Chapter 537: Song For Dead Shoots, Imperial Bird’s Mournful Cry

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Maiden Mountain had dispatched seven lights. Each light represented one overlord, and each would arrive at different times following another. Gongsun Zhuqing and Yuwen Xingliang returned their gazes from the Eastern Sea and looked to that yellow light in the sky.

A moment later, the yellow light fell onto the mountain.

After an enormous noise, it fell into the forest.

“The third overlord?” Yuwen Xingliang looked with interest at that pervasive smoke and dust. He and Gongsun Zhuqing glanced at each other, silent.

Two silhouettes slowly walked out of the dust.

“To meet the second overlord in such a manner is honestly a bit deplorable.”

A slightly disrespectful yet graceful voice. Those figures walked out of the dust, astonishingly revealing two beautiful women. The woman who spoke possessed a noble manner, undisciplined yet carrying a somewhat profound expression. She wore a pink rose-scented skintight gown. Her lower garment was a green, Smoke Silk Flower skirt, and her waist used a golden thread tied into a large bowknot. The hair on her temples hung low, and a jasper libation cup hairpin was inserted into her hair. She revealed slender physique, seductive and beautiful. Yellow embroidered her green and pink smoke silk skirt that trailed along the ground. Her arms were covered in an unadorned green silk, and her wind bun had a flower stuck in. Her brows were delicate and wide, her green hair pure with a hint of spring.  

The age of the girl beside her appeared small. She had a face white as a goose egg, large rectangular eyes that looked lively about, pink cheeks and red lips. Her height was also very petite, a passive appearance.

Others may not have known, but relying on his overlord’s intuition, Yuwen Xingliang immediately recognized the pair of girls before him as the third overlords, without doubt.

“So you came? I even thought that you ought to wait until our True Spirits vanished.” Yuwen Xingliang stroked his chin, playfully grinning.

“And no thanks to you for that. Did your mission fail? The second overlord honestly looks cute to This Fairy.” The grand and indolent woman slightly smiled. She changed the topic, “Because of this, This Fairy had to appear.”

“I shall introduce myself. This Fairy is Xuanle Feifei.1 They, en, they all call me Fairy Xuanle.”

“This is my little sister Wuyu.”2 Fairy Xuanle introduced her.

Yuwen Xingliang saw they seemed to be very friendly, and he wanted to courteously introduce himself. He had just opened his mouth to speak when he was surprised that Fairy Xuanle would casually wave him off and smile: “No need, your True Name bears no significance towards This Fairy. You are about to disappear forever, anyways.”

Gongsun Zhuqing’s expression changed, and the Pinebrand Ancient Sword appeared in her hand.

“This Fairy informed you of her name only to let you know…By whose hand you died!!” Fairy Xuanle’s calm tone seemed like she was drinking water when she let these words fall.

The listeless Wuyu suddenly became a ferocious panther that pounced at Yuwen Xingliang. In her hands appeared a pair of coldly glinting daggers. “Xingliang, careful.” Gongsun Zhuqing promptly cast a Star Magic.

“How stupid.”

Fairy Xuanle laughed and summoned her Flying Swords.

Gongsun Zhuqing was taken aback. She suddenly noticed that a black, ice-cold figure had snuck over at some unknown time. A cold-light directly scraped across her throat, and in her ears she still heard Fairy Xuanle’s derisive voice. “What Star Generals would disregard her own life to help her Star Master when he is attacked. Truly, this is an incorrigible instinct. Even the second overlord is merely nothing special?” 

Leisure Star Gongsun Zhuqing in this instant suddenly erupted with powerful force. The exhaustion in her eyes was swept away. Her reactions were absolutely fast, and the runestone “Bamboo Viper” in her hand shattered. Countless Bamboo Viper Flying Daggers filled the area. The Zhuqing Stone was not very strong at all. As far as a Star General was concerned, this could be completely overlooked, but several thousand Bamboo Viper Daggers obstructed that shadow’s sneak attack.

Which gave Gongsun Zhuqing a chance.

Just as the Leisure Star was about to activate her Earth Rank Star Magic, her opponent let out a sinister sneer.

The shadow abruptly sped up, breaking through the daggers. Immediately afterwards, a sharp blade whistled over.

Gongsun Zhuqing used her Pinebrand Ancient Sword to block it. Her opponent’s presence suddenly vanished and reappeared on her opposite side, quick as lightning. The enemy’s first cut stabbed into Gongsun Zhuqing’s shoulder. The bladetip burst with a power that shattered all of Gongsun Zhuqing’s defenses. Apparently, this was Dark Rank? The second attack was even faster. As expected of the one who was number one in magic energy, Gongsun Zhuqing similarly activated a barrier to protect herself with even more speed, but the shadow’s second slash surprisingly pierced through Gongsun Zhuqing’s barrier.

The second blade directly thrust into her chest.

Gongsun Zhuqing’s pupils shrunk. She suddenly saw clearly the face of the Little Sister in front of her.

