Chapter 513: Who Is Second?

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Seven Feathers Fan!!

Ye Futu wore an elegant smile. The seven feathers in his hand were gorgeous as they shuddered. Flames of multi-colored light flowed. This Seven Feathers Fan was forged from the quintessential tail feathers of seven kinds of Divine Beasts, the Prehistoric Fire Luan, Fire Phoenix,1 Fire Phoenix,2, Black Gold Bird, Clinging Heavenly Vermilion Jian and others. It was a very powerful fire-type Spirit Treasure, ranked number eight on the Spirit List. Zhao Heng originally had qualifications with just the counterfeit Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan. The Seven Feathers Fan’s might was obvious.

Not one of the White Tiger Demon Beasts had expected this human to surprisingly have this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. Each and every one of them showed shock.

Shen Jingwei shouted, unable to sit by idly any longer. His body turned into flame, becoming a flaming tiger that pounced up.

Ye Futu shook the fan.

The seven feathers let out a blood-red light. The flame-light’s flow became a giant flaming luan. This luan unfolded wings of fire, as if they covered the sky. Multicolored Tiger Yan Linglong raised her saber to block.

The Luan Bird swooped down onto Yan Linglong.

The flame’s flowing light immediately wrapped her up.

Ye Futu saw that before the Fire Luan could take the upper hand, she sneered. The Fire Phoenixes sprung forth from the fan at the same time. The two giant fire birds pincer attacked, and Heaven and Earth seemed to burn. Even the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars below were stirred, with no choice but to release barriers and forbiddances to block the foehn wind.

“This man actually has some assets.” Shijiu Ying gloomily said.

“WIth the Seven Feathers Fan, he does have the qualifications to become our Fire Spirit.” Cang Feng smiled, casting a glance at Grandfather Li.

This old man showed a kind of profoundly mysterious smile.

The tiger hissed, the flames broke.

Shi Jingwei manifested his True Body. The Broiling Heat Flame Tiger forcibly stopped the Seven Feathers Fan.

“Master.” Yan Linglong’s complexion changed.

This Seven Feathers Fan’s might was inexhaustible. Only three Prehistoric Sacred Beasts were enough to make Shen Jingwei stuck in a dilemma, “Ye Futu, die.” Yan Linglong took up the Heavenly Tiger Following Heaven Saber. The saber emitted a piercing blue light.

Ye Futu’s Star General could not longer stand by. The girl’s figure was fine, her wide cape and white armor rising up. Despite the girl’s petite appearance, her speed was nevertheless oddly quick. Her wrist flipped, revealing an enormous sword. This sword and the girl were incongruous, for the sword was far larger than the girl’s entire body. The sword’s tip was chilling, its blade decorated with countless golden dragon markings. Five Stars flitted about, their radiance unmatched.

This large sword was handled as easily as a toy in the girl’s hands. Four dragons spun around the hilt, extremely beautiful. 

“Silver Snow Dragon Abyss!”3

Cang Feng was stunned.

“I am not waiting anymore.” Bingxin spat out this sentence. She rose steeply, turning into a white light.

Ye Futu activated a sword chant at the same time, arranging a sword array.

Multicolored Tiger Yan Linglong’s saber sliced, cutting against Bingxin’s Silver Snow Dragon Abyss, but it was battered into bewilderment in less than two moves by Bingxin. In terms of martial force, she completely was not an opponent.

“Not good, Linglong, we are fleeing now.”

Shen Jingwei was terrified. He already knew that he had run into trouble and was about to use the Jade Pendant to escape. As Shen Jingwei used the Liangshan Jade Pendant, Ye Futu was unable to do anything. Just as they were about to flee, suddenly, a clap of thunder fell from the sky, the rumbling noise falling onto Shen Jingwei’s body. 

In the blink of an eye, Shen Jingwei’s True Body Broiling Heat Flame Tiger’s was boomed into extinguishing its flame. In another instant, he was destroyed under this heavenly thunder.

“Jingwei.” Yan Linglong wailed.

“Little Sister, please go back.” Bingxin immediately returned Yan Linglong with a swing of her sword.

The entire process was no more than an instant. Ye Futu stored the Seven Feathers Fan and the sword array. Bingxin grasped her sword and stood by his side. Those naive and guiltless eyes stared at the old man on the Begging Spirit Temple.

