Chapter 515: Bloody Asura

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“What happened? What’s wrong with Xi Yue?” Su Xing’s anxiously asked.

“Elder Sister Xi Yue…” Before Lan Tianyu could speak, they heard the mountain gate jolt. Several dozen rays of escape light soared up in front of Su Xing.

“Has the Purple Thunder Monster arrived?”

A hundred cultivators appeared. The old woman in the lead was about to launch into a furious lecture upon hearing the Purple Thunder Monster, but upon seeing Su Xing’s party, she was immediately shocked into speechlessness. With a cold tone, she said: “Who are you, what business do you have with my sect.”

“Your Servant is Su Xing, Xi Yue’s close friend. Just what has happened to her.” Su Xing’s tone was ice-cold. His Divine Intent was released, rolling like a tidal wave. Despite Su Xing’s Supercluster Middle Stage, his contracts with multiple Star Maidens made his Divine Intent abnormally formidable. Even the Supercluster Stage Old Mother Soulless was somewhat uncomfortable. This old lady’s expression was grim. She gripped her cane and shouted.

“You Monster, you deceived my daughter without saying a thing and even wanted to kill her. Now, you have come to find her, what do you take my daughter for.” As she spoke, Old Mother Soulless raised a scythe.

Dense, black qi surged down, heavy as Mount Tai. The pitch black shafted sickle’s blade glinted with an abnormal, eerie black light. An enormous Divine Devil Form1 roared continuously, carrying in the middle the shrieks and wails of these countless ghosts. Indeed, it was extremely frightening, making other people already terrified before they even fought.

Just as that scythe swung down with unimaginable speed. This slash was absolute; even if one was made of iron, they would be cleaved in two, especially with the ghost blades on top supplementing it, corroded primordial spirits, extraordinarily vicious.  

Without even looking, Su Xing’s Langya spun, releasing Evil Suppressing Clear Light. They slowly emerged above that scythe, nothing fancy in the midst of them, flying gracefully by.

Talisman script was glimpsed, and the Evil Suppressing Clear Light magnified. The Evil Suppressing Gem Script’s countless characters densely wove into a net of light, trapping the scythe. This black scythe cut into it. As if it was caught in cotton, the softness was strained. Su Xing struck a hand seal. After he blocked this attack, the Langya swords continuously changed, splitting off into ten more identically sized copies, forming an elaborate sword array that attacked the Divine Devil Form.

“Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Old Mother Soulless was stunned. She recognized this thing. This Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo restrained Devil Attacks.

The Langya Swords’ Evil Suppressing Clear Light drifted endlessly, like smoke and mist, their might exceptional, specialized in restraining all things evil. Old Mother Soulless’ “Soul Birthing Scythe” was refined with the aid of Soul Birthing Yin Energy. Although the Divine Devil Form it gathered into was ruthless and cruel, it nevertheless did not dare touch the attacking Langya Flying Swords. Its figure continuously evaded without stopping. Its massive body seemed to be weightless, suddenly stepping in and back, shuttling back and forth. Its speed was oddly fast, and Su Xing’s Langya Sword Array temporarily was surprisingly unable to even touch the skin of this Divine Devil Form.

After all, it was Supervoid Stage, so to face it was not so easy.

The Soul Birthing Scythe’s Asura Devil Form’s body was somewhat close to a True Spirit, exceptionally quick. From time to time, it availed itself the intervals between Langya’s attacks when it evaded to slash with the sickle. Its Ghost Qi was deep, extremely formidable, but to hurt Su Xing was a fantasy. 

A duel between a Supervoid Cultivator and Supercluster Cultivator was supposed to be suspenseless, but in the face of the restraints by Su Xing’s Evil Suppressing Flying Swords, Old Mother Soulless had no choice. The Flying Swords crossed and temporarily stiffened. Old Mother Soulless sneered, flipping through hand seals.

The black qi was like a tide, and her Flying Swords filled the skies, turning to threads.

Su Xing pushed the air, not bothering with her trouble. Space manifested a golden lotus, directly washing away the black qi. 

Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and the others did not say another word. They raised their unstoppable Destined Star Weapons. When the top-notch martial generals released their auras, each and every one of the Illusion Reality Sect’s cultivators froze as if a blade was held to their backs.

