Chapter 532: Declaring To The Lord With Feelings Of Preoccupation

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“Wifey, did you have anything you wanted to say to me just now.” Su Xing walked to Wu Siyou and asked.

“Nothing.” Wu Siyou replied without changing her face.

Su Xing showed an expectant expression: “Did you want to sign a contract just now?” Without letting Wu Siyou explain, Su Xing continued to say: “Siyou, you and I already call each other husband and wife, just when can I sign a contract with you, I really want to do it.”

Wu Siyou was silent for a moment. Her eyes were charming, and she mysteriously smiled: “Lord Husband, are you not reassured about Your Servant?”

“Of course not, but signing a contract is insurance.” Su Xing chuckled.

“Lord Husband need not worry. Is the Seven Stars Assembly still not far off?” Wu Siyou played with a lock of hair that had fallen across her shoulder. Calm as a dry well, her reply was also very indifferent. “If Lord Husband has faith in Your Servant, then do not make more trouble for Your Servant. Your Servant has her own plans and asks Lord Husband to understand.”

When Wu Siyou’s words mentioned this, Su Xing could not say anything more. Although he did not know whether Wu Siyou’s allowance was to not sign a Star Duel Covenant for the time being or to be unwilling henceforth, Su Xing had already resolved himself. No matter what, he would not allow Wu Siyou to go do anything foolish.

“Right, Lord Husband ought to be a bit more concerned with Little Huang.” Wu Siyou softly used Sound Transmission.

The Gongsun Huang sitting on Su Xing’s shoulder had been a bit absentminded all along. Clearly, she was somewhat disappointed. Su Xing knew that the taciturn Little Huang was afraid that because she did not use her Earth Rank to conquer Gongsun Zhuqing in the end, there was a bit of a sore spot.

“Little Huang.” Su Xing gently called.

“Your Highness?” Gongsun Huang’s sight regained its focus.

“How about we go bathe together in a moment. Fighting for so long is exhausting…”

Gongsun Huang nodded, already very accustomed to doing this with Su Xing. She did not feel embarrassed at all, yet it was Wu Siyou’s earlobes that felt hot when she heard this. It truly was inevitable and right for these two to take a married couple’s bath. Gongsun Huang’s appearance seemed seven, eight or nine years old, but Star Generals did not have ages. According to rank, Gongsun Huang still counted as her Elder Sister.

“Siyou, let’s go together?”

“No.” Wu Siyou was firm.

“You said we are husband and wife, what’s there to be embarrassed about.” Su Xing counterattacked with the words Wu Siyou just said.

Wu Siyou glared at Su Xing. She softly grunted, not saying anything this time.

Huaqing Pool, a dense Immortal Qi rose in spirals.

The clear water rippled. Su Xing was currently enjoying a soak in the bath. The pure white mist gradually dispersed, and then came the sounds of footsteps. Su Xing opened his eyes. Gongsun Huang took small, quick steps and entered the Huaqing Pool. The little loli was completely naked like before. She jumped into the pool and swam into Su Xing’s embrace.

Su Xing slightly smiled and used his hand to comb Gongsun Huang’s beautiful, long hair.

Gongsun Huang closed her eyes.

“Little Huang, are you still thinking about what happened before?” Su Xing began to wipe Gongsun Huang’s body. Gongsun Huang’s skin was very supple, and Su Xing appeared very careful of hurting her with each scrub.

Gongsun Huang nodded.

“That Gongsun Zhuqing has already gone through the Three Heavenly Books, has already attended the Seven Stars Assembly, and she scaled Maiden Mountain. Her superiority right now is very normal.” Su Xing smiled. “Even you shouldn’t be so dispirited, Little Huang.”

“But Your Highness defeated your senior Star Master. Little Huang could not do the same.”

“So it turned out to be this.” Su Xing teased Little Huang’s chin, “If it wasn’t for Little Huang using Half-destroyed Landscape to break the encirclement, it would also have been hard for me to say. We’re together in this. We share in honor and disgrace, in life and death. Don’t take responsibility by yourself.” 

“Your Highness speaks so pleasantly.” Gongsun Huang lowered her brow.

“If you can listen, that would be even better.” Su Xing was full of love for her. Among all of the wives, Gongsun Huang was bigger than Tangtang by just a bit, but her personality was extraordinarily refined. She generally had a sort of air that placed herself above the common populace. In addition, his contract with Gongsun Huang could be said to be lightning-quick. Although Hu Niangzi signed her contract even more quickly, there was at least a long time of mutual understanding. However, even if Su Xing wanted to deeply understand Gongsun Huang, he did not know where to start. 

Often being together with Gongsun Huang was one of the roundabout ways Su Wing wanted to understand her.

“Yingmei comprehended her Earth Rank, and even Hua Wanyue has also comprehended her Earth Rank. But Little Huang was nevertheless no help this time.” Gongsun Huang showed slight melancholy. As a top-notch Star General in magic energy, it was still by relying on Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue in the end to break their encirclement that made Gongsun Huang dejected.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen you like this, Little Huang.” Su Xing’s mouth hung agape.

