Chapter 545: A Love Affair In Perfect Harmony

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The sound of a flute reverberated through the Coral Palace, drawn out and winding, occasionally warm as a light breeze, occasionally as smooth as flowing water.

The fishes were intoxicated from listening, practically forgetting to swim in the Coral Palace’s surroundings. Even the song of the earth spirits could not compare. The melodious and distant tune made Qingci feel that she enchanted, so much so that she forgot she was still speaking with Jin Qiongyu.

Jin Qiongyu was briefly surprised. She had never seen Qingci so cultured and poetic. She herself merely felt this was pleasant to listen to, yet she would never investigate why it sounded so good. She said something else and then left. Compared to the song, the sounds of jade upgrading the Star Weapons of her Sisters was far more pleasant to listen to for the Skilful Star Jade Armed Craftsman. 

“To be able to play out such a heavenly tune, it should be Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin. Longkui, let us go pay her a visit.” Qingci showed a bit of curiosity. Although she knew many cultivators resided in the Coral Palace and that there were even Star Generals who could be future enemies, this tune had a sort of unprecedented airiness that made Qingci for the first time boldly think of personally listening.

The Crystal Willow Trees were like snow. On one tree, a man currently played a flute. That flute was sparkling and translucent. The tune that flew out of the fluttering hole blew up a gentle wind, twisting and coiling about beside the man.

A girl bursting with a heroic air was below the tree, her black hair fluttering as she listened to the song, captivated.

The player was naturally Su Xing, and the flute in his hand was the Destined Star Weapon Phoenix Cry Wind Concentrating Flute of Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin. The jade flute glittered with a luster, and one faint star glimmered like a fairy. The sequence of events leading to this was somewhat long, but after Su Xing finished a night of cultivation, he was compelled by the Dragon Palace’s quiet atmosphere to reminisce. Afterwards, he and Lin Yingmei reminisced in the courtyard, chatting about some trifles of the Star Duels as he rested, Then, Lin Yingmei mentioned Iron Flute Deity Ma Lin – this was the first Star General that made the Majestic Star regret killing her.

Su Xing knew that the previous Majestic Star’s opponents were often top-notch martial generals. Average Sisters were like Jade Qilin Lu Xiao, no need at all to deliver a killing blow, however, after signing a contract, everything would naturally change. Su Xing asked Lin Yingmei whether or not she felt wronged. 

The answer was a shake of her head.

Su Xing smiled. Thereupon, he thought of using Iron Flute Deity Ma Xiaoxiao’s Phoenix Cry Wind Concentrating Flute to play a tune. Su Xing originally was pretty good at the flute, and this Destined Star Weapon had undergone enchantment. The melody he blew was more cacophonic.

That melody’s cadence slowly wound around, as if it could make someone place themselves into ancient times.

There was emotion, heroism, mystery, intimacy…One song was filled with legend, sublimating that thousand years of Star Duels into its melody, sounding lost.

Even Lin Yingmei was engrossed, unable to extricate herself.

Suddenly, Lin Yingmei’s eyes opened, recovering their clarity. The Majestic Star’s right hand summoned and grabbed her spear as she coldly glared at a corner of the courtyard.

A graceful woman who seemed to have come from a painting walked out. Her beauty was indescribable.

“…Since I am obliged by your favor and care, it is good that you are my master. For the cinnabar heaven ten thousand li away, what harm is there in seeking it together. Forever abandoned, bright partner. To avoid other seeing me, move towards the cloudy evening rain.1 Little Sister Ma Lin’s melody is even more moving than the legends say. In your song, Your Servant heard Little Sister’s laments. Are you helpless?” Qingci lifted her head to gaze at the tree. All of her attention was already drawn in by the figure playing the flute.

The player did not answer.

Qingci continued to speak: “Does Little Sister Ma Lin have some other way of thinking about the Star Duels?”

Wind rose.

The Crystal Tree’s snow flowers perked, falling down in a sprinkle. Gracefully walking over, a figure appeared from the tree’s shadow, and Qingci was stunned.

The flute player was not a woman.

A man?

A man she was familiar with.

Qingci’s heart pounded, and her slight smile faded.