“Do not kill Mother.” Lan Tianyu was frightened stiff.

“Quickly inform me just what happened to Xi Yue.” Su Xing landed in front of Old Mother Soulless, menacing. His expression seemed to want to eat her alive.

This was the first time that this Supervoid Great Cultivator had been defeated like this.

But this Old Mother Soulless shouted: “Even if This Old Woman dies, This Old Body will not hand her daughter over to you.”

Seeing her so protective of Xi Yue, Su Xing’s previous hostility ebbed a bit, but he was not clear about Xi Yue’s status. He worried that she had encountered danger. His Flying Swords attacked, and the Evil Suppressing Clear Light pierced Old Mother Soulless into a retreat.

“If you do not answer, then do not blame me when I flip over your sect.” Su Xing sternly said. He honestly seemed very much like the image of a monster with incredible powers.

“Elder Sister Xi Yue is at the Black Flame Mountain, she is unhurt.” Lan Tianyu promptly said.

“Black Flame Mountain?” Su Xing nodded. He stared at Old Mother Soulless: “Your Servant Su Xing and Xi Yue are friends. I will not hurt her.”

“When Xi Yue absolutely insists on marrying no one but you, are you really only friend? Do you take This Old Body for a mere child?” Old Mother Soulless sneered. With a boom, the Illusion Reality Sect’s array activated.

“That is your choice to not believe. I naturally will save Xi Yue and take her away.”

“If you truly have good faith, then bring out proof. Words are meaningless, everyone is capable of sweet talk.” Old Mother Soulless yelled. The hundred Soul Birthing Flying Swords roared together. The Supercluster Stage’s intimidation was unexcelled.

“How would you have me prove it.” Su Xing said.

“The Black Flame Mountain is This Sect’s first mountain. If you truly care for my daughter, then you alone must descend the mountain and bring her out. Then This Old Body shall acknowledge you.” Old Mother Soulless sneered, naturally unconvinced that one Star Master could achieve this.

For a Star Master without his Star Generals to face that wretched environment, his life or death was difficult to determine. So long as he was a bit smart, he ought to know what to do. Old Mother SOulless said this also to make Xi Yue clearly see reality, to see the true face of the man before her.

But Old Mother Soulless was destined to be surprised. 

“Fine, however, I have one request.” Su Xing agreed without hesitation.

“What request?”

“If I rescue her, from this moment forth, you may not interfere with Xi Yue.” Su Xing coldly said. He had once heard Xi Yue mention her past with the Black Turtle Territory, and he knew that some of the Illusion Reality Sect had treated Xi Yue with kindness great as a mountain. It was because of this that Su Xing did not immediately turn hostile.

Old Mother XI Yue vacillated indeterminately, “This Old Body promises you.”

“Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou and the others were somewhat worried and wanted to stop him.

Wu XInjie shook her head at them, hinting at them to not worry. The Knowledge Star had always felt that Xi Yue and Su Xing’s relationship was somewhat unclear. This was the perfect chance to advance their relationship to the next step. Regarding infatuated women, Wu Xinjie was very happy to add more Sisters. 

“Mother, I shall guide this Young Master.” Lan Tianyu said.

“Lord Husband, if these people show anything strange, Your Servant shall kill them to the last man.” Wu Siyou calmly said. These words made the Illusion Reality Sect’s hundred cultivators pale in the face, yet they said nothing.

The Star Maidens in front of them had an imposing aura that was honestly too fierce. They had no doubts at all that their counterpart could achieve it.

Old Mother Soulless did not say a word.

Su Xing went with Lan Tianyu to Black Flame Mountain. Along the way, Lan Tianyu explained what happened to Xi Yue, and knowing Xi Yue’s feelings were so deep, Su Xing’s heart truly was conflicted to death.

Black Flame Mountain was located at the entrance to the Illusion Reality Sect’s back mountain. That place was between water and fire, a very nasty environment, with fierce beasts in great numbers, and Black FLame Mountain had a forbiddance as well, which the Illusion Reality Sect specifically established to punish disciples. Along the way, Black Flame Mountain had ninety-nine roads, the “Reality Illusion Array.”2 The so-called Reality Illusion Array was an illusion forbiddance. It would create lifelike fantasy lands, and these fantasies were abnormally ferocious, torturing people into wishing for death. FOr this reason, Black Flame Mountain was completely the same as hell in the eyes of the disciples. 