Gongsun Huang’s appearance right now was extremely beautiful. Water droplets moistened her body, and her pupils contained an amorous glance. That slightly faint grief stripped away the refined appearance Gongsun Huang always had in his memory. It was replaced with the tender love only a normal woman could have. In an instant, Su Xing was thoroughly captivated.

Su Xing was able to take a married couple’s bath with Little Huang without any feeling of wrongdoing. One very major reason was that Gongsun Huang in his heart was only an adorable daughter-figure, so Su Xing did not feel improper or embarrassed at all about his scrubbing motions which were somewhat intimate. However, Gongsun Huang’s daughter-like worried figure right now reminded Su Xing – the girl in front of him was far from the “daughter” in his mind, and neither was she that kind of little girl that was innocent and naive. She was Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang, the first rate Star General that was number one in magic energy, ranked fourth. Even Lin Yingmei and the other girls addressed her as Elder Sister.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang softly called.

Her voice was as indifferent as before, however, Su Xing nevertheless felt this time it had an additional bit of charm.

Su Xing regained his senses. He saw that Gongsun Huang’s cheeks were like red apples. As it turned out, Su Xing had temporarily blanked, and his hands just happened to stop on Little Huang’s tiny chest of “sharply exposed little lotus buds.”

I’m an evildoer. At this instant, Su Xing was unable to treat Gongsun Huang as that innocent girl. His blood boiled, and his lower body could not help but begin to raise its head in thought.

Gongsun Huang faintly groaned. Her little hands grabbed Su Xing’s knees, and she blinked.

Su Xing hastily circulated the Heart Like Mirror in order to recover his normal state. His body shuddered in cold sweat, and he scolded himself for being a beast. How could he have those kinds of thoughts just now. “Your Highness?”

“Do you remember if that incantation you kept reciting back then was about to activate your Earth Rank?” Su Xing changed the topic.

“En, but that feeling is already very faint to Little Huang.” Gongsun Huang cocked her head and showed vexation. This was precisely the reason she was disappointed. Just as she saw the Earth Rank was in front of her, she was nevertheless slowly defeated. It was no wonder that the light as clouds Dragon in the Clouds would be gloomy.

“Little Huang, let’s spar, how about we coax it out while you still have that feeling?” Su Xing flashed with a halo.

“Can we?” Gongsun Huang cocked her head.

“Of course we can. The precondition is that you must be at full strength. Then we’ll try.” Su Xing smiled.


Su Xing helped Gongsun Huang scrub her whole body, and his heart pounded powerfully. When it came time for Little Huang’s turn to wash Su Xing, Su Xing’s consciousness rendered a bit more dizzy by those soft little hands. Before he avoided an even greater embarrassment, Su Xing hastily ended this married couple’s bath. Immediately afterwards, they came to the Longevity Palace’s training field.

The moon was a mirror, its brilliance radiant.

Gongsun Huang after the bath parted her hair, wafting a delicate fragrance, letting off a mature beauty.

“Your Highness?” Gongsun Huang confirmed.

“We’ll seize the chance while you still have your inspiration. Give it all you’ve got.” Su Xing was earnest.

Gongsun Huang gently nodded. As she spoke, her hand beckoned forth the Pinebrand Ancient Sword and used Wind Rolls The Clouds. Several thousand thin rays of light became thick as cups. Under Gongsun Huang’s sword, they rolled towards Su Xing, completely surrounding him, quickly spinning around. A sparkling hurricane flowed, dizzying.

Su Xing did not dare be careless and summoned Heavenly Abyss for defense.

Wind Rolls The Clouds was intercepted by Su Xing. Then, Su Xing snapped his fingers. The air shook, and a thunderbolt continuously shot out of his fingers. Rays of purple qi mixed with thick lightning bolts and rolled in an array, squeezing in together towards Gongsun Huang from all sides. This was Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Seeing that Su Xing was serious, Gongsun Huang did not evade. She allowed the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to close in.

Bang! Bang! Bang! There were ten consecutive explosions.

Multi-colored light swelled. Gongsun Huang weaved a barrier. Su Xing only felt a certain enormous defensive force counterattack. He thought to himself, “Little Huang’s not bad,” His body could not help but be sent flying by this force. He fiercely flew backwards. The Star Magic on Gongsun Huang’s Pinebrand Ancient Sword then burst forth.

A pursuit that did not stop to breathe.

Su Xing’s reactions were slow by a step, and he was struck. Flying away, he forcibly held back the blood in his throat.

“Your Highness?”

“Little Huang, use your full power to attack.” Su Xing shouted.In actuality, he was already completely spent, however, for the sake of allowing Little Huang to regain her spirits, he was barely able to bring out full power.

Gongsun Huang waved her hand, shattering the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and even reflecting it back. Su Xing knew Little Huang’s might, but he did not anticipate she could surprisingly do this. It appeared that she not one bit inferior to Gongsun Zhuqing.

