Chapter 477: The “Daredevil Third Brother” Shi Xiu

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“Dear Husband, is your Flying Sword complete?” When Bright Star Hu Niangzi heard Wu Siyou address Su Xing as Lord Husband, she was somewhat unwilling to concede defeat.

Wu Siyou merely smiled, but indeed, her attention was attracted by Hu Niangzi’s words.

“Lord Husband, allow Your Servant to test Lord Husband’s Flying Swords. Your Servant wonders if Lord Husband’s martial arts is out of practice after experiencing these Sisters.” Wu Siyou took out Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, with a double entendres in her words.

Su Xing chuckled.

His Divine Intent moved.

Twelve Flying Swords flashed out.

The appearance of these swords was unordinary. Each sword’s blade was ten inches wide. The Gen Wu Divine Iron’s composition made the sword’s edge gleam beautifully, projecting the magnificent cloud marks. It was full of a heaviness like that of a mountain. At first glance, these swords would appear more like indestructible dams or shields.

The twelve Heavenly Abyss Earth Element Swords were categorized as that sort of absolute defense sword array. It was crafted with the utmost care, and it was capable of engaging even against Four Star, Five Star or even Six and Seven Star Star Generals’ Destined Weapons without moving.

“Is that so? Your Servant is much obliged.”

After speaking, her cool and elegant figure moved.


A clear ring.

Wu Siyou retreated, showing slight surprise. Her Four Star Noble Frost Demonic Lotus unexpectedly did not move in the slightest cutting these Heavenly Abyss. That defensive power far exceeded Harm Star Pilgrim’s imagination.

“Wifey, don’t give up.” Su Xing smiled, raising his head.

The twelve Heavenly Abyss arranged into an array, feeling stifling.

“Dear Husband, can Niangzi also follow Elder Sister together?” Hu Niangzi was not to be outdone and took out her Five Star Destined Weapon. The Bright Star looked at Wu Siyou, her beautiful eyes flowing with an inquisitive luster.

“If Little Sister is willing, then lecture this unfaithful Lord Husband with Elder Sister.” Wu Siyou smiled.

The other girls grinned.

Hu Niangzi’s eyes darkened, and Wu Siyou showed a puzzled expression.

“Wifeys, you both have a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with me. Let it go, Lord Husband wants to be intimate with my wives.” Su Xing immediately said and indirectly alleviated Hu Niangzi’s depression.

Wu Siyou was surprised, somewhat astonished. “Little Sister Niangzi, as Lord Husband has said as such, do not be underestimated.”

“Little Sister understands.”

The Harm Star and Bright Star were suddenly very understanding and launched an attack.

A rumbling noise made the other beauties dumbstruck.

The Heavenly Abyss Sword Array unexpectedly was somewhat on the verge of collapse. Su Xing’s mouth hung agape.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, this duo seemed to be somewhat excessive.

A continuously undulating mountain range. A dense forest that covered the sky and shielded the ground. An ancient atmosphere that inhibited small beings from coming close. Gloomy rays of light intermittently penetrated the dense foliage, yet it could appear even more depressed.

The forest here was very old, as its name implied, as if it had existed ever since the continent itself had existed. The ancient forest was filled with the heavy and gloomy sounds of creaking tree trunks, as if the trees themselves had voices. They seemed to be whispering in conversation.

A bone-chilling feeling was in the air.

In this darkness, two young women cut through the thorns and thistles, moving through the twisted and dense vegetation.

“Elder Sister, let’s go back.” The young girl wearing black night clothes stretched her slender figure, cautiously on guard against her surroundings. The giant tiger puppets guarding their flanks appeared to not give her any comfort. “If Su Xing is worried, that’s bad.”

The girl dressed in a dull blue short skirt walking in front was much more carefree by contrast. She planned in advance, leisurely wandering, as if she was walking in her own backyard. Seeing the other girl was so nervous, she snickered.

“Yuan’er, if Young Lord was to see the Best Thief Under Heaven, he would laugh to death.”

The two girls were Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie and Thief Star Shi Yuan.