If Su Xing truly could bring Xi Yue out from such an evil place, then he truly would need strong determination to be able to achieve this.


Su Xing disdainfully smiled.

This, he was long already familiar with.

Without any hesitation, Su Xing entered the volcano’s cavity.

Su Xing placed himself in the darkness. Other than the surrounding temperatures becoming increasingly hot, from time to time, eyes scarlet as blood opened in the darkness and eyed him greedily. It truly gave people the feeling that they were in hell.

The surrounding mountain caves were increasingly large. This tunnel entrance was already as tall as one or even two people. THe blood-red eyes inside were increasingly ferocious, the glint of blood-light concentrating killing intent. Countless empty caverns linked together, and the air reeked of blood, as if it was becoming increasingly concentrated. . 

Even during the course of his descent, he faintly heard a soft chewing sound that he could not pinpoint the source of, as if some unknown beast was tearing and swallowing food. It sounded hair-raising and bone-chilling.

This Black Flame Mountain was out of the ordinary, as expected. Just entering the cave mouth, he could sense a powerful pressure.

Without Lin Yingmei and the others nearby, Su Xing’s mind generally felt that something was missing. Stretching his whole body’s muscles taut, he practically could hear his own pulse’s subtle timing. Suddenly, from the darkness below, Su Xing abruptly felt an intense wind blow up from beneath his feet.

Stemming practically from a sort of instinct, he moved as he pleased. The moment his Flying Swords touched that body in the whistling wind, they moved away three chi to the sides.


There was an enormous sound, a reflecting glimmer.The darkness’ depths seemed to have something akin to a tentacle that was incomparably large, swiping past Su Xing’s body like a whip and striking heavily against the pitch-black rockface.

The entire volcano chamber appeared to jolt. Earth was sent flying with a crumbling sound, sending large and small rocks crashing downwards. A moment later, a severe shout suddenly came from the abyss. The rockface reverberated, wildly calling without stop. Su Xing was immensely surprised. Turning his head to look, he saw that giant demon-like tentacle surprisingly had slammed a giant hole into the rockwall. After writhing for a few moments, it retracted.

Su Xing actually sucked in a breath. He felt a foehn wind pounce against his face. The enormous black tentacle rolled out from within the cavern, completely untrackable in the darkness. Su Xing moved away.

He evaded the black tentacle.

But the surrounding countless caverns seemed to come alive at this moment. Innumerable tentacles flew out from the caverns. In that deep darkness beneath Su Xing’s feet, the abyss had not visible bottom. He truly did not know how many morbid things were hidden below.

Su Xing raised a Flying Sword.

DUe to Heaven Tearing being destroyed by the First Overlord, it required time to recuperate. He could only rely on Langya, but Langya’s Evil Suppressing Clear Light was clearly not too useful. With no choice, he used Heavenly Abyss. The twelve Heavenly Abyss swords defended like a mountain range, blocking the pounces of the countless tentacles. 

Su Xing dropped his speed even more quickly. Suddenly, an air-shattering noise rose from below. Su Xing was startled again, and he promptly looked down, only to see that within the darkness below his feet, a fire-light had suddenly flashed. Instantly, the surrounding air temperature climbed fiercely. That fire-light turned big, and the gale and heatwave accompanying it screamed over. Ducking to the side, Su Xing’s complexion slightly changed. It was surprisingly a fire dragon. It reared its head and hissed. From those depths, a surging roar directly rushed up. 

He looked at the fire dragon. It had a horn and scales, and its whole body surged with intense flames, illuminating the dark cave with a thorough red. At this moment, the fire dragon was considerably ferocious in both body size and power.

Su Xing did not know if this was a function of the Reality Illusion Array, but right now naturally was not the time for detailed thinking. Noticing that the fire dragon was turning sinister, a heatwave filled the sky. Instantly, it was in front of him, unexpectedly too sharp to block. Su Xing used Wandering The Clear Skies, dodging the tip.

