Chapter 496: The Yingsu Beauty

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Everything before Ancestor Longevity’s eyes was already obscured by the thunderclap and the astral wind. His magic weapon had been blown even harder, as if they were little in a perfect storm. They appeared incomparably tiny.

The immense rumbling crushed the green light which cracked.

Ancestor Longevity’s heart chilled, and he controlled the Rebirth Swords to protect him. He tightly shut his lips and continuously formed hand seals, his expression very pale.

Under Gongsun Huang’s urging, Thunderclap In Evening Breeze suddenly roared.

Like opened floodgates, the power that erupted in that instant cultivators practically as experienced as Ancestor Longevity would feel fear for the first time. Rolls of thunder rumbled, blades of wind  rolled, covering him in dense numbers, making his innards seem to split.

At this moment, Ancestor Longevity seemed to see his own world crumble. His magic weapons shattered in the blink of an eye, and several layers of his defenses disintegrated, and he seemed to have lost his five senses. A screaming whistle filled his ears, and his eyes saw only thunder and lightning, pale wind blades, and even his Divine Sense was unable to take a half step away. The moment anything left his protection, it was instantly blown to dust by the evil wind and thunder.

So frightening.

Ancestor Longevity’s heart was cold. He now finally could be considered to know why Leisure Star Dragon in the clouds was the Star General that was number one in magic energy. Magic like this completely could crush the magic weapons of a cultivator. This was still a Three Star Destined Weapon. If it was a grade higher, perhaps it could match a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

Ancestor Longevity had the thought to retreat, but upon recalling that the legendary Longevity Cultivation Method was right before his eyes, his heart was particularly unwilling to give up. A big reason he was addressed by others as Ancestor Longevity was because he had consumed many Life Extending Holy Fruits that would make anyone jealous. Ancestor Longevity’s talent was far from comparison to other cultivators, but relying on his far superior Supercluster Cultivator’s life energy, he still made a name for himself and became an Ancestral Master of the Lifeless Hall.

But now that Ancestor Longevity’s life energy was already nearing its limit, the Longevity Stele’s manifestation practically was a chance bestowed by the heavens. How could Ancestor Longevity give up for nothing. However, it was a pity that he came to this Bright Moon Longevity Palace unaware that the Purple Thunder Monster would unexpectedly solve and summon the Longevity Stele. Otherise, Ancestor Longevity would definitely have brought the “Six Paths Plate”1 and the sect-protecting treasure “Yellow Springs Lifeless Diagram.”2

Now was already too late for resentment. Facing Gongsun Huang’s Thunderclap In Evening Breeze’s tyrannical pressure, Ancestor Longevity used all his strength. His attack methods already were suppressed into a defense, like a turtle withdrawing into its shell.

The rolls of thunder were increasingly severe, rumbling so that Ancestor Longevity vomited blood.

His expression changed. The creaking and cracking sounds from the protection above were increasingly louder and louder, and for the purpose of maintaining this protection, his magic energy’s ebb was clearly more severe than before.

The might of the Leisure Star’s magic could surprisingly still become incessantly stronger.

This was the Dark Rank Technique of the number one magic energy Star General. This was too abnormal.

How could Ancestor Longevity have known that the full power defense he had staked made Gongsun Huang greatly surprised. Seeing her first wave of Thunderclap In Evening Breeze unexpectedly not pulverize her target, Gongsun Huang did not hesitate to use it a second time.

Having consumed Bai Yutang’s Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied, the little loli’s execution was never sloppy. Gongsun Huang bluntly used her Dark Rank Magic.

When the second wave of Thunderclap In Evening Breeze squeezed down, the battle now already had completely changed into whoever could last the longest.

Ancestor Longevity felt his body was increasingly weary. Several dozen of his Life-cast Flying Swords were already destroyed, leaving him inwardly depressed. He took a deep breath, subconsciously looking glancing down, searching for another method.

Perhaps he could escape into the ground?

The moment this idea appeared, at a place several zhang to the side of where he was, he spotted a black twister. Thunder scuttled into the sky from under the ground, quickly swelling and spinning. SUddenly, a suction force came from above. A green light covering unexpectedly could not help but involuntarily move quickly towards the tornado. Ancestor Longevity’s heart shivered. Magic energy concentrated from head to toe into a light covering. Only then did he barely regain traction. 

