Chapter 495: Thunderclap In Evening Breeze

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Yan Yizhen shook her hand. The Yin Yang’s shattered light crumbled like dust.

Although Yan Cao wielded the Nine Yang True Chant with power, the Yin Yang Palm Chop’s cold and warm forces still made him suffer unbearably, particularly in his shattered underarms.

“Does your master have you serve guests like this?” Yan Cao grimaced, still not changing his inherent personality.

She suddenly vanished.

Yan Yizhen attacked. True Fire Flying Swords were knocked aside by her unstoppable punches. Yan Cao retreated backwards, hiding his body. He suddenly sneered, flipped his wrist, and with a thump, a fist-sized ball of light shot out of his Astral Bag. It spiraled into Yan Cao’s hand, revealing a simple and unadorned fan.

This fan was only a few centimeters large, was shaped like a luan with crimson feathers. The talisman script on it was dense, layered on top of each other. A slightly swaying red halo spun indeterminately, and countless scripts manifested one after another, making those who looked directly at it dizzy.

Seeing Yan Yizhen’s power was like a mad flood, he knew he had no way to compete. He did not dare be arrogant. He formed a hand seal, and after the crimson light flashed, the fan’s light suddenly magnified, becoming several chi large.

Yan Cao gripped the fan in one hand, concentrated all of his magic energy and aimed the fan ruthlessly at the approaching Yan Yizhen.

The erosion of the magic energy of his whole body was even more excessive than before. Yan Cao stared blankly, but he did not think too much. He fanned the fan, giving Yan Yizhen a big grin: “If you do not run, then you must be prepared for your clothes to be all burned away by Your Servant’s Burning Luan Divine Flame Fan,1 ha, ha.”

“Burning Luan Divine Flame Fan.”

This was also one of the magic weapons that Yan Cao was proud of. Prehistoric Magic Weapons had an extremely powerful Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan refined from seven types of Prehistoric fire-type Divine Beasts, and one of the seven was the Burning Luan that Yan Cao comprehended from the Seven Feathers Karma FIre Fan. He refined only the “Burning Luan.” Although the martial force was inferior in power, it was still far more formidable than Zhao Heng’s Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan.

Yan Cao’s fire-light flowed, blowing a foehn wind. His whole body seemed to be aflame.

After the Red Luan Divine Flame Fan cried, that scarlet as jade light immediately concentrated and changed shape. Then, the fan suddenly trembled, and the feathers spurted forth with flames. Immediately afterwards, all of the flames concentrated towards the middle, unexpectedly transforming directly into a zhang sized fire bird. This was the Burning Luan.

The Burning Luan emerged. Flames covered the sky and earth, and a powerful foehn wind made Yan Yizhen’s cold and detached pupils show an abnormality.

Then, Yan Cao again extended his hand. The hundred Five Motifs True Fire Flying Swords simultaneously danced. All of the Flying Swords suddenly released flames, dancing with lightning speed, becoming a flower of flame that blossomed in Yan Yizhen’s surroundings. It complemented the Burning Luan considerably well, making Yan Yizhen’s figure submerge within.

Eight Sided Heavenly Fire Array!!2

But Yan Cao was not done at all. He opened his mouth, and a lotus flower flew out.

This treasure was the “Karma Fire Lotus Flower,” a treasure. It had undergone Yan Cao’s refinement and became a powerful magic weapon. The Karma Fire Lotus Flower unfurled under Yan Cao’s feet, making Yan Cao appear as if he was stepping on the lotus. The opened petals sprayed out a dark red light.

This red light hastened under his hand seals, spiraling around Yan Cao with telepathic speed. The thin as hair red light “sparked” with an abnormally loud noise. It interwove into a net, becoming a Karma Fire Lotus Flower Barrier. A luminous light flashed upon it, protecting Yan Cao completely within.

As the first-rate Ancestral Master of the Divine Flame Sword Sect, Yan Cao naturally had the resources to be lofty. 

THe Burning Luan Divine Flame Fan added onto the Eight Sided Heavenly Fire Sword Array and finally along with the Karma Fire Lotus Flower protecting him, Yan Cao practically had exhausted all of his most powerful techniques. He did not believe that a Star General could be unbridled against them.

As expected, Yan Yizhen defended with her fists, already stepping back in the face of these fireworks. 