The Flying Sword magic weapons glowed. It entirely released light that enveloped Su Xing, but this fire dragon’s might was too great. Under this form, it immediately pressed down these magic weapon lights. 

Suddenly, it sunk.

Su Xing was practically pushed backwards at the same time by the enormous fire wave. A moment later, “bang, bang, bang” it slammed against the rocks.

The fire dragon rushed straight into the sky, its leftover might shocking.

So incredible.

It’s not a fire dragon??!

Su Xing’s back slammed hard into the cliff face, and he grimaced from the pain.

“I don’t have time for you.” Su Xing attacked with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

A net of purple thunder covered it.

Just at this moment, that rocketing fire dragon turned back, violently hissing. Its power charged downwards like wild thunder. In this plunge from high to low, its might was even more shocking. Su Xing grit his teeth, tightly clenched together a hand seal, and he moved to the side quickly in midair, evading that fierce fire dragon. His right hand pointed and used the Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying. A bolt of purple thunder shot over like a sword, directly taking the dragon’s neck.

That fire dragon cried. Its dragon eyes spewed flames as they spun. The huge front left claw was raised, nevertheless blocking the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder’s attack. Su Xing was slightly stunned, feeling that the heat wave seemed to burn and roll. He could only dodge immediately.

The fire dragon was unforgiving. It continuously spewed fire at him. At this moment, Su Xing coldly shouted, illuminated above the abyss by the fire dragon. He used the Innate Bagua Escape Technique, and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder flourished, blossoming with countless purple lotuses fluttering across the whole sky. The rain of flowers was mournful, plunging down towards the fire dragon’s immense head.

In the flames, the fire dragon roared again. Its right talon scratched. The purple lotus flowers filling the sky were suddenly repelled by its strike, but Su Xing was not done yet. His fingers snapped, and the Instant Frost Flame sprayed out. The surrounding caverns instantly froze over, pushing down the fire dragon by one zhang.

This fire dragon was formidable, relentlessly belching raging flames from its mouth. 

Su Xing’s eyes widened. He sprung away, and when he was in midair, his hands pushed against the air. Golden light instantly glowed bright, and his palms were completely golden light, nearly transparent. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed, and the cavern was filled with bright golden light. Su Xing himself was even more solemn than a Buddhsit statue. From faraway, he seemed like a Buddhist monk.

But upon seeing his fierce glare, like a demon-destroying Vajra’s, his might was overwhelming. In midair, his body manifested lightning and golden light. Wherever he passed, there was an enormous rumbling sound. One palm struck apart the hard rock face. Instantly, the originally hard as steel cavern walls unexpectedly caved in within a range of close to four zhang.

Su Xing pinched together a hand seal, using the Acala Wisdom King Chant. The Heavenly Abyss Flying Swords reflected the golden light, too glaring to look at, but Su Xing shouted. All of the golden light suddenly receded, gathering into one enormous golden light that shot towards that fire dragon.

This power was not small at all. Despite the fire dragon’s matchless ferocity, when it was struck, it was knocked silly. Add on that Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Instant Frost Flame’s pincer attack, under these two strikes, the fire dragon let out a long howl. Itsvoice shook all directions, but it was still powerless to resist in the end. It fell, descending into the darkness below.

Su XIng’s strike was complete. His figure slightly wavered as he hovered in the air.

Before Su Xing could take a breath, he heard every sort of ghastly demonic scream. Su Xing spied out of the corner of his eye a large crowd of souls. He spotted that devil-like giant tentacle from just a moment ago had unexpectedly again charged up. This time, however, it was even more direct in moving to swat him downwards.

The sound of the wind scraped painfully against his face. Su Xing promptly put up a defense. Heavenly Abyss spun into a shield of swords, letting out a completely white light.

These disembodied souls were more and more numerous, like a storm. The mountain cave’s black wind intensified, like an endless void about to devour Su Xing.


Su Xing knew that if this continued, there perhaps would be no end. Immediately, the green light of the Langya Flying Swords spun in a circle, twisting apart the spirits. Then, he used Heavenly Abyss as a shield, directly falling into the bottom of the cavern.

He did not know how much time passed before an open area appeared as he arrived at a valley.

