Chapter 490: Tacit Understanding

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“Hero Star!! Why are you here?” Spotting that Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow, Nangong Xing was startled. She again gazed at Su Xing practically as if she was looking at a monster. Was this man truly sent by Maiden Mountain?

Hua Wanyue sneered, her Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird manifesting, igniting a blaze. 

This made Nangong Xing change. With a top-notch Heavenly Star keeping watch, how could a mere Supervoid Early Stage like her have any confidence.

Su Xing saw her hesitate, so he activated the Sword Chant.

The twenty four sword rainbows Heaven Tearing and Langya launched. Nangong Xing attacked with Extreme Clarity Profound Light and the Extreme Clarity Flying Swords. The clear light was a like a hanging galaxy, completely suppressing Su Xing. The powerful magic energy of the Supervoid Stage made Heaven Tearing unable to move forward an inch. The Clear Void Flying Swords flashed. The twelve Heavenly Depths’ ashen light magnified and became a mountain, unexpectedly warding off the Supervoid Stage Flying Swords. To use Supercluster Middle Stage and unexpectedly blocking her powers, Nangong Xing’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. 


Nangong Xing’s mouth slightly opened, and she breathed out a clear light. This clear light became a green line, unfolding layer upon layer. Su Xing’s fingers snapped, and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder shot up. Clear light and purple thunder entangled one another.


A ray of white light flashed by.

Crying Frost opened its jaws and pounced on Nangong Xing.

Then, Hua Wanyue completely did not hesitate to use her Yellow Rank Special Move, Dance Through The WIllows. Her bow emerged, firing countless arrows of light in midair, fluttering just like falling willow fronds.

Nangong Xing raised the Dual Modes Ruler. The ruler’s form became two, two became four, and then more and more. Its shadows duplicated, revolving around Nangong Xing. The ruler shadows shuttled back and forth like a mirror, blocking all attacks. 


Hua Wanyue was just about to fire her second arrow when her super powerful senses suddenly perceived danger. The Hero Star’s Divine Intent Moved, and the Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird flapped its wings, become a cloud of fire that blocked in front of Su Xing. Su Xing heard Hua Wanyue’s words and was startled, turning his head back.

Cold light shivered.

The sword-qi that scattered in all directions exploded against the Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird’s body, unexpectedly directly slaying this Star Beast.

Heavenly Depths blocked.

The remaining sword-qi slammed against Heavenly Depths like a raging torrent.

Even if it was leftover power, it still made Su Xing feel terror.

Hua Wanyue fired two arrows in succession.

She intercepted the sword-qi, and then a beautiful figure already appeared.

“Sword Saint Xiaoyao?” Nangong Xing could not help but be delighted to see that elegant man. She had never thought that someone would unexpectedly not go to fight over the Longevity Stele and instead remain behind to face the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Supervoid Sword Saint!”

Su Xing and Hua Wanyue turned grim.

“Truly a pity that ‘Sigh At World’s End’1 was unexpectedly unable to kill you, Hero Star. You truly are a nuisance.”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s tone was calm yet somewhat unhappy. He had concentrated all of his power just now to seize a chance and thought he could several wound the Purple Thunder Monster, not expecting the Hero Star to disrupt things. To his surprise, she had sacrificed her own Star Beast to act as a shield for this man.

“You are not his Star General. Is there any need for you to go so far?” Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s hand gripped a sword of cold light that he pointed at Hua Wanyue.

“Wanyue, are you alright?” Su Xing was very surprised.

Hua Wanyue maintained that extraordinary grace: “Do you of false renown deserve My explanation?”

An arrow was fired.

The light broke.

“Since this is the case, This Leisurer will not be polite with you.”

“Fellow is truly very courageous. Today, we will kill the Purple Thunder Monster together on behalf of Heaven.” Nangong Xing happily said. She extended a hand, and the Dual Modes Ruler’s shadows broke away from her body, turning into thousands of dragons that attacked the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast all at once.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s transparent wings released white light. The thousand ruler images were unending. This Prehistoric Spirit Treasure’s might combined with its user’s power as a Supervoid Cultivator made for extraordinary power. The air rumbled with a sound that seemed to pierce Heaven and Earth.

