Chapter 541: Teaching Xinjie Marksmanship

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Wu Siyou did not have a very favorable impression of Holy Mother Qi Xia. Although she was her Lord Husband’s nominal elder sister, that was a relationship established on exploitation. Not killing her was already considered good enough, however, carefully recalling that it was only because of that “Shifting Star Image Switching Mirror” she bequeathed that allowed so many things to happen.

Wu Siyou nodded.

Holy Mother Qi Xia knew Wu Siyou’s temperament and was not offended, but in her eyes was a bit of restrained fear. “Is Brother Su Xing not present?”

“Do you have business to seek with Lord Husband?” Wu Siyou calmly asked.

“This One has heard you have met with trouble in the Azure Dragon Territory? If you are willing, you can come to Mount Danxia anytime.” Holy Mother Qi Xia phrased her words deliberately. The other Mount Danxia disciples had never seen their Holy Mother so careful. Their hearts were thoroughly shocked as they gazed at Wu Siyou with a bit of disdain.

Wu Siyou’s brows wrinkled. Evidently, she wondered what this Holy Mother Qi Xia was planning.

“This One only wishes to help you kill Lady Snake Scorpion.” Holy Mother Qi Xia, her tone full of a certain bitterness. As it turned out, Mount Danxia’s Star Master Qu He and her Star General forty-eighth ranked Star General Golden Wings Brushing Against the Clouds Ou Xiaomeng (Ou Peng)1 had been killed by Lady Snake Scorpion in a Star Duel. As far as Qu He was considered, Holy Mother Qi Xia had always been very concerned for her, but she never thought that Lady Snake Scorpion would use a “Gu Poison” to take Qu He’s life, making the girl exit the stage in this fashion.

Golden Wings Brushing Against the Clouds Ou Peng.

Wu Siyou was relatively surprised. In her recollection, she was a very fast and bold Earthly Star. She used a “Golden Tipped Sky Soaring Lance” and a “Garuda Arrow” with martial arts that were considered very good for an Earthly Star. She was first-rate with hidden weapons, but Wu Siyou did not think that Lady Snake Scorpion already had her in her palm.

“Is that so? Your Servant shall inform Lord Husband to be careful.” Wu Siyou declined to comment.

“If Brother and Sister are willing, Mount Danxia is still very welcoming to Little Brother and Little Sister.”


Speaking some more, upon seeing that Wu Siyou was not too interested in chatting, Holy Mother Qi Xia could not easily say anything more and then left.

Wu Siyou looked at Holy Mother Qi Xia’s back. She immediately turned around and left.

“Holy Mother, why did you tell Wu Song this?” A Danxia disciple could not help but ask.

“Lady Snake Scorpion is emboldened. With the Roc Demon King’s support, only Wu Song and the others can face them now.” Holy Mother Qi Xia expressionlessly looked at her. Her expression seemed to want to allow the disciple to ask anything else.

Crystal Arrow Pavilion.

Su Xing’s pace was stopped by the name in front of him. Looking at the outside embellishments made Su Xing recall his time on Earth at the firing range, and the Crystal Arrow Pavilion appeared to be specialized in archery drills.

Other than being dazzlingly strange, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s other items were also very colorful. Su Xing just happened to be a bit tired from strolling around for so long, so he and Lin Yingmei discussed and then walked inside.

Archers were a very important part of Liangshan Continent’s armed forces. Although cultivators already could fill the skies with Flying Swords, some magic weapons, for example the Spirit Sealing List’s ranked twenty-fourth and twenty-seventh “Sun Chasing Bow” and “Moon Cold Bow” both required archery. If a cultivator’s archery was brilliant, often they could wield those with greater strength. Many cultivators also trained in archery, and of course, other than the Crystal Arrow Pavilion’s bows and arrows, there were also Flying Sword and other training events. Other than training cultivators’ shooting technique, speed, and aim, they could also nurture a cultivator’s latent reactions.

An archery training pavilion like this could only be possessed by the Great Sects. They were extremely rare in the Azure Dragon Territory, and this one from the Crystal Dragon Palace was very famous. This archery range had many arrays and target dummies. Just those dummies were Stardust Stage cultivation, with some that could be found having Supercluster Stage to train with.

