Chapter 535: Spirit Sealing List

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Liangshan Continent’s treasures were innumerable. If it could be said which could be called the absolute in all of Liangshan, then the Spirit Sealing List was entirely worthy.

This treasure was born in immemorial prehistory. That was an era with extremely abundant primordial spiritual power. In that era, every flower, grass, tree, and log that could be seen was a top-notch material for magic weapon forging, and in those times, every magic weapon that was born naturally was outstanding, far superior to any magic weapon today. Everyone called it, “Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.”

The Spirit Sealing List was not like most Prehistoric Spirit Treasures that possessed might or magic energy that could overturn the world, but it was now nevertheless the Crystal Dragon Palace’s symbol, representing a true “treasure.” The reason was very simple. The Spirit Sealing List possessed the ability to perceive “Prehistoric Spirit Energy.” It could accurately analyze each and every treasure forged of an Immemorial Prehistoric material, so long as the cultivator released the treasure’s Divine Intent.

The Spirit Sealing List analyzed the might of the magic weapon based on material, its master’s magic energy, skill, and other parameters, giving the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure a ranking. If it was to publish something that could make everyone clamor about, then rankings absolutely were a favorite subject.

The Spirit Sealing List was perfectly able to rank all of the Spirit Treasures it reacted to. Then, it would display based on the most powerful one hundred. Currently the Azure Dragon Territory’s ten great Spirit Treasures originated from this. It could be said that the magic weapons the Spirit Sealing List ranked were considerably high ranking across all of Liangshan Continent. Of course, this ranking was not so wholly acknowledged. In fact, the Life-cast Magic Weapons that many Great Cultivators forged were far more powerful than a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, and some cultivators did not necessarily allow their own magic weapons to enter the Spirit Sealing List. Otherwise some cultivators themselves had insufficient magic energy, thus, this made the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure falter greatly in rank for the Spirit Sealing List.

But regardless of what was said, the Spirit Sealing List was one of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s symbols to appeal to the masses.

Su Xing glanced curiously at it. Ranked at the very top was the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, naturally.

“Ever since the Spirit Sealing List analyzed the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, its rank has never changed.” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing recalled words that Xi Yue had once said. She had met with the attack of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Star Master. The opponent used the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, easily erasing and capturing the Black Turtle Seal. The Black Turtle Seal was a powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, but it had surprisingly been taken in one blow by the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. It really was awesome, as expected in name and reality. Su Xing had no choice but to admit it. “The Supreme Ultimate Diagram, huh.” 

“Would Your Highness like to try?” Little Huang asked.

Su Xing saw many cultivators were all restlessly placing their own magic weapons into the Spirit Sealing List, to leave their mark in the first hundred. However, most of them showed expressions of disappointment. That Spirit Sealing List did not change at all.

“Young Lord’s Five Dragons Lantern ought to also be a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure that can be tested.”

Su Xing agreed. He had many Spirit Treasures with him, and he wanted to see just how strong they were. Eyeing the Spirit Sealing Scroll, he sent in the Divine Intent of the Empress Tu Earth Book magic weapon.

The Spirit Sealing List shuddered. As if rippling with a weak wave, the characters slowly changed.

“There has been a change.”

“The Spirit Sealing List has a change.”

“Quickly come look.”

Everyone watched as all of the characters on the Spirit Sealing List surprisingly were completely changed, and they were suddenly shocked. They stared without blinking at the Spirit Sealing List.

The characters changed.

The Spirit Sealing List had the name of a new Spirit Treasure.

Second Place: Empress Tu Earth Book. The original number two, Three Clarities Banner, immediately fell one place in rank.

The crowd suddenly erupted into a furor. Unbelievable, bone-chilling screams rose and fell in succession, as if they were more shocked than about the Spirit Treasures they possessed.

“Heavens, the Spirit Sealing List has surprisingly displayed a new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, are my eyes deceiving me?”