Pupils that were as pitch-black as an abyss flowed with an asura’s malice, like a monster who had emerged from hell, “Bye-bye!” She heard the mournful dismissal of the Little Sister in front of her, and then a third stab wrapped in insufferably arrogant cold light completely ended Gongsun Zhuqing’s reflections.

This was…”Third Watch!”3

The girl softly spat.


The sneak attacking woman suddenly was in pain. She was knocked flying away into the air by a powerful force. Immediately after, countless Flying Swords descended, which were easily stopped by Fairy Xuanle’s Flying Swords.

“Zhuqing!!!” Yuwen Xingliang made a heart-wrenching scream as he rushed for the Gongsun Zhuqing in front of him.

His hands reached out, yet all he grasped were a few specks of light.

Gongsun Zhuqing’s True Spirit dissipated.

“To be injured by a Star Master.” The sneak attacking woman lowered her posture, her slender legs spread open as she glared coldly at Yuwen Xingliang. It appeared she wanted revenge.

Just as she was about to slink away, she was stopped by Wuyu.

“Elder Sister Huiyu,4 he is mine.” Wuyu stood in front of him, springing forth.

“You!!” Yuwen Xingliang controlled his Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword to activate Ksetra Of Heaven: Boundless Sword Array. Green bamboo enveloped the mountain, and Wuyu’s double daggers came together and caught the edge of the Flying Swords, repelled by the sword array’s power. 

“The Boundless Sword Array, so it turns out you are Your Highness Yuwen Xingliang of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, huh. This Fairy has heard of your tales, that you left all other Star Masters in the Second Generation Star Duels in your dust. You contracted the Gongsun Sheng who is number one in magic energy. Furthermore, in the Seven Stars Assembly at the end, you cooperated with her to defeat the teamwork of all other Star Masters. This Fairy has always wanted to pit herself against you…Today, This Fairy finally fulfilled her wish. Satisfying, satisfying.” Fairy Xuanle smiled. Her Immemorial Flying Swords flew out. That sword was extremely peculiar. Its tip was white, like a young girl’s snow-white skin. In the air, there was a mournful, seemingly crying, graceful tune.  

This song wound around, its reverberation lingering endlessly, forming a protective array that mysteriously deflected all killing intent.

“However, it appears that This Fairy’s ‘Crown Prince Long Qin Heavenly Sound Sword,’5 is superior to your Boundless Sword Array.”


Yuwen Xingliang waved the Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword, not holding back in his usage of the sword array.

Wuyu was blown away by the sword array. Rips already appeared in her clothing.

The girl was somewhat irritated.

Yuwen Xingliang seized this chance to leap forth, to attack Fairy Xuanle.

“Then allow This Fairy’s sword array to bid you farewell.” Fairy Xuanle said emotionlessly, as if she was mentioning something very mundane. Her white finger gently beckoned, and the snow-white Flying Swords gathered. Its tip glowed, becoming a fine white light, like the world’s highest peak of whiteness, that fired.

“Song For Dead Shoots, Imperial Bird’s Mournful Cry.”6

There was a sharp bird cry in his ear, incomparably grating. It drilled directly into Yuwen Xingliang’s mind to break his consciousness. The slim white light and green shoots slammed into each other. The Blue Splendid Eight Treasure Sword directly shrugged it off. Relying on his powerful willpower, Yuwen Xingliang unexpectedly rushed through.

Xuanle Feifei was amused at his perseverance, “It seems your relationship with Gongsun Sheng was not bad? What a pity This Fairy did not ask her True Name.”


Yuwen Xingliang slashed.

Xuanle Feifei’s lips let out a fragrant scent. Although she was also Supervoid Middle Stage, upon releasing her might, Yuwen Xingliang thought that at such close range it would absolutely be impossible. Fairy Xuanle seized this to use the Crown Prince Long Qin Heavenly Sound Sword to repel him.

Yuwen Xingliang’s expression changed. He noticed that he had already lost track of Fairy Xuanle’s two Star Generals, and he was completely unable to sense them, “I will definitely kill you!!” Yuwen Xingliang’s figure flashed.

“Star Master, don’t be so naive.”

Just at this moment, a sneer already pierced through his back.

The two shadows of Wuyu and Huiyu appeared, one pouncing in front and the other from behind Yuwen Xingliang. Their assassination timing was the pinnacle of perfection, the teamwork between the Sisters reaching absolute harmony, flawless.

The four beautiful daggers of flowing color pierced through Yuwen Xingliang’s back and exited his chest. The daggers dripped with blood.

Yuwen Xingliang’s movements completely stopped.

“Worthy of the second overlord Star Master. This Fairy had originally thought that you could be instantly dispatched when you lacked a Star General. This Fairy never thought that you could surprisingly last this long, to force my two little sisters into working together.” Fairy Xuanle clapped her hands in praise.

Yuwen Xingliang’s consciousness was fading, and he was already without strength to retort.

“Oh, right. Do not die for the moment yet, you. This Fairy has remembered a question. Why did you fail your trial?” Fairy Xuanle asked.