To be able to reach this Crystal Arrow Pavilion, most had extraordinary capability.

“Young Lord, let us take advantage of this opportunity, why not you teach Xinjie marksmanship?” Wu Xinjie’s eyes glinted as she happily spoke. Ever since Su Xing gave her Silver Blade for her protection, Wu Xinjie had never used it. After she comprehended the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, it saw even less use, but regarding Silver Blade, Wu Xinjie truly treasured it. This was the first personal gift that Su Xing had given her. Even Lin Yingmei did not have one.

Guns were extremely rare in Liangshan Continent. Cannons were merely a waste. Among Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight Star Maidens, only Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Zhen was a cannoneer, but guns still were very sparingly used. In the view of most cultivators, though firearms were powerful, their expenditures were comparable to magic weapons and Flying Swords. They simply were existences with dubious worth, and some of Liangshan Continent’s “Heavenly Thunder Cannonball,” “General Crossing Cannonball,” and other warheads were thrown directly. There had never been an idea to load them into a firearm. Wu Xinjie had once seen Su Xing use it to desperately to turn the tides. She knew its might, and if she could, it definitely could shock Liangshan in the future. Now, seeing that they had arrived at the Crystal Arrow Pavilion, her heart’s restrained thinking once again surged.

Su Xing did not hesitate to agree.

The Arrow Pavilion was a series of many similar private rooms. Other than privacy, safety was also a big consideration. Arrays would change along with the master of the room. It was quite modernized, and of course, it had a high price. One Earthly Stage room (Low Grade Puppet Array) cost several million.

Seeing these, Su Xing could not help but remember his old world, and his mind was a bit distracted.

“Young Lord, what are you thinking of?” A sudden voice interrupted his thoughts.

Su Xing turned his head back and saw the girl in front of him was a little breathtaking.

Wu Xinjie’s bright eyes were full of sharpness. Her long hair was already tied behind her back, and her upper body wore a leather vest. The fullness of her breasts was vividly accentuated by the glossy leather. Her lower body wore black skintight pants, and the strained material highlighted the curve of her butt. It was just a glance, but it was enough to make him unable to help but go feel her up.

Su Xing had once said that while shooting guns, dressing a bit more practically would be easier. He did not expect Wu Xinjie to be so sexy. Those skintight curves made Su Xing’s lust stir. 

“Heh, heh, has Young Lord been captivated?” Wu Xinjie slightly winked. She hugged Su Xing’s arm and acted pampered.

That fullness was considerably soft.

“Concentrate. Firing handguns is but a very serious matter.” Su Xing was stern, suddenly feeling what he said about firing handguns was a bit weird. He could not help but smile. 

Wu Xinjie did not understand what Su Xing was smiling about. She glanced at Lin Yingmei and Gongsun Huang.

Su Xing fake coughed and turned around. “All ready!!”

Wu Xinjie nodded. Lin Yingmei and Gongsun Huang were also very curious about Su Xing’s magical device, gazing steadily from nearby. Wu Xinjie watched Su Xing fire freely and easily. She had always thought that shooting was very easy. Only when Su Xing taught her every step and procedure to pay attention to did she realize that no matter what she did, there was nothing easy about it.

“Control your breathing. The best time to shoot the target is when you’re holding your breath. Breathing will influence the gun’s trembling, which influences accuracy.” Su Xing said word by word: “Grasp a target point. Your eyes will need a time period of approximately 3 to 7 seconds to adjust their clarity to the target from scenery. This is the optimum time to fire your gun. If you notice the gun’s muzzle is too high, move it forward. Too low, move it backwards. To the right, shift rightwards.2 And vice versa. Remembering to maintain your body’s extension towards the target is also helpful for accuracy.”

