Chapter 492: Earth Rank Special Move “The Stars Have Moved”

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Lin Yingmei arm penetrated, just like a spear. How could Ancestor Wanli have foreseen this. Seeing the impending formidable power, his magic energy was nevertheless severely depleted, unable to dodge in time. He was run through by a pinpoint of cold. The energy and blood in his whole body rapidly froze. His body and even his Divine Sense seemed to freeze. He was suddenly shocked. Enduring the pain, he shook his sleeve. He was a top-notch Ancestor of a  Four Great Sword Sect, after all, and his body gushed with a Blooming Water Thunder.

Blooming Water Divine Thunder wrapped around Lin Yingmei’s body and exploded, trying to stop her, but the Lin Yingmei in Extreme Realm was not so simple to handle. The Majestic Star’s empty hand waved, and the Arctic Star Serpent Spear flew directly back into her grasp.

By the time Ancestor Wanli sensed it, he had already scurried frantically away. At such a close distance, to have the Majestic Star next to him and without any defensive means, he definitely knew what would happen next. The large Blooming Water Divine Thunder was unable to stop her. Ancestor Wanli screamed, wanted to flee, but as he turned around, his chest was already run through by a spear. The grand Supercluster Middle Stage cultivator died under her spear right there.

Lin Yingmei coldly looked at this ancestor. She looted his Astral Bag, and without even looking, her figure wavers and arrived in front of the Longevity Stele.

That Longevity Stele that had appeared was not intact at all. It was wrapped in a dull gold luster. She reached out a hand to touch it, only to find a forbiddance that required refining. Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow, stabbed with her spear, and light raged for a split second.

Under the Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear, the Longevity Stele’s forbiddance very quickly dissolved.

Just at this moment, there was a noise like thunder from outside the hall, shaking the entire palace. Multi-colored rainbow light suddenly covered the halls, “Young Master!!” Lin Yingmei was startled.

“Is this the Longevity Stele?”

Xuan Zhenzi looked at this tablet of flickering light with an expression of awe. The inscription upon it was written in a profound script. The characters were shaped like oddly swimming tadpoles. Although it was only one ruined fragment, Xuan Zhenzi still could discern the cultivation method on it, “I never thought it was real. This is the Longevity Cultivation Method, ha, ha, ha.” Xuan Zhenzi madly laughed. “Today truly has been worthwhile.” 

Xuan Zhenzi’s sleeve shook, and a green rainbow twisted towards the tablet to break the forbiddance and take the stele.

As for the Purple Thunder Monster, Xuan Zhenzi currently truly had not the slightest interest. With the Longevity Cultivation Method, what could the Most High Path be considered as in the future.

The golden light of the tablet extended ten thousand zhang, and this stele suddenly transformed into a golden armored giant.

“Brazen thief, you dare spy on the technique for long life.”

The golden armored soldier gripped a halberd, its expression stern. Its eyes had golden light of biting cold, and with an explosive yell, it raised and stabbed with its halberd.

Xuan Zhenzi had already anticipated this. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords attacked, the sword-lights crisscrossing. They cut countless sword marks and sparks over the golden armor yet were not useful at all. The golden armored warrior’s eyes released golden light, and a  golden light more than a zhang  long shot directly for Xuan Zhenzi’s chest.

“The light of a firefly dares to compete with the sun.”

Xuan Zhenzi sneered, circulating the “True Immortal Open Mind Chant.”1 His sleeve fluttered, and he grabbed the golden light with one hand, surprisingly crushing it to pieces. Then Xuan Zhenzi extended his hand, shattering this golden light to form a chicken egg-sized ball of light that slammed against the golden armored warrior.

The golden armored soldier let out a low roar, stabbing with his halberd.

Xuan Zhenzi chanted the word “swift,” and the seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords fluttered in the golden armored soldier’s surroundings, dancing like youthful girls. Their perfume could even be smelled.

Heavenly Immortal Sword Array!

The Flying Swords suddenly combined following Xuan Zhenzi’s gesturing. Their dance movements were dazzling, but in the blink of an eye, the sword-lights attacked and left the golden armored soldier heavily damaged. The Heavenly Immortal Sword Array was one of the seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords’ first-rate sword arrays, naturally no small matter given Xuan Zhenzi’s skill.

The golden armored divine soldier dissipated.