Yuwen Xingliang still managed a taunting smirk. His body disappeared.

“Forget it, This Fairy had better go see for herself.” Fairy Xuanle muttered. “Comparing trials is far more interesting than facing an overlord…”

“Elder Sister.”

Wuyu and Huiyu walked over, surrounding her as their figures dissolved into the air.

“Wuyu, you nearly wanted to use your Heaven Rank just now.” Fairy Xuanle shook her head.

Wuyu again recovered her insipid manner and flung her head to the side.

“Huiyu, what about you? Is using Third Watch to kill Gongsun Sheng very taxing?”

Huiyu closed her eyes in satisfaction, answering this question.

Fairy Xuanle’s face wore a smile.

“Shall we go kill that Star Master now? I will definitely kill him. This time, Elder Sister need not interfere.” Wuyu leisurely said.

Huiyu lowered her head and softly mumbled, completely unconcerned.

“There are not even Star Masters with the trifling Three Heavenly Books, there is no need to make a big fuss over something so insignificant. We just so happen to be able to reach the Treasure Banquet. Let us go properly relax for a bit. We still have a lot of time.” Fairy Xuanle was not worried at all. In her eyes, to be able to easily dispatch the second overlord, an insignificant Star Master who could contract more than ten Star Generals would amount to no better.

“Contracted ten Star Generals? This Fairy is itching to experience that.”

“We obey Elder Sister for everything.”

Currently, Su Xing, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, and Gongsun Huang were still in the Crystal Dragon Palace seeking useful materials. The Crystal Dragon Palace was worthy of being called Liangshan’s first-rate banquet, for they had purchased many materials for Star Weapon advancement.

“All Star Masters have appeared in every Treasure Banquet. This is a golden opportunity for Star Weapon upgrades. With matters as they stand, most of those Star Maidens of Maiden Mountain’s 108 that are still alive will appear. This will also be considered a Star General’s banquet.” Wu Xinjie explained.

The Dragon Palace’s sky suddenly released billowing black clouds, and everyone cried out in astonishment.

Su Xing raised his head to look.

A fragrant chariot upon a rolling black cloud descended from the sky. This chariot was considerably luxurious, following a giant scorpion and a black serpent towing the cart. The black clouds were pervasive, making people shudder with fear.

“Lady Snake Scorpion!”

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  1. 玄樂菲菲
  2. 無羽
  3. So she is Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Hong.
  4. 徽羽. Okay so big tl note right here. The character as encoded in the text is apparently nonstandard, and different chapters will swap the name to be Zhiyu. I will be referring to her as whatever is featured in that chapter, so don’t be surprised to see “Mu Wuyu and Mu Huiyu” or “Mu Wuyu and Mu Zhiyu.” Just remember that Huiyu and Zhiyu refer to the same person.
  5. 太子長琴天音劍
  6. 芒殤一曲,皇鳥哀鳴


  1. Yo… so it’s the ainvestogative and Guardian Stars this time!?

    And the Third Watch huh?

    I hope Shi Yuan learns it…

    1. She can’t. Third Watch is an ability exclusive to the Investigative and Guardian Stars.

  2. So after third overlord it became a customs to kill assasin type Star Generals before they turn into a big threat? Well if overlord had two of them then it is no wonder.

    Thanks for chapter

  3. [It appeared she wanted revenge.]

    For what? Retaliating to her unprovoked attack?

    [This Fairy has always wanted to pit herself against you…Today, This Fairy finally fulfilled her wish. Satisfying, satisfying.” Fairy Xuanle smiled.]

    I wonder what’s so satisfying about cowardly killing an unprovoked neutral party via sneak attack.

    [In her eyes, to be able to easily dispatch the second overlord, an insignificant Star Master who could contract more than ten Star Masters would amount to no better.]

    What’s the deal with anyone not only actually believing, but straight up not caring about someone who can contract not only more than two Star Generals, but over ten? It’s supposed to be COMPLETELY UNHEARD OF in all of the Star Duels history, yet nobody, not even the “mere mortals” make a big fuss about it when, previously, everyone freaked over the “geniuses” that could contract two.

    I can see why Liangshan acquired an overall hate for the assassin type Star Generals, lol. They’re broken af.

    1. Well, people in Liangshan Continent did freak out over the multiple contracts thing. But the author shifted focus away from it probably because it gets tiring really fast to reiterate over and over how abnormal it is. On the other hand, these Overlords can’t be judged according to the same standards anyways. For Fairy Xuanle personally, she believed that if the Second Overlord was this weak, then Su Xing probably would fare no better, especially against assassins. However, the flaw in her logic is that she believes herself to be superior to both Su Xing and the Second Overlord. This is not how the transitive property works.

      1. You’re right, but it’s not like we’re past unending reiterations of shit we’ve heard thousands of times (if I have to read “If it were any other cultivator, they’d be dead, but Su Xing…” I’ll shave my head, lmao), lol; I mean, reiteration is Wuxia/xianxia bread and butter, after all.

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