“To not be able to see your naked body truly is a pity.” Yan Cao laughed aloud, turning around and flying towards the Longevity Stele. Not a moment later, he broke the Longevity Stele’s forbiddance and took the Longevity Stele into his palm. Yan Cao’s heart was thrilled.

At this moment, he turned his head to look.

The Burning Luan Divine Flame Fan’s might had already practically burned the palace to nothing. Black, ugly scorch marks were left everywhere.

In this ugly scenery, there was a woman who was particularly beautiful.

She leaned where she stood, her maid clothes clearly mostly destroyed. Barely anything covered her body. In this black hall of destruction that extended as far as the eye could see, the woman’s white skin was especially eye-catching, particularly that plum blossom tattoo on her back, so beautiful it was stifling.

Yan Yizhen could barely defend against the Burning Luan Divine Flame Fan and the Heavenly Fire Sword Array’s might. After all, this was used by a Supercluster Peak Ancestral Master. As far as Yan Yizhen was concerned, this still was no small trouble.

Yan Cao clicked his tongue, somewhat regretful he could not see that naked body, but that half-concealed scene actually made him pleased. He wanted to indulge in his fantasies, but the maid’s cold and detached eyes honestly made Yan Cao very disappointed. That practically was a gaze looking at a dead person, a gaze without any feeling at all.

“As a female servant, your expression honestly is very short of the standard.” Yan Cao sneered. He played with the Longevity Stele in his hand. WIthout the aid of her contractor, against the current Skilful Star, he held the advantage. Naturally, this was enough time to carefully appreciate his prey’s dejected expression. TO be able to make a Star General’s tarnished with ash and dirt was even more satisfying than the Longevity Stele.

“Right now, the great treasure3 is already in my hands. It seems you will be unable to complete your master’s orders.” Yan Cao cast a sidelong glance at her. He showed a ruminating and shameless smile: “Do you want it? Compared to the Longevity Stele, Your Servant is even more fond of looking at a Star General’s naked body, particularly yours, Skilful Star. As long as you obediently remove your remaining clothes and allow This Ancestor to carefully admire you, this Longevity Stele is yours with no trouble.”

Yan Yizhen’s vermilion pupils appeared to be even more scorching than the flames.

“You are already dead now.”

Skilful Star Wanderer spat out five ice-cold words.

Yan Cao was taken aback. He laughed aloud.

“I could not tell that you were capable of jokes, Yan Qing…Not…” Just as Yan Cao was about to praise her with a “not bad,” before he could utter the phrase, he suddenly noticed that his body was emitting the two kinds of pain of ice-cold and scorching fire.

As if there was something flowing inside his body. Yan Cao’s whole body stooped over, and “not bad” immediately became dread, complete despair – not possible!!

Yan Yizhen’s palms gently trembled.


One carp of cold Yin and another carp of orange burst out of Yan Cao’s chest from within his body.4 In a split second, half of Yan Cao’s body was on fire, and the other was ice. Yan Cao looked at Yan Yizhen in astonishment, finally understanding what had happened.

At the moment Yin Yang Palm cut into Yan Cao’s body, Yan Yizhen injected him with the resurrected Yin Yang Carps at the same time in passing. The more Yan Cao used his magic energy to exhaustion, the more he nurtured the Yin Yang Carps. The result was that by the time Yan Cao unleashed his full power with three types of powers, he had just fell into Yan Yizhen’s trap – to borrow Yan Cao’s magic energy to restore the carps to their originally complete state.

And at this moment, Yan Cao naturally was a fish on the chopping block waiting to be slaughtered.

Skilful Star Wanderer indeed did not tell jokes.

Harboring this despair, Yan Cao reached his end just like this.

The Yin Yang Carps cheerfully swam around Yan Yizhen’s fists. The corner of Yan Yizhen’s lips could not help but curl in a near imperceptible smile. With the Longevity Stele in hand, Yan Yizhen discarded her destroyed maid clothes, revealing her absolutely beautiful jade body. Each curve of her body was sufficient to take away someone’s breath. A pity that this Supercluster Ancestor had died with unfinished desire and was unable to see.

Yan Yizhen changed into a new maid dress.

The Skilful Star’s eyes concentrated, catching sight of the rainbow light outside the window.