Suddenly, a white square-shaped object appeared to the side of the road ahead. Su Xing’s gaze focused. He stared at it, yet it was just a stone tablet. Upon it was carved two rows, eight characters total.

The Black Flame Forbiddance!

Discipline soul, receive punishment!

Upon seeing those eight characters, Su Xing’s brow wrinkled. His heart was increasingly uncomfortable. He wondered what happened to Xi Yue. Although he had heard Lan Tianyu say Xi Yue was locked inside for only a short time, a day would drag on like a year in this forbiddance.

Hesitating a moment, he subsequently sneered. He lifted a foot and walked past this stele.

Although that tablet appeared normal and innocuous, it apparently was a place that divided boundaries. After he passed the stele, he did not know how, but although the path still curved onwards, large slabs of flaming rock had appeared on either side.

First, the green grass on the ground gradually faded, then the short shrubs, and finally even the originally dense forest on both sides slowly became sparse. Let alone that the ground had begun to crack, even the remaining few trees and branches unexpectedly became shriveled. This actually appeared as if the surroundings were in drought, as if the earth had been burnt to a crisp.

Su Xing saw that this should be the volcano’s bottom.

What else was there if not the Ninety-nine Paths Reality Illusion Array.

Su Xing’s mind brainstormed. He followed the narrow path and made the last turn.

All of a sudden, his decisiveness could not help but be as shaken las his body. In front of him appeared a large open space. A heat wave that came from who knows where blew over and hit him in the face.

At the center of the open space was a large circular altar. It hung suspended in the air, and thirteen pillars constructed of dark red stones stretched to a height of three zhang propped up the entire altar. Along the altar’s inner edge were twelve dark red pillars. Each was wide enough that two people were needed to span it, and at the center was the thickest stone pillar. It looked to be at least five or six people wide.

From faraway, this altar was practically an enormous burning flame, sticking straight into the heavens. Su Xing stood under this altar. He was practically like a bug, extremely insignificant.

Su XIng took a deep breath. This structure in front of him really was shocking, the work of gods, but perhaps it was fully worthy of being placed here. He could not imagine that there surprisingly would be such a grandly developed construct under a volcano. 

Powerful heat waves rolled and burned. Su Xing felt his strength quickly drain away, and the magic energy of his body seemed about to disappear completely.

Just as Su Xing was preparing to fly to the top of the altar, suddenly, the altar’s thirteen pillars twinkled with light.

An enormous Star Crest appeared in the center, and a flame ignited.

The stones that seemed to suck in the entire altar’s flames finally became a malevolent beast of fire. It was larger than ordinary fire beasts, and the gems that were its eyes were like a net. A red light flowed like blood.

“Stupid human, you dare step into this place. Are you so willing to die by me, Roasting Essence?”4 This flame beast issued an awe-inspiring roar.

It could speak human language? This actually made Su Xing very surprised. If he was not wrong, this ought to be this altar’s guardian beast.

The flame beast named Roasting Essence slowly strolled. It noticed Su Xing and proceeded to jeer. “Can an insignificant Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivator kill me? Naive cultivator, the blood currently over this entire altar is your tomb.”

“If you’ve finished saying your last words, now’s my turn.” Su Xing smirked. His figure flashed, and spell arrays appeared in his hands.

Roasting Essence roared. The ground suddenly let out a wall of shadow. The other flame beasts launched attacks.

Su Xing pointed a finger. His Flying Swords were like “ten thousand arrows fired at once,” as more than a hundred rays of sword-qi swept clean the surrounding obstructions. Sharp blades followed upwards, and SU Xing also used his own ice-cold hands to rip apart Roasting Essence’s powers.

Two flame beasts disappeared, dissolving into the miserable night.

Su Xing’s hands cross-slashed. Two large-scale Heavenly Abyss Arrays suddenly glowed in the darkness.

A howling sound suddenly echoed. Two flame beasts surged forward. Nevertheless, Roasting Essence charged. Its body was a flame that could reduce anything to ashes with just the slightest touch.

Su Xing sneered. His figure flew out, like a ray of light. Su Xing aimed at Roasting Essence’s eyes. His fingers snapped, and a powerful Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder shook apart the surrounding smaller flame beasts as he shot directly at Roasting Essence’s pupils.

