Chapter 491: Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces

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Wrapped in a murderous aura that pierced through the world, the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow directly penetrated Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s chest.

How could Sword Saint Xiaoyao have expected their coordination to be so perfect. Unable to put up a defense, the God Killing Arrow had pierced his layers of Supervoid defenses. With an explosion, her killing intent shook. However, at the final moment, Sword Saint Xiaoyao still concentrated all of his Star Energy to a single point, avoiding fatal injury. Still, this was sufficient to make the unperturbed Supervoid Sword Saint seethe in anger. 

“Nangong Xing, what are you doing??!”

Nangong Xing was somewhat in a difficult situation. Originally, Wu Song’s White and Black Unicorn Tiger had suddenly leapt out from a corner and caught her off-guard with a sneak attack. Su Xing’s twelve Langya then instantly obstructed her. By the time Nangong Xing repelled the White and Dark Unicorn Tiger, Su Xing and Hua Wanyue had already gave him a taste of his own medicine with tacit understanding.

“This damned couple.”

Nangong Xing cursed.

“We cannot hold back any longer. If you have any abilities, quickly use them now. If we wait until those Star Generals return…” Sword Saint Xiaoyao drew in a deep breath, making his Star Energy circulate inside his wound, his expression considerably grim.

Nangong Xing was very surprised that the Leisurer before her who appeared more impatient than her would want to slay the Purple Thunder Monster so badly? Inwardly confused, she did not have too much time to think. With regards to the current situation, the deeper his hatred for the Purple Thunder Monster, the better. “I still have an Extreme Clarity First Origin Sword Array, but it requires time…”1 

“I will shield you.”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s sword slashed out a dragon-like sword-qi.

Nangong Xing did not dare be neglectful, reading an incantation as she circulated her Extreme Clarity Immortal Technique. Extreme Clarity Profound Light glowed brightly, her hands twisted, swept, and drizzled clear light, illuminating the dark night. A hundred Extreme Clarity Flying Swords simultaneously split apart into green sword shadows. This rainbow of swords was like a crisscrossing bridge, forming a patterned sword array. Enviless of the East had the Dual Modes Profound Dust Sword Array. Nangong Xing had the “Extreme Clarity Immortal Killing Sword Array,”2 but this sword array normally required a long time to set up in order to activate and that the opponent had to be inside the sword array, otherwise there would be an extremely large hole in the sword array. Before, Nangong Xing had the Dual Modes Ruler protecting her, so she was not afraid. However, the Dual Modes Ruler at this time already was trapped by Empress Tu’s Earth Book and unable to break free. Thus, Nangong Xing was anxious.    

But Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s words made Nangong Xing resolve herself. If they truly waited until the Star Generals broke out, things would be troublesome at that time.

A soft chuckle.

Hua Wanyue leapt to the top of the hall with a single somersault. Her curves were wonderful, and her long hair fluttered in the wind. The Hero Star’s gaze was icily arrogant. Without another word, she pulled her bow into a full moon. Scarlet light on the bowstring took the form of an arrow, a powerful force that was like a caged beast brandishing its claws and fangs. It was obvious that Hua Wanyue was similarly preparing her most powerful attack.

The two women each turned their weakest side over to the other.

At the same time, Su Xing and Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s thinking was the same – kill the other first.

“You are dead.” Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s asserted.

“Come and get it.”

Su Xing sneered.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s silhouette then disappeared.

The clashing sounds of sword upon sword again rang. Su Xing withdrew, suddenly shouted, and the twelve Langya danced, showering green sword-light towards Sword Saint Xiaoyao. As if it was an unstoppable hurricane, it trapped Sword Saint Xiaoyao tightly within the blade shadows.

But regardless of how crafty the angle, how variably he changed the speed, Su Xing’s Flying Swords were still somewhat lacking to cause the Supervoid Sword Saint harm. Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s sword that was infused with a serene blue light magnificently danced. The sword-qi it fired was fiercer than a hurricane, like an air-tight wall. It washed away all of Su Xing’s Flying Swords and powers. 

“To be able to last this long against a Supervoid Sword Saint, even if you die, the people will still remember you.” Sword Saint Xiaoyao’s voice came through amidst the surging attack.

