Chapter 531: Fallen Phoenix

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Yuwen Xingliang truly had the mind to die. The unhindered master of the second Star Duels had unexpectedly completely lost to the Su Xing in front of him despite the situation of having higher cultivation. Yuwen Xingliang coldly said: “Why don’t you kill me?”

Although Su Xing successfully defeated Yuwen Xingliang, their cultivations were still different. Su Xing already was practically drained, and Yuwen Xingliang still had some energy left. If he was to make a move now, he could definitely change the situation, but this completely lacked meaning. Yuwen Xingliang was very clear that in the close quarters attack just now, the man in front of them completely had the chance to slay him.

“I believe that Gongsun Zhuqing’s Star Master can at least keep his promise.” Su Xing was aloof, yet his heart was inwardly cursing, Do you think I don’t want to kill you? But there’s no advantage to killing you. If it was not for his apprehension about Gongsun Zhuqing, Su Xing would not have been merciful.

Something like a promise was no more than the utterance of an instant.

“Hmph.” Yuwen Xingliang did not say anything. His whole body had already relaxed his guard, his willpower disappearing.

Su Xing at this time placed all of his attention on the Star Generals’ battle.

Gongsun Zhuqing continuously casted numerous Star Magics, however, the Star Magics that she used were not among the Heaven, Dark, Earth or Yellow. Although her magic energy was profound, Gongsun Huang and Wu Siyou could handle them. They just could not seize an advantage.

“I wonder what this Little Sister’s true name is?” Gongsun Zhuqing saw that GOngsun Huang’s age was little, yet her domineering aura was very formidable. Each of them dueled with various tricks. These Star Magics were not related to Realm. The comparison was between the Star Energy between themselves and their own Star Masters. In terms of Star Energy, Gongsun Zhuqing occupied the absolute advantage, but Gongsun Huang’s Phoenix Perching Red Clouds Clothes’ rays of red light were mere normal Star Magic that could not cope at all.

“Just Huang.” Gongsun Huang calmly replied. She pointed her sword, and a red sword-light slashed towards Gongsun Zhuqing.

Gongsun Zhuqing indifferently nodded and said, “A good name.” She then also released several rays of green sword-light to counter.

Wu Siyou wrinkled her brown, stopping her attack. The Star Magic of the overlord before her was too powerful, and she had no way to close the distance. Seeing Su Xing and Yuwen Xingliang’s battle had ended, she breathed a sigh of relief. After she made eye contact with Su XIng, she then went to attack the Azure Cloud Dragon.

“Wind Rolls Away Life!” Gongsun Zhuqing softly said. Her Pinebrand Ancient Sword’s sword-light twisted, disintegrating Gongsun Huang’s sword-light. It then slashed upon her cloak. Gongsun Huang knew the formidability of the senior before her, and she already knew her own Star Magic was no match for Gongsun Zhuqing. Her attempts with Dark Rank Techniques were futile, but she still released as much as she could, only for all of them to completely be twisted to dust.

“Does Little Huang still want to persist?” Gongsun Zhuqing softly said. Suddenly, a dozen golden sword-lights floated by. The fact was they were Su Xing’s Flying Sword’s support array. Gongsun Zhuqing pleasantly smiled and repelled the Flying Swords with a wave of her blade.

A dragon’s roar came from the sky.

Gongsun Zhuqing lifted her head to look and spotted the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, White and Black Unicorn Tiger, and the Azure Cloud Dragon were engaged in a great battle. Two Star Beasts against a mighty Fierce Beast with light the three colors of white, red and green bubbled forth in the skies. The Azure Cloud Dragon’s body swam away, its claws torn up with several wounds, yet the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix surprised Gongsun Zhuqing herself. The gorgeous phoenix flames surged into the sky and rolled about.

Then, Su Xing and Wu Siyou arrived to assist.

Not a moment later, the Azure Cloud Dragon was dispatched.

At this time, Gongsun Zhuqing was alone in facing the encirclement of Su Xing’s party and Star Beasts.

“Your Highness Su Xing truly does not disappoint Zhuqing.” Gongsun Zhuqing’s smile was like a spring breeze: “Zhuqing knew you would defeat Xingliang.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Zhuqing, your words make me very hurt.” Yuwen Xingliang protested.

