Chapter 546: Regarding Song Jiang’s Law of Equilibrium

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How could Lin Yingmei not hear the meaning of Qingci’s words. Clearly, she was saying that she had come to end the Star Duels for the sake of the Sisters, and the person destined to do so seemed to be her…Su Xing thought, Fine, I haven’t seduced you yet, but you’re actually seducing my wife. His eyes oddly flickered, and he said: “Little SIster QIngci is creative as expected, to have unexpectedly responded in an instant…”

“Your Servant was inspired. Lord Su is being ridiculous.” Qingci slightly bowed.

Su Xing said nothing more.

Afterwards, their harmony progressed very smoothly. Qingci’s guqin mastery was at the peak of perfection. Her slim fingers plucked the strings, the sound crisp as a chime stone, entering the ear, adding a picturesque charm to Su Xing’s flute. The originally solemn millennial legendary flute followed the accompaniment of Qingci’s guzheng. In a split second, it was full of an unprecedented happiness, sounding enchanted.

The melodious flute echoed in the Coral Palace. Following the undulations that brought them into the boundless eras, the clear and suave flute reverberated, harmonizing with the guqin. The flute even carried a bit of warmth. 

Lin Yingmei was lost in the music, and even Killer Star Li Longkui had a rarely seen calm.

In the flute, their minds seemed to have seen this scene.

The girls descended from Maiden Mountain, the absolute beauties in the lofty Liangshan Continent.

They wielded swords, severing Liangshan.

They gripped spears, warring everywhere.

They…were Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight Star Maidens.

When the song reached its final climax, their figures sublimated into Liangshan’s legends and were carved forever into history. The expansive to the extreme music finally left behind a melancholic note.

The song ended.

A long silence.

Even the cold and merciless Li Longkui stared at Su Xing with complete astonishment.

Su Xing took a deep breath, storing the Phoenix Cry Wind Concentrating Flute away.

“To be able to harmonize with Lord Su for a song, Qingci is satisfied. It appears that Lord Su has very deep sentiments about the Star Duels as well. If only in the future Seven Stars Assembly we can still have a chance to be like today.” Qingci sighed and put away the Bi’an Qin.

Su Xing disagreed: “So long as you yourself are willing, how can this be difficult at all.”

Qingci smiled yet said nothing.

Seeing Qingci prepare to depart, Su Xing asked: “Qingci, there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you.”

“Qingci wonders what that is?” Qingci turned around.

“Regarding the matter of Leader Star Song Jiang, what do you feel?” Su Xing gazed at Qingci’s eyes, his expression seemingly like a sword about to stab into that lake-like tranquility.

The young girl that was as elegant as china remained unmoved. As usual, the corner of her lips slightly curled. “Lord Su, why do you ask this?”

“This generation’s Leader Star, you ought to know her, don’t you, Qingci?” Su Xing asked.

“Your Servant does not. Does Young Lord Su Xing wish to kill her?” Qingci was still elegant as a poem, but her tone clearly was a little cold.

Ever since the Star Duels began, the Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Jiang acting as the first rank had always been at the front of the most bitter struggle, the focus of anyone’s comments. The head of Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight Star Maidens was unable to escape the attention of others, and ever since Song Jiang revealed her reputation of incompetence, matters regarding her became the laughingstock of the people. Killing the Leader Star thus became a matter second only to ascending Maiden Mountain, therefore, if one could not scale Maiden Mountain, they could still achieve fame in Liangshan Continent by killing the Star General who was head of the Heavenly Stars. 

And the fates of the past Song Jiangs could be said to be miserable. From the head of the Heavenly Stars down to the last of the Earthly Stars, they had the experience of being disgraced. The sole exception was the eighth generation of Star Duels. The Eighth Generation Star Duels could be said to have multiple variables. Not only did a Nine Star Destined Weapon Wu Song appear in that generation, Song Jiang in the records of that generation apparently had a pleasant journey and even contracted with a sword cultivator. Afterwards, that Song Jiang even brought about an inconceivable variable in the Star Duels – in the end, she Star Released and bestowed all of her Star Power in its entirety to that sword cultivator. Thus, she Starfell at the same time.

This could be said to have shaken Liangshan.

When Su Xing mentioned Song Jiang’s name, Qingci subconsciously deduced that he was prying into the Leader Star’s powerful Star Energy.