“Sister Xinjie, this is but the White Tiger Territory.” Shi Yuan twisted her face.

That was right, the White Tiger Territory.

Ever since the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, the pair then went to several other ruins. Their harvest was far from lacking, and after discovering a teleportation array, they passed a mountain. With a look, Wu Xinjie said that they might as well go on a trip to the White Tiger Territory.

This request scared Yuan’er.

The White Tiger Territory was Liangshan Continent’s forbidden area, a prehistoric and ancient restricted area. Few had entered ever since its creation. In the past, there was no lack of Supervoid level cultivators who entered this forbidden place in search of life energy holy fruits the likes of the Life Extending Flat Peach, but cultivators who could actually leave the White Tiger Territory were extremely few. Supervoid Cultivators who searched for life energy fruits mostly died without a trace in the White Tiger Territory. 

For this reason, the White Tiger Territory had a White Tiger Territory saying, “If you want to commit suicide, then go to the White Tiger Territory and jump off a cliff. Maybe you can pick up the cultivation methods and treasures left behind by a Supervoid Cultivator…”

These words were very true. In ten thousand years, it was unknown just how many corpses were buried in the White Tiger Territory. Even so, no one dared to intrude. A reason was perhaps that the White Tiger Territory’s dangers honestly were far more intimidating than the enticement. 

Since ancient times, legend said that the White Tiger Territory was the place that Ancient Demon Beasts roamed freely. Seventh and Eighth Rank Demon Beasts could be found everywhere, and there were even rumors that said some of the Demon Beasts possessed endless life energy and broke through to Transforming Star of Annihilation. The White Tiger Territory hid these monsters, so this did not let Shi Yuan be at ease.

A Transforming Star of Annihilation level of Demon Beast, this was too big of an appetite.

But in the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, the Knowledge Star was full of curiosity about the White Tiger Territory’s Star Master. Thus, only then did Wu Xinjie have the mind to probe. Just what happened in the White Tiger Territory during the Ninth Generation Star Duels. She vaguely sensed that the White Tiger Territory this time should have changes.

“No need to worry, Yuan’er. We have the Three Realms Immortal Movement Pendant. If there is actual danger, then we just run.”  Wu Xinjie saw that Shi Yuan was unsure and spoke to comfort her.

The Three Realms Immortal Movement Pendant was one thing they collected from the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb. This Ancient Treasure had already been refined into a Purple Rose Astral Treasure by Wu Xinjie, and it was categorized the same as the Purple Rose Jade Pendant. Upon use of the jade pendant, they would disappear in a flash, warping over ten thousand li away. The sole weakness was that the warp exit was not known.

“Besides, Xinjie has already comprehended her Earth Rank. We just need to be careful. It is not as if we have come on a hunt, but we have come to help Young Lord investigate as to why the White Tiger Territory would have a Star Master in existence. It is reasonable to say that just one Star Master alone is unable to seize the Birth Treasure Outline. Xinjie fears there is a mystery within.” Wu Xinjie smiled. “Furthermore, this is the border of the White Tiger Territory, it is still not as dangerous.”


Hearing Wu Xinjie say this, Shi Yuan could only take in a deep breath, to make herself recover her composure.

After a while, they passed through the forest and spotted a gorge. Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan felt thirsty, but just as they went to drink, Hua Xue suddenly blocked their front. The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox scuttle, opening its fox eyes in a hint. Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan saw this small gorge unexpectedly had more than a hundred giant tusked elephants currently drinking water and resting.

These giant elephants were probably four or five meters tall with a pair of eye-catching white tusks. These tusks were like spears, and just the thought of these enormous elephants launching their fastest assault was enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Even more peculiar was that their trunks were serpents with their own additional fangs.

“Python Mammoth.”1

Wu Xinjie was astonished, immediately recognizing these beasts.

One Python Mammoth was enough to frighten a person. This place unexpectedly had a herd of more than one hundred.

However, at this moment, this herd of tusked Python Mammoths nevertheless already were spotted.