Gongsun Zhuqing smiled tenderly at him.

“Gongsun Zhuqing, why are you doing this?” Su Xing doubtfully asked. He was not convinced merely gifting a stone could make Gongsun Zhuqing so willing to throw the trial.

“This is very fair.” Gongsun Zhuqing matter-of-factly said.


“I have a question I want to ask you.” Gongsun Zhuqing said.

“What is it?”

“The Star Duel’s wish, what would you do with it.”

“After I ascend Maiden Mountain, I will end the Star Duels.” Su Xing said instantly. This had been his goal all along.

“Really?” Gongsun Zhuqing smiled.

Su Xing nodded and seriously said: “The wish of my wives is also my wish.”

Gongsun Zhuqing continued to smile: “A man that is able to be fancied by so many Sisters is indeed not disappointing.”

“Gongsun Zhuqing, just what do you want to say?” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

“Zhuqing, quickly finish the trial.” Yuwen Xingliang urged. “We can perhaps stay a little longer.”

Gongsun Zhuqing nodded. Since Su Xing had already defeated Yuwen Xingliang, the Leisure Star decided to no longer hold back. She raised the Pinebrand Ancient Sword: “If you can withstand Zhuqing’s Dark Rank and Earth Rank, then you will have passed.

“Wait a moment, there’s people here. Let’s go to the sea.” Su Xing saw that the bamboo forest had already faded away. Black Water City had been shocked, with cultivators hiding away in fear from Gongsun Zhuqing’s powerful Star Magic, but this place was mostly a civilian area. With the power of Gongsun Zhuqing’s second Dark Technique Half-destroyed Landscape, perhaps the entire island would be destroyed. Su Xing did not want to unexpectedly harm innocents.

Yuwen Xingliang was taken aback and chortled.

Gongsun Zhuqing agreed.

They moved to the center of the ocean by Wandering The Clear Skies.

“Take this.” Gongsun Zhuqing’s tone was calm to the extreme. Her Pinebrand Ancient Sword shook.

Suddenly, the calm seas quaked, and the skies trembled.

A tsunami wildly gushed forth. Frightening pressure squeezed from every direction, as if it wanted to crush Su Xing’s group into submission. Su Xing opened the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and activated Buddhism’s most powerful defensive ability Acala Wisdom King True Body. Wu Siyou also took Noble Frost Demonic Lotus into her hand. The Four Star Destined Weapon cut into space, shattering the oppressive feeling attacking them.

A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of Gongsun Huang’s mouth. She was not shaken at all as her fingers fluttered.

Similarly, she used her Dark Technique.

Half-destroyed Landscape.

Two powerful forces clashed against one another, and Su Xing immediately used resonance.

A beautiful Star Crest appeared.

The strength of the disadvantaged Gongsun Huang once again increased.

“Resonance, huh.” Yuwen Xingliang ruminated. It was a pity that their True Spirit state meant they already did not have a Star Nest. They could not resonate either. Otherwise, he truly wanted to have a contest with this man in this aspect. The defeated Yuwen Xingliang somewhat regretfully sighed.

A shout came from the Longevity Palace.

The Heavenly Hero Red Luan spread its wings and burned in the sky. Hua Wanyue immediately drew her bow as she stood on the Red Luan’s back.

The arrow pierced through as a rainbow, ripping apart space as it attacked Lin Yingmei.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s mouth slightly pursed, and she charged to meet it head-on. Her chillingly beautiful pupils reflected the light flying over, and just as she was about to dodge, at this moment, Lin Yingmei became distracted. She hesitated a moment, and by the time Lin Yingmei came to her senses, the arrow was already in front of her. She leaned away but was penetrated by the arrow. She immediately took a heavy step back.


Hua Wanyue turned pale. Disregarding their spar, she leapt down from the Red Luan, “Yingmei, are you alright?” Hua Wanyue’s feelings of concern were shown through her words. 

An Suwen and the other girls hastily gathered around. The Efficacious Star used Life Returning Magic Hands to heal the wound.

Lin Yingmei’s brow wrinkled tight in distress. She looked at Wu Xinjie: “Young Master is in danger.”

The Knowledge Star had her head lowered in reckoning. When she heard Lin Yingmei’s words, her expression was stern.

