Chapter 516: His Name Shakes The Black Turtle

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Su XIng did not expect this Bloody Asura to surprisingly carry out a self-destruct. The leftover power spread throughout the entire cavern.

There was a rumbling sound.

A dozen fire jade pillars were shattered.

Just as the cave in was about to bury Xi Yue, Su Xing was too late to go retrieve the Gardener and the Female Yaksha’s Star Weapons, instead quickly arriving in front of Xi Yue. He noticed that due to the long time spend in scorching heat and illusion, the Water Illusion Fairy had already lost consciousness.

Su Xing snapped his fingers.

The wide Heavenly Abyss shot over and became a cage-like shield that protected Xi Yue from the falling rocks. Then, Su Xing carried the girl, rushing upwards. Countless fire dragon at this time soared out of the pillars, pursuing them.

Old Mother Soulless gloomily looked indeterminately at Lin Yingmei and the other girls. THe Illusion Reality Sect’s Ancestors whispered in her ears. Old Mother Soulless grunted, and the murderous air in those deep set eyes faded.

“Are you all that man’s Star Generals?” Old Mother Soulless asked.

Lin Yingmei indifferently glanced at her, with not the slightest interest in answering. Wu Xinjie smiled: “Are you saying that we cannot?”

“How is this possible, how can the Star Duels have such an unreasonable thing.” Old Mother Soulless grit her teeth, her hoarse voice somewhat sharp: “Could it be that Maiden Mountain can begin allowing Star Masters to contract multiple Star Generals?”

“And so what if it has?” Wu Xinjie declined to comment.

“Truly preposterous.”

“Is that not even better? This way, you can completely not need to worry about Xi Yue.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Hmph, would This Old Body believe a Star Master?” Old Mother Soulless disdainfully said. “Everyone knows that there can only be one Star Master that can survive the Seven Stars Assembly.”

“This time is different.”

“Do you take This Old Body for a three year old child? Could it be that there are Star Masters who would refuse the wish of the Star Duels?” Old Mother Soulless sneered: “This Old Body advises you to come to your senses before it is too late. If you are deceived by that man, you will not be able to recover.”

“Where did this old woman come from, what a mischievous tongue.” Wu Siyou coldly smiled. “Do you need Your Servant to help pluck it out? So as not to be so noisy.”

Old Mother Soulless was somewhat upset. In any case, had a Supervoid Cultivator like her ever been mocked. However, she knew that these Fiend Stars were formidable, and she remained gloomily silent. 

“My Young Lord naturally is not as superficial as you.” Wu Xinjie said faintly. 

“Hmph, Black Flame Mountain has ninety-nine illusions. Without Star Generals at his side, how far can that man go.” Old Mother Soulless said. She was just about to mock them when suddenly at this moment, a ray of light charged into the sky. This light was incomparably blinding. All of the Illusion Reality Sect’s cultivators were drawn in by the light. With a look, they were immediately stunned.


Old Mother Soulless’ smile disappeared.

The escape light arrived before them. Who else could it be but Su Xing.

At this moment, Su Xing carried Xi Yue in his arms. His body cut somewhat of a sorry figure, with many wounds and burns, and the Xi Yue against his chest remained unconscious. “Big Brother.” An Suwen cried out in alarm and hastily rushed forward to heal him.

“You…” Old Mother Soulless faced Su Xing’s eyes and was speechless.

“Can Your Servant take Xi Yue away now?” Su Xing calmly said.

What else could Old Mother Soulless say now. Even if she were to be forceful, that would have absolutely no possibility at all. Old Mother Soulless looked at Su Xing and sneered: “Take her then. In the future, Xi Yue naturally will regret today’s decision.”

“We will see who’s right.” Su Xing easily said.

“Hmph, we are leaving.”

Old Mother Soulless snorted. She waved her cane, making the hundred disciples leave. “Fellow, please take good care of Elder Sister Xi Yue.” Lan Tianyu turned her head back, reluctant to part.

“I will.”

Su Xing looked at the weak girl in his chest and slightly sighed.

Just as Su Xing was about to leave. Several powerful black escape lights came over.

“Eh?” Su Xing was stunned.

The other party also froze.

