Chapter 512: Ye Futu, Seven Feathers Fan

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White Tiger Territory, Begging Spirit Temple.1

Grandfather Li was currently fanning himself as he sat, watching the winds and clouds. Zijin was nearby as always; the woman was very apathetic. Several rays of light descended around Grandfather Li. Shijiu Ying and Cang Feng were already nearby, neither saying anything. They each glanced at one another and sat on two seats in the Begging Spirit Temple, closing their eyes in contemplation. Their Star Generals were also nearby.

The Begging Spirit Temple was one of the White Tiger Territory’s ancient ruins. Inside was a Seven Spirits Profound Array. Its highest place was like a hand raised to the sky, able to look out in all directions and even spot the Eight Desolates through the ages. 

Not long after, a freezing cold escape light flew towards this place.

A young woman as beautiful as an ice sculpture descended onto the top of the temple. She was Han Bing.

A moment later, another two escape lights arrived in succession.

One was a brown-haired woman, the other a tall and sturdy man. They were Xin Lao2 and Xiang Chenxing. Upon seeing them, Grandfather Li opened his eyes, and Shijiu Ying and the others stood from their seats in greeting.

“You took some time.” Shijiu Ying asked apathetically. “Did you go play.”

Xin Lao glanced at Shijiu Ying as if she was looking at a rock, not saying anything. Xiang Chenxing did not mind him either, answering to Grandfather Li: “This time, Xin Lao and I paid Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin a visit, but this Chai Jin declined us without so much as saying a word.” Xiang Chenxing summarized. Xin Lao nodded, confirming his report from the side.

“What a Noble Star Little Whirlwind. Truly, she does not recognize what is good for her.” Shijiu Ying patted the chair, imposingly smiling. “We will go to the Great Circle Castle immediately, kill her into a river of blood, leave not a single chicken or dog.”

Everyone looked to Grandfather Li. Evidently, he had the greatest authority among the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.

Grandfather Li still gracefully waved his fan, making a fan dance. “Chai Jin has the Red Ink Iron Certificate. We have no way to get her.”

“Destroy the Great Circle Castle’s influence. Chai Jin is unlikely to get far by herself. We can then become the ones that steal away the Millenial Star General’s assets, have even greater advantage in the Star Duels.” Shijiu Ying was very adamant.

“No rush. Facing Chai Jin is something in the future.” Cang Feng advised. “The top priority is to make our White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars whole with the last Fire Spirit.” The White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars not only gathered for the Seven Stars Assembly, the Seven Spirits Array could not be missing anyone.

Mentioning this, Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun sneered: “Where is that Mie Shangqing. DId he finally die?”

“We encountered the Majestic Star and Hero Star. We were no match.” Cang Feng gently explained.

“Death suits him.”

Everyone smiled.

Zhou Zhiyun had already been sick of looking at Mie Shangqing. For this kind of disgusting bastard that killed a Sister willing to sign a contract, if it was not for her master’s orders prohibiting her, the Little Conqueror would have done away with him. Now, hearing that he had been destroyed by the Majestic Star, everyone ought to be celebrating without exception. 

Star Generals were like this, so Cang Feng was helpless.

“The Treasure Banquet is upon us. Lacking the Fire Spirit bodes ill.” Xiang Chenxing said in a low voice.

“No need to worry, Grandfather has already selected someone.” Zijin spoke.


“Shen Jingwei,3 you can come out now.”

Grandfather Li put away the fan. When he spoke, a burst of flame descended onto the platform from the sky, transforming into an elegant man.

“Your Servant is Shen Jingwei. Greetings, everyone.” Shen Jingwei cupped his fist. Next to him appeared a woman. Shen Jingwei introduced her: “This is Your Servant’s Star General, Yan Linglong.”4 

Han Bing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, grunting with a seeming jeer.