However, Su Xing was not in a great rush. A lotus flower bloomed behind him, and Purple Fiend soared. He used the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and Purple Fiend at the same time.

Seeing the Purple Fiend attack, Gongsun Huang waved her sword, increasing her Star Energy. Not daring to directly block it, her foot stamped, and she became a rainbow.

“Not bad, not bad.” Su Xing smiled. Just when Gongsun Huang was about to leave, Su Xing already quickly appeared where she had just been, still thinking of seizing the chance for a sneak attack. He could not help but praise Gongsun Huang’s sharpness.

Gongsun Huang again unleashed Star Magic.

This time was Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn.

The surroundings clouds took on a dragon’s form, scratching with sharp claws and fangs. At this time, Gongsun Huang gripped the Pinebrand Ancient Sword. The sword’s tip released multicolored light, and pointing forward, the entire space was filled with it. The Azure Dragon of cloud rolled wherever the light was, wave after wave, large as a mountain. Gongsun Huang stood in the radiant multi-colored light, refined, not uttering a words as she pointed her sword directly at Su Xing.

Su Xing raised his body. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed, activating the Buddhist defensive power. Several dozen enormous golden lotuses blossomed in mid-air, facing the approaching Cloud Traveling Azure Dragon Turn as they floated around inside it. At the same time, Su Xing rushed at Gongsun Huang, not using any technique whatsoever. This was a contest of pure strength.

This momentum was exceptionally fierce. Although this was only a test, Gongsun Huang did not dare be overconfident. She changed formation, evading continuously in the multicolored light. She pointed her sword, carrying ten thousand zhang multi-colored light that slashed directly at Su Xing from the front. Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower swayed in the wind. It was the size of a mountain, yet it dueled with the rolling thousand zhang of multicolored light.

Several dozen talismans were used in Su Xing’s hand, directly pounding towards Gongsun Huang in front of him. Gongsun Huang flew up with her sword. That ten thousand zhang multicolored light rolled into a hurricane, forcefully blowing the glowing talismans away, not allowing them to get close.

The two of them entered an increasingly frenzied state. Su Xing began close quarters, using martial force to continuously pressure Gongsun Huang. 

Gongsun Huang and Su Xing were nearly the same, both somewhat exhausted after undergoing the second overlord’s trial, however, when a magic energy Star General tired, her weakness was very clear.

But Su Xing’s all or nothing attack was finally not wasted. Gongsun Huang completely was in a completely excited state.

After several exchanges, Su Xing already felt his vision go fuzzy. He was extremely fatigued, but seeing Gongsun Huang already had her foot in the door, he forcefully shouted: “Little Huang, use your Earth Rank to decide the victor.”

Gongsun Huang did not say anything more. She floated in the air and began to wave her sword.

The multicolored lights became a line, linking with her qi. Su Xing’s forehead burned, and a Star Crest flashed. Gongsun Huang’s Star Crest dazzled in emergence, forming a beautiful phoenix that flapped its wings.

Su Xing’s whole body relaxed. The corner of his mouth smiled, and he did not attack any further.

Gongsun Huang shut her eyes and completely immersed herself in the construction of Star Magic.

Multicolored light rolled around the girl’s whole body, like a mantle of multicolored light. Bright flames surged, instantly wrapping Gongsun Huang. In Su Xing’s eyes, Gongsun Huang bathed in divine flames. That enormous blaze already ignited into sky-covering wings.

Su Xing showed astonishment.

What a beautiful technique.

The training field was already filled with crimson light. Even the entire Longevity Palace was enveloped within. 

The other girls were already drawn over to the outside of the drilling field and stared dumbstruck at Gongsun Huang’s transformation. 

“Has Sister Little Huang comprehended her Earth Rank Technique?” Shi Yuan said blankly.

“Precisely.” Wu Xinjie said.

For the sake of helping Gongsun Huang be able to quickly comprehend her Earth Rank, Su Xing simultaneously tapped Gongsun Huang’s Star Crest on his forehead, imbuing her with his Star Energy, but his magic energy was practically depleted and somewhat exhausted. At this moment, his whole body suddenly warmed, and his Star Energy inconceivably restored.

An Suwen activated her Star Magic to replenish Su Xing’s Star Energy.

Su Xing spotted the other beauties and smiled at them. There was a quiet sound, and the stars shook.

This was a spectacular scene, one already incapable of being described with words.

Gongsun Huang suddenly opened her eyes. The little girl was already engulfed in flames. Her back had two giant blazing wings. Flames as magnificent as gems swept over her whole body as she suddenly charged towards Su Xing. SHe spread her wings to a length of several dozen li long. There was a phoenix cry. Astonishingly, she was like a phoenix.

The world sunk into absolutely beautiful despair.

Earth Rank Technique.

Phoenix Execution Sky Break!!1

The Gongsun Huang that had transformed into a phoenix flew straight at Su Xing. With this level of might, perhaps a Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivator would be wary, but Su Xing’s expression did not change. The corner of his lips even curled as he contrarily smiled.