“An overlord has come?” Hu Niangzi’s pupils shrunk. Without hesitation, she somersaulted and mounted her horse, flying out of the Longevity Palace.

“He has Wu Siyou and Gongsun Huang. If they encountered an overlord, did he not already promise to return?” Hua Wanyue shook her head. She did not believe at all that Su Xing, Wu Siyou, and Gongsun Huang could contend against an overlord.

“Your Servant must go.” Lin Yingmei did not utter another word. She straddled Crying Frost and turned into a ray of cold light that vanished.

Following close behind, Wu Xinjie, Zhang Yuqi and the other girls boarded the Star Riding Boat.

A long while afterwards, the pressure finally faded. The seas calmed, and Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief. The contest between two identical Dark Techniques of the Leisure Stars that were number one in magic energy truly was over the top. A range of a hundred li of ocean was already rendered into empty space by Half-destroyed Landscape. The sea water was broken completely apart, incomparably spectacular.

Labor had appeared in the breathing of Little Huang, which in Su Xing’s memory had always been tranquil.

Su Xing did not feel ease. His heart was even more grim.

Because there was still Gongsun Zhuqing’s Earth Rank Technique next.

“Wifey, you go for now.” Su Xing whispered. He did not want to make Wu Siyou step into the muddy waters of this Earth Rank.

“Your Servant is here, Lord Husband is here. If Your Servant flees, then she will also make Lord Husband emerge safe and sound.” Wu Siyou was resolute.

“Who let you come protect me, Wifey.” Su Xing helplessly smiled.

Wu Siyou snorted.

“Ha!!!” Gongsun Zhuqing expression was not furious, only naturally mighty. Her voice was like a clap of thunder, and the Pinebrand Ancient Sword in her hand was flung towards the sky.

That Four Star Destined Weapon’s light was fathomless, becoming something like a giant bell that enveloped them.

A pitch-black space enclosed Su Xing’s surroundings. As far as he could see, the bright day had become dark night.

Earth Rank Technique.

Sun Moon And Stars!!

“Do your best. If I may offer a bit of advice, use everything you can. Back then, Harm Star Wu Yinglan1 perished under Sun Moon And Stars.” Yuwen Xingliang’s voice of warning echoed in the darkness.


Su Xing immediately felt chills. Without any hesitation, he used all of his defensive measures.

The Empress Tu Earth Book, Heavenly Abyss shields, every sort of magic weapon and talisman were deployed back to back.

A muffled thundering.

Like an explosion in the midst of chaos.

The dark space suddenly manifested countless stars, like glittering pearls. In the blink of an eye, Gongsun Zhuqing pointed her finger, and the stars in the curtain of blackness were smashed towards Su Xing and the others like a torrential downpour.

The scene of ten thousand stars falling was incomparably shocking. Just this was enough to collapse a cultivator’s Divine Intent.

Blood spurted into Su Xing’s throat. The Earth Book, Heavenly Abyss, magic weapons, and talisman simultaneously received and obstructed the falling stars. With a “hua-la,” the magic weapons and talismans were destroyed within seconds. The Earth Book Empress Tu and Heavenly Abyss were Prehistoric level but could barely hold out. Endlessly receiving the impacts of the Star Magic, these two were life-bound to Su Xing. Each strike made Su Xing’s mind about to explode, inflicting him with extreme pain.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang cried out in worry.

“Little Huang, you must use your Earth Rank in order to withstand this. Leave Lord Husband’s protection to Your Servant.” Wu Siyou flew up, scuttling into the ten thousand stars. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus split into two swords. The Harm Star wielded each sword dexterously, using her powerful Star Weapon to break the stars.

Gongsun Huang was moved. She tightly shut her eyes and whispered to herself.

Her Star Crest flickered, and a flowing light spanned, constructing a magnificent array.

“Can you use your Earth Rank in time?” Gongsun Zhuqing muttered.

Empress Tu grunted. Her curtain of yellow-orange Earth Qi was shredded by the stars. Su Xing violently vomited blood, and the Earth Book immediately lost its spiritual power. The True Spirit Empress Tu benevolently waved her long sleeve. Yellow dust rolled, and in the end, with the combined power of Wu Siyou and the Heavenly Abyss forged from Black Turtle Divine Iron, the ten thousand stars finally faded away.

