Chapter 550: Liangshan’s Frightening Change

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“For her to surprisingly comprehend Earth Rank, what a formidable Elder Sister.” Ling Feixue enviously said. To comprehend Earth Rank at this stage was not odd at all, just like how the Dai Xingyue a moment ago was in possession of an Earth Rank Technique, but the significance of a top-notch Heavenly Star’s Earth Rank was not the same. Their martial arts were powerful, and their Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow Techniques were also not easy to comprehend.

“Han Bing, if you can contract the Hero Star, that would be great.” Ling Feixue licked her lips.

Han Bing was indeterminately gloomy. How could she not be excited about that graceful woman, but she was very clear that Hero Star Little Li Guang and the White Tiger Territory had a very poor relationship, and she kept close to that Majestic Star Lin Chong. Rumor said that she had a relationship with the Purple Thunder Monster. To contract with her was more difficult than climbing the sky, but Han Bing wanted to try.

“Wait until Grandfather returns then we shall see. Going now is only laughable.” Xin Lao finally spoke, her voice heavy and hoarse, but it was exceptionally unrefusable.

“To defeat the Purple Thunder Monster, we indeed can only wait until Grandfather.” Han Bing took a deep breath, retracting her gaze from Hua Wanyue.

“Can that old man obtain the ‘Along the River During Qingming’ now that he has gone to the Great Liang Imperial Palace?” Ling Feixue asked, “I hear that Emperor Liang is very powerful.” 

“Emperor Liang ought to be rushing to attend the Treasure Banquet. Grandfather probably will not encounter him. The others are not even Grandfather’s opponent. Right now, Grandfather should have already taken that thing at this time.” Han Bing’s eyes narrowed, flashing a slight chill. She showed a derisive detached expression as she gazed at the bubbling tide of people in the Crystal Dragon Palace. 

Great Liang Imperial Palace, a vast expanse of colored glass, jade platforms and rooms, layered row upon row. If one looked carefully from above on a Flying Sword, they would discover that the Great Liang Imperial Palace’s structure was elaborate, with a vaguely comprehensible pattern.

At the Great Liang Imperial Palace, there was also a tall tower linked with iron chains. This tall tower’s surrounding ten li had no other structures, only eight palace doors. On the giant eight, bucket-like chain links, there were faint and cryptic talisman script. With each attack, the chains rattled.

What the eight “Nine True Evil Smiting Chains”  trapped was not a Demon Beast or a Devil, rather, it was a scroll.

This scroll slightly unraveled. The portrait depicted mountains and rivers, a pleasant country scene, as if it could leap out of the painting. The scroll’s surroundings were full of golden mist, as if there was an actual devouring the clouds and rolling the moon, too wonderful for words.

If an intruder invaded, the eight gates would firmly activate an array, making it difficult for even an entire army to breach. This platform was the Great Liang’s “Demon Sealing Platform.” 

“Amazing, so this is the Demon Sealing Platform, the Eight Gates Heaven Mixing Array. The qi of the leyline has also been added into the Nine True Evil Smiting Chains. No wonder that Along the River During Qingming can suppress Prehistoric Demons.” Cang Feng’s face showed astonishment as he looked at the Demon Sealing Platform.

“Now is the perfect time for us.” Xiang Chenxing said in a low voice.

Grandfather Li’s eyes were closed as he leisurely walked, entering the Eight Gates Heaven Mixing Array. 

Xiang Chenxing and Cang Feng did not have Grandfather’s strength and could only defend the outside. A moment later, cultivators already flew out of the Great Liang Imperial Palace.

“Who goes there, to unexpectedly dare charge into the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.” A tall and elegant man with a face like jade sternly said. In his hand was a banner that shook, releasing mechanism beasts.

“You are the Great Liang’s State Scholar Mo Shangxian? We hear that you are a descendant of the Mo Clan. Perfect, there is something we have need of you for..” Cang Feng smiled.

“Hmph.” Mo Shangxian sneered.

Several dozen cultivators controlled their sword chants to form a sword array. Suddenly, several dozen shadows quickly shot over. Those black shadows shuttled back and forth, ripping apart space. The black lights ran through them, directly piercing their hearts. 

Their defensive magic weapons were torn to shreds like paper.

The cultivators died suddenly. A girl in black clothes appeared out of thin air, her fingers pinching shadowy Flying Daggers.

“Hey, this place has nothing for you, so do not disturb.” Nongmei interrupted. Seeing her attack was extremely fast,  her arms flung, and the shadow Flying Daggers flew off with practically no traces.