A red barrier rose like a net, and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was quickly dissolved.

Roasting Essence already arrived in front of Su Xing. It opened its big mouth.

Su Xing was calm and composed. His hands once again crossed. The twelve Heavenly Abyss shut like floodgates. Roasting Essence slammed against them head-on, and when Roasting Essence finally beat Heavenly Abyss open, Su Xing had already destroyed the other flame beasts

“Here’s a gift.” Su Xing once again launched Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, and ten thousand bolts of thunder were released simultaneously.

Roasting Essence bellowed like thunder. The launched Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder were torn apart by a visible shadow.

“Go,” Su Xing ordered.

The Flying Swords quickly retreated. Loud noises exploded behind him one after another. The shadow that Roasting Essence had created ruthlessly chased him like a viper.

Without any chance to catch his breath, shadow-like murderous aura pressed in from all four sides. 

Roasting Essence’s speed was simply suffocating.

Su Xing’s leg wound once again hurt. He slightly slowed, and then he heard Roasting Essence’s shout.

“Got you now, cultivator!”

Su Xing’s speed was already quick, but this flame beast Roasting Essence’s speed was like gods and devils randomly appearing and disappearing. By the time he heard these words, scorching heat already began to his skin.

Su Xing spun around, and only then did he discover the urgency of his situation. He had not refined many of his magic weapons, so he did not have any good magic weapons to use.


He could only put everything on the line.

Su Xing’s eyes widened. He finally seized onto the faint red trajectory. He slashed with Flying Sword, directly stabbing into Roasting Essence’s eyes.

Roasting Essence roared. His figure wildly emitted malevolence.

The vestiges of Roasting Essence’s flames were sharper than a blade. Su Xing did not want to go bear this attack, so he withdrew his sword and retreated, a devilish grin hanging upon his face as he struck hand seals.

Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder burst forth and eradicated his silhouette of flames, killing Roasting Essence completely. Before he could relax, Su Xing suddenly felt an extremely cold feeling spread from his neck up and down his whole body. Immediately, a trail of blood sprayed out from his carotid artery. Piping hot blood subsequently sprayed out of his other cold body parts in succession.

Su Xing turned his head to look and immediately turned grave.

An odd monster holding a weapon had strangely appeared.

One hand held a whip, another a soul-absorbing trident. It appeared strange and grotesque, its whole body surging with blood-qi and flames.

Su Xing choked.

Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident 

Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip.

Isn’t this the Bloody Asura that escaped when I faced the Gardener’s murder inn???5

Now, the Bloody Asura was full of strictness, just like a demon, but it had intelligence. Su Xing did not know how this Bloody Asura appeared here, but it did not let him think. The Bloody Asura already howled, recognizing its nemesis. It was exceptionally furious and immediately attacked.

The Bloody Asura originally took the fires of Extreme Yin Earthly Lung as nourishment and did not expect to encounter Su Xing. Without another word, it attacked.

The next moment, the Bloody Asura already flew past him, shooting directly towards the Su Xing in front of it with its weapons.

This Star Beast did not have any excess movements. Its technique was incomparably fierce.

Su Xing was left with no choice but to raise his right hand. In a split second, a giant half-moon-shaped Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder blade broke free of his arm. The purple blade’s edge slightly distorted the air that was of a different density.  

This Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder continuously crackled. In the end, it became an air-ripping translucent rain. It completely sealed all of the Bloody Asura’s paths of movement, pouncing towards its prey with a shrill howl.

But the Bloody Asura apparently was ruthlessly cool and calm. Perhaps this kind of Star Beast completely did not know what fear was called after it went berserk.

Taking advantage of after the fact, the Soul Absorbing Trident slashed apart the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder’s sneak attack.

But Su Xing’s attack had already arrived.

Even without the Heaven Tearing Swords’ combat power, Su Xing’s boxing was still formidable.

An annoying scene occurred.

The Bloody Asura shouted, and its body split into seven or eight shadows that appeared real. THese shadows were not very threatening to Su Xing’s attack, but what made Su Xing annoyed was that this split second cloning nevertheless was instantaneous, displaying speed to the extreme. Regardless of how powerful attack was, it was for naught.