At the fifth palace, the Lifeless Hall’s Ancestor Longevity was currently very pressured. His complexion was ashen, his body seemingly pinned by a giant mountain unable to draw breath.

Ninety-nine Coping With Undergoing Rebirth Swords5 became a black abyss. These normally swaggering Flying Swords currently followed Ancestor Longevity’s heart and constantly shuddered, as if they were being suppressed by something.

And the one to make the Azure Dragon Territory’s famous Ancestor Longevity to be so pressured was none other than an exceedingly refined little girl.

Gongsun Huang wore the Phoenix Perch Red Cloud Clothes, and a multi-colored light glowed on her body, superbly respectable. The Three Star Pinebrand Ancient Sword in her hand floated above the Longevity Stele.

Just like a fairy who had descended into the mundane world from the Nine Firmaments.

Just her domineering aura made Ancestor Longevity feel heavy. As the most powerful in magic energy, Gongsun Huang’s magic made Ancestor Longevity witness her power.

The Pinebrand Ancient Sword moved. Multi-colored light seemingly flew out, easily inhibiting the Coping With Undergoing Rebirth Swords. Ancestor Longevity raised two attack magic weapons but was completely unable to break her Phoenix Perch Red Clouds Clothes. At this time, this truly made Ancestor Longevity embarrassed to death.

Gongsun Huang’s eyes showed a sort of deep tranquility. That gaze was extremely elegant. Those who felt inferior would probably feel like ants in her eyes, and this was what Ancestor Longevity thought, his heart truly very vexed.

Seeing Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds break the Longevity Stele in no rush at all, this made Ancestor Longevity worried even more.

“Gongsun Sheng, This Old Man shall come consult with you, the one famed to be number one in magic energy.” Ancestor Longevity spat out a mouthful of black qi. This black qi condensed into the shape of a giant sword.

The sword’s body was darkness, flowing black qi.

This was the magic weapon that Ancestor Longevity was proud of “Life Breaking Sword.” This sword’s talisman script flowed, the tadpole-sized black and abnormal script endlessly revolving, emitting a frightening light.

The Life Breaking Sword’s most powerful aspect was that even if the opponent possessed powerful defensive magic weapons, so long as those were cut by the sword, they would similarly suffer damage like their Life-cast magic weapons. Ancestor Longevity already settled on the idea to use the Life Breaking Sword to first make Gongsun Huang lose her calm. To be looked at like this by a seven to eight year old little girl truly made the Ancestor Longevity who had lived for so long very upset.

Afterwards, he would use the Yellow Springs Sword Array to send this Leisure Star on a journey.

Gongsun Huang was still dispassionate. She pointed the Pinebrand Ancient Sword.

She activated a Dark Rank Star Magic.

“Thunderclap In Evening Breeze!!”6

Gongsun Huang had many magics, but those that could complement Heaven Earth Dark Yellow were all powerful spells. This “Thunderclap In Evening Breeze” was a new Dark Rank that Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds could use while wearing the Phoenix Perch Red Clouds Clothes. Although it was not as tyrannical as Half-destroyed Landscape, it was still overbearing nonetheless.

After a boom, the Pinebrand Ancient Sword suddenly displayed an astral wind.

This astral wind turned from small to big, from thin to wide. In the blink of an eye, it became an astonishing hurricane of a heaven-supporting pillar. At nearly the same time the astral wind took shape, the topmost part boomed with thunder, and silver arcs of astral wind of varying thickness flickered and jumped, wrapping the powerful hurricane. 

Under the rook, near the astral wind, the wind roared like a tidal wave. Countless wind blades began to indistinctly take shape. The entire space was full of flying sand and stone, dimming the sky and earth. There was a rumbling, loud noise everywhere, as if it was about to shake apart the main hall.

The originally brilliant hall instantly sunk into dusk.

Ancestor Longevity was startled. The girl before him appeared calm and collected, yet her mind was terrifyingly meticulous, completely leaving no leeway. Ancestor Longevity activated magic weapons and abilities, covering himself in dazzling green light from head to foot. A layer of protection appeared that enveloped him within.

Thunderclap In Evening Breeze suddenly surged even larger.

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  1. 熾鸞神焰扇
  2. 八面乾火陣
  3. 聖杯, this is actually “Holy Grail”
  5. 奈何往生劍, a pretty nonsensical name
  6. 晚風雷霆起


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