Chapter 493: Suwen And Lianxin’s Teamwork

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The Stars Have Moved!!

A river of stars flowed, activating in full. Wu Xinjie’s surroundings sunk into the beautiful scene of a galaxy. Before Xuan Zhenzi even had time to be surprised, the galaxy split in all directions. The Extreme One Immortal Light of the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror suddenly changed directions.

Xuan Zhenzi shouted.

Wu Xinjie pointed her fan.

The Extreme One Immortal Light and the Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords were reflected back. Originally, Life-cast Flying Swords were incapable of harming the user, but Wu Xinjie’s The Stars Have Moved was not so simple. Wrapped in the galaxy, the Flying Swords and the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror now became things Wu Xinjie controlled.

Before Xuan Zhenzi could flee, he was surrounded by the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror.

Then, the Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords and the Extreme One Immortal Light simultaneously attacked. Without any suspense, Xuan Zhenzi was completely destroyed.

“What a pity.” Wu Xinjie sighed.

“This old fellow knows that Master has the Longevity Stele, which will be a disaster sooner or later.” Hua Xue disapproved. “Master, you are too soft.”

“Xinjie is regretful over that Astral Bag.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. The Supercluster Late Stage Great Cultivator’s Astral Bag, there definitely would be lots of good things. What a pity it was reduced to ash by the Extreme One Immortal Light and the Flying Swords together. This Extreme One Immortal Light was formidable, as expected.

Wu Xinjie looked again. The only things left of Xuan Zhenzi were only the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror and the seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Flying Swords that had lost their master. Unless Life-cast Flying Swords like these encountered a cultivator who had similar proficiency in the sword chant, it was simply a pile of useless scrap iron even if it was refined. The hundred Flying Swords from the Five Poisons Valley had always been left in an isolated corner up until now.

Wu Xinjie suddenly felt dizzy.

“Master?” Hua Xue was startled.

“So using an Earth Rank Technique for the first time will turn out like this.” Wu Xinjie clapped her hands. “Let us go help the other Sisters now.”

“Master, are you sure?” Hua Xue asked. For the Star Maidens, the Earth Rank was practically their most brilliant special move. Although they had the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, in actuality, those able to self-comprehend the Heaven Rank was very rare after the Seven Stars Assembly, and to be able to use Earth Rank Special Moves would bring great burden. 

“No problem. Xinjie is but the Knowledge Star.” The corner of Wu Xinjie’s lips slightly curved. As the Knowledge Star of the one hundred and eight who could definitely comprehend the Heaven Rank, using the Earth Rank did not count as much.

Hua Xue nodded.

Just as Wu Xinjie was about to leave, right at this moment, a rainbow light outside the hall threaded together, suddenly awe-inspiring.

An Suwen and Tang Lianxin went to the third palace, arriving in front of the Longevity Stele a step ahead of all other cultivators. This girls were about to seize it when, in no more than the blink of an eye, a spry and lively female cultivator immediately entered the palace.

“Hand over this tablet to me, I am not enemies with you.”

The newcomer was the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace’s Queen Lady of Ice.

The Queen Lady of Ice originally had no desire to interfere with the hostilities between the Purple Thunder Monster and the Most High Path. Owing to the Ten Great Sects, she had no choice but to come, but the Purple Thunder Monster solving the Bright Moon Longevity Palace was far outside of her expectations. In addition, the Longevity Stele’s manifestation made the Queen Lady of Ice feel even more astonished.

The situation rapidly changed. Even if the Queen Ice whose heart was like frozen ice was interested in the Longevity Cultivation Method.

“This is the Bright Moon Longevity Palace that Elder Brother solved. Why should we give it to you.” Tang Lianxin was expressionless. The Great Void Golden Lotus blossomed with rays of light.

“Then I shall offend you.” Queen Lady of Ice’s hand rose. She knew that the Longevity Secret Technique could not be obtained by words. Queen Lady of Ice then used her Flying Swords without saying another word. The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords became a hundred cold lights that shot over.

The Great Void Golden Lotus shapeshifted into Flying Swords to block. Now that Tang Lianxin’s Great Void Golden Lotus was also Five Star, it was not to be outdone facing a Supercluster Cultivator’s Flying Swords. Solitary Star Tang Lianxin pointed once more, and a Flying Dagger Astral Took flew out.