Surprisingly, the newcomer was none other than Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

The current Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was seriously authoritative. He rode upon a dragon chariot. Maids raised lanterns and guardians held swords. He wore demonic black armor and a black dragon cape. His eyes were full of evil light, and the corner of his lips slightly curled. There were also two Supervoid Cultivators beside him.

“You, Purple Thunder Monster.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon called out.

Before Su Xing could answer, Lin Yingmei’s hand waved, and the Arctic Star Serpent Spear appeared in her grip.

“If we kill another of the Devil Star Palace’s Star Masters, Xinjie wonders if that Transforming Star of Annihilation level Devil will go mad.” Wu Xinjie giggled. Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and Hu Niangzi tacitly moved.

“How is this possible.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was astonished.

The two great Supervoid Cultivators raised their Flying Swords in defense.

“We are leaving.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon drove the chariot into escape without any hesitation. Lin Yingmei had not even planned to use her earth Rank to end the battle, but this Holy Lord of Draconic Demon took the lead to flee like a wisp of sorry black smoke.

Su Xing was disinclined to pursue. This was the Devil Star Palace’s domain. Furthermore, he had just gone through the great battle of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. Su Xing’s side were all exhausted without having any rest. Su Xing did not want to make the beauties even more weary. He called back Lin Yingmei, and they moved north.

Only after he could not feel killing intent did Holy Lord of Draconic Demon finally stop. He turned his head back to look. The expressions of the two great Supervoid Cultivators were somewhat disdainful.

“Is that the Purple Thunder Monster?” The old men muttered.

“Exceptional, as expected. He surprisingly has martial generals like Wu Song, Lin CHong, and Hu Sanniang.”

“Senior True Commandment, Senior Dred Bone. That is the Purple Monster who has contracted five or six Star Generals. This Holy Lord has battled against him before. He also has Gongsun Sheng, who is the number one in magic energy.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said through gritted teeth. He had originally thought that with the support of the Devil Star Palace, he could stir up trouble in the Black Turtle Territory. How could he have thought that the first Star Master he would meet was surprisingly one he could not fight and had to run from. This honestly was extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“These Star Duels are rather too strange.” True Commandment said.

Old Man Dried Bone said: “Maiden Mountain emitted a rainbow light anomaly a while ago. Could it be they have come for the Purple Thunder Monster?”

“En, that is reasonable.”

“It would be better to return and report to Devil Ancestor for now.” True Commandment said. “Right, go ask around, why has that Purple Thunder Monster come to the Illusion Reality Sect?”

“As you bid.”

After giving his instructions, Ancestor Dried Bone smiled at Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and said: “However, Your Highness Holy Lord’s flight instead of fight just now honestly makes the Devil Star Palace lose face. If we were to allow Devil Ancestor to know, perhaps this would make Devil Ancestor disappointed.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s complexion changed. He hastily said respectfully: “Your Servant was ill-mannered. There will be no next time.” 

Elder Dried Bone smiled. He spoke nothing more, but he sighed: “These Star Duels have a variable like the Purple Thunder Monster. It looks like things are not quite fair.”

Shi Jinglun stood very straight above a dragon carving on the Nine Dragons Palace’s highest place, overlooking Nine Dragons City. The large island’s range of a hundred li was completely taken into her eyes. Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons shut her eyes in contemplation. One hand held the Yellow Dragon Staff level. After she spun the staff, she suddenly tossed the Yellow Dragon Staff, and it became a yellow dragon that spun around Nine Dragons City, letting out a loud dragon cry, radiating yellow light.

Nine Dragons City’s populace each were in awe.

A while later, the yellow dragon returned to Shi Jinglun’s palm, turning into a staff. The Minute Star opened her eyes and licked her dry lips. “Not enough, just a little more to comprehend the Earth Rank.” Shi Jinglun narrowed her eyes.

“Queen Jinglun!” Tantai Ziyu stepped forward at this time.

“En? What is the matter?”

“Young Lord Tianya has returned.”

“I know. En. He has returned at the perfect time. Perhaps he can help me comprehend my Earth Rank Technique.” Shi Jinglun was pensive.

“Queen Jinglun, Young Lord Tianya is injured. Currently, he is healing in the main hall.” Tantai Ziyu said.


