Chapter 52: Star Duels Second Phase, “Birth Outline”

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Enough with the thanks. In the eyes of others, this was exceedingly ridiculous as Su Xing shook his head; a thoroughly cooked duck flies just like this. Anyways, under such a cliche aphrodisiac drug plotline, there was nothing good to be said about his taking advantage of the situation; pushing down the Immortal Hero Princess was not the sort of matter where there was an opportunity to do so whenever he wanted it.

On the other hand, Su Xing did not have any feelings of pity. In the Republic, he had been trained to become the most outstanding young trump card. Between his spirit as a soldier and his desire, the scale of the former was much heavier.

Thanks to Gong Caiwei, the Heart Like Mirrors Soul Technique unexpectedly breaking through the first level under this sort of situation could be considered an accidental harvest.

Gong Caiwei’s face was slightly red. Saving her chastity while under the dragon’s aphrodisiac was just like having a dream. Right now, some parts of her expression had not returned to normal, and the expression she had as she watched Su Xing had changed into something slightly different. In her understanding, only the very honest sort of man could abandon his own desires for the sake of others. Gong Caiwei naturally did not understand the military’s iron law – “Serve the People!” But she also felt that she really could not see through Su Xing.

Honestly, that was impossible. On the contrary, he was quite crafty, but his willpower was also extraordinarily valiant. Apparently, one half was callous while the other was tender; Gong Caiwei began to understand just a bit why the “Skilful Star” would follow behind him everywhere. Despite thinking that, this loathsome scoundrel1 still saw everything about her clear as ice and clear as jade body.2 Feeling her whole body, originally, going with what sort of personality Gong Caiwei had, she already planned to inevitably scatter this sinful brute’s soul with terror after coitus; now, that had evolved into this unsure manner. Wanting to hate yet not being able to hate, this indeed made the Immortal Hero Princess endlessly depressed.

Su Xing definitely did not know Gong Caiwei’s complex thinking, nor did he know this inadvertent Hui of Liuxia behavior unexpectedly let him escape a calamity. Seeing Gong Caiwei’s indecisiveness, he then said: “Caiwei, how do we handle that dragon?”

“En, you can have it.” Gong Caiwei went blank after she replied. It seemed he was balancing himself for Caiwei. Staring at Su Xing, she threw a pill at him.

What Su Xing caught was an aqua blue Demon pill.

“This is a Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill. You only need to spend some time refining it in your body, and then you can refine a Blooming Water Divine Thunder.”

“You don’t need this?” Su Xing asked.

Gong Caiwei thought it below herself to reply: “Even if you did refine a Blooming Water Divine Thunder, you still need the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique’ in order to refine out of it great power, otherwise, this sort of Water Thunder is only the ordinary sort. And why would this Gong ever go study the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s True Technique.”

Su Xing was silent. He already knew that practicing the Blooming Water’s magnificent power would not be so easy.

“Did you not want to learn the Riding Sword Art? Going to the Blooming Water Sword Sect just happens to give you this chance. You only need reveal your status as a Star Master, and the Blooming Water Sword Sect will definitely revere you as an honored guest, which would be quite entertaining.” Gong Caiwei coldly pursed her lips. Glancing at the Blooming Water Dragon: “You take this beast as well. It just so happens to be able to refine your two artifacts into Supreme Grade artifacts. There will be no problem selling the rest of the pieces of the dragon for several million liang of gold. These items will be sufficient to satisfy young master Su Xing?”

Su Xing thought it was quite worth it to be able to see the Immortal Hero Princess’ appearance overflowing with thoughts of love. Seeing Gong Caiwei’s terrible expression, Su Xing tactfully skirted her embarrassed aspect: “Then just what did you come here to do?” The empty and washed Flower Dragon Hall did not seem to be hiding precious valuables; its sole valuable was this ancient Demon Beast, but right now, even that was no more. Su Xing truly could not understand what plans Gong Caiwei had?

Could it be that he had been rendered confused by his iniquity?

“This Gong has already found what she needed.” Gong Caiwei replied ambiguously.

Seeing that she did not seem to be lying, Su Xing nodded.

After nosing around the Flower Dragon Hall like this once more to confirm, the two returned home.

Atop the Heavenly River’s cliffs.

The three Star Generals were delighted to see Gong Caiwei break out of the water riding her sword.

The two disguised themselves as capable people, and it would occur to no one that a certain spectacle happened within the Flower Dragon Hall.3

Zhu Sha was beside Gong Caiwei whispering something into her ear, and the Immortal Hero Princess faintly nodded her head.4 Facing Su Xing and his group, she said: “This Gong still has some matters to attend to and will return first. I believe it will not be long before we next meet. When that time comes, this Gong will definitely not be lenient. Young master Su Xing, you had best prepare.” Saying so without caring for Su Xing’s reaction, Tracing Snow became a fleeting light and disappeared far into the night sky.