Immediately, a dozen black sword-lights shot out of the light barrier, spinning around the light barrier and flickering as they interwove. Under the crisscrossing of the sword-qi, he clashed with the approaching thundering tornado.

Ancestor Longevity only felt that time passed more slowly than the entire lifetime he had lived. Seeing he was unable to continue, Ancestor Longevity already had the idea to retreat.

Just at this moment, the clouds broke and revealed the sun. The palace recovered its calm and clarity.

The thunder and the astral wind finally stopped.

The suffering ended. Ancestor Longevity suddenly glimpsed hope. The old man laughed, and just as he was about to say something bold, he looked up then and his smile stiffened.

Gongsun Huang walked in the sky. The Longevity Stele beneath her feet had long been shrunken down and then fell into the palm of her hand.

Gongsun Huang’s consecutive use of two Thunderclap In Evening Breeze was not because she was bored, but because she did not want anyone to disturb her as she took the Longevity Stele. While Ancestor Longevity was still struggling, Gongsun Huang easily picked up the Longevity Stele.


Ancestor Longevity shouted indignantly.

The Life Breaking Sword became a black light that swiftly slashed.

Gongsun Huang let the Life Breaking Sword attack. She used a Wind Rolls The Clouds, and then the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix also appeared, trapping Ancestor Longevity. Ancestor Longevity knew he lost the advantage when he saw this. To stay any longer, other than giving the opponent experience, was completely meaningless. After his fury, Ancestor Longevity immediately became more clear-headed than anyone.

He used a Divine Talisman he had prepared beforehand to become black fog, escaping completely.

Ancestor Longevity was able to live this long. His ability to flee with his life was very formidable.

Gongsun Huang’s Divine Intent scanned. Seeing that Ancestor Longevity had truly left, only then did she relax her guard. She lowered her brow to gaze curiously at the rich, jade-like Longevity Stele in her hand. It glowed with a beautiful rainbow light.

Gongsun Huang raised her head, her pupils slightly alarmed.

“His Highness.”

In the first palace, Lin Yingmei easily killed the Supercluster Middle Stage Ancestor Wanli. In the second palace, Wu Xinjie dispatched Xuan Zhenzi with room to spare. In the third palace, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin’s teamwork also obtained that Longevity Stele from Queen Lady of Ice. In the fourth Palace, Yan Yizhen used an absolutely inconceivable technique to crush Yan Cao, for him to die with regrets. In this fifth palace, Leisure Star little loli Gongsun Huang’s “Thunderclap In Evening Breeze” indeed suppressed Ancestor Longevity completely like a roll of thunder.

In the first five palaces, the five3 Star Maidens had things easy.

But in this sixth palace, Zhang Yuqi had but met with a big problem.

“Why should a woman make things difficult for a woman.”

Zhang Yuqi’s White Water Mirror Heart glinted, and a Wild Bee Butterfly Wave roared out.

A gorgeously dressed female cultivator sneered. She raised her palm. Wind descended, a fluttering, poisonous wind. Flying Swords easily broke the Wild Bee Butterfly Wave. The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python drew a white light and bit.

The Shifting Flower Sword Sect’s Fairy Yingsu disdainfully glanced at her, using a “Poppy Without Poison”4 ability. Blooming poppy flowers simultaneously blossomed in the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python’s surroundings. The poison scent wafted, confusing the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python into not knowing left from right.

Zhang Yuqi was inherently a Water General. In water, her techniques naturally were fearless when facing Supercluster Cultivators, but this Bright Moon Longevity Palace had nothing at all to offer her. The magic she used was greatly debilitated. Zhang Yuqi was not like her sister, who was versed in martial arts as well. Against the Supercluster Late Stage Fairy Yingsu, she truly was at a disadvantage.

“Young Su, Yuqi being alone is but somewhat difficult.”

Zhang Yuqi sighed.

“White Stripe in the Waves, tactfully retreat from This Immortal. This Immortal only wants this Longevity Stele and will absolutely not make things difficult for you and your master.” Fairy Yingsu shouted.

