Chapter 536: Vermilion Jian Map

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“Haha.” Ling Feixue’s unrestrained laughter made Shijiu Ying feel even more unsightly.

“Do not cause trouble. Grandfather said to not allow our whereabouts to be exposed. Forget this Spirit Sealing List’s ability to rank, it could let the Azure Dragon Territory know other information.” Han Bing coldly said. However, she only said it now at this time. Before, it was clear she also wanted to see a joke at Shijiu Ying’s expense.

Shijiu Ying had nothing to say.

“However, nineteenth is not bad. That it will not attract attention is worthy of relief.” The corner of Han Bing’s mouth rose. These words sounded somehow grating to Shijiu Ying.

“Legend says that the Crystal Dragon Palace has a Double Seven to auction. Is this true?” Ling Feixue curiously asked. She counted on her fingers: “Han Bing has the Twin Stars Button and can contract two Stars. If you have the Double Seven, then could you not break the rules and contract three Stars?” Ling Feixue’s eyes glinted.

“Break the rules? Hm, hm. Did we not already hear about some Purple Thunder Monster that broke the rules when we arrived in the Azure Dragon Territory?” Shijiu Ying sneered.

“Grandfather has already gone to investigate. We are to quietly look for other changes.” Han Bing interrupted their conversation.

At this time, the lanky woman Xin Lao and her Star General already left. Apparently, they had no interest in meddling with their discussion. Han Bing and Shijiu Ying followed along. The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet gathered Liangshan’s first-rate cultivators and Star Masters. This was a perfect opportunity.

Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and the others girls arrived at the ninety-ninth district.

The Treasure Banquet was divided into four Great Districts, Heaven East, Earth West, Dark South, and Yellow North. Each of the Great Districts had numbers to designate the countless small districts, which also completely cataloged what was being sold.

Dark South’s ninety-ninth district was a larger district for Flying Sword refinement and trade. Su Xing knew that after the second overlord’s trial ended, the third overlord would follow immediately, and frankly, it was due to luck that he passed the second overlord’s trial. Who would have thought that a Heaven Rank would be so powerful, but regardless, there was a very high probability that the third overlord comprehended her Heaven Rank. However, to encounter a girl like Gongsun Zhuqing, Su Xing did not dare be certain. To survive as Heaven Rank Technique, Su Xing had no chance. A Star General on the other could use an Earth Rank to contend against an Extreme Realm. True Phoenix was the only thing able to battle against Heaven Rank.

Among Su XIng’s beauties, only Lin Yingmei’s realm was the highest, having already reached Extreme Realm Fifth Stage. Nextly was Yan Yizhen’s Third Stage and Wu Siyou’s Second Stage, but to contest a Heaven Rank, a martial general’s was possible. Perhaps the three of them working together still had a chance, but to face another magic energy Star General was difficult to say then.

Su XIng did not want to let himself burden them. Although his martial arts were increasingly superb, nearly chasing after a Heavenly Star, to face those top-notch martial generals, he was still a bit behind. Su XIng came to the Crystal Dragon Palace in hopes of seizing a chance at the Treasure Banquet to find material and information for his remaining “Water Element Sword” and “Fire Element Sword,” as well as that Sun Moon Stars Array Four Swords. To be able to forge them was even better, but if not, finding even the slightest trace was not bad either.

The Treasure Banquet indeed made Su Xing expand his horizons. Cultivators from all walks of life were everywhere. Having gone through training these past few days, the Supervoid Cultivators he saw were more numerous than before. Su Xing was also Supervoid, yet he was not so surprised.

For the sake of this Banquet, Su Xing had taken up a disguise. Due to Lin Yingmei and the others being Star Generals, the Appearance Changing Pill was no use, so they put their effort into their clothes. Each was draped in a gorgeous jacket, the collars drawn tall, able to obscure their complexions. Their inner garments were interlocked black and white, gilded beautifully. However, Lin Yingmei’s head wore a hat. This hat was set low, hiding the rest of her face, but those hairs that were as thin as water matched the Majestic Star’s unique cold, heroic air that still drew the gazes of many cultivators.

Seeing that Su Xing was a Supervoid Cultivator on the surface, there actually was no scene of a second-generation hitting on Lin Yingmei plotline.

Su Xing walked near a Flying Sword vendor booth, full of interest as he sized up the booth’s glinting goods. Liangshan Continent’s Flying Swords were an absolute. If one was to speak of the number and kinds, no one knew. Many Flying Swords that were forged were ones he had never seen before.

After looking around for half a day, only then did Su Xing discover a cruel fact. Perhaps no shop could help with his Immemorial Sword Chant.

Wu Xinjie and the others clearly did not care about this. As before, they browsed around with him. Not a moment later, they walked into a shop named “Mountain Of Flames.”

The Flying Swords here appeared astonishing. Every kind of oddly shaped weapon was found here. Originally, Su Xing had thought that his own Heavenly Abyss that were incomparably large counted as special. As it turned out, this place surprisingly had something larger, and some were even more overexaggerated.

The reason Su Xing entered the Mountain Of Flames shop was because it sold some Fire Element Flying Swords.

Seeing those blazing Flying Swords, Su Xing practically felt this was a thorny problem. They appeared formidable.

Lin Yingmei held no interest at all for those Flying Swords. She only lowered her head, standing guard in the surroundings. Gongsun Huang’s admiring gaze had settled the longest on a gracefully constructed Flying Sword. As for its abilities, she let out a sort of refusal to comment.