However, the Earth Rank Technique Sun Moon And Stars had only just begun.

A soft light glimmered in the night. A shining, bright moon appeared behind Gongsun Zhuqing. This moon was glittering and pure, like a jade plate. Then, it grew larger and larger, dragging a long tail that then smashed towards them.

This time, Su Xing already had no means left to block it.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix and White and Black Unicorn Tiger rushed towards the moon. The moon’s radiance released the power of a thousand catties. With a boom, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger was crushed to pieces by the moon. At the same time. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix unfolded its wings, and a sky-covering conflagration ignited into an enormous net. Afterwards, this normally lofty Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix sensed its master’s intentions, and it charged towards the moon without holding back at all.2

After an enormous explosion.

The moon disintegrated.

“This is the Earth Rank Star Magic of number one in magic energy Gongsun Sheng?” In but an instant, she had destroyed Star Beasts and broken every sort of ability. Su Xing felt chills.

“Lord Husband, careful. It still is not over.” Wu Siyou shouted.

“Sun Moon And Stars…Don’t tell me there’s still the Sun…” Su Xing cursed to himself.


The temperature suddenly turned broiling hot. The pitch-black world was practically burned away by a fireball. The giant, sky-burning fireball appeared under Su Xing’s curses. The seawater thundered and was bleakly burned away.4

“Then allow Your Servant to experience just how you defeated my Senior.” Wu Siyou shouted. She soared into the sky, thinking of using her double swords to catch the fireball.

But she had just flew up a step when she was held back.

“Wifey, don’t go.” Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape to embrace Wu Siyou, immediately dragging her back.

The temperature of ten thousand degrees burned their skin into cracking. It seriously seemed as if the sun was falling. Just the head-on foehn wind made Su Xing unable to breathe. He hastily circulated his magic energy and used the Chaotic Tail Escape. He might as well see things through to the end since he had already started escaping. Although this was a bit humiliating, there would still be more chances.

The ten thousand zhang fireball illuminated the world into a complete red.

The seawater dried up and turned into a bottomless abyss. Su Xing hugged Wu Siyou, and then in another instant, he constantly rushed about in the abyss.

“This is only Earth Rank, Your Servant can handle it.” Seeing Su Xing’s whole body appeared blood red, Wu Siyou’s face paled. 

Su Xing paid no attention to her.

Wu Siyou bit her lips tightly. If she comprehended her Earth Rank, she would not be so passive, but this Earth Rank could not be comprehended simply by willing it. In particular, it was much more difficult to comprehend without a contract when compared to having one. Those as fortunate as Hua Wanyue were limited to only a few in each generation. 

Wu Siyou looked at Gongsun Huang again. She was still reciting her incantation. Her magnificent Star Array was increasingly beautiful and even more complex. From time to time, light formed an Azure Dragon, and from time to time, it turned into a phoenix.

Seeing that Gongsun Huang would not make it, Wu Siyou inwardly worried. She stared at Su Xing’s face that was currently concentrating completely. Wu Siyou’s eyes turned very gentle, and Wu Siyou could not help but extend her hand to wipe the beads of sweat on his brow.

The sun’s fire already put Su Xing on a dead end. Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape received the high temperature, and his speed clearly slowed.

Wu Siyou already made her resolution. She prepared to sign a Kiss Contract with Su Xing. With a pact, regardless of her or Su Xing, either one could contend against this Sun Moon And Stars.

“Lord Husband!” Wu Siyou softly called.

“What’s the matter?” Su XIng stopped his flight. He turned around to see the sun flying towards him had also arrived in front of Gongsun Huang. He might as well prepare the Jade Pendant to escape.

Wu Siyou’s hands clasped Su Xing’s face.


Just as Wu Siyou was about to say something, at this very moment, a sharp arrow whistled by, piercing through the sun and shooting directly for Su Xing’s stomach.

A dazzling rainbow light dispersed Su Xing’s surroundings. Multi-colored light turned into a curtain, and it suddenly suppressed the sun’s fire instantly. The temperature then plunged into extreme cold. The two of them were astonished and looked.

The soaring flames were already frozen. Cold frost annihilated, and icy snow howled.

With a crack.

