Chapter 534: The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet

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Three days afterwards.

The Azure Dragon Territory East Sea. The normally tranquil ocean was currently thronging with escape lights. Every sort of strange flight magic weapon gathered together over the East Sea, from soaring clouds and mist to flying beasts, from naval battleships to sea monsters, there was everything. Even the Great Liang Dynasty’s Purple Cloud East Approaches could not compare to such a spectacular sight. Innumerable cultivators rushed over from every direction of Liangshan Continent.

In the surroundings of the East Sea were several hundred pavilions. These pavilions were not markets at all. They were specially prepared for those cultivators who were unable to go to the East Sea. Even if some cultivators were unable to enter the East Sea, they could still reap plenty of benefits on the outside. Just that dazzling, fantastical treasure alone was enough to be a feast for the eyes. 

These pavilions specially sold a few “Water Escape Pearls,” “Water Avoidance Talismans,” “Water Barrier Talismans,” and more for qualified cultivators to buy. 

On this day, a magnificent dragon boat rode the heavens.

That dragon boat was more than a hundred meters long, and it was carved with dragons and phoenixes, engraved with cryptic talisman script, magic circles layered together. In particular was that as the dragon boat traversed the sky, underneath it sparkled with stars like a galaxy, extremely dazzling. Even several of the Great Sects’ arrays could not compare. That dragon boat circled around in the sky, and then it directly spiraled downwards, ignoring the shocked gazes of everyone.

Upon touching the sea’s surface, there was immediately a wave, a river of stars.

“Is that a Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure?”

“Never heard of it, it looks to be very powerful.”

“Which sect has so much capital? Tsk, tsk, even the Most High Path’s ‘Straight Into Clear Skies’ completely cannot compare.”

“Could it be the Great Liang’s imperial family or the Great Circle Castle’s Noble Star??”

Everyone chatted. The greatest interest of these cultivators that were unable to enter the ocean depths was to look for clues from their previous position every time a sect arrived, and they never grew tired of the gossip. This was considered some delight.

That dragon boat was the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat, and its owner was naturally Su Xing.

Su Xing stood on the deck with his arms crossed. The Heavenly River Star Riding Boat possessed multiple defensive barriers. It was impervious to water and flame, and an instant later, the Star Riding Boat already dove several thousand li beneath the East Sea. Lin Yingmei stood beside him, not uttering a word.

In the silent atmosphere, they heard only the whoosh of water in the surroundings.

In the boundless depths, after a black tide, the Star Riding Boat suddenly stopped. A wave barrier opened.

Su Xing took out the Crystal Token of the Treasure Banquet that Long Nü gave him. The token moved in the water. The barrier opened, and the Star Riding Boat melded into the barrier. Then, countless water-lights shot back.Wu Xinjie and the other girls left the hold in succession.

Following the disappearance of the light, everything in front of them suddenly became clear. The scene in front of them suddenly made the silent Su Xing and others astonished.

What lay before them was a magnificent sight. Large crystal palaces were continuous and unending, just like a mountain range spread out along the entire East Sea’s seabed. The tallest palace among them seemed to rise up out of the abyss. Coral was piled up, with glittering pearls and every sort priceless treasure and gem glinting. Countless cultivators shuttled back and forth through the palaces. The seawater outside the palace bubbled up, yet the crowd inside the giant palace was no stained by water at all. They were cleaner than on the surface.

Upon closer inspection, these continuous palaces astonishingly were like a giant prostrate dragon.

This was the renowned Crystal Palace of Liangshan Continent’s Four Territories.

This palace was named because this palace used “Blue Wave Essence Crystal” in its construction. The ones in command of this palace was the “Long”1 clan, thus, it received the name Crystal Dragon Palace. In actuality, rather than saw it was a sect, it was more accurate to say they were deeply-rooted, entangled generational family.

“How incredible.” Su Xing already had been impressed by every kind of Liangshan Continent’s wonders. He had even thought that he was already calm as water. Today when he saw the Crystal Dragon Palace’s towering majesty, he still sucked in a breath.