“Qingci, you flatter me.” Su Xing slightly smiled, hopping down from the tree.

“Young Lord Su Xing, why is it you…” Qingci stared at the jade flute in Su Xing’s hand. Her smile was very forced. “The Phoenix Cry Wind Concentrating Flute, it seems Little Sister Ma Lin has already met her end by Young Lord’s hand?”

Su Xing heard Qingci’s disappointment in her voice. He vaguely understood, and he responded without changing his expression: “My wife and Ma Xiaoxiao were somewhat at an impasse. Today, I was somewhat in the mood to reminisce, and I was unable to help but play a tune on the Phoenix Cry Wind Concentrating Flute. If I have disturbed Qingci, then I beg your pardon.”

“Your Servant truly did not expect that Lord Su’s melody would surprisingly be played so pleasantly for the ears. Your Servant was even a bit enraptured.” Qingci’s voice was soft. “Your Servant wonders what this song of Lord Su’s is named?”

“I haven’t thought of a name yet. Qingci, the poem you recited just now was named ‘Wild Immortal Pull?’2 Why not name it Wild Immortal Pull then.” Su Xing pondered.

“Wild Immortal Pull.” Qingci muttered.

“Does Qingci also live in the Coral Palace? We truly are bound by fate, it just so happens that I have something that I wanted to consult with you…” Su Xing said.

The Li Longkui to the side could not stand watching any longer. She explosively shouted, her baleful aura swelling, the Four Star Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter grasped in her hand. She swung it in a circle before pouncing towards Su Xing, yelling: “Do not deceive Elder Sister!”

The Killer Star attacked without so much as another word, and the axe tore a wave of murderous intent that slashed at Su Xing’s chest.

“Longkui, you may not.” Qingci shouted.

Regarding the berserk Killer Star, Su Xing already had a defense. He used the Light Smoke Dance Steps’ body technique, leaning his body to dodge this swing. Li Longkui’s expression was violent and menacing, her second horizontal swing aimed at his torso. Her method could be even said to be merciless.

If it was before, Su Xing inevitably would cut a sorry figure being occupied with facing this Killer Star martial general’s attack, but the recent training he received was not fake, let alone that he had already experienced battle with True Phoenix Realm Overlords. Su Xing was neither rushed nor slow, and he evaded again.

Li Longkui’s legs straddled, and her body bolted forward, her speed extremely quick. A frightening baleful aura pounced directly at his face. If it was any other Supervoid Cultivator, just being taken by the Killer Star’s momentum at close range was enough to shake them. Li Longkui lifted the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter and swung left and right. Su Xing flipped into the air, stepping on the axehead in passing, like a dragonfly skimming the water.

Su Xing teased her: “Longkui, your Elder Sister wants you to stop, will you still fight?”

“Hè.” Li Longkui’s eyes were thoroughly red. The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter manifested countless axe shadows, and the billowing murderous aura was even more terrible.

Dark Rank Axe Technique – Wild Dance Of Demons And Gods?

Su Xing’s figure swiftly retreated. He was not arrogant enough to personally experience a Heavenly Star’s Dark Technique.

Li Longkui gave chase.

“Li Kui, do not be savage.” Lin Yingmei coldly grinned, suddenly revolting.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s five stars flowed. Lin Yingmei blocked in front of Su Xing, and seeing that spear sweep left and right to suppress Li Longkui, the Panther Head’s ice-cold spearmanship howled like a blizzard.

The spear-light was sudden. Li Longkui completely did not see it, and she hefted the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter to defend.

The Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s might was ample. Each strike forced the Killer Star back a step. Her spearmanship bolted like a thunderclap, its momentum like a gale. How could Li Longkui be Lin Yingmei’s opponent, but after several dozen exchanges, Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui was unable to oppose her. With a bang, the dense speartip already pressed against Li Longkui’s soft throat.

So long as Lin Yingmei was willing, she could make the Killer Star Starfall at any time she wished.

“If you dare take another step forward, Your Servant shall kill you!” Lin Yingmei coldly said.