“Does this mean that you’ve finished thinking of your epitaph – for a Supervoid Star Saint dying at the hands of a Supercluster Cultivator?” Su Xing retorted.


Qi-flame suddenly swelled.

It pressured Su Xing’s hand into going numb, and Heaven Tearing nearly slipped out of his hand.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao faintly smiled. His sword-qi rolled like wildly swelling waters. The twelve Heavenly Depths Swords appeared in front of Su Xing. The giant swords became shields, completely blocking this stormy sword-qi. The frightening power rolled over him like a collapsing mountain. The Life-cast Flying Swords Heavenly Depths tottered on the edge of collapse, and even Su Xing felt challeneged. 

Not good.

Su Xing’s pupils stared blankly.

Sword Saint Xiaoyao sent a doppelganger to attack him from behind.

“This is the end!!”

Sword Saint Xiaoyao explosively shouted, his sword slashing down.

Lin Yingmei swiftly moved for the first palace, a long trail of dust covering the ground, like a fairyland. An escape light very quickly appeared in Lin Yingmei’s line of sight. Immediately afterwards, there was a giant, badly damaged stele. It glowed with golden radiance, still shining.

Lin Yingmei shouted, and her footsteps gently tapped.

The cultivator of the escape light turned his head. It was an aged face. This steel-like expression was Ancestor Wanli’s.

Ancestor Wanli waved his hand and attacked with Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

The girl’s figure instantly accelerated. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear broke the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Ancestor Wanli saw that he had no way to break free. He could only turn around and brush his fingertips. Two giant Blooming Water Lotus Flowers smashed at Lin Yingmei, and following his pointing, his Flying Swords became threads. Just when Lin Yingmei cut apart the Blooming Water Lotus Flowers, another magic weapon, “Blue Waters Dragon Net,”3 arrived.

Blue Waters Dragon Net was superior to Ancestor Baili’s Water Splitting Dragon Binding Net. This net unfurled, appearing to be like a dozen Blue Waves Dragons. In a flash, they had enveloped Lin Yingmei. The dozen Blue Waves Dragon bit over each other, their mouths spitting out Blooming Water Thunder Light. If it was a normal person, then Ancestor Wanli using the net practically left the opponent in his palm, but against the Majestic Star, how could Ancestor Wanli dare treat her so lightly. 

“Lin Chong, it is perfect that you came. This Ancestor just so happens wants to use you as a sacrifice for the sect.” 

Reading an incantation, and countless Flying Swords wrapped towards the first palace. A thousand layers of blue light, ten thousand layers of thunder-light rolled up to suffocate Lin Yingmei within.

“Ten Thousand Layer Blooming Water Heavenly Thunder Sword Array!”

Lin Yingmei’s gaze concentrated.

The ten thousand rays of thunder-light suddenly attacked Lin Yingmei. THe Bright Moon Longevity Palace seemed to have been blown to pieces.

Ancestor Wanli panted. He felt somewhat drained just using his most powerful sword array, but so long as he could kill the Majestic Star, everything was worth it. “Hmph, Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong, This Ancestor has offended you.”

Ancestor Wanli sneered. His mind was still on the Longevity Stele, and he immediately turned around to take it.

Just at this moment, a bone-chilling cold attacked his whole body.

There was a crisp and clear shout.

Ancestor Wanli turned his head, shocked.


The insufferably arrogant Divine Thunder Sword Array and the Blue Water Dragon Net unexpectedly were unable to obstruct Lin Yingmei’s pace. Even a Supervoid Cultivator could not possibly completely escape this magic weapon and sword array, let alone to be able to break away so quickly.

Before he could understand what was happening.

Lin Yingmei saw her opportunity and leapt up. THe Arctic Star Serpent Spear slashed downwards through the wind, a spear-light of snowy radiance sweeping towards Ancestor Wanli, completely without any leeway to evade. Ancestor Wanli was left with no choice but to circulate all of the Star Energy in his body at full power to directly block, however, the tough spear-light did not slow in the slightest because of this.

Her power suddenly grew stronger.

Ancestor Wanli felt his heart suffocate, his body become exceptionally heavy. Each of Lin Yingmei’s spear techniques was fiercer than last, each attack letting out a blizzard-light.

Long Blizzard Nights.