On the other side of this forest, Wu Xinjie spotted a beast concealed in a hiding place. If it was not for Hua Xue’s warning, she basically could not sense that weak killing intent.

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan immediately stifled their breathing.

As expected, not a moment later.

The beast hidden in the corner suddenly flew out, drawing a light that was quick as lightning. Astonishingly, it was a nimble wolf whose fur was like feathers. This wolf pounced, and the fur on its body expanded like wings, very beautiful.

This evil wolf did not dare underestimate these tusked Python Mammoths. Its hunting appeared considerably excellent, possessing a certain degree of intelligence. This hungry wolf warped in midair, letting loose a dozen more identical phantoms, with real and fake indistinguishable. These doppelgangers first surrounded these Python Mammoths from all directions, and then they targeted the single Python Mammoth that was furthest from the herd. Due to two of the wolf doppelgangers isolating it from the rest, at this time, the tusked Python Mammoth launched a counterattack using its own build.

And the other ambushing wolf phantoms launched a pincer attack from the other side. These phantoms’ attacks were extremely simple and illusory, but this Heavenly Wolf mixed itself in among the phantoms, exploiting the blind spots of the Python Mammoth as it spun around. It fiercely pounced onto this isolated Python Mammoth. Those sharp claws at this moment were like hooks as they penetrated the enormous elephant’s thick hide, nonstop through muscle down to the bone. In the end, it tightly latched on, immediately using its most fatal strike. Subsequently, that wolf opened its exaggerated pelt of feathers and soared away from the elephants retaliation, taking its prey and escaping.

This entire raid took no more than three seconds.

And one Python Mammoth was killed.

By the time the other elephants noticed, the python trunks of those elephants spat lights, launching their most powerful attack. The phantoms the Heavenly Wolf released could not withstand a single blow and were torn apart, but this was a useless gesture.

That Heavenly Wolf was extremely smart to flee after killing, becoming the ruler of the valley.

Wu Xinjie watched flabbergasted.

“Elder Sister, look out.”

The continuously nervous Shi Yuan suddenly cried out, attacking with her Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

Before Wu Xinjie and Hua Xue could react, they noticed that Heavenly Wolf had disappeared like an illusion.

This was bad, it was treating them as prey already.

The feathered wolf executed a lightning-like attack, its sharp claws and fangs tearing over. Two of the puppets were unexpectedly shredded before they even attacked. Fortunately, the Thief Star’s reactions were extremely quick. The Hoodwinking Flying Claws flew out, crisscrossing to block, finally stopping its attack. However, Shi Yuan’s should had received a laceration.

The Thief Star was fighting to give Wu Xinjie time. The Knowledge Star did not say another word and activated the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, repelling this wolf beast. Hua Xue sprayed fox fire at this time, forcing the evil wolf into a retreat.

At this time, Wu Xinjie finally got a clear look at what this wolf looked like.

Its whole body’s fur was like feathers, occasionally fanning out, occasionally retracting. It appeared very cunning, and those blood-colored wolf eyes were very enchanting. White smoke flowed up and down its whole body.

“Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf!!”2

Wu Xinjie cried out, immediately recognizing the origins of this evil wolf. It was unexpectedly Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu’s Star Beast.

“Yuan’er, are you alright?” Wu Xinjie asked with concern.

Shi Yuan shook her head, her shoulder was merely very painful.

“Shi Xiu, as the Daredevil Third Brother, when did you learn to hide your head but show your tail? Could it be you contracted with a shameful Star Master?” Wu Xinjie called out loudly.

Since Shi Xiu’s Star Beast was here, then the person herself ought to be in the vicinity.

Just as the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf was about to attack again, just at this moment, there was a long whistle. When the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf heard this, it flew up and onto the mountaintop.

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan turned their heads, and a sneer crossed Xinjie’s face.

A young woman descended from the sky.

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I’ll be making up chapters starting today.

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  1. 蟒勨, I’m not sure mammoth is the right translation, but 勨 (forced labor) isn’t a word that makes sense in this context
  2. 鴻羽天狼


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