The phoenix transformation Gongsun Huang was beautiful to the extreme, her self-confidence at its peak.

Just when she was about to slam into Su Xing, the world suddenly dimmed and the jewel-flames extinguished. Gongsun Huang cooed, pouncing into Su Xing’s embrace. Although she was very tired, she wore a never before seen satisfaction.

Su Xing warmly hugged her.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang softly mumbled, resting her head against Su Xing’s chest. Her hands tightly gripped Su Xing’s clothes, not wanting to let go… “Are these Thousand Year Tears?” 

The second day, the distance to the Treasure Banquet was already no more than a few days away. Su XIng also prepared to start increasing his cultivation. In the trial of the second Star Duels’ overlord, although Su Xing completely won against Yuwen Xingliang, he was deeply aware of the immense disparity in cultivation. If he was able to reach Supervoid at that time, perhaps he could have had more leeway facing Gongsun Zhuqing.

Now, the third overlord was even more dangerous, so Su Xing naturally could not sit and wait for death.

Watching An Suwen refine the Thousand Year Tears, Su Xing took in a deep breath.

“The Great Good Fortune Pills are best given to Milord.” Xi Yue at this time looked at the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill with a bit of conflictedness.

Su Xing originally had Zhang Yuqi steal this Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. Afterwards, although Zhang Yuqi and Su Xing signed a contract, the Damage Star no longer needed it. Su Xing felt he had no need to ingest the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill when he himself had the Thousand Year Tears. Xi Yue now was near breakthrough to Supervoid Stage and just happened to need it. Furthermore, Zhang Feiyu also was Zhaing Yuqi’s Elder Sister. Passing it on to her was obvious, to say nothing that the relationship between Xi Yue and him was not normal.

“At the current stage, Supervoid Star Masters are increasing in number. Xi Yue, you should take it yourself. You also need to look after yourself properly. Only then will I be relieved.” Su Xing shook his head.

“But Xi Yue has already received the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Dual Modes Ruler that Milord gave.” Xi Yue knew that Su Xing clearly had even greater troubles, and she was slow and uncertain.

Zhang Yuqi playfully said: “Elder Sister Xi Yue. If the gap between your strength and Young Su’s is too big, you’ll be abandoned by Young Su.”

Xi Yue gasped.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at the Damage Star: “This is obviously false. But I can never selfishly raise my own strength. You’d better take it. In the future Seven Stars Assembly, things will be even more dangerous.”

“Xi Yue, just agree. You do not want to become a burden on Young Lord, do you?” Wu Xinjie mockingly said. 

Xi Yue understood and nodded. “Xi Yue will not disappoint Milord.”

Next was to take the medicine and enter secluded cultivation to shoot straight into the legendary highest level of cultivation in Liangshan Continent, Supervoid Stage.

Su Xing sat upright and still, ingesting the Thousand Year Tears.

After the Thousand Year Tears entered his throat, a clear flow seeping to the bottom of his heart suddenly washed through his whole body’s meridians. That type of a faintly warm flow made Su Xing feel a sense of rebirth. Su Xing promptly began to circulate the cultivation method, making the Thousand Year Tears flow several cycles inside his body.

A moment later, after the Thousand Year Tears completely flowed through his whole body’s meridians, Su Xing began to make the Star Energy in his body dissolve into the Thousand Year Tears. His ocean-like Star Energy was suffused, instantly flooding his whole body. Su Xing’s heart shivered, but only for an instant. His cultivation had already reached the peak of Supercluster Late Stage, which truly was lightning speed.

His Star Energy that was as boundless as the sea surged and flowed inside his body. His blood vessels and meridians were filled, and his internal organs were even more stuffed. Su Xing only felt his whole body was about to explode. He knew this was the characteristic of Supercluster Peak. He needed to use every kind of method to make the Star Energy in his body that was completely unbearable to truly combine with him. By the time the Star Energy in his body was thoroughly empty, this meant he had entered the most powerful Supervoid Stage.

His Star Energy was like the sky, a vast and boundless powerful cultivation.

But to enter Supervoid Stage required much experience, an extremely difficult process. Liangshan Continent’s majority of cultivators often were unable to advance past Supercluster Late Stage, and dissolving Star Energy was a very slow process. The slightest inattentiveness could meet with backlash, a Star Energy explosion that could destroy the cultivator at the same time.

Su Xing already knew that he could neither be too fast nor too slow. He adjusted his mentality and used the Heart Like Mirror’s highest realm to begin harmonization.

Outside the Immortal’s Abode.

The girls were currently pacing back and forth in extreme worry.

“Can Su Xing break through to Supervoid Stage?” Shi Yuan nervously said.

“With the Thousand Year Tears, this should not be a problem.” Hua Wanyue was dismissive.

Wu Xinjie was not as optimistic. “Xinjie hears that to enter Supervoid Stage, one must first of all be able to be accustomed to Supercluster Peak’s powerful Star Energy in order to be able to slowly transform it into a void. For one like Young Lord to directly jump from Supercluster Middle Stage to Supervoid is perhaps somewhat sudden.”