Seeing that Riding Sword Flight, Su Xing was quite envious: “Don’t tell me I actually have to go to that Whatever Sword Sect  in order to learn the Riding Sword Art?”

“Who says.” Wu Xinjie giggled, taking out an Astral Bag.

“A Scattered Star Cultivator who didn’t watch his step dropped by to deliver this. It just so happens that inside is a Riding Sword Art that Young Master needs.”

Su Xing was delighted. This really came at such a time.

“Young Master, you were fine within the Flower Dragon Hall, right?” Lin Yingmei asked, her tone had a trace of concern.5

Su Xing nodded. Looking around in the Heavenly River’s vicinity, he said: “Let’s talk on the road.”

On the road back to Heavenly Water City, Su Xing earnestly recounted all the events that transpired when he arrived at the Flower Dragon Cave, of course leaving out that matter with Gong Caiwei.6 Upon hearing the expiration of the Blooming Water Dragon, the two girls cried out in surprise.

And when confronting Gong Caiwei’s magnanimity, Lin Yingmei similarly could not understand.

Wu Xinjie then smiled slightly, pointing out the cause in all this: “In all likelihood, the Immortal Hero Princess has taken the Dragon Soul.”7

“Dragon Soul?”

“Aye. Some high level Demon Beasts have souls. It is exceptionally good material for refining talisman scripts or injecting a soul into a weapon. Xinjie also saw her Tracing Snow was a Divine Weapon. She probably wants to use the Blooming Water Dragon Soul to inject her weapon with a soul. This is definitely less complicated than refining Blooming Water Divine Thunder.”

Su Xing suddenly understood, scowling: “It’s just a pity that the Blooming Water Divine Thunder is that Blooming Water Sect’s sole signature art. What I just got right now is useless.”

“Since you already have the Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill, then there’s always a solution. However, at present, Young Master must now pay attention to another matter.” The Knowledge Star’s expression became very cautious.

“What matter?”

“The Maiden Mountain’s second stage of duels, the Birth Outline,8 is about to begin!”

Su Xing stared blankly.

Wu Xinjie then delicately narrated that when the Maiden Mountain Star Duels began, there were a total of five stages. The first stage was the “Heavenly and Earthly Stars,” where the 108 stars rising in the sky represented the curtain raiser for the Star Duels. Then, the second stage was this “Birth Outline.” When the Crimson Stars in the sky exceeded half the total stars, then the Birth Outline would commence. At that time, every Star Master and Star General would go to fight over the Birth Treasure Outline.

The Birth Outline was classified as a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure9. Legends said it recorded all of the Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens’ talents as well as failings. Whoever could obtain the Birth Outline would also signify that in the Star Duels to come, that they had obtained an area that they could occupy with active dominance.10

That is why every time the Star Duels hit the second stage of Birth Outline, this was also an exceptionally good opportunity to scout out the strength of Star Masters, one after another. 

In the fight over the Birth Outline, nearly every Star Master and Star General would unscrupulously use their abilities without holding back.

Su Xing raised his head, glancing briefly to see that the sky’s Crimson Star were already at forty-six. Aside from the the two stars that fell, there were still seven stars left in order to pass the halfway mark. This period of time did not include any more falling stars.

“It seems that it is imminent.”11 Su Xing frowned.

“The top priority is that we must advance Young Master’s strength. Within these two months at the least, you must reach Nebula Late Stage and learn the Riding Sword Art. Otherwise, Young Master would have absolutely no chance in this Birth Outline.” The Knowledge Star said gravely.

Lin Yingmei also nodded her head in agreement.

“Enter Nebula Late Stage in two months? This can’t be too likely.” No matter how Su Xing trained, two months was still too few.

The Resourceful Star Wu Yong smiled self-confidently: “No, neither is it some difficult task. Young Master only needs to become an outlaw,12 and perhaps a little more than a month will suffice.”

“Become an outlaw?”

Su Xing said hoarsely.

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  1. 廝 is a derogatory term used for men.
  2. 冰清玉潔
  3.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Welp, now she knows the true identity of Lin Yingmei…
  5. And the first wife knows!
  6. Well, it’s only a matter of time before they find out…maybe? When they do, Su Xing is so dead.
  7. 蛟龍靈魄
  8. 生辰綱
  9. 紫薇級星寶
  10. Basically, it offers an overwhelming tactical advantage in intelligence gathering.
  11. 迫在眉睫
  12. 落草為寇 has a context associated with banditry.


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