Queen Lady of Ice exhibited wonderful body techniques, her gait cold as ice, floating. One palm strike shattered this Astral Tool, then she squeezed together a hand seal. Several Cold Smokes shot out from her fingertips.

The hall’s cold air reached their internal organs in a split second.

“Lianxin, go take the Longevity Stele. Leave this to Suwen.” An Suwen stood forth.

Tang Lianxin knew that of the Sisters that went to go snatch the Longevity Steles, they were the weakest of them all. In a direct confrontation against a Supercluster Cultivator, they practically had no chance of victory. The sole solution was for one of them to buy time, to first seize the Longevity Stele. With the Solitary Star’s abilities, breaking the Longevity Stele’s forbiddance naturally was not difficult.

Queen Lady of Ice changed, and a ray of white light burst out, yet it was a sword that was seemingly jade, seemingly ice. It had no sheen, but the cold air it emanated was dense, chilly to the bone. The very air seemed to freeze, and the ground of the palace immediately was covered in a thick sheet of ice, so cold that even time seemed to grind to a halt. 

“Ten Thousand Year Black Ice.” An Suwen was startled.

This Cold Immortal Sword was forged over a time of several dozen years from a piece of Ten Thousand Year Black Ice that Queen Lady of Ice found at a place extremely south of the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace in a sheet of ice ten thousand zhang thick using the “Black Ice Cold Qi” that Queen Lady of Ice cultivated. It did not receive a bit of heat.

The Ten Thousand Year Black Ice was one of Liangshan Continent’s extreme cold type objects. It had condensed over a period of ten thousand years, naturally contained the Kun Yin Cold Qi of the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book, and upon activating, with only the slightest inattentiveness, being swept by the cold qi could simultaneously seal flesh, blood vessels, and spirit pores. Magic energy circulation would be inefficient, and it could be said that it was naturally a first-rate precious object.

Because Su Xing’s Water Element Flying Sword required Ten Thousand Year Black Ice, An Suwen remembered its characteristics clearly.

An Suwen’s limbs were ice-cold. A wave of cold attacked her, as if even the Star Nest had been frozen. Her whole body’s Star Energy was even more unable to circulate, and she was inwardly shocked. She knew the might of this sword, and she promptly brought out the Seven Stars Birth Sword. 

Queen Lady of Ice did not have any battle intent at all. Like all the other cultivators, she only wanted to obtain this Longevity Stele. Although she had no hatred for the Purple Thunder Monster, she did not want to see the Purple Thunder Monster grow on his own.

The Cold Immortal Sword rose.

An Suwen waved the Seven Stars Birth Sword. Seven iridescent rainbows flew out of the sword, as if they were drawing apart the sky.

The Cold Immortal Sword’s Cold Qi was fierce, Qian Kun Cold Qi surged. The cold qi was pervasive, obscuring everything. THe surroundings were an entirely pale white, and the seven rays of color disappeared as if into the ocean before entering the cold qi.

The qi of cold yin was bone-chilling. An Suwen saw that the Seven Stars Birth Sword was completely outmatched by the Cold Immortal Sword. Taking several steps back, she moved her Divine Intent towards he Astral Stone. With a cry, a hurricane flew out of the Astral Stone.

It became millions of Essence Swallowing Dragons that flew out.

Upon seeing the Ancient Strange Beasts, Queen Lady of Ice did not panic. The Cold Immortal Sword released a cold light that sprinkled down. This Kun Yin Cold Qi was something difficult for the Essence Swallowing Dragons to devour. The cold qi parted, and those Essence Swallowing Dragons seemed to have entered an unprecedented realm. They emitted an odd qi body, showing a profound clear light on their bodies. It expanded and contracted. Much of the cold qi in the air was absorbed. They unexpectedly devoured the Kun Yin Cold Qi.

Queen Lady of Ice could not help but be stirred. How could she have known that in order to raise the Essence Swallowing Dragons, An Suwen now was using the remaining Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to feed them. The Essence Swallowing Dragons’ numbers were not only growing by the day, they had grown to unprecedented levels. 

A storm of green that filled the skies left Queen Lady of Ice with no choice but to retreat. The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Sword and the Great Void Golden Lotus were entangled for the time being, not easily disengaged. Now that the Cold Immortal Sword was unexpectedly suppressed, she did not hesitate to use the “Aurora Bottle.”