Ancestor Wanli’s body techniques were somewhat weakly rushed. Catching sight of Lin Yingmei’s attack, the wind around his whole body howled. Ancestor Wanli used every sort of power to protect himself.

His defenses surprisingly were defeated in not even a second by Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights.

The continuous and uninterrupted spear-light only forced Ancestor Wanli away from the Longevity Stele. At the moment, it was too late for Ancestor Wanli to think of fleeing. The last attack had closed the distance. Ancestor Wanli leaned away, barely evading. At the same time, he summoned his Flying Swords, seizing the chance to attack.

Lin Yingmei saw this. The spear’s edge repelled the Flying Swords with room to spare, and the last spear attack directly went for Ancestor Wanli’s chest.

Cold light pierced through in a straight line, freezing everything along the way. Ancestor Wanli was aghast. How could he have anticipated that Lin Yingmei’s speed and attacks would unexpectedly increased a level. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s head pierced through. Although Ancestor Wanli kept complete track of it with his Divine Consciousness, his body’s reactions nevertheless fell behind. Ancestor Wanli was unable to focus all of the Supervoid Star Energy in his body into a defense.

Dark Rank Spear Technique.

Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces!!

The spear’s tip was still left with an absolute ice-cold. The entire palace was already covered in snowflakes at the moment, entering a cold winter.

Five Star Destined Weapon!!!

Ancestor Wanli took in a breath. His whole body was thoroughly cold, but he was worthy of being the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s strongest cultivator. Lin Yingmei was concerned about Su Xing, and she used Long Blizzard Night and Freezing Frost Of Nine Prefectures to attain success in a spurt of energy. Even if she was a Star General, this was difficult to support, but Ancestor Wanli relied on the profound cultivation of Supervoid Middle Stage to directly receive the attacks. However, he was startled into a cold sweat.

All of his defensive measures were nearly broken. Ancestor Wanli had very nearly been left unguarded and run through by the spear. Thinking about it made Ancestor Wanli’s heart palpitate incessantly.

Lin Yingmei’s brow furrowed, somewhat regretful she did not kill him.

“Surprisingly, a Five Star Destined Weapon.” Ancestor Wanli was both shocked and resentful, “However, you used your Dark Technique just now? This Ancestor has no need to fear you. Today, This Ancestor will become the first person to kill Lin Chong.”

His finger pointed.

A Blooming Water Divine Thunder attacked.


That Water Thunder fell, drawing closer and closer, instantly becoming an incomparably large palm. It ruthlessly grabbed at Lin Yingmei.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear unexpectedly did not break it in one thrust.

“Did you think this Blooming Water Palm Heaven art was so simple?” Ancestor Wanli laughed aloud. His hands clapped together.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder’s powerful ability Blooming Water Palm Heaven immediately snatched away the Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

As far as Ancestor Wanli was concerned, a Star General without her Star Weapon did not need to be feared at all. He shouted, and his Flying Swords became a thread, attacking Lin Yingmei. Lin Yingmei dodged, suddenly breaking free of the divine weapon, leaping into the air. She relied on the Snow Winged Cicada Bodice to move easily in the air.

“You overestimate yourself!!!”

Ancestor Wanli sneered.

He repeatedly activated several talismans.

The talismans let out several Blue Water Dragons. Although the Blue Water Dragon Net had been torn to shreds by the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, these “Dragon Net Talismans” were enough to hinder Lin Yingmei. So long as he could seize this Star General, Ancestor Wanli was confident he could use his Flying Swords to kill her without a problem.

Lin Yingmei’s expression did not change. Her fists directly destroyed the Dragon Net Talismans. In the speed of several blinks, her body techniques had already rapidly approached Ancestor Wanli.

“Just perfect.”

Ancestor Wanli sneered, nevertheless about to control his Flying Swords to attack.

Suddenly, the air froze. Ancestor Wanli was astonished to discover all of his Flying Swords seemed to have been frozen.

Lin Yingmei’s cold smile was right in front of him. Her jade arm stabbed, just like a sharp spear.

Ah…Ancestor Wanli cried.

Hand spear.

Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces!!!

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  1. 太清原始劍陣
  2. 太清戮仙劍陣
  3. 碧水龍網


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