. Her pupils gleamed crystalline. “In the future…”

“Okay.” Su Xing was very helpless. He extended a hand and smiled: “Siyou, then come home with me.”

Only then did Wu Siyou calm her heart yet become restless. She gently bit her lips, and actually extended a hand to grip Su Xing’s. With great charm, she entered the Immortal’s Abode with Su Xing.

“The Harm Star?!”

Wu Siyou’s appearance made the Zhang sisters tongue-tied. Although they already knew beforehand that Su Xing had both great millennial Star Generals Majestic Star and Harm Star, but they did not know what these Star Generals were exactly. When they saw Wu Siyou, even the Zhang Yuqi who did not stick to a pattern and the irascible Zhang Feiyu could not help but become deferential.

“Little Sister Zhang Yuqi, Little Sister Bai Yutang, Little Sister Niangzi, Lord Husband has already introduced you all to Your Servant.” Wu Siyou recovered her normal composure, faintly smiling.

Surprise flashed past Bright Star Hu Niangzi. Puffing out her chest and not to be outdone, this made Wu Siyou smile.

Bai Yutang was somewhat scared facing the Harm Star whose every action carried dignity. She hid behind An Suwen.

An Suwen lowered her head, led her hand and showed a tender smile. “Little Sister Yutang, don’t be scared. Siyou is a very good Elder Sister.” The Efficacious Star was much more tender than Wu Siyou, and Bai Yutang cutely nodded.

He then introduced Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu.

Wu Siyou stared at Su Xing, as if she was saying that so little time had passed yet he brought back so many Sisters. Her heart unavoidably was a bit jealous, however, upon recalling the life and death between the sisters in the Star Duels, her jealousy quickly faded.

“Master, Maiden Mountain released a rainbow light. Has the trial come?”

The taciturn Yan Yizhen spoke. The bustling atmosphere immediately turned somewhat somber.

“En. Chao Gai said so. It seems that trial has something to do with Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. It was just that Chao Gai was not clear, so he did not know what trial that was.

“Is Yingmei still not back?” Wu Siyou said.

“Yingmei is already on her way. She just needs a few days.” Su Xing used their mutual sensitivity. He knew Lin Yingmei’s approximate position, and his heart relaxed.

“However, there is no sign of Xinjie and Yuan’er at all. Strange.”

Perhaps they were exceptionally far or they were in a special area. Considering Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan would go to ancient ruins, with so many various interiors, Su Xing had no way to be completely certain. Fortunately, the response from their Star Crests was very calm. There was no feeling of danger, otherwise Su Xing honestly would be anxious.

“Big Brother does not need to be worried. Elder Sister Xinjie’s clever schemes do not have danger.” An Suwen said.

“At the current stage, the Knowledge Star’s Earth Rank Special Move can be comprehended.” Zhang Yuqi said.

“En, let’s wait. Let’s put off the Bright Moon Longevity Palace Chai Ling mentioned for now.”

Su Xing nodded.

But at this time, Su Xing perhaps would never have thought that Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan would go to the White Tiger Territory.

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  1. The other explanation is that Ming Die deliberately withheld these materials to force Guan Ying to use the Devil Star. Either way, Guan Ying really was misfortunate.
  2. 冥幻死蝶劍
  3. 陰界黑蓮咒生符


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