“Are you saying it is impossible?”

“Make mental preparations for this.” Wu Xinjie was stern. In actuality, there was another reason Su Xing’s Star Generals were numerous. To support eleven contracted Star Generals required apportioning the Star Energy. Even if they could receive Star Energy at the moment of signing a contract, it would become an utterly inadequate measure in later stages.

Maintaining eleven Star Duel Covenants required enormous levels of Star Energy.

The truth was that the strength of Su Xing himself was already comparable to Supervoid Early maybe even Middle Stage.

The other girls knew the reasons and were somewhat silent.

“Sisters, we need not think too much. Young Lord has never complained before. He…Even when he was Stardust Stage was very willing to contract every one of the Sisters.” Wu Xinjie said in jest.

“I actually do not doubt one bit that man’s ambitions.” Hua Wanyue indifferently said.

All of the girls laughed, and the atmosphere greatly improved.

One day passed.

Two days passed.

On the fifth day, Xi Yue already emerged from seclusion. As expected, the Great Good Fortune Pill allowed for an easy breakthrough. The girl’s cultivation already reached Supervoid Early Stage, and she became a Supervoid Cultivator.

Seeing that Su Xing had still not emerged, the Xi Yue who had originally been excited from the bottom of her heart began to worry.

In the blink of an eye, for one week, the Immortal’s Abode was still completely silent, and the Treasure Banquet was already about to begin. Just when all of the girls were restless, finally on this day, the gates slowly opened.

A powerful air directly swept into their lungs, intimidating the space.

All of the girls were stifled.

Su Xing shut one eye, walking out as if he had taken a big nap.

“Su Xing!!” Shi Yuan excitedly leapt forth.

“You’re all here, huh?” Su Xing smiled.

“Young Master, you…” Lin Yingmei looked Su Xing up and down.

Wu Xinjie’s eyes glittered, and her whole body shuddered in excitement: “Young Lord, you, you entered Supervoid Stage???”

Su Xing nodded.

Supervoid Stage Cultivation honestly was too terrific. Su Xing completely could not feel a difference in the flow within his body. His entire person seemed to have become one with the world. He had truly reached the so-called realm of Oneness of Heaven and Man. A kind of rich  feeling of incomparable satisfaction made Su Xing have a sort of dignity just by lifting a finger.

This was a Supervoid Cultivator!!!

“Xi Yue, you’re also Supervoid, that’s great.” Su Xing happily said. “Xinjie, has the Treasure Banquet started?”

“Nearly, however, Young Lord, you have stayed for so long, you must properly wash off.” Wu XInjie’s eyes turned, craftily speaking. “Little Yi, you go serve Young Lord in the bath, alright?” The Knowledge Star turned her head, addressing the taciturn Yan Yizhen.

“No need for this, I can do it myself.” Su Xing awkwardly said.

“If Young Lord does not allow Little Yi to do this, Little Yi will take this to heart and be moody.” Wu Xinjie giggled. These days, all of the girls were concerned with Su Xing’s progress. Only Yan Yizhen alone occasionally occupied herself with cleaning the Longevity Hall, particularly the Huaqing Pool. Yan Yizhen was often absentminded as she cleaned the pool. How could Wu Xinjie not know what the reticent maid was thinking about.

Thinking carefully, the more Su Xing’s Star Generals increased, with Little Yi not fond of talking, she was actually somewhat snubbed.

The other ladies also felt this way, and they just nodded in agreement.

Hua Wanyue very much wanted to utter aloud “shameless man,” but seeing Lin Yingmei’s happy appearance, she swallowed this back down.

Inside the Huaqing Pool.

Su Xing was unclothed. Yan Yizhen was also only draped in a bath towel. The maid’s head wore a flower crown. Her ordinarily cold and indifferent vermilion pupils were full of a rarely seen warmth right now. Her dexterous, slim, white fingers held a towel to wipe Su Xing’s whole body. 

“Little Yi, I’ve truly troubled you.”

Little Yi could not compare to Gongsun Huang. The touch of the maid’s fingers tantalized Su Xing’s heart.

“Serving Master is something Slave Servant ought to do.” Yan Yizhen calmly replied.

“I don’t feel you should do something like this…”

“Master, are you dissatisfied?”



“Really, but…” Su Xing’s breathing quickened, and he took a big breath: “But, Little Yi, you’re a bit too enthusiastic.”

Yan Yizhen at this time brought her pink arms from behind him, winding them under Su Xing’s arms to hug his chest. Little Yi stuck her body tightly against Su Xing’s. That curvaceous body was something extremely tantalizing, making Su Xing’s heart frisky.

And Yan Yizhen’s service technique was so brilliant. A pair of skillful hands gently brushed past ever inch of Su Xing’s skin, making Su Xing receive a great provocation.

“Little Yi…” Su Xing moaned.