Before Xuan Zhenzi could draw a breath, a halberd all of a sudden appeared right under his nose. Even Xuan Zhenzi was caught off-guard. Fortunately, Xuan Zhenzi always used the True Immortal to protect himself, thus avoiding disaster. “Courting death.” The old man wielded wind from his palm, sweeping aside the golden armored soldier. The seventy-two Flying Swords’ sword rainbow moved.


Another golden armored soldier appeared out of nowhere, its halberd breaking his defenses and sticking into his ribs.

Xuan Zhenzi vomited blood. He slapped his cranium, and a magic weapon activated that repelled the golden armored soldier.

Whoosh, whoosh.

Several golden armored soldiers appeared in his surroundings. These divine soldiers were like phantoms, and Xuan Zhenzi surprisingly did not sense when these had appeared.

“Insignificant skills, yet you dare be impudent.”

Xuan Zhenzi was infuriated. His hands pinched, and the sword-lights surged to crush them. Then, he struck a hand seal, manifesting green light that filled the entire palace. Under the green light, those golden armored soldiers then disappeared like smoke.

Everything was an illusion.

“As expected of a Supercluster Late Stage Great Cultivator. To use the Dazzling Light Mind Image to kill you is still somewhat difficult.”

A mocking voice came from above.

Xuan Zhenzi was startled. The seventy-two Flying Swords protected him. He stared and was suddenly even more angry.

A snow-white Nine Tailed Spirit Fox with eyes glowing brightly showed a human-like charm. Beside the Nine Tailed Spirit Fox was also a young girl in blue clothes wearing a slight smile as she held that slab of stone in her hand.

These golden armored soldiers were not created by the Longevity Stele at all. Clearly, they were the illusions of that Nine Tailed Spirit Fox.


Xuan Zhenzi was unable to restrain his anger, so furious that his face was red.

The Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords appeared and slashed at Hua Xue and Wu XInjie. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains circled around into an array that intercepted the Flying Swords 

“Senior Xuan Zhenzi, since the Longevity Stele has already been taken by Xinjie, how about Senior stop here? Could it be we truly must meet on the battlefield?” Wu Xinjie’s smile contained a faintly charming confidence.

“The Knowledge Star dares to be impudent in front of This Old Man?” Xuan Zhenzi shouted. In the face of that first-rate Longevity Cultivation Method, how could Xuan Zhenzi be willing to give up. Let alone the Knowledge Star, even if it was the Majestic Star, Xuan Zhenzi would take a risk out of desperation.

“Dazzling Light Mind Image.”

Hua Xue’s fox eyes launched several beams of white light.

A boundless white world appeared in the skies and earth around Xuan Zhenzi. Every sort of bug, beast and golden armored soldiers appeared in succession.

But Xuan Zhenzi merely shouted and used the Flying Swords to tear apart the illusion. Since he already knew this was an illusion magic, it was naturally very difficult for Hua Xue to think of trapping him again. Xuan Zhenzi’s Twelve Faced Colored Glass Mirror was activated. The Twelve Faced Colored Glass Mirror suddenly enlarged, instantly surrounding Wu Xinjie and Hua Xue.

This mirror’s light was radiant as water, rippling blue light. A beam of light thick as an arm shot out from the mirror, reflecting through the Twelve Faced Colored Glass Mirror, instantly become one big net.

“The Taiyi One Immortal Mirror?”

The corner of Wu Xinjie’s lips curled, recognizing this was magic weapon that Xuan Zhenzi trapped and killed a dragon with.

Those dozen blue light beams soared arrogantly, shooting all over Wu Xinjie’s body. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain had to be layered in order to finally stop this beam of light. This glass mirror was an Immemorial Lost Treasure that Xuan Zhenzi had acquired. Not only could it trap the target, the Immemorial Secret Art that the mirror possessed, “Extreme One Immortal Light,” was extremely rare. This light would endlessly reflect upon the target’s body, rapidly wasting the opponent’s strength.

Trapped by the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror, it was very unlikely for her to escape.

Originally, just by relying on this glass mirror, that Xuan Zhenzi was able to face Seventh to Eighth Rank Sky Swallowing Dragon alone demonstrated its might.