It was no wonder the Star Maidens would scoff at the Flying Swords that ruled over Liangshan Continent. The Star Maidens had their own “Destined Star Weapons,” a kind of ability that completely surpassed these Flying Swords. An auction of Flying Swords could not compare.

Wu Xinjie actually was full of interest towards a few maps. Some of the maps recorded many materials, however, she occasionally shone some things on the maps, making the shopkeeper quite displeased. If it was not for her being a beautiful girl, he would already have chased her out.

“Xinjie, did you see something good?” Lin Yingmei asked.

With her gaze on maps of materials, she skimmed over the bookshelves. Finally, a fire-type jade strip drew Wu Xinjie’s interest.

“This is the ‘Vermilion Jian Map,’1 something a cultivator unexpectedly obtained. If Your Distinguished Self wants to forge a top-notch Flying Sword, this Vermilion Jian Map is absolutely important. The owner came to explain, his spittle splashing as he introduced it.

Su Xing’s Fire Element Swords required the feathers of the Divine Bird, “Clinging Heavenly Vermilion Jian.” Hearing its name was actually to wish for death.

“Can we actually find it?” Su Xing asked.

“This will depend on Your Distinguished Self’s luck, but the authenticity of this map absolutely can be guaranteed.” The shopkeeper smiled as he replied.

Every item the Crystal Dragon Palace sold was authentic. Su Xing actually was not afraid of his bluffing, but he did not know just what the Vermilion Jian Map was. Furthermore, the shopkeeper had never shown it and was also unaware of what it was. This completely was dependent on luck.

“Perhaps it is an original document, or it could be an empty crack, or perhaps it is a nest. Of course, it could even be a Spirit Treasure. This depends on Your Distinguished Self’s luck.” The owner said.2


Wu Xinjie narrowed her eyes. She carefully calculated. This jade strip was obscured, but it was carved with delicate and elaborate patterns.

“It seems we indeed must rely on luck.” Wu Xinjie sneered.

“Has this young lady seen something?” The shopkeeper’s brows rose.

Wu Xinjie paid him no mind. She threw it to Su Xing. “I want this map.”

There was an icy yet fiery feeling of pain when the map landed in his palm.

“This young lady is truly generous, to not even ask for the price?” The shopkeeper stroked his beard. He was not afraid that the customer would run. To be able to conduct business in the Crystal Dragon Palace, there was never any fear for something like this.

“How much?” Su Xing asked.

“One hundred and eighty million liang of gold. They are expensive.”

“One hundred and eighty million liang?” Lin Yingmei’s tone chilled. “How can a map like this that relies on luck possibly be so expensive!”

“If you do not want it, then please put it back. Leave it for its fated person.” The shopkeeper hinted to the other customers gathered around.

“It seems we should properly discuss.” Su Xing patted the shopkeeper’s shoulder and chuckled.

A kind of powerful pressure made the shopkeeper suddenly feel his goal of seeking a sky-high profit was apparently a mistake.

“Why spend so much money on this kind of map?” Lin Yingmei looked at it all over and felt this was not worth it. Was it not something that depended on luck? Once used, it was gone. How could it compare to personally going to the White Tiger Territory to search.

“En, actually, this is not useful at all.” Gongsun Huang made a rare endorsement.

“That idiot owner surprisingly tried to extort Su Xing.” Wu Xinjie giggled. This one hundred and eighty Vermilion Jian Map in the end dropped half in price because of his Supervoid Cultivator status. Even in the Crystal Dragon Palace, a Supervoid Cultivator still was a golden signboard.

Of course, one reason was that this Vermilion Jian Map relied on luck.

“To us who currently lack any outline, this Vermilion Jian Map is certainly very useful.” Wu Xinjie charmingly winked, “See this jade strip pattern? On it is a very pure flame information. This means ‘Clinging Fire,’ so it must be related to the Clinging Heavenly Vermilion Jian. Regardless, we will have a gain after we make Lianxin solve it.”

Su Xing thought so as well. They had no materials for a Fire-type Flying Sword anyways, so ninety million was not so much.

“Then put it away. Next, we still have even more wonderful things.” Su Xing chuckled.

“What?” All of the girls were confused.

They passed through several Great Districts. At this time, they arrived at another flight artifact district.

The glittering flight magic weapons were blinding. This was an unbelievable wonderland of every kind of inconceivable model and function.

“No way…” Wu Xinjie suddenly came to the realization of what Su Xing was doing. “Does Young Lord want to buy these flight magic weapons? Do we not have the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat?”

‘The Heavenly River Star Riding Boat requires us to have a lot of people. Ordinarily, it’s not convenient for you either.” Su Xing wrapped an arm around Wu Xinjie’s shoulder, “How about it, I want to buy a few flight magic weapon materials to upgrade. Then, I’ll forge some for you all. Just in case.”

“Sure.” Wu XInjie nodded, not opposing.

In the end, they came to the largest plaza. That place was the most famous place in all of the flight artifact district.

The venue was already full of cultivators, and the display had a black, super cool war chariot. It was different from the dragon boat artifacts they saw before. The war chariot’s body was very large, and according to reason, it ought to have a heavy feeling, yet it was precisely the opposite, giving them a kind of graceful feeling, much like a knight.

Su Xing could not help but be interested.

This chariot had an attack capability, perfectly in accordance with the thoughts he had in mind.

Without thinking, Su Xing took this war chariot.

Just when Su Xing was still buying in the Crystal Dragon Palace, outside the Eastern Sea, on a mountain several hundred li away.

Gongsun Zhuqing and Yuwen Xingliang currently stood on a mountaintop, pausing to gaze at something.

Just at this moment, a yellow light from Maiden Mountain was already gradually drawing closer.

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