A magnificently graceful beam sprayed out from the mouth of the bottle, as if it was a gushing tidal wave.

This aurora could attack and defend, and its attacks were exceptionally sharp. The aurora twisted, dispersing many of the Essence Swallowing Dragons. Against that Prehistoric Aurora, the Essence Swallowing Dragons opened their mouths and devoured it.

“The Aurora Bottle.” An Suwen recognized from a glance the treasure that Gong Caiwei had previously used in the Palace of Empress Wa, and for the cultivator in front of her to be able to wield Gong Caiwei’s treasure, the smart young girl immediately deduced that the pair’s relationship was close. “Senior, can you give up? Suwen once had a meeting with Caiwei inside the Palace of Empress Wa.” An Suwen did not want to damage Gong Caiwei and Su Xing’s relationship. She spoke for the time being.

Queen Lady of Ice raised her eyebrows. As An Suwen had surmised, for the sake for this Bright Moon Longevity Palace, Queen Lady of Ice had specially took Gong Caiwei’s Aurora Bottle for protection. Her relationship to Gong Caiwei was like that of a mother. The Queen Lady of Ice was naturally aloof and did not answer.

She repeatedly used her abilities.

How could her urgency to obtain the Longevity Stele not also be for the sake of her disciple as well.

The Cold Immortal Sword and the Aurora Bottle were continuously used. The cold air was dense, sinking into the entire third palace and freezing it. An Suwen used the Seven Stars Birth Sword and Essence Swallowing Dragons to barely resist. 

The Efficacious Star was increasingly exhausted.

On the other side, Tang Lianxin was currently using all her power to break the forbiddance. Against the obstruction of the Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords, the Five Star Great Void Golden Lotus was only barely holding out. Suddenly, Queen Lady of Ice formed a hand seal. The Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords spun into a sword array, collapsing like a mountain of ice. Countless icicles sprouted from the ground.

An Suwen and Tang Lianxin were cold enough that their lips were directly chapped. The Efficacious Star repeatedly threw out golden pellets. These golden pellets sprinkled a warm light like a talisman, making things just a bit easier for them.

“Why do you follow that man?” Queen Lady of Ice saw that the pair completely powerless Star Generals had such awe-inspiring willpower. That ice-cold face was slightly stirred.

“Do you not know that Purple Thunder Monster is merely exploiting you all?”

Queen Lady of Ice merely treated the Efficacious Star and the Solitary Star before her as not having signed a contract with Su Xing and asked.

An Suwen grunted and did not answer. The Star Crest on her forehead flashed.

The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles flew out.

Queen Lady of Ice’s magic energy pushed.

The Aurora Bottle and the Cold Immortal Swords’ might was even fiercer. The swimming speed of the ten thousand Essence Swallowing Dragons became snail-like in pace.

“Could it be you would rather die in his place?” Queen Lady of Ice said again. Her eyes flashed with blue light.

“Suwen has already given her life to Big Brother.” An Suwen resolutely answered, pointing her hand.

The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles suddenly stuck into her own body, making her own ice-cold consciousness suddenly clear.

Queen Lady of Ice’s brows sunk. After all, she naturally practiced the Ice Mind Chant. How could a word or two move her to pity. Seeing An Suwen so resolute, she slightly nodded in admiration.

A flame of biting cold suddenly rushed out.

When Tang Lianxin saw An Suwen could not last, she summoned the Great Sun Essence Butterfly. Opening its mouth, Great Sun Essence Fire flowed from its seven apertures. The Great Void Golden Lotus received the baptism of the Great Sun Essence Fire, and its light was even more fierce, unexpectedly repelling the Ice Spirit Snow Soul Swords.

The pale white mist had a hole burned into it,

Dark Rank Technique,

Misfortune Turns To Fortune!!1

The Great Sun Essence Fire was one of the Extreme Yang Fires. This sudden combustion burned back Queen Lady of Ice’s powers. The ice-cold palace’s snow and ice melted, a return to spring, however, this Misfortune Turns To Fortune was only a special move Tang Lianxin used to forge weapons, after all. Using it in combat was only a temporary measure.

Queen Lady of Ice retreated back. Just as she was preparing to exert three abilities at full power.

“Master, please stop!”

Just at this moment.

A voice carrying slight worry penetrated the extremely cold air.

A young girl whose clothes surpassed snow gracefully arrived, just like the Guanghan Fairy.

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