“Master, please do no resist.” Yan Yizhen was tender. One hand suddenly left Su Xing’s chest. Before Su Xing could breathe a sigh of relief, out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly spotted a white towel floating on the pool’s water. Su Xing was stunned. A soft chest immediately squeezed tightly onto his back. The scorching hot touch on his skin was even more intense, and he could particularly feel those two distinct points on the girl’s breasts.

Yan Yizhen began to rub up and down along Su Xing’s body as she stuck to it.

This overwhelming skinship drove Su Xing nearly mad. The maid used her own body to slowly comfort him. Su Xing was both pleasured yet also conflicted. His lower body was already erect.

“Little Yi, why are you doing it like this?”

“Slave Servant should. Has Master not done even more intimate things with the other Elder Sisters, could it be you despise Slave Servant?” Yan Yizhen’s hands wrapped around Su Xing’s shoulders. Like a vicegrip, the maid’s vermilion pupils were already full of unfocused passion. The rubbing of her body was even more passionate, and Su Xing already could feel every last inch of curvaceous skin on Yan Yizhen’s whole body.

“Does Master love Slave Servant?” Yan Yizhen was at a loss.

“Of course.” Su Xing nodded, not turning back.

Yan Yizhen said nothing. When her rubbing came to between Su Xing’s thighs, a burst of qi and blood charged into his forehead, making Su Xing no longer able to maintain control. He turned around and looked at the maid in front of him.

Yan Yizhen, who was like a rose in spring rain, displayed a never before scene of unfocused eyes, hazy passion that did not lack allure.

Her completely naked, snow white body was plainly visible to Su Xing’s eyes.

Her moist red lips slightly parted, filled with a melancholic pity.

Su Xing lowered his head to kiss those gentle lips. The pair embraced in the Huaqing Pool, pulled their bodies even closer, winding their tongues around each other, exchanging saliva. Yan Yizhen felt that stiff scorching between her legs. She was already aroused.  “Master, do you want Slave Servant?”

“We can’t.” Su Xing preserved his last bit of clarity although he indeed very much wanted to be beastly. “Wait until we ascend Maiden Mountain. We have a lot of time in the future, we don’t have to hurry this, right?”

“Slave Servant obeys Master.” Yan Yizhen breath was gossamer.

The two of them kissed again. Each of their hands already were unfettered. Su Xing grasped Little Yi’s towering jade peaks, uncontrollably kneading them. Little Yi let out an enchanting voice, as if she was singing. Her hands at the same time moved along Su Xing’s lower body.

“Little Yi, Young Lord, have you finished bathing? Beware of going overboard.”

Suddenly, a naughty voice came from the entrance.

The shuffling of feet drew closer.

Su Xing and Yan Yizhen stopped their passionate kiss. Yan Yizhen recovered a bit of sobriety, and her face turned red as a rose. She prepared to leave, but Su Xing did not let her go. With things at the present stage, to come up with an excuse truly ruined the mood. He tightly hugged Yan Yizhen, making the girl lean on his shoulder.

“Yingmei, Xinjie, Niangzi.”

Su Xing’s qi and blood boiled.

The steam parted, and three beautiful young women walked over. Each was a nation-destroying beauty, completely threadbare.

“Dear Husband, we have come to help Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi was slightly bashful, shifting her gaze about.

Wu Xinjie saw Yan Yizhen and Su Xing’s intimate position. She said to the Sisters: “Xinjie guessed correctly. Young Lord is definitely suffering very much from holding back.”

“Your Servant had better leave for now.” Lin YIngmei covered her body. She was still wearing her bodice, a little hesitant about what would happen next.

Su Xing saw Wu Xinjie’s crafty wink, and then he knew she was being deliberate.

“Master, Milady, please enjoy yourselves. Slave Servant can serve nearby.” Yan Yizhen’s face was red. Her eyes recovered her indifference.

“Little Yi, you also caused this trouble.” Su Xing perspired.

“Don’t be noisy. To celebrate Young Lord entering Supervoid Stage, this time, Yingmei, Xinjie and Niangzi shall attend to Young Lord together.” Wu Xinjie pulled the hands of the two Sisters and jumped into the Huaqing Pool. Wu Xinjie then winked at Yan Yizhen, ambiguously saying: “Young Lord is but a beast that can never be satisfied. The three of us Sisters cannot deal with him. At that time, we will need your help, Little Yi.”

“Slave Servant obeys your command.” Yan Yizhen lowered her head, her face red.

The Huaqing Pool immediately filled with moans of nature, bashful panting, and a storm-like party.

And no more shall be mentioned of their harmonious content.2

Zhao Hanyan looked at the ruins in front of her, furrowing her brow.

She had come from the Queen Mother of the Kunlun Mountains that refined the Thousand Year Tears with great difficulty. Even after she had ingested it, she was too late to rush to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, but the sight before her made the Ling Yan Princess oddly even somewhat worried.

The splendid and spectacular nine halls of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace were already smithereens. No trace of them was left, and there was a complete lack of any sign of their existence.