The Bloody Asura appeared to be not stupid. Facing Su Xing’s oppressive punches, it continually used every sort of move to dodge.

Suddenly, that Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip in this Bloody Asura’s hand flew out, instantly drawing a brilliant blood-red light in front of it. The surroundings surprisingly rolled with an intense line of blood.

Rolling over like a viper.

Su Xing retreated.

The next moment, the Bloody Asura was already charging Su Xing at high speed. It unfolded its wings. Its speed was very fast, pulling its entire body into a specter, with even a bloody wind behind it!!

Su Xing basically did not withdraw. He made a powerful step forward, his pace very steady, completely fearless of the opponent’s might before him. Instantly, both of them made contact already.

An enormous force ran through. The Bloody Asura was narrowly sent flying by this force. Although it immediately rushed in, it had already lost the initiative. Su Xing’s pace pressed heavily onwards, his horse stance unflustered. One punch closely followed another. Although his speed was not very quick at all, each strike could target a different body part. He simplified any flashy movements. All of the attacks he used came on the heels of the one before, forcing the Bloody Asura into a corner completely.

But this normal punch nevertheless contained powerful strength.

When he fought the First Overlord, Su Xing himself had battled with Strength Star Lu Youyou. At that time, he really was not thinking of playing hero. Rather, an exchange of blows with a True Phoenix Realm combat Star General was very powerful in advancing himself. He benefited from even a few blows.

Su Xing’s state of mind was increasingly calm. His punches were neither urgent nor slow, but this attack absolutely did not look that simple or ordinary.

Each punch was quicker and heavier than the last. An astral wind had unwittingly rolled slowly up. The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder had sublimated into his boxing, appearing very shocking.

The Bloody Asura promptly used the whip and soul absorbing trident.

Even if Su Xing’s fists were powerful, he could not block a Star Weapon. Traces of blood appeared on his fists, making Su Xing’s speed slow down. The Bloody Asura seemed to have spotted its chance. Su Xing retreated backwards, spat out Essence Blood, and reversed golden gloves appeared on his fists.

Then, his smooth and flowing boxing technique was displayed. Each punch and kick seemed as easy as lifting weights, played down. Each strike carried a forceful astral wind. Shockingly, this was the essence of boxing. 

The rolling wind pressure struck the Bloody Asura into a continuous retreat. Its eyes could not catch on, as if Su Xing’s shadows were far more numerous than its own.

Slowing, Su Xing’s fists suddenly changed into claws, instantly grabbing hold of the Bloody Asura’s arm. Pulling it closer, he already completely entered the enemy’s inside range. At such a close distance, any weapon would not function as usefully as a person’s body. Su Xing had already lost count of the number of time he had used this, and he could be said to be an expert. 

Su Xing’s entire person became a very frightening man-shaped weapon. Every part of his body was a weapon, particularly his shoulders. Exchanging continuous strikes, his enormous power was like a tidal wave that repeatedly attacked the Bloody Asura’s body.

It knocked Bloody Asura’s weapon defense around like a puppet, completely leaving it unable to make any movements. It was caught in rigidity, and the two Destined Star Weapons in its hands lost all usefulness. Even though it held it in its hands, it had no way to counterattack at all at such a close distance. It helplessly took the beating.

Su Xing shouted out of all a sudden!

He abruptly stomped the ground, and the surrounding surface seemed to roll like a wave, truly as if there was an earthquake!

The altar tottered on the edge of collapse, and the flames rolled.

Not good!!

Although the Bloody Asura sensed it, it was unable to move. Its body seemed shudder all over, no longer able to maintain balance.

Su Xing took this chance to immediately use a Dragon Punch!!

Power erupted, and a True Spirit flew out from his fist that repeatedly struck the Bloody Asura’s chest. After several muffled thuds, in the end, it unexpectedly had a faint dragon cry. Immediately afterwards was the last strike. The Bloody Asura once again became a cannonball, flying directly into the air. After it drew a parabola, it landed heavily onto the ground.

Su Xing took a deep breath. His combat training was not in vain. His first action was very good.

The Bloody Asura jumped up and roared. It spat a green light, and the Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip attacked.