Star Position: Strong Star5

Star Name: Yan Shun6

Nickname: Multicolored Tiger7

True Name: Yan Linglong

Rank: Fiftieth

Star Weapon: Heavenly Tiger Following Heaven Saber8 (Four Star)

Star Beast: Beautiful Tiger9

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage

Innate Skill: Roasting Heat

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Technique: Tiger Hissing Mountain Forest10

Earth Rank Technique: Slay For The Devil11

Current Status: Shen Jingwei (contractor)

Detailed Materials: …

Only Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage, and the ranked fiftieth, mediocre, nondescript Strong Star Yan Shun. She really appeared unremarkable. “Heh, heh, but it is not like you have a choice, do you?” Shen Jingwei said in embarrassment.

“This Fellow Shen Jingwei is of Fire Tiger Beast cultivation, having signed a contract long ago. In the current Star Duels, to find a Fire Spirit is already not too likely. What do the rest of you think?” Grandfather Li asked faintly.

Although this Fire Spirit was lacking in strength, in any case, they finally had a Star Master to complete their Seven Spirits Array.

“Since this is the case, we welcome Brother Shen’s induction.” Cang Feng said with friendly indication.

Just at this moment, an extremely sarcastic voice came from the horizon.

“Such a weak, little Fire Spirit. As far as you people are concerned, this is a complete burden. It would be better to leave him be.”

Shen Jingwei’s face changed. He shouted: “Madman from who knows where, you do not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.”

Everyone lifted their heads to look at the sky.

Another fire cloud flew over. This fire cloud dispersed to reveal an odd man with red hair and eyes wearing a red robe. From head to toe, he was a completely deep red.

“Where did this human come from.” Shijiu Ying stirred a savage grin and was about to kill.

They looked. Although this man was very strange, he did not have any Demon Qi upon him at all. Clearly, he did not come from a Demon Beast.

Grandfather Li spoke at this time. “Why does Your Distinguished Self not announce your name, give some indication.” 

“Your Servant is surnamed Ye,12 given name Futu.13 Your Servant knows that the White Tiger Territory has Seven Spirit Heroes that are still lacking a Fire Spirit. What a coincidence. Your Servant just so happens to cultivate a Fire-style Cultivation Method that can match Everyone’s Seven Spirit Array.” Ye Futu slightly smiled.

At this time, a white light flashed beside him. A young girl that looked about ten years old appeared. That young girl appeared incomparably adorable, like a delicate doll, with large eyes, long hair, and a figure clad in white armor. Her exquisite build would make anyone want to go cherish her.

The Star Crest on her forehead displayed her unmistakable identity as a Star General.

In spite of this girl’s petite and delicate appearance, her big eyes nevertheless emitted a strict and severe aggression, intimidating at first glance. Shen Jingwei and his Star General Yan Linglong showed grim expressions. 

“You, a human, wants to join us?” Shen Jingwei laughed. He had heard a big joke.

“And why not? Your Servant alone can defeat all of you.” Ye Futu appeared very amicable, but the words he said were nevertheless not so friendly. Shen Jingwei’s expression turned very unsightly.

The others looked at each other, then they placed their gazes upon Grandfather Li.

“Why not let us witness him for a moment.” Grandfather Li said. The others did not object, for they actually were curious about what this man could do.

“Linglong, you go get rid of him.” Shen Jingwei disdained to think that their teamwork was inferior, but upon seeing this Ye Futu’s cultivation unexpectedly was Supervoid Stage, he did not dare be careless.

“Your Servant shall accompany you.”

Strong Star Yan Linglong shouted, fast and direct. The Heavenly Tiger Following Heaven Saber slashed with a blue light, firing in a perfectly straight line. Ye Futu was tranquil and calm. He knew a Star General’s might, and he certainly did not want to experience this full power slash. Also, this Ye Futu was considerably well-versed in battle.

He leapt several paces, making use of air as springboards, jumping high up. A dark red Flying Sword flew out at the same time. Yan Linglong wanted to end things quickly and did not hesitate to use her Dark Rank Technique. Her attack became even more exaggerated. Several thousand blew saber-qi erupted from the saber’s edge, just like blossoming fireworks, becoming a rain of blue lasers.