“It seems it really is true. That man truly is exceptional, to surprisingly actually solve the puzzle of the Longevity Palace.” Steadfast Star Dong Junqing felt disbelief. They heard a din of hubbub about the Longevity Palace the moment they came down from the Mountain of Immortals.

However, this did not make Zhao Hanyan feel happy.

Because she had also heard about the Ten Great Sects surroundings the Purple Thunder Monster, she recalled that Father Emperor had suddenly sent her on an errand to Kunlun. She immediately deduced the ins and outs of the situation, and her heart was somewhat furious.

“Princess Highness, there is no need to be angry with Emperor Liang.” Dong Junqing 

“Junqing, can it be you have forgotten the Intertwined Branch between This Princess and Su Xing?”

“Princess, in this encirclement, Su Xing has not only obtained the Longevity Palace, he has obtained many gains from this Great Sect Encirclement. You ought to thank Emperor Liang for this, correct? That man has Star Generals like Lin Chong, and the Ten Great Sects have nothing more than a bunch of idiot jesters.” Dong Junqing pursed her lips. She snorted, appearing somewhat disgruntled that Su Xing’s skills had outshined again.

Zhao Hanyan was without a choice.

“This Princess wonders where Su Xing is, however, the Treasure Banquet is about to begin. We ought to be able to see him. We can worry about things then.” Zhao Hanyan could not help curling the corner of her lips as she recalled that man.

Just as the two of them were about to leave. At this time, an escape light came from the sky.

Four figures appeared several hundred meters away. Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing narrowed their eyes and stared at their counterparts.

Those four people were two men and two women, but their composition was very odd. One was a tall and powerful man and a woman of imperious coldness. The other was even stranger. One was a reserved old man, whose grandeur was introverted yet was extremely powerful. However what drew Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing’s attention was the woman beside the old man.

That woman’s face had a beautiful blue flower-shaped birthmark. Her other aspects, like her jade crown, her fair skin, the white clothes she wore, her eyes that were still as water, the person was as indifferent as a chrysanthemum. After she glanced at Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing, she wordlessly lent an arm to support the old man.

This woman was not a servant, Zhao Hanyan could feel that type of imposing air.

Star General.

Could that man be a Star Master? But they had never heard of a Star Master that was an old man. Zhao Hanyan was very confused. The contractors after the Star Duels began were all cultivators that had been born at the same time of the Star Duels. They were practically all very young. Even if there was a couple old people, there absolutely would be none that a Star General would care about because this meant that old person would be considerably mediocre.

“We were late a step. The Longevity Palace truly has been snatched away.” Xiang Chenxing said in a low voice.

“Young Master, there seems to be a Sister in front of us.” The domineering woman next to Xiang Chenxing naturally was his Star General, Little Conqueror Zhou Tong.

Xiang Chengxing looked at Zhao Hanyan. His eyes narrowed. Zhao Hanyan’s cultivation at this time had reached Supervoid Stage, so she was among the top ranks in the Azure Dragon Territory.

Li Yaigong slightly smiled. He subtly hinted to Xiang Chenxing.

Xiang Chenxing and Zhou Zhiyun then did not hesitate to advance. 

Zhao Hanyan could discern that old man’s background seemed very significant. Seeing they did not dare be careless as well, the corner of Dong Junqing’s lips curled into a sneer, and then she made perparations.

“Supervoid Star Master?” Zhao Hanyan saw clearly that her opponent’s cultivation was the same level, shocking her. She had never seen this unfamiliar face. From whence did this genius pop out of. 

“You must be the famous Ling Yan Princess?” Xiang Chengxing stiffly said.

Zhao Hanyan coldly eyed him, “Who are you!”

“Your Servant is Xiang Chenxing.” Xiang Chengxing answered.

“Oh, what. You wish to Star Duel?” Zhao Hanyan saw Xiang Chengxing’s muscles were stretched taut, displaying his hostility. She thoughtfully smiled.

“Young Master, leave this to Zhiyun. Zhiyun really wants to fight Elder Sister.” Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun raised that Flowing Water Green Depths Spear, laughing.

Without another word, Zhou Zhiyun launched her assault.

“The ranked eighty-seventh Empty Star Little Conqueror Zhou Tong is so savage?” Dong Junqing licked her lips: “Then allow Elder Sister to properly teach you a lesson.”

Saying this, she raised her Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears and lunged forward.

Xing Chenxing took no action, so Zhao Hanyan did not make any moves either. She completely disdained to lift a finger, but she stared at that free and easy old man and the indifferent woman. Compared to this impulsive and crude man, that old man made Zhao Hanyan even more wary. 


An enormous noise shot straight into the heavens. The entire earth violently shuddered, as if several hundred kilograms of explosives had detonated. A thick airflow skyrocketed.

The Little Conqueror was aggressive. The Flowing Water Green Depths Spear brandished a heavy stab, and her figure was exceptionally swift. Her martial arts mastery made Dong Junqing considerably surprised. “This lesson will be even more interesting.”