“Why should a woman make things difficult for a woman.” Zhang Yuqi giggled. Although she was somewhat in a difficult situation, her mouth nevertheless did not concede defeat.

“Hmph, you Star Generals are only little girls in THis Immortal’s eyes.” Fairy Yingsu’s mouth was also venomous, surreptitiously mocking that Star Generals could not lose their virginity.

Zhang Yuqi giggled. “Yuqi does not want to become just a pretty face, so to think of having Yuqi leave, that truly can’t be done.”

“Then you are courting death.”

Fairy Yingsu sneered.

She extended a hand towards her Astral Stone. A clump of multi-colored poison smoke flew out.

This smoke dispersed to reveal a giant serpent. This python’s whole body was a dark red, covered in odd flower patterns. Its bucket-like girth required two adults to be able to wrap around it. Its dark red as blood snakeskin was not only shiny as a mirror, it could also seemingly fly across any surface.  

Strange stripes extended from the snake’s tail, spiraling up to its head and concentrating into an odd flower mark. This flower mark’s center had two horns. 

Duoluo Flower Marked Python!5

Zhang Yuqi shouted to herself that this was abnormal, immediately recognizing this viper’s background.

The Duoluo Flower Marked Python was an ancient python that was not inferior to the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python. It spat multi-colored poison fog, decaying all it touched.

“Yuqi never expected that the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators would surprisingly raise such a poisonous thing?” Zhang Yuqi’s White Water Mirror Heart released a ray of clear blue light, destroying the attacking poison smoke. This Duoluo Flower Marked Python was considerably difficult to raise. She truly did not understand how the Azure Dragon Territory could have such a formidable cultivator without an inhospitable place.

Fairy Yingsu disdainfully smiled. How could Zhang Yuqi have known that the Shifting Flower Sword Sect originally hailed from the Vermilion Bird Territory. That place had a world of poison, every sort of venomous snake and bug were normal animals. It was not strange for Supercluster Late Stage peak cultivators like Fairy Yingsu to rear a venomous snake.

If it was not for caring this venomous snake taking much of her energy, Fairy Yingsu perhaps could have time to break through to Supervoid Stage.

This Duoluo Flower Marked Python heavily bit, opening its maw wide, shooting out a pervasive multi-colored poison smoke, wrapping the hall in an odd color. It appeared exceptionally enchanting.

Zhang Yuqi continuously used Star Magic to evade. One fierce lunge of the Duoluo Flower Marked Python was about to constrict Zhang Yuqi when the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python charged forth and entangled this Flower Marked snake.

ZHang Yuqi was too late to sense the pressure. Fairy Yingsu’s Flying Swords at this point slashed without leaving gaps. Although the poison-colored Flying Swords could not compare to the sword chants of the Azure Dragon Territory in might, these Flying Swords similarly were forged from highly toxic materials. The sword’s edge was dipped in multi-colored poison and could not easily be touched.

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi leapt like a fish, like a jumping mermaid. Her two golden ponytails unfurled, and the girl drew a gorgeous arc as she evaded the obstruction of the Flying Swords.

“Since you do not want to become just a pretty face, then This Palace shall come break you, to make you clearly look at yourself.” Fairy Yingsu saw that the White Stripe in the Waves was this awe-inspiring, and the woman’s envy flared.

Her wrist flipped.

A Five Colored Bottle Gourd appeared.

Seeing the gorgeous coloring of this gourd, dazzling, Zhang Yuqi knew what was inside from just a glance.

“The most poisonous is a woman’s heart, do you have to lay such a saying so bare?” Zhang Yuqi very powerlessly said.

“After the ‘Pouring Calamity Bottle Gourd’ rots your face into ugliness, will your master still want you?!”6

Fairy Yingsu maliciously smiled, her expression clearly saying – I envy you, now die!

The gourd poured a stream of multi-colored poisonous smoke that pounced towards the Damage Star. At this moment, Zhang Yuqi already had no place to run.

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  1. 六道盤
  2. 黃泉無生圖
  3. This really should say six
  4. 罌粟無毒
  5. 墮羅花紋蟒
  6. She does realize that Star Generals can heal from even dismemberment, right?


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