Grandfather Li folded his fan. He gestured gently as the wind, yet that thunderbolt just now had been called forth by none other than him. Ye Futu gazed at this old man with a heart full of astonishment. His face retracted his previous grin. If that thunderbolt just now had been directed at him, the consequences were indeed too horrible to comprehend.

“Is Senior willing to have faith in Your Servant?” Ye Futu cupped his fist.

“What say you?” Grandfather Li inquired.

Since Grandfather Li had acted to destroy Shen Jingwei, the answer was very obvious. Shijiu Ying was not happy at all with this human, but he could only acquiesce. Let alone that this man’s Star General was an Earthly Star Four Heavenly Kings, just the Star General alone was indeed far more powerful than Shen Jingwei. Even Shijiu Ying did not have the confidence to be able to face Ye Futu. Cang Feng laughed, amicably saying: “Then welcome, Brother Futu, to our collaboration, let us move forward together.”

“You flatter me.” Ye Futu descended.

“However, we require all of your information.” Xiang Chenxing made a picky request.

A strange cultivator in possession of the Seven Feathers Fan had appeared in the WHite Tiger Territory. This request was within Ye Futu’s expectations. The man nodded.

“Bingxin.” Han Bing flipped through the Birth Treasure Outline, pensive.

Gong Caiwei’s father, Prince Feng Wu, was quite an attractive and charming man. His face was as distinct as a sculpture, his sharp and clearcut face exceptionally handsome. His appearance seemed unconventional, but the light his eyes carelessly exposed made people not dare underestimate him. With a head of jet-black hair, a pair of slender peach blossom eyes were nevertheless beneath his sharp brows, filled with passion, making people feel as if they would be sucked in if they were not careful. He had a high nose, moderately thick red lips that currently nevertheless rippled with a dizzying smile. 

Gong Fengting4 was Emperor Liang’s best friend. When Emperor Liang originally seized Jiangshan and established his military exploits, he himself naturally was a cultivator. Furthermore, he was a Supervoid Sword Saint. Su Xing could be considered as being able to understand why Gong Caiwei was a sword cultivator since she was little. Perhaps she had received some of her father’s influence.

“Everyone, please sit.” Gong Fengting looked at Su Xing and his beauties, his eyes showing surprise. Although he had heard rumors that the Purple Thunder Monster was dispatched by Maiden Mountain with many top-notch Star Generals in his following, when he actually saw it for himself, he still felt disbelief.

Gong Fengting already arranged a feast.

In actuality, Su Xing was not in any mood to drink wine right now. Gongsun Huang had fallen into the Star Nest, and Xi Yue had returned to the Black Turtle Territory. Yan Yizhen and the other girls were heavily wounded, making his mood not good at all. The reason why he had agreed to see Gong Fengting was no more than to see the face of Gong Caiwei’s father.

Gong Caiwei and Su Xing were precisely the same. Evidently, they did not like any sort of dinner parties.

“Father, if you have something then quickly say it. Su Xing does not have any time to spare on a party.” Gong Caiwei answered for Su Xing. Her speech was considerably frank, making Gong Fengting laugh aloud.

“I know you Star Masters fight for the even the last second, that time is very precious, but do you not have time to appreciate just one sword dance?”

Gong Fengting clapped his hands.

A crowd of women wearing classical long gowns poured in like fishes from the door. THeir hands held swords, and their attire was quite elegant. The leader was a beautiful female student.

“This Emperor’s Court Sword Dance was once shown before at the Ling Yan Princess’ eighteenth birthday. I am very fond of it. Other than the Star Duels, you Star Masters ought to relax when you have the time.” Gong Fengting introduced. It was obvious that Gong Fengting was a fellow with pretensions about culture. Just the decorations of this palace made that clear. This hall’s adornments, to its apparel, floorboards, every detail was full of rich appeal.

The sword as a weapon dissolved into a dance, and it could be said that this was a wonderful composition. The young girls began to raise their swords and pace. The swords in the sword dance included single swords, dual swords, and swords fashioned after sabers. The single swords generally had tassels, and these tassels were rather long, about 1 meter. As they danced, sword and tassel, hardness and softness crossed to and fro, changing the sword dance constantly. They had gone through a long time of practice. The sword dancer’s postures and movements were confident and orderly, appearing bright and gorgeous. The two main types of sword dance: “standing sword” movements were quick and nimble. When at rest, their stances were steady and fine, filled with the feeling of status; “moving sword” movements were continuous and unending, like a long, roving dragon with head and tail following in succession, like moving clouds and flowing water, steady and strong.    