The Crystal Dragon Palace’s construction in this fashion was already awe-inspiring. What made Su Xing even more astonished was that the construction was surprisingly at a depth of ten thousand zhang. Although the East Sea was warm, normal cultivators were completely unable to enter or leave the ocean territory.

“This barrier is very powerful.” Tang Lianxin issued her opinion. Compared to luxurious palaces, the Solitary Star cared more about the magic weapon that was obstructing the ten thousand fathoms of seawater.

“Reportedly, the Crystal Dragon Palace has passed down a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, ‘Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearl.’ This treasure is extremely exceptional. It can create an astral space.” Wu Xinjie muttered.

Su Xing looked. As expected, several corners of the large Crystal Dragon Palace had resplendent flickering lights. It appeared that was the power of the Connecting Heaven Sea Settling Pearl.

“If the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearl is so powerful, would they give it to Long Nü to participate in the Star Duels?” Su Xing asked.

“There are a total of twenty-four Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls, but to obstruct the water, the Crystal Dragon Palace requires at least twelve, and this treasure is very taxing on magic energy. A Star Master can control it but with great difficulty. She should not have one.” Wu Xinjie analyzed: “After the Three Heavenly Books, the majority of Star Master’s sects will confer Spirit Treasures in return for ascending Maiden Mountain. Even if Long Nü used one, it would only be in these months.”

Su Xing thought so as well. There was nothing to worry about.

“Then let us see this Treasure Banquet.”

Treasure Banquet.

The Crystal Dragon Palace went as far as being Liangshan Continent’s feast. Altogether, it was held for seven days and seven nights. The Treasure Banquet was split into four ranks based on cultivation, Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow. Each level had its own auction house and market. The Crystal Dragon Palace was split into four sectors, East, West, South and North. There were over ten thousand imperial palaces. Let alone the Crystal Dragon Palace’s enormity, it was in fact more like a giant underwater city. Ninety percent of the imperial palaces were related to peddling. Just the number of vendor booths exceeded thirty thousand. These shops mostly were fixed in the Crystal Dragon Palace year-round, and when the Treasure Banquet began, the vendor booths would reach millions with several transactions.

It could be said that the entire Liangshan Continent’s cultivators were all here. So long as Liangshan Continent possessed it, they practically could find it.

And other than the popularity that accumulated over several thousand years, another reason the Crystal Dragon Palace could have such great rallying power was that its unique position was crucial. The Crystal Dragon Palace was situated at the bottom of the Eastern Sea, used Blue Wave Essence Crystal in its construction, making the entire sea area fill with a pure Essence Qi. If this level of Essence Qi was used to nurture a magic weapon, cultivate spirit grass, forge an artifact, or cultivate a cultivation method, they would all be exceptional.

Not only could cultivators that set up in this place reap profits, all of the goods they peddled would become even more pure. No one would miss this.

What was most interesting in the Treasure Banquet was the “Treasure Grand Banquet” that happened after the seven days and nights.

The Crystal Dragon Palace would specially bring out magic treasures and spirit medicines that would make any cultivator moved for the auction. At that time, only Supervoid Cultivators could enter. “Life Extending Flat Peaches,” “Thousand Year Nüwa Tears,” “Four Symbols Seal,” and other crazy spirit medicines, spirit grasses, and spirit treasures had appeared in past Treasure Banquets. To be able to attract countless cultivators and to be able to make top-notch Supervoid Cultivators awed, the Treasure Banquet had to be extravagant.

“This Crystal Dragon Palace is honestly special.” Gazing at this sea of people in the market, Su Xing was impressed. The Kagoshima Market Square and Black Turtle Territory Market Square he visited in the past were practically insignificant and not worth a mention in comparison.

However, that the Crystal Dragon Palace could be so generous made Su Xing very surprised. He had even thought the reason that sects were powerful was by relying on every sort spirit medicine and magic weapon? There was surprisingly a sect that would auction them off.