“Hand over the Longevity Stele, otherwise This Old Man will turn you into scattered ash.” Xuan Zhenzi sneered. His Colored Glass Mirror could trap even True Spirits and souls. Perhaps a slain Star General would be unable to return to the Star Nest. However, he did not know at all that Wu XInjie had long already lost her Star Nest.

“In light of face before Zhao Hanyan, Senior Xuan Zhenzi cannot give up here?” Wu Xinjie calmly smiled.

Xuan Zhenzi showed cold killing intent. He struck hand seals inside the mirror. The Extreme One Immortal Light immediately magnified, becoming as large as a bucket. The Immortal Light rolled towards Wu Xinjie like a tidal wave.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were drawn even more concentrated. The grinding sounds of the chains immediately filled the air.

“Master?” Hua Xue blinked.

Wu Xinjie was silent and motionless. Her Divine Intent moved.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain became a profound formation, but that Taiyi One Immortal Mirror’s Immortal Light was very formidable, weaving and entangling the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, which made Wu Xinjie’s control over the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain very difficult, protection increasingly exhausting.


Xuan Zhenzi laughed, flipping through hand seals.

The Extreme One Immortal Light spread in all directions, manifesting an Immortal Realm Pavilion Platform, a bejeweled jade palace, and every kind of red crown crane and spirit deer. These illusions were stupefying, and even Wu Xinjie was nearly bewitched.

Just at this moment, the illusion turned into seventy-two Flying Swords.

With a bang.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were defeated by the swords.

Not good, the old fart’s Immemorial Magic Weapon was unexpectedly this formidable.

Wu Xinjie began to grow concerned.

Xuan Zhenzi wore a disdainful grin. If it was any other martial force Star General, he perhaps would have to be careful, but how could he not be aware of the Knowledge Star’s abilities. Even if she had that strange Nine Tailed Spirit Fox and these odd Black Gold Chains, once the Taiyi One Immortal Mirror trapped her, so long as he spent a little time, he could refine the enemy sooner or later.

So as to avert problems from a delay, the Purple Thunder Monster taking action, Xuan Zhenzi activated a green talisman without another word.

This talisman released a green spirit light, pouring into Xuan Zhenzi’s body. The Twelve Faced Taiyi One Immortal Mirror was increasingly powerful.

“True Immortal Talisman. It seems Senior truly will not let this go.” Wu Xinjie’s eyes narrowed. This talisman could very briefly allow a cultivator’s cultivation to reach its limits. All cultivation methods and abilities would become very powerful, however, the sole drawback was that it required the accompanying “True Immortal Open Mind Chant” to be used. It could be said to be the True Immortal Palace’s sole Immortal Talisman.

But there were repercussions. By using this talisman, the True Immortal Open Mind Chant’s cultivation would decrease. At the same time, his own magic energy would be depleted, unable to be sustained. It seemed that Xuan Zhenzi would not hesitate to pay everything to obtain the Longevity Stele. 

“Since this is the case, Xinjie shall not be polite.” Sensing that the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain already were unable to bear the Extreme One Immortal Light, Wu XInjie did not dare be neglectful.

“Hua Xue!!”

With a bewitching fox howl, Hua Xue possessed Wu Xinjie’s body.

The power of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain suddenly burst, once again defending resolutely, but against Xuan Zhenzi’s non-stop magic energy, this possession was an utterly inadequate measure to resist.

“Struggling at death’s door.”

Wu XInjie grinned charmingly. Her Three Star Heaven Concealing Stars Fan appeared in her hand, and the Knowledge Star waved it.

“Then Xinjie invites Senior Xuan Zhenzi to taste Xinjie’s Earth Rank Special Move…”

“What? Earth Rank Special Move.” Upon hearing those words, Xuan Zhenzi’s expression was suddenly pale. Star General’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow vied for supremacy in Liangshan. The Earth Rank techniques could be placed above Supervoid.

“Just what technique can save you, Knowledge Star.”

Xuan Zhenzi shouted in indignation, but that nervous tone showed he was not confident.

Wu XInjie smiled, and the Heaven Concealing Stars Fan suddenly fanned.

A resplendent river of stars seemed to flow out of the fan.

Earth Rank Special Move – The Stars Have Moved!!2

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  1. 真仙通心訣
  2. 斗轉星移, lit. “time flies.” Usually, I’d translate the phrase as the idiom, but somehow, “time flies” doesn’t seem to fit the imagery here.


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