When Su Xing saw Yingmei’s Star Beast was about to be overwhelmed, he extended a hand and flipped out the Earth Book. Yellow dust gathered and manifested the absolute Empress Tu True Spirit.

“A True Spirit Magic Weapon.”

Nangong Xing’s pupils stared blankly, and her heart immediately overflowed with greed.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao similarly concentrated.

Empress Tu flew around the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast’s surroundings, her sleeves spry and lively, the glistening yellow Earth Qi rolling up the Dual Modes Ruler and the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast at the same time.

Not good.

Nangong Xing’s face changed. She suddenly discovered the Dual Modes Ruler had been trapped by the yellow qi, as if it was stuck in a bog, incapable of breaking free.

At this moment, Sword Saint Xiaoyao flashed by. He gripped a divine weapon, attacking.

The two Great Supervoid Cultivators’ powerful pressure seemed to be like the Five Sacred Mountains bearing down on them. An ordinary cultivator would inevitably be only able to resign himself to death. Fortunately, Su Xing was completely unafraid. The Star Crest on his forehead twinkled, and the twelve Heaven Tearing gathered together into his hand, forming a golden dragon sword. 

“Supervoid Sword Saint? Then let me experience it.” Su Xing sneered, rushing forth.

“This Leisurer needs only ten seconds to get rid of you.”

Sword Saint Xiao Yao’s figure disappeared.


Su Xing did not blink.

Heaven Tearing repelled the slash. The man’s expression was extremely calm, emitting an ice-cold presence, as if he was a cold spring pool, pouring down onto Su Xing’s head like a stream.

Sword-qi spurted forth from the sword’s tip. Supervoid Sword Saints were capable of controlling sword-qi as if it was their own arm. This sword-qi was even more powerful than a Flying Sword. Su Xing’s Light Smoke Dance Steps firmly retreated to avoid the sword-light.

Practically without any visible movement from Leisurer Xiaoyao, the second wave of slashes already appeared.

Whoosh, whoosh.

The sound of air breaking continuously echoed.

Several arrows knocked Sword Saint Xiaoyao off-course. Hua Wanyue’s gaze was like a falcon’s, silently providing support from behind Su Xing, plucking her bowstring. 

A light arrow shot into the sky.


Sword Saint Xiaoyao repelled it.

“Hero Star, you are courting death.” Nangong Xing shouted, resolved to stall Hua Wanyue. The Extreme Clarity Flying Swords hid, and a thousand rays of green immediately appeared in front of Hua Wanyue, the speed extremely quick. Hua Wanyue was unable to break free.

Twelve giant Heavenly Depths became a shield in the nick of time, blocking the Extreme Clarity Flying Swords.

Nangong Xing took out a green bead from within her hair. She raised her hand towards Heavenly Depths and struck. The moment this bead appeared, it became a basket-sized bunch of clear light, like a golden snake, soundless like a cool breeze blowing by.

This pearl was named “Thousand Li Cool Breeze Bead” was a powerful magic weapon that Nangong Xing refined using Extreme Clarity Profound Light. When this bead appeared, it produced a green astral wind. It was extremely suited for dealing with trapped Flying Swords.

The twelve boulder-like Heavenly Depths shuddered as they were wrapped in Clear Breeze Profound Light.

The hundred Extreme Clarity Flying Swords then fell like rain.

Bang, bang, bang.

Bang, bang, bang.

Hua Wanyue’s left hand held her Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear and used Blood Dance. Red light and green light clashed, and Nangong Xing then continuously activated attack magic weapons. The talismans pounded towards Hua Wanyue without any reservation.

Meanwhile, on Su Xing and Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s side.

Leisurer Xiaoyao in possession of the Supervoid Sword Saint realm was not the same as a similar level Supervoid Cultivator. The ten seconds mentioned previously absolutely was not ridiculous self-importance. Su Xing’s Flying Swords connected into sword-light. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was completely unable to stop something the level of a sword saint. Leisurer Xiaoyao’s speed was already swift to the point his figure became an illusion.