Su Xing did not feel the Crystal Dragon Palace was in need of money. In his perspective, this was like a sort of covert announcement of its position. Using this kind of method could bring stability, making the Azure Dragon Territory highly esteemed. Their business ability was formidable.

Stowing away the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat, everyone landed on the ground.

Countless cultivators immediately threw over their envious expressions. Su Xing was already accustomed to this, no longer seeing this as strange. Anyone bringing about a dozen girls that were as beautiful as fairies definitely would attract attention, let alone that these girls who were as beautiful as fairies were actually Star Generals.

The Crystal Dragon Palace was very large. For the sake of maintaining order, the barrier within forbade the use of Flying Swords. Of course, Supervoid Cultivators that could hover were ambivalent about this. Although Su Xing had ascended into Supervoid, he did not have interest. He first strolled around the Crystal Dragon Palace with all of the girls.

“Are we separating for the time being?” Wu Xinjie suggested.

There was no danger within the Crystal Dragon Palace anyways, so this was a good opportunity to separate their operations. They could procure the materials they each required, and when the time came for the Treasure Banquet to begin, they would then regroup.

Su Xing thought so as well. This was perfect for saving time.

Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue bade farewell to Su Xing first, and then they flew towards the other areas.

After Xi Yue parted, then An Suwen and Tang Lianxin followed Hu Niangzi and Yan Yizhen to other places. All of the girls understood that Su Xing’s time currently was very short. They naturally did not want to tarry.

Very quickly, the beauties that remained at Su Xing’s side were Wu Xinjie, Lin Yingmei, Bai Yutang, Gongsun Huang, Zhang Yuqi, and Shi Yuan.

“This Young Lady shall go help Su Xing inquire information for now.” Shi Yuan chuckled.

“Yuan’er, do you want Xinjie to come with you?” Su Xing asked.

Shi Yuan shook her head like a rattledrum.  “No need, this place is so big, This Young Lady won’t wander off.” The Thief Star’s eyes darted around. She appeared quite familiar with markets thronging with people.

Wu Xinjie just smiled and reminded her to not fool around. However, for safety’s sake, they still gave her a Thousand Li Sound Transmission Talisman.

Shi Yuan nodded, giggled, and then she departed.

“Young Su, then Yuqi shall go look around. Tangtang, don’t you need to buy spirit grass for brewing? Wanna go with Big Sister?” Zhang Yuqi facetiously winked. Then she asked the Bai Yutang hugged against Su Xing’s chest.

The Rat Star widened her gleaming eyes. She raised her head to ask Papa.

“Then you to be careful.” Su Xing said.

“Relax, this isn’t the first time that Yuqi was alone, hee, hee.” Zhang Yuqi winked then held onto Bai Yutang.

Bai Yutang was somewhat reluctant to part and waved her little hand.

“Do you have anything you want to do?” Su Xing asked.

“Your Servant will not leave Young Master.” Lin Yingmei’s reply was within expectations.

Gongsun Huang also did not have interest. Sitting on Su Xing’s shoulder was probably the little loli’s most favorite hobby, “Since the other Sisters are here, Xinjie shall also remain at Young Lord’s side.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Passing by several halls, they came to the front gate of a plaza. The crowd gathered in the plaza jostled about, letting out noisy voices.

“The top of this year’s Ten Great Spirit Treasures is still the Supreme Ultimate Diagram?”

“Who knows who possesses this Supreme Ultimate Diagram now. It never changes.”

“Is it not in the Most High Path’s hands?”

“Idiot, that has already changed.”

“Wow, Fellow Han’s ‘Spirit Slashing Sword’ surprisingly broke into rank ninety-eighth on the Spirit Sealing List. Impressive.” 

Su Xing circled around. He lifted his head and saw an enormous signboard. Upon it was a scroll spread open. On that scroll were hovering letters, constantly changing.

“Spirit Sealing List!!”

Wu Xinjie was astonished.

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