The airflow danced in the sky. The mingling dust turned black, and then Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun abruptly appeared. Her figure was in midair, her hand gripping her spear, slashing downwards. 

Everything the green spear-light simultaneously sprinkled began to take on the form of a green, warrior-like golem.3

Dark Rank Spear Technique.4

Green Soldier Slash!!!5

That green warrior’s spear-light then pounced towards Dong Junqing.

The intense quaking very quickly ceased. Despite the pervasive dust, Zhao Hanyan still could notice that the place Dong Junqing had been at had already become a hole that was two zhang in diameter. The inside was pitch-black, its depth completely indiscernible.

This first attack was more severe than she had imagined.

It appeared this Star General had trained extensively in her martial arts.

“Junqing, if you lose, This Princess will make you attend to Su Xing.”6

The dust gradually faded away. The scene in the middle also cleared up.

Dong Junqing snorted. She jealously said: “Then if This General wins, can I enjoy Princess?” Ever since Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan started a relationship, she had been starving for a while.

The enormous hole was like a bottomless pit. The blackness was shocking to see, and it was very difficult to imagine what power this was to be able to create this terrifying destruction. Perhaps even Dong Junqing’s full power strike could not do this.

Before Zhou Zhiyun’s complacent smile could last for too long, the corner of her mouth stiffened. She was shocked to see that her own Yellow Rank Technique had been caught by Dong Junqing using her double spears. The beautiful Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears danced with a brilliant light.

Impossible, she blocked the Green Soldier Slash without even using a special move?

“Hey, is this your full power?” Dong Junqing sneered. “Then it is truly too weak.”

With a blink-like attack rhythm, Dong Junqing then arrived in front of Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun. Spear-light flashed, flying.

Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun felt her mouth. There was a slightly bitter taste.

She was wounded?

Can’t be complacent, Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun was cold as absolute zero, suddenly launching. The green spear-light wrapped around Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun, making her imposing appearance turn into a dignified warrior, her pigtails fluttering. 

Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun’s every attack was sufficient to stir up a deathly gale.

The Zhao Hanyan spectating from the side had no choice but to retreat so as to avoid being touched by the wind.


The pitiful earth once again suffered devastation. Under Little Conqueror Zhou ZHiyun’s full power attack, it instantly turned into myriad shards and fragments. A great amount of dust rose up. Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun’s figure of a high-ranking general already charged out from within.

The surrounding fine dust seemed to be stirred by a giant, invisible hand. Following her movements, they instantly became countless tiny points of light that madly pelted down towards Dong Junqing.

Those tiny speartips were like rain covering the entire space, unexpectedly letting out a sharp cry, just like shrieks from hell. They possessed a frightening penetration power. If one were to be covered by an attack like this, perhaps in a single moment, they would become honeycomb.

This time, without any doubt, this was Zhou Zhiyun’s Dark Technique.

Green Speartip Passing Through!!

Thinking fast as lightning, in an instant, that direct and overwhelming attack had already descended right in front of Dong Junqing. This attack style perhaps could make other Star Generals feel shock, but Dong Junqing was one of the Five Tiger Generals. She completely did not place this in her eyes.

Seeing such fierce power, she merely felt this was ridiculous.

And Dong Junqing’s counterattack method perhaps was even more exaggerated.

A cold light flashed past her eyes. Facing the green light spears sweeping toward her, Dong Junqing surprisingly had no plans to evade. She slid, her figure slanted, her entire person already skating about as if on ice. Killing intent that appeared practically unavoidable was surprisingly completely evaded by Dong Junqing using unimaginable speed and direction.

The Steadfast Star took a profound pace. Her body techniques were illusory, “Do not underestimate me.” Zhou Zhiyun was indignant. The power that the fine killing intent contained suddenly magnified. It far exceeded Dong Junqing’s imagination, and there was a tiny attack that still smashed into her shoulder.

But this completely was unable to impede Dong Junqing’s pace.

Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun did not taste the satisfaction of defeating her opponent. She was astonished to see that Dong Junqing had unbelievably broke through her series of obstructions and arrived in front of her instantly. A fully charged fist showed no mercy as it struck Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun’s left shoulder.

There was a scream, and Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun flew away.

Though Dong Junqing wanted to pursue, this Dark Technique Green Speartip Passing Through was indeed formidable. Add on that her Star Master’s Star Energy was profound, displaying an abnormal ferocity, following Zhou Zhiyun’s yelp, a killing intent madly lifted and attacked Zhao Hanyan.

Dong Junqing sneered.

Her double spears came together and immediately swept.

Before Zhou Zhiyun could see clearly, she spotted Dong Junqing suspended above her. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang swept down a large spear-light, falling like a storm.


A scream.

Yellow Technique.

Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Slash.

“Zhiyun.” Xiang Chenxing was no longer able to stay calm.

But before he could act, he was restricted by Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords. The Ling Yan Princess indifferently said: “Little bandit, it is best you do not act like a hero.”

The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords suddenly twisted.

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