“Awesome, to unexpectedly bring the Three Clarities Banner down to second. That is but the protective magic weapon of the Most High Path’s strongest Ancestral Master.”


“What sort of Spirit Treasure is this Empress Tu Earth Book? Never heard of it.”

“Could it be like the Five Spirits Heavenly Books??”

Everyone howled wildly. Countless cultivators were drawn over like a swarm of bees. For the Spirit Sealing List to show a new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure was something that had not happened in a few hundred years. What was even more important was that this new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure surprisingly exceeded the Three Clarities Banner as number two.

All of the cultivators trembled, each of them looking at one another. They hoped to be able to find that cultivator, but they immediately recalled that to be able to make the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure immediately enter second place, that cultivator must be at least Supervoid Cultivation. Upon thinking that they had been noted by a Supervoid Cultivator, those cultivators immediately sobered up and did not dare look any further.

However, the surprise of those cultivators had yet to end.

A moment later, the Spirit Sealing List’s aura changed once again, and the rankings flashed once more.

The second place Empress Tu Earth Book from just now promptly became third place. In second place appeared a new Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, “Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern!”

This time, everyone was scared stiff, not daring to even breathe.

Unexpectedly, it was another Prehistoric Spirit Treasure they had never seen before.

“Is this real?”1

“It looks like the Most High Path has truly declined. I never expected that the Three Clarities Banner would become number four.”

The Crystal Dragon Palace suddenly boiled over. The cultivators were all shouting, emotionally blabbering nonsense to draw their friends over to take a look. Even the Four Symbols Seal that quietly rose to fifth place was not a concern. Some of the Supercluster Ancestors and Supervoid Cultivators were shocked into seeking that adept, to look for clues from the gaze of that cultivator. Fuck, a cultivator with such powerful Great Spirit Treasures would be very dangerous in a future encounter.

These cultivators could not find the person. The Spirit Sealing List was located in the center of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s main hall. It was visible from every direction and from each area. Any cultivator could send in their Divine Intent. Who knew whether or not that cultivator was a thousand meters away.

However, they did not expect the person in question currently was still here, perplexed.

Su Xing did not expect the Five Dragons Lantern and the Empress Tu Earth Book to be formidable, to unexpectedly rank number two and three on the Spirit Sealing List. However, this made clear that the Supreme Ultimate Diagram was indeed awe-inspiring. Su Xing certainly knew how powerful the Five Dragons Lantern and the Earth Book were. Even so, they were still unable to surpass the Supreme Ultimate Diagram.

“But it’s really strange. This Golden Magnetic Divine Peak completely lacked any reaction. Isn’t it a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure?” Su Xing was confused. He had sent in the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s Divine Intent. This Golden Magnetic Divine Peak had been barely resuscitated by Tang Lianxin, and Su Xing’s Divine Intent could barely control it, but the odd thing was that the Spirit Sealing Divine Peak completely did not react.

But Su Xing had seen the scene of Great Saint Starkiller using the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak. He naturally knew this treasure was not to be outdone by the Five Dragons Lantern, and it was probably even stronger than the Lantern. If it was not constructed from a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, it absolutely could not be so powerful. 

“Weird.” Su Xing did not ponder any more about it.

“Young Lord, let us go look at other places.” Wu Xinjie giggled. The Spirit Sealing List matter made her very satisfied.


Northern Darkness Has Fish’s face was tranquil as he walked among the crowd. Compared to the scene normally in the Most High Path, things were currently much more cheerless. Even Northern Darkness Has Fish did not bring out any extravagance.

Following Northern Darkness Has Fish were only some men.

Now that the Most High Path suffered a disastrous blow, all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators knew. Of the four Supervoid Ancestral Masters, they could be said to have dwindled until only Northern Darkness Has Fish was left. However, even an emaciated camel was larger than a horse. The Most High Path’s Supercluster Ancestors were still chief in power among the Ten Great Sects, so no one dared to look down on them.