“No, I want to ask Qingci your views on Song Jiang.” Su Xing’s expression was serious.

Qingci evidently did not understand why Su Xing would mention the Leader Star. She thought about it slightly, but her heart was still a bit guarded and said: “What does Young Lord want to obtain from Qingci’s perspective?” 

“This generation’s Song Jiang has yet to Starfall, but neither have I heard even a trace of her. Qingci, what do you think? In the Star Duels, of the significance of the head of Star Generals, Song Jiang?”

“Perhaps she has some ability to not be detected.” Qingci pondered.

“What ability does Little SIster Qingci think that is?”

Qingci smiled: “Your Servant does not know this but wonders what perspective Lord Su has. Qingci wants to hear it.”

“I feel Song Jiang may be the most important point of the Star Duels.” Su Xing honestly replied. “She definitely is concealing some information about Maiden Mountain on her. Perhaps it is something that can change the slaughter of the Star Duels.”

Even Lin Yingmei was surprised by his words. The Majestic Star looked at Su Xing in astonishment. She did not expect that Su Xing would surprisingly was still concerned about the matter of the Song Jiang had never met and the Star Duels, and her heart was somewhat touched.

Qingci was stunned. Her high brows knitted together into a knot: “Why would Young Lord feel that the incompetent Song Jiang would be the crux of the Star Duels?”

“Very simple, Nash equilibrium.”1 Su Xing declared.

Qingci was at an even greater loss.

That was equilibrium?

What the hell.

“Game theory’s famous theory of Nash equilibrium. Suppose there are n participants in a game. Given the strategy of the other players, each player will choose the Nash equilibrium that is most optimal, thus maximizing their own benefit. The strategies of all participants form a combination of strategies.” Su Xing saw Qingci’s stunned appearance and fake coughed: “There’s a difference. Games can be treated as the Star Duels, the participants, Star Generals. Since Maiden Mountain has arranged for the Stars to fight, then naturally, there will be one equilibrium theory, and with the current Song Jiang, Qingci must also know that the Leader Star is very incompetent, unable to compare to even an Earthly Star.” Seeing Qingci mechanically nod, Su Xing continued to say: “Then, it goes without saying, the difference in Song Jiang could only have one reason – “

“What reason?” Qingci found she could not keep up with Su Xing’s line of thought.

“This is that she is an important factor of the Star Duels. This factor’s existence caused the head of the 108 Star Maidens Song Jiang’s capabilities to be substantially impaired. This is the law of equilibrium.”2 

Before they could even retort, Su Xing spoke again: “There is another important reason that I have these thoughts regarding Song Jiang’s difference.”

Qingci’s eyes were full of confusion.

“Song Jiang signing a contract will expose her position to all Star Generals, and her Starfall will be a sky full of glittering stars. Why don’t the other Star Generals have this treatment? Is it only because she is the first ranked? I don’t think so. It must be because of this hidden law of equilibrium. Maiden Mountain would only do this if it was planning something. So I think Song Jiang is very important to the Star Duels.” Su Xing concluded his speech.

Lin Yingmei, Qingci and Li Longkui were already dumb as wooden chickens, petrified.

“Young Master, what are you saying?” Lin Yingmei sobered up, feeling as if she had listened to something obscure. Su Xing’s theory truly made Lin Yingmei feel shocked and impressed. 

And only people who cared about the Star Duels would pay attention to this kind of detail, right?

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s lips rose, and her heart brimmed with warmth.

“Extravagant words, a glib tongue.” Li Longkui closed her mouth, unwilling to allow herself to feel any admiration for this man, even in death.

Qingci was pensive, bewildered as she looked indefinitely at Su Xing.

“Young Lord’s thoughts truly makes My Daughter3 impressed. Qingci has never thought of this aspect in this way.” Qingci noticed that the body of the man before her seemed to have a mist, mysterious, impenetrable, “But has Young Lord not thought that perhaps Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight will just have an incompetent Leader Star that allows Earthly Star Sisters to kill and take her Star Energy?”

Qingci’s conjecture was not without logic. Leader Star Song Jiang’s Star Energy was unmatched. If an Earthly Star killed her, she could substantially increase Star Energy to Heavenly Star levels. Her Realm and martial arts can also improve, so the past Song Jiangs have always been the appetizers for Earthly Stars.