The match with the girl’s delicate bodies was not only pleasing to the eye, those coldly glinting swords seemed even more like they could kill the enemy at any time.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He originally had been about to speak, but upon seeing Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou and the others give rise to slight curiosity for the sword dance, he had not much to say. In actuality, to speak of the Star Duels’ Star Generals, leisure time like this could truly be counted on fingers. For the majority of their time, the Star Generals were all thinking of how to increase their own strength, constantly weaving in and out of every kind of danger.

Although the sword dance was wonderful, it nevertheless was missing something.

“Caiwei, it is so difficult for you to come back. Why not play a piece for your friend for your enjoyment?” Gong Fengting toasted.

Everyone’s gazes turned to look at Gong Caiwei.

Gong Caiwei was like snow and frost, nevertheless without any changes. Upon hearing her father’s invitation, her brows slightly creased. She did not understand what her father was doing, but her relationship with her father had never been very close. Gong Caiwei was disinclined to think this through, but upon second thought, she nodded in agreement, making a request. “Only one song. Adjourn once done.” 

This request made Gong Fengting helplessly smile.

A pure white guzheng was moved to the center of the main hall that danced to the heavens.

Shen Xijun sat on the ground, her white sleeves honestly spry and lively.

Gong Caiwei sat on the ground, with clothes white as snow. Her fingers plucked, and suddenly, the guzheng let out a tremulous reverberation, as if it had returned to those ancient times of romance.

The dancing women crowded the surroundings of the girl, assuming sword dance postures.

The swordtips crowded together, cold light glistening.

When Gong Caiwei slowly plucked the first string, Gong Fengting’s face had a similar emotion and sigh. 

Only then did Su Xing understand, it turned out that Gong Fengting’s impressive formation was merely to listen to Gong Caiwei play?

However, Gong Caiwei was indeed unmatched and outstanding. Her melodious mastery was exceptionally formidable. As far as the guzheng was concerned, she was entirely in her element. Regardless of tuo, pi, gou, ti, tiao, or cuo, lun, yao5 or the other techniques, she used them casually and with ease.

Her left hand’s traditional techniques used rich vibrato and glissando, used beautiful and plain sound as the most important characteristics.

The guzheng turned from faint to quick, the speed swift as a downpour, as if witnessing a battle between two sides. The sound moved Heaven and Earth, as if sending the roof tiles flying. In slow observance, there was the sound of a golden drum, swords, and crossbows, men and horses… Using just the sense of hearing, the beginning was straining, then frightening; the others felt this way.

Then, this kind of surging sound slowly calmed, turning into something like a lover’s melancholy. 

Drinking and chatting merrily, Gong Fengting next began to chat endlessly word after word with Su Xing. The topics were all-inclusive, ranging from the Purple Thunder Monster to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace,6 then to how he came to know Gong Caiwei.

Although the topics asked were strong in start, weak in finish, Su Xing still discerned that this man was making an indirect approach.

“So this is the famous Majestic Star, Your Distinguished Self’s First Wife?” Gong Fengting suddenly changed the topic.

“Precisely.” Su Xing nodded.

A crafty glint flashed past Gong Fengting’s eyes. He suddenly looked to Wu Siyou and the other girls, asking: “Then I wonder how these ladies are ranked in your heart, Su Xing?”


The guzheng came to a sudden stop.

The hall was absolutely silent.

Su Xing’s brows rose.

This was quite the poor question.

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  1. 鳳, male phoenix
  2. 凰 female phoenix
  3. 銀雪龍淵
  4. 宮風廷
  5. 托, 劈, 勾, 剔, 抹, 挑, 撮, 輪, 搖 these are some of the common finger techniques for playing the guzheng
  6. At this point, it’s kind of obvious that the Purple Thunder Monster is now formally under the royal family’s protection


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        1. That honestly makes me like him more. He’s sounding what could be his future son in law; I know it’s in poor taste, but it’s also in poor taste to subject your girls to a hierarchy. He NEVER should’ve called Yingmei his first wife, even if she is chronologically the first, nor even if he actually cares for her more than the others, now THAT’S distasteful.

      1. Yup, and I happen to agree with him. I know wife hierarchy is a given in settings like these, but he’s a modern man; he should know better. I feel like he’s sounding the man his daughter has taken an interest in to see how he might treat her.

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