Bing Qingxuan and Xie Zhenyuan were among them. The former’s cultivation appeared to be Supercluster Peak while Xie Zhenyuan’s had already reached Supervoid Early Stage. His talent was indeed number one in Liangshan, however, Xie Zhenyuan did not appear haughty at all. Hou Ruolan clung to the hem of his shirt, the pair walking nearby, the appearance of taking a stroll. Bing Qingxuan still appeared honest and reliable. No one knew what his heart was actually thinking of.

“Why is there such noise up ahead.” Bing Qingxuan wrinkled his brow.

The two disciples very quickly announced their arrival. They looked at each other in dismay, as if they were somewhat embarrassed to speak.

“Just what has happened? When have the disciples of the Most High Path ever needed to be overcautious, so apprehensive?” Northern Darkness Has Fish faintly said.

“Disciple should die.” The Most High Path’s disciples promptly said.

“Two new Prehistoric Spirit Treasures have appeared on the Spirit Sealing List, they have lowered the Three Clarities Banner in rank.”

“What?” Several Supercluster Ancestors were stunned.

Northern Darkness Has Fish merely let out an unsurprised “Oh.” Bing Qingxuan and Xie Zhenyuan appeared very collected. “Explain in detail.”

After hearing the disciples’ information, Norther Darkness Has Fish smiled. “The Five Dragons Lantern, the Earth Book, ha, ha…”

“Hmph. Those cultivators are reckless, to unexpectedly dare say our Most High Path is in decline.”

“No need to mind them. The Three Clarities Banner was tested by me fifty years ago. It is inevitable that there would be a Supervoid Cultivator today that could surpass it.” Northern Darkness Has Fish faintly smiled. He gazed at the distant Spirit Sealing List. He pointed a finger, imbuing it with Divine Intent.

The crowd once again let out an astonished gasp. Clearly, there was a new ranking.

“Oh, the Three Clarities Banner has overtaken the Empress Tu Earth Book for number three.”

“The Spirit Sealing List magic weapon competition is so wonderful.”

“As expected, the Most High Path’s Ancestral Master has come.”

Their voices turned very quiet. Northern Darkness Has Fish’s self-confident smile somewhat stiffened. His expression slightly sunk, as if he did not dare believe his Supervoid Peak’s Three Clarities Banner was unable to best the trifling Five Dragons Lantern.

“It must be because the Spirit Sealing List has degraded over the years.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish icily glanced at him. He flung his sleeve, not saying anything more.

“The Four Symbols Seal has also showed changes. It appears from this that the Purple Thunder Monster has indeed come. You are to pay attention.” Northern Darkness Has Fish coldly ordered.

Slight haze flashed across Bing Qingxuan’s eyes.

Not long after the Most High Path left, two women and a man floated to the Crystal Dragon Palace. One was white from head to toe, almost like ice or snow. The other was reticent, her expression oddly emotionless.

Besides these two women were also two young girls following along.

“Hmph, the White Tiger Territory’s Prehistoric materials are countless. These insignificant Prehistoric Spirit Treasures are enough to make humans go wild. They truly are short-sighted.” Shijiu Ying disdainfully smiled. “The Life-cast Magic Weapons we forged using Prehistoric Materials can easily surpass them.” 

Han Bing and Xin Lao did not respond. The former was cold as ice, uninterested. The latter had a manner that was completely indifferent.

Shijiu Ying again snorted.

“Since you are so confident, add your own magic weapon to the Spirit Sealing List.” Ling Feixue said in derision.

“Why not?” Shijiu Ying’s hand pointed. A ray of Divine Intent entered the Spirit Sealing List.

The Life-cast Magic Weapon he thought was grand was “Azure Dragon Execution Wood,”2 however, Shijiu Ying’s expression immediately became unsightly. His magic weapon unexpectedly did not break into the top ten.

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