Su Xing naturally knew the might of a Supervoid Sword Saint. It was extremely challenging for a sword cultivator who purely trained with swords to cultivate to Supervoid Stage, but when they reached Supervoid Stage, the Star Energy in their body would fuse together with their sword like a vast starry sky. Each technique, each move would far surpass magic weapons and Star Generals in battle. This was also why Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens were called Fiend Stars, those Star Generals, in particular the martial generals whose blood flowed innately with spectacular martial arts,

Although Sword Saint Xiaoyao was formidable, Su Xing had inherited every kind of Innate Skill including Battle Doctrine, and he regularly sparred with top-notch martial generals. Today, he was completely not at a disadvantage facing a Supervoid Sword Saint.

Light Smoke Dance Steps moved, and his body techniques changed.

Heaven Tearing manifested twelve golden dragons.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s Life-cast Magic Weapon – the divine sword in his hand – shuddered. His sword-light was like a wave, unfolding layer upon later, accompanying the crisp rings of clashing metal. The sword blocked the incoming screaming golden dragons. Afterwards, he flung his hand again, and countless blade shadows pounced towards Su Xing, dazzling enough to make one unable to distinguish real from fake.

The sword-qi wildly swelled and thundered, submerging the twelve golden dragons.

Su Xing swayed, quickly circling around behind Sword Saint Xiaoyao.

This time, he attacked with boxing technique.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s expression turned grim. He turned his hand and used the sword to catch Su Xing’s punch, not at all beating it back.

“This is Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine?” From just their first exchange, Sword Saint Xiaoyao instantly sensed that the battle had immediately broke free of his grasp. The divine weapon that had been always successful in every endeavor had met with obstructions when faced with an insignificant Supercluster Middle Stage cultivator. The coordination of the Purple Thunder Monster’s speed and power were perfect, making Leisurer Xiaoyao endlessly astonished.

It looked like this legendary Purple Thunder Monster was skilled as expected.

From their first exchange, Su Xing made Sword Saint Xiaoyao sample an unprecedented opponent.

“Ten seconds have already passed.” Su Xing answered.

“We have only just begun!”

As if proof of these words, Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s sword burst with waves of sword-qi. The air splashed with countless spray-like ripples, making all of Su Xing’s attacks instantly vanish.

Sword-qi circled around, forming a tidal wave.

Su Xing did not dare be careless.

In just the blink of an eye, Su Xing suddenly felt all of his defenses become futile and wan.

“Free And Unfettered Absolute!”

The corner of Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s lips curled with a cold smile.

The attack was coming!

His silhouette instantly became a brilliant line that shot straight for Su Xing’s head. Free And Unfettered Absolute was practically Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s special technique, particularly effective in close quarters. Not only could it terminate the opponent’s defense, its final stroke could leave the target with no place to hide, only able to sit and wait for death.

The Purple Thunder Monster’s legend should end now!


But just as the attack was about to burst, it suddenly stopped burning – a nine-ringed, practically bright as blood saber blocked this sharp thrust from the front. This saber’s nine rings were scathing, burning with a terrible flame, more crimson than blood. Every ignition on the blade’s edge was an incomparably sharp blade.

Sparks flashed in all directions. This thing that embodied that opposites of life and death shot out a dazzling light, as if it was mocking him. 

“Very clearly, even the divine weapon of a Sword Saint is unable to resist the Star Weapon of a Star General.” Su Xing slightly smiled. His legend continued.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao was stunned.

His hand rose and the saber thrust.

Surging dark flames burst out of the blade.

Clang, clang…Nine times, the pressure of the of the blade rang.

Clumps of flame rushed out one after another to attack Sword Saint Xiaoyao. Endless will-o’-the-wisps burned without end. Su Xing then raised a fragrant handkerchief. This handkerchief spun, simultaneously covering the Nine Hells Demonic Flames.

Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber!

Yellow Technique!

Nine Consecutive Hellfire Demonic Slash!!

The flames dispersed.

“Can this type of insignificant ability hinder me?”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao sneered. His foot gently stood on tiptoe, his sword hacking at Su Xing.

Su Xing grinned: “Wanyue, what do you say.”

A soft chuckle came from behind him.


Sword Saint Xiaoyao froze, whoosh.

The sharp arrow of an imposing death god that could devour the heavens took advantage of the instant he was wrapped in flames to directly shoot Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s chest.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao was dumbstruck.

Behind Su Xing, there was a beautiful and graceful figure, who had very tacit understanding.

Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!

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