Then, black light flashed, disappearing without a trace.

Su Xing whirled around, meeting the fierce counterattack of the Bloody Asura that got back up. After battling with True Phoenix Realm Star General, the current Bloody Asura’s speed was merely so.


Su Xing’s silhouette abruptly spun around, and his iron leg swept ruthlessly like a whip at the Bloody Asura’s lower body. A loud noise was let out, and Su Xing’s powerful strength once again took overwhelming advantage. The Bloody Asura’s body completely could not maintain balance, surprisingly directly sent flipping through the air. Intense pain instantly engulfed its whole body.

The Bloody Asura screamed. Fire-light and blood-light intertwined.

The soul absorbing trident was thrown even more directly.

Su Xing’s Flying Swords stopped it.

The Bloody Asura attempted to ripple the blood-light over its whole body. Evil Suppressing Clear Light suppressed the blood-light. Su Xing drew near, lightning-quick. Su Xing’s body instantly spun in a circle, and his other leg already mercilessly stepped onto the Bloody Asura’s body, ruthlessly launching it away.

Su Xing’s eyes flashed with ice-cold light. Raising an escape technique, he followed like a shadow. A pair of iron fists were waved, fast as a meteor. A terrifying sound continuously resounded between the two. The Bloody Asura’s howls were increasingly loud, already completely unable to control itself.

At a distance of more than several hundred meters, under Su Xing’s wild attack, the Bloody Asura could not even make any defensive maneuvers. It could only rely on its own sturdy as a mountain body to endure. Now, it finally knew how frightening the opponent it faced was.

Intense pain made the Bloody Asura basically unable to launch any counterattacks. The large expanse of blood-light burst forth and sprinkled into the air. The crimson color was shocking to the eye, mixing into the fragments of dust fluttering in the air, drawing a long bloody arc.

Suddenly, he grasped the Bloody Asura’s forehead. Su Xing fiercely kicked it in the abdomen.

The powerful strength kicked the Bloody Asura practically into a line. The entire thing looked ghastly to the extreme. Great amounts of blood sprayed from it in all directions. Su Xing’s fists once again used the Dark Technique Heaven And Earth Reversed, curiously grabbing back the Bloody Asura that was about to escape again.

The Bloody Asura felt itself very strange. Su Xing’s instantaneous punch had already struck the Blood Asura several dozen times in succession. His movements were linked together viciously. Exploding, following his attack progression, Su Xing’s right hand violently threw it aside.

Once again, he spun and forcefully threw his leg out. He mercilessly sent the Bloody Asura flying like a cannonball, penetrating a stone pillar faraway.

It basically did not expect Su Xing as a Star Master surprisingly could be so frightening in close combat.

The Bloody Asura howled. In its fury, it blindly waved its weapons. 

Su Xing sneered. He grabbed it by the throat and struck the Bloody Asura’s face into contorting with his other fist. 

The Bloody Asura’s whole body was bloody. Its mouth and nose ran like rivers. A large amount of blood flowed and dripped continuously, as if it was a corpse.

The blood’s flow signified it was losing strength.

The Bloody Asura finally fell limply onto the ground. Its appearance was just like prey drawing its last breath.

Dying in grief.

Perhaps the Bloody Asura itself did not expect it would be beaten to the point that it was completely unable to retaliate by a Star Master. It struggled to rise, yet it was firmly trapped by Su Xing’s fists.

The Bloody Asura saw that it could not beat Su Xing. Finally, it renounced thoughts of vengeance and spun around to flee. Its body let out a disgusting smell, spread its wings and flew towards the altar.

Su Xing promptly pursued it.

After several moments, halfway up the altar, Su Xing suddenly spotted a trapped girl.

She was Xi Yue.

This isn’t good.

This Star Beast had an idea about Xi Yue.

Su Xing saw this and used the Chaotic Tail Escape.

The Bloody Asura’s eyes glowed. Just as it thought of eating Xi Yue, suddenly, a blood-light astonishingly appeared in front of it, evil as an asura.

Courting death.

Su Xing’s fingers snapped, and the Flying Swords attacked.

The Bloody Asura shouted.


A sudden explosion.

This Star Beast surprisingly committed suicide…

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