“Perhaps this is what Timely Rain means.”4 Qingci’s smile was a bit sad.

“I’ve thought of this before.” SU XIng conceded: “But after seeing Little Sister Qingci’s Uprising, I suddenly recalled that Song Jiang has another title called ‘Protector of Righteousness.’”5

Qingci was taken aback, her smile like a summer flower: “Does Young Lord believe that Qingci is Song Jiang?”

“Are you, Qingci?” Su Xing asked back.

“If Your Servant truly is Song Jiang, then would that not be somewhat strange? Why would the previous Song Jiang not have heard of the Uprising?” Qingci slightly smiled.

It was precisely this point that Su Xing was unable to make sense of.

“Regardless whether you are Song Jiang or not, Qingci, Your Servant will treat you as his own little sister, this does not matter.” Su Xing disapproved.

“Then many thanks for Lord Su’s concern.” Qingci was neither forceful nor placant. It appeared she did not want to probe further about the Song Jiang topic. She wanted to end this conversation.

Su Xing’s eyes turned, and he smiled: “Qingci, do you want to solve the mystery of the Star Duels.”

“Lord Su is somewhat strange tonight. Is it because of that tune?” Qingci wrinkled her brow.

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline. He advanced steadily towards Qingci. That golden book flipped, radiating golden light, but this book that purportedly knew all information about a Star General nevertheless showed no response towards Qingci.

Seeing the beauty was somewhat irritated, Su Xing said: “Your Servant heard Xinjie mention before that the four Birth Treasure Outlines of the Four Territories conceal all the mysteries of the Star Duels. So long as the four books are pieced together, one can know all secrets of the Star Duels, but Qingci knows as well that because the past Star Masters were incompatible as fire and water, the four Birth Treasure Outlines could not possibly combine. So I wish to invite Qingci to help me, to see whether or not the Birth Treasure Outlines can combine.”

“Is this also Lord Su’s equilibrium?”

“Everything must have a reason to exist. An extremely unlikely possibility is still a possibility, isn’t it?” Su Xing said. “Qingci, could it be you don’t want to know the secret of the Star Duels? Perhaps we can see something with two Birth Treasure Outlines.” 

“Why should we believe the words of a man with a silver tongue.” Li Longkui glowered.

Su Xing extended his hand, directly floating the Birth Treasure Outline to Qingci.

Something like an Astral Treasure that relied on Divine Intent control did not need refinement. At this moment, so long as Qingci willed it, she could reach out and be able to steal this book. Su Xing was precisely using this method to express his trust for her.

“Young Lord Su’s methods truly are formidable. Qingci wants to decline but will appear to be a heartless person.” Qingci forced a smile.

“This is serious. My wives are indebted to profound love, and I only want to help them satisfy their wish to end the Star Duels.” Su Xing slightly sighed.

Qingci kept silent and flipped out her Birth Treasure Outline.

Su Xing’s eyes flashed with a strange glint.

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  1. This is an economic concept regarding game theory. In a nutshell, it means that all “players” in a “game” have no reason to switch their own current strategy, even after accounting for the strategies of the other players. In essence, each player is using the strategy that benefits themselves the most, given the strategies the others have chosen.
  2. In essence, Su Xing is hinting that Song Jiang is not incompetent. In fact, she is the owner of a power so great, she is necessarily weakened to compensate for this power. Until this power activates, she appears to be the weakest Star General in existence.
  3. Self-address
  4. 及時雨, one of Song Jiang’s titles
  5. 呼保義, this shares a common character with Uprising, 聚義


  1. 1. [Even was surprised by Lin Yingmei his words]
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    2. Song Jiang is the key!

  2. That was a… peculiar definition of a Nash Equilibrium that Su Xing gave. Then he used it to justify Song Jiang having a kind of super power which “necessitates” her being (or appearing) otherwise incompetent.

    That is not what a Nash Equilibrium is at all, though; as Schwarze_Kreuz mentioned in his footnote, Nash equilibria are actually situations where players in a game are forced to employ a sub-optimal strategy because it’s the best they can get _unless_ they can convince the others to cooperate with them.

    Well, I guess it’s fine; the author is a novelist, not a mathematician.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

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