Minute Star Shi Jinglun came to the main hall. She spotted a refined man calmly laying in a chair with his eyes closed in thought. Above his head spun a green gourd. That gourd emitted several wisps of faint green Immortal Qi, lingering around Liu Tianya’s whole body. A spirit-light blinding to the eyes surged, and it appeared wondrous. Shi Jinglun knew this green gourd was called “Green Nether Gourd,”1 a Prehistoric Magic Weapon. It contained Green Spirit Immortal Qi within and was capable of healing, nurturing and recovering Spirit Qi.

This Green Nether Gourd’s Spirit QI had limits. Ordinarily, even if Liu Tianya was heavily injured, he would hate to use it. Now, seeing him return to Nine Dragons Palace and unexpectedly use the Green Nether Gourd, it appeared that his wounds were very serious.

“Interesting. Who is it that can make Supervoid Sword Saint Liu Tianya cut such a sorry figure? Let Me guess…Majestic Star Lin Chong?” Shi Jinglun slightly smiled and walked over.

Liu Tianya shut his eyes without answering. THe Green Nether Gour’s light wafted, winding around. A moment alter, Liu Tianya already recovered his wounds. Not only this, the magic energy he had was also even more vigorous than before. This was the effect of the Green Nether Gourd. It could help increase cultivation at the time treatment was performed.

“If you knew what Your Servant was up to, then you would not be so relaxed, Queen Jinglun.” Liu Tianya shook his head. Shi Jinglun gave him a look that said, Did you think I did not know? “I heard you used a Change Appearance Pill and were called forth as a guest by the Crystal Dragon Palace.2 The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet is about to begin. It can be assumed that you naturally did not go partying and reminiscing at such a critical time. And I have also heard that the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects most recently secretly surrounded the Purple Thunder Monster. I wonder what the result of that was…Liu Tianya, tell Me then.”

Liu Tianya courteously smiled: “As expected, nothing escapes you, Queen Jinglun.”

“You privately violated Qingci’s arrangement to go kill the Purple Thunder Monster. Were you not afraid your irreverence would provoke a beauty’s displeasure?” Shi Jinglun thoughtfully smiled. She knew that the Supervoid Sword Saint in front of her was deeply attached to Qingci. It was a pity that this was completely unrequited. As a Star General, things such as emotions were nothing more than a nuisance.

“That Purple Thunder Monster is a scourge. Not only does he have Lin Chong, he also has Wu Song and Hua Rong.” Liu Tianya gravely said.


Instantly, Shi JInglun’s smile vanished. “Impossible. Lin Chong, Wu Song, Hua Rong, these Elder Sisters are each the finest. How can they be following the Purple Thunder Monster…”

“How can what Your Servant has personally seen be false?” Liu Tianya slightly smiled, appreciating Shi Jinglun’s astonishment. “If it was not for Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong comprehending her Earth Rank Archery, Your Servant would have now already taken the Purple Thunder Monster’s head.” 

“How can this be…” Shi Jinglun was unable to believe such a preposterous thing.

“Even more surprising is what came after. Your Servant did not go to the Azure Dragon Territory in vain this time.” Liu Tianya’s eyes narrowed into slits. He summarized the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s events.

Between solving the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, Su Xing’s dozen Star Generals, the defeat and failure of the Ten Great Sect’s encirclement, Su Xing’s possession of excellent close combat capabilities, each of these made Queen Jinglun stupefied, unable to come to her senses.

“How can there be such a thing. Can it be said that man is the same as Qingci, capable of the Uprising?” Shi Jinglun muttered.

“Queen, Your Servant has just received information. The Purple Thunder Monster has appeared in the Black Turtle Territory.

Tantai Ziyu suddenly said.

“He has come to the Black Turtle Territory?”

Shi Jinglun was stunned.

“These Star Duels are interesting.”

Liu Tianya faintly smiled. It was his turn to relax.

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    1. The roles are a bit more conventional in terms of interpersonal relations. He is the knight in shining armor who abides by chivalry to defend her honor. This isn’t about crushes, this simply a pledge to one’s lord/lady to guard against any and all threats.

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