Li Longkui was furious. She felt this was a complete loss. How could she accept blackmail, “Longkui.” Qingci yelled. Only then did this stop the Killer Star. Li Longkui angrily withdrew to behind Qingci, but she stared mercilessly at Su Xing.

“Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear. Little Sister Yingmei is truly formidable.” Qingci’s eyebrows rose. Her Birth Treasure Outline manifested. “Extreme Realm Fifth Stage?” Her eyes flashed with astonishment.

Su Xing was somewhat pensive when he saw that Birth Treasure Outline.

“Qingci apologizes for Longkui. We have disturbed Lord Su’s elegant mood.” Qingci retracted the book, bowing her body in apology.

“Little Sister Longkui’s temperament is just a bit impulsive, however, she means well for you, Qingci.” Su Xing looked at Li Longkui and smiled.

Qingci pursed her vermilion lips. She gracefully prepared to leave. “Qingci shall excuse herself for now.”

“Wait a moment…” Su Xing suddenly called. Seeing Li Longkui’s whole body in a vigilant posture stretched taut, he thought to himself that this was amusing.

“Does Lord Su have some other matters?” Qingci said softly.

“Did Qingci really like Big Brother’s flute just now?”

Qingci did not expect that Su Xing would ask this. She slowly nodded, her heart calm. She had thought that was played by Ma Lin. The flute contained every sort of emotion about the Star Duels, Qingci could clearly hear that. She had originally thought that Iron Flute Deity loathed the Star Duels, yet she did not expect it was in Su Xing’s hands. 

Could it be he truly planned to end the Star Duels?

“Since this Wild Immortal Pull has received the name of Little Sister Qingci’s poem, this is considered our performance, but it isn’t complete yet. It’s a bit of a pity. Why not let’s work together to finish it?” Su Xing’s eyes turned, somewhat pensive.

“This…” Qingci was taken aback.

“Is Little Sister Qingci unwilling to do me this honor? Wasn’t Little Sister Qingci moved by the song just now?” Su XIng knew that their relationship was somewhat not too normal, and he wanted to find this opportunity to get close to her.

The man taking the initiative had a chance. Besides, Su Xing felt that Qingci’s status was not like the others.

“But Qingci only knows a tune on the guqin.”

“Then that’s actually perfect.” Su Xing smiled.

“Elder Sister.” Li Longkui voiced her dissatisfaction.

Qingci shook her head, “Fine, Qingci is indeed fond of this song. For Lord Su to not turn his back, Your Servant is thankful.” 

Afterwards, Qingci brought out the “Bi’an zither.” She set it along the ground, her slender fingers plucking the strings. Qingci’s skills were like her own person, picturesque and magnificent. With just a pluck, the strings reverberated sweetly, suddenly making Su Xing have a sort of illusion of traveling through time as he filled with warmth.

Su Xing suddenly recalled an unforgettable text message he had once received on Earth, and he subconsciously said: “Little Sister Qingci, this qin made me remember a text message.”

“Text message?”

Lin Yingmei, Qingci, and Li Longkui showed confusion.

“Ahem, it’s a very long verse.” Su Xing perspired. “Your Servant wonders what that verse is to be so unforgettable to Young Lord?” Qingci curiously asked.

Su Xing clearly said: “A thousand years before, I was the string you plucked apart. Traveling through time, I bring the lingering warmth of your finger in reincarnation to bond with you. There is nothing lavish, merely ordinary warmth. In passing years, I know that our companionship will last a day longer than eternity!”

Qingci merely felt this verse was odd yet full of ambiguity.

“Young Lord Su Xing, you truly think highly of Qingci. Qingci also happens to have a verse to give Little Sister Yingmei.” Qingci gazed at Lin Yingmei, her heart moving.

She softly recited: “A thousand years before, our dissipated life was in perfect harmony. Wandering through reincarnation, I bring my pledge to meet you again in this life. There is nothing eternal, merely every second of our company. In passing thoughts, I pray that our story will finally end!”

Lin Yingmei’s pupils suddenly contracted.

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  1. From a Song dynasty poem
  2. 迷仙引, this is an actual Song Dynasty poem for which I cannot find an English translation. Thus, here is my convoluted interpretation.


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