The sun split apart.

A girl of ice-like coldness pierced the sun with one thrust of her spear.

Astonishingly, it was Lin Yingmei and her Earth Rank Technique.

Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon.5


This sudden turnaround surprised them.

“Young Master!” Lin Yingmei’s face was pale. She had finally cut down the sun.

The pitch-black space instantly regained its light.

Sun Moon And Stars announced its defeat.

Su Xing looked. Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Hu Niangzi, Yan Yizhen and the rest had already arrived. Even farther away, there was also Hua Wanyue standing on the Red Luan, drawing her bow to fire arrows. Without another word, they were about to attack Gongsun Zhuqing.

“Stop.” Su Xing hastily called for them to pause.

“Dear Husband?” Hu Niangzi was confused.

“She is not an enemy.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Eh???” Wu Xinjie was stupefied.

Gongsun Zhuqing recalled her Star Magic, and Su Xing then explained the course of events.

Yuwen Xingliang was stupefied by the scene he saw in front of him. Carefully counting, there were at least ten Star Generals, and there were even two that had comprehended Earth Rank. He inwardly thought that this was strange. This battle formation was too terrifying. If he had this power from the very beginning, it was not easy to say who would win and who would lose.

“As expected, she is Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng.” Wu Xinjie wryly smiled. She unexpectedly had a Heaven Rank Special Move. “Truly, Xinjie did not expect you would have this trial.”

“Zhuqing did not expect he would have so many Sisters in accompaniment either. Just now, Su Xing said he wanted to protect you. It seems this is somewhat logical.” Gongsun Zhuqing faintly nodded, as if acknowledging Su Xing’s words.

“Do you still want to fight?”

“Our agreement is fulfilled. Since the three magics of Earth, Dark and Yellow were used, Zhuqing shall stop here.” Gongsun Zhuqing shook her head, no longer wishing to fight.

“Then truly many thanks.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

With matters having reached this stage, they had at long last passed through this second overlord’s trial with little more than fright. Recalling the Sun Moon And Stars just now, all of the girls were speechless. The entire sea region had been dried into a canyon. This Star Magic was truly frightening.

“Su Xing.”

Gongsun Zhuqing said.

Su Xing looked at the girl.

A stone suddenly flew over. Su Xing caught it in passing. It was a gray runestone carved into a strange dragon. There were faint traces of strong power.

“This is?”

“This is a runestone, ‘Dragon That Holds Candles.’6 If you wish to comprehend Zhuqing’s Heaven Rank, then you can have Little Huang open it. It can be used only once.” Gongsun Zhuqing unhurriedly said.

Su Xing was stunned.

“Heaven Rank Star Magic?”

“Don’t misunderstand. This absolutely is not an exchange of vows. Zhuqing belongs to This Palace. Don’t you have strange thoughts.” Yuwen Xingliang chuckled: “You gifted Zhuqing a runestone, and neither does she want to owe you a favor. Therefore, she’s gifting you the ‘Dragon That Holds Candles.’ Now we are considered even.”

“Su Xing, if you truly wish to accomplish your wish, when you ascend Maiden Mountain in the future, you will encounter even greater danger. Perhaps it will help you.” Gongsun Zhuqing then said.

Su Xing heard her implication and nodded, carefully thanking her.

“There is still a bit of time. We are not wasting it.” Yuwen Xingliang glanced at those numerous beautiful ladies, wearing a bit of envy: “Cherish them well.” After saying this, Gongsun Zhuqing nodded. With Wandering The Clear Skies, they very quickly disappeared into the horizon.

“Heaven Rank Runestone???”

“This is ‘Stars.’”7

“Young Su, did you have an affair with that Zhuqing. She surprisingly gave you her Heaven Rank.”

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her, “Only Little Huang can use this Heaven Rank…Little Huang…”

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang blinked. Just now, she appeared preoccupied.

Those extraordinary eyes fell upon Su Xing’s own.

Su XIng understood and smiled. He gently stroked Little Huang’s head.

“Let’s go home!”

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  1. 武櫻蘭
  2. Heavenly Phoenix is Iron Giant, confirmed.
  3. SFX
  4. We got some Vasavi Shakti here.
  5. 冰心封曰月
  6. 銜燭之龍
  7. 星辰


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