The dark red Flying Swords were easily stopped. Ye Futu hovered in the air, flipped, and then borrowed the powerful recoil to weave through the rain of blue saber-lights.

Dark Red Sword Ring!!

Suddenly, everyone was stunned.

The dark red Flying Swords of Ye Futu became a ring that revolved around his whole body. The man soared. Without waiting to land this time, he directly punched. His target was Yan Linglong’s body.

But Ye Futu clearly had far underestimated the Strong Star’s threat level. WHat his fist punched through was unexpectedly an illusion. With a hoarse voice, Ye Futu’s brows rose. 


Yan Linglong already appeared behind him.

Her speed was very fast!

Completely without any warning.

Ye Futu spotted the young woman’s chilling expression. This indeed was an exceptional Star General. Perhaps with a bit more discipline, she could have fortune, but seeing the blade’s surface and interior seemed to bear countless galaxies, a saber-light rocketed out from within.

Ye Futu had never thought that he would have such a close confrontation at this time. For a time, he was completely powerless in the middle of the sparkling light.

With a groan, this saber-light directly struck Ye Futu.

The dark red sword rings broke. Ye Futu felt his whole body hurt as if it was on fire. His mind rang and was about to explode. Suddenly, he collapsed.

“Nicely done.” Shen Jingwei was excited.

Yan Linglong sneered.

Ye Futu took a deep breath, suddenly curling his lips into a sinister grin.

Ye Futu’s whole body was abruptly enveloped in flame. The dark red Flying Swords gathered behind him to form a pair of fire wings, aggressively unfolding. Then, immediately afterwards, he slaughtered Multicolored Tiger Yan Linglong.

The power of his assault was extraordinary. Each punch and kick left no leeway, a suffocating encroachment!

Like a hunt.

The attack that encroached like fire struck Yan Linglong, catching her unprepared. THe Multicolored Tiger was beaten. She groaned endlessly.

This time, even the White Tiger Seven Spirits were considerably shocked. Their voices were no longer as full of contempt as before: “Just what the hell is the background of this man, what has he cultivated to unexpectedly be able to face a Star General?”

How could Yan Linglong be trampled over. After enduring through Ye Futu’s first wave of overwhelming attacks, she already was completely infuriated. She instantly vanished, her swiftness astonishing.

Ye Futu nevertheless seemed to have become a puppet, a battle puppet. The dark red Flying Sword Rings spun, their flames domineering, chasing to the side without any delay, as if they had already caught the scent of their target.

As expected, Yan Linglong appeared. Ye Futu’s attack this time was executed exceptionally again.

His fire wings opened at the same time, becoming sharp swords that slashed.

Yan Linglong straddled a beautiful tiger. Amidst the tiger’s hiss, her whole body’s sky blue light intensified. Her Star Crest flickered, and her imposing aura seemed to expand. 

“Courting death!!”

Yan Linglong was furious.

She spurred the Beautiful TIger into charging over. Her powerful rush combined with her Star Beast’s attack, and even Ye Futu’s Flying Swords died in peace. Ye Futu was continuously pushed back, instantly suppressed.

Shen Jingwei was delighted, as if he spotted victory.

Yan Linglong’s attack was increasingly vigorous, her saber-light emerging in numerous layers, encircling him.

At this time, Ye Futu’s Star Maiden spoke.

“Futu, are you done playing yet? I want to play, too.”


Ye Futu was repelled. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The man looked at the girl, “Bingxin,14 everything will be over soon.”

“Arrogant. Die now, you.” Yan Linglong grunted, once again using her Dark Technique.

Ye Futu smiled. His wrist flipped, and a beautiful red feather fan appeared.

Everyone changed.

“Seven Feathers Fan!!”15

Shen Jingwei shouted out, hoarse.

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  1. 乞靈聖堂
  2. 信牢
  3. 沈經緯
  4. 燕玲瓏
  5. 地強星
  6. 燕順
  7. 錦毛虎
  8. 天虎順天刀
  9. 錦繡虎
  10. 虎嘯山林
  11. 為魔一斬
  12. 浮屠
  13. 冰心
  14. 七翎扇


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