“To a beginner, as long as you remember these points, you’ll do well. You can’t help but be nervous the first time. Your muscles will tense, relax!” Su Xing patted Wu Xinjie’s butt. The girl bashfully clicked her tongue. Su Xing was expressionless yet kneading the taut muscles of her body.  Slowly, Wu Xinjie felt that Su Xing was being serious. Only then did she put away the playful attitude. Su Xing noticed that Wu Xinjie was very quickly entering her zone, quite peaceful, carrying an admiration not easy to perceive: “Now, I’ll give you a demonstration.”  

Su Xing raised the gun, inserted a magazine. All of the bullets were normal Heavenly Thunder Rounds.

He aimed at a target twenty-five meters away. His Divine Intent followed his movements, and the array activated. Several dummies suddenly appeared.

Bang, bang, bang.

A familiar gunfire.

His movements were graceful and easy. From a glance, he showed he was an expert.

Twelve bullets later, the puppets exploded, completely destroyed. Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder and blinked. The little loli had never seen Su Xing’s shooting appearance, and now, she felt that His Highness truly was handsome.

Wu Xinjie said in worship: “Young Lord, how long have you practiced this?”

“More than ten years.” Su Xing faintly said. He had started shooting handguns ever since he was little. This sort of process was already natural. “There’s no need to be surprised, so long as you grasp the relationship of ‘movement and stillness,’ you can have practiced control over your accuracy whenever you shoot.”

“Now it’s your turn.”

Wu Xinjie stuck her body onto Su Xing’s. The curves of her upraised butt were soft and smooth. The girl deliberately rubbed against him, making Su Xing evilly slap her rear, “Be serious!” While practicing, Su Xing had never joked around.

Wu Xinjie pouted in “grievance,” feeling that Su Xing was honestly underestimating her talent as the Knowledge Star.

She raised her arm and shut her right eye.

Seriousness appeared in her eye. Seeing Clearly activated, and the puppets twenty-five meters away seemed to be right in front of her. She had the extraordinary gift of sight, but maybe not with shooting technique. Continuously firing five times, she did not strike a single one of the puppets.

If actual battle consequences were to be used, Wu Xinjie currently would have already been torn to pieces by the puppets.

Of course, from a beginner’s perspective, this result was already sufficiently perfect.

Su Xing nodded in satisfaction from the side, coaching Wu Xinjie quickly about her issues. The Knowledge Star’s Innate Skill Seeing Clearly and marksmanship were perfectly compatible. Wu Xinjie was also quite talented. He remembered when he first began shooting that he would always be nervous and suddenly pull the trigger, stop his breathing too early, and make other mistakes at the right time.

Other than Wu Xinjie indeed being a bit nervous at the beginning, she now slowly adapted. Her shooting standard was outside expectations.

Her grip strength on the gun was appropriate, her breathing steady, and especially her expression revealing confidence made Su Xing very impressed.

Regardless of what she did, as long as she had this self-confidence, she definitely could achieve it.

Shooting had been far more difficult than she had imagined. Wu Xinjie discovered why it was no wonder that Liangshan Continent did not favor guns. If one could not reach Su Xing’s level of expertise, just aiming, timing, and the like would be very clumsy disadvantages.

Typical combat conditions and long distance shooting technique were indeed two separate things.

However, Wu Xinjie did not want to concede defeat. Silver Blade was the present Su Xing gave her. To abandon it like this, she was not willing to do so.

As Wu Xinjie practiced, Su Xing chatted with Lin Yingmei and Gongsun Huang. Afterwards, he even passionately kissed Lin Yingmei on the spot. Wu Xinjie could not stand this and jealously said: “Young Lord, if you two do this, Xinjie cannot easily shoot.”

Su Xing chuckled. “Shooting has a very important element, and that is interference from the outside world. Try to ignore what’s happening on the outside. This way, you can improve your aim. Xinjie, you still don’t meet the standard. You have to hit a hundred out of a hundred shots. To concentrate and ignore distractions is fundamental.”

Wu Xinjie was speechless.

My Young Lord is honestly too crafty.

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  1. 摩云金翅歐小萌(歐鵬)
  2. Definitely not accurate, but it’s in the raws


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    1. Mmm, I don’t see that happening anytime at all. It’d be really cool if they somehow upgraded it to be an actual magic weapon or astral treasure, but why bother when Flying Swords are so OP?

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