The heads of several dozen Supercluster Cultivators were run through in succession.

Xiang Chenxing’s Star General Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun’s Flowing Water Green Depths Spear was also tyrannical. Yellow Spear Technique “Green Soldier Slash” practically was invincible. How could these Supercluster Cultivators contend against a Star General’s Four Star Destined Weapon attack. Each and every one of them lacked the power to fight back.

“Star Masters, why must you provoke trouble.” Mo Shangxian wrinkled his brow. A Supercluster Stage giant ape puppet blocked in front of him.

“We only want to borrow the Along the River During Qingming. Lord State Scholar, it would be better to be generous?” Cang Feng said amicably. 

“Your Servant upholds His Majesty’s orders. How can I let you take it away.” Mo Shang Xian produced another puppet banner.

This was a white tiger puppet. Its cultivation was unexpectedly equivalent to Supervoid Stage.

“Supervoid Stage puppet, truly extravagant.” Cang Feng sighed elegantly, yet his expression was not as carefree as before. He flipped through his bag. This bag twinkled with green light, incessantly agitated. He pointed the bag at Mo Shangxian. The bag’s mouth opened, and suddenly, a squall blew out. Dust and stone flew about, and an enormous storm blew the cultivators into disarray, their defenses in shambles.

This treasure was known as the “Cool Breeze Bag,” Cang Feng’s Life-cast Magic Weapon. The Demon Beasts of the White Tiger mostly had a Life-cast Magic Weapon. Because it was linked with their own mind, it was more powerful than typical magic weapons. However, forging a Life-cast Magic Weapon  meant they could not cultivate Life-cast Flying Swords.

Although it was called the Cool Breeze Bag, it nevertheless could unleash an unstoppable storm.

The area in a range of ten li was lifted by the gale. The wind was like a blade, tearing reinforced armor to shreds in an instant. Some cultivators of high cultivation barely withstood it, but following Cang Feng’s exertion, these cultivators immediately felt powerful pressure.

Supervoid Cultivator???

Everyone was shocked.

Nongmei and Zhou Zhiyun seized this chance to attack.

“Go.” Mo Shangxian shouted. Several large puppets were summoned in succession, but the two Star Masters in front of them were far more powerful than they had imagined. The large and sturdy man would not lose to a Star General in battle. He wielded a large staff and slaughtered the puppets.

Although that Cang Feng appeared carefree, the magic weapon made everyone face a great enemy.

“Just who are you?” Mo Xiangshan watched the shaking Demon Suppressing Pagoda’s eight gates, and his tone chilled.

“Shut up, courting death.” Zhou Zhiyun shouted. Her Dark Rank Spear Technique Green Speartip Passing Through directly broke Mo Shangxian’s guardsmen puppets. The Mo Clan puppets were superb, but their powerful defenses broke with a single strike.

The Little Conqueror prepared to kill this man to end the Supervoid Puppet’s trouble.

Mo Shangxian, the Great Liang’s State Scholar evaded with precise timing. Immediately afterwards, he bit open his fingertip, spraying his blood into the air. The puppet glowed a complete red,1 and it immediately pressed the attack.

At this time, the Great Liang Dynasty’s hundreds of cultivators were currently pouring here endlessly to offer aid. Every sort of magic weapon and Flying Swords heralded a combatant, pushing back and forth in the storm, a fierce battle.

Just at this moment, they heard a whinny approach. That neigh was odd, obviously a thousand li away a moment ago, but now it was apparently already in front of them.

“Zhiyun, careful.” Cang Feng’s Divine Intent moved, and he hastily shouted.

But he was already too late. Little Conqueror Zhou Zhiyun sensed danger, but her foe’s speed was honestly too swift. As if suddenly rushing over completely without any preparations to react, a powerful and scorching momentum slammed into Zhou Zhiyun like a tidal wave. Astonishingly, the girl’s powerful Star Energy could not endure this one strike. She vomited blood. Immediately afterwards, she was too late to raise her spear and fight back.A divine steed of hooves wreathed in flame but a whole body of ice and snow was in front of her.

Sitting on the horse, a woman laughed just like a great general leading an assault. Her hand raised and slashed with an axe, cutting into Zhou Zhiyun’s body. The pitiful Little Conqueror ZHou Zhiyun was completely unprepared. First, she was knocked asunder by that horse, and then she was hacked by an axe. If it was not for a Star General’s indestructible body, this powerful and heavy blow would have absolutely split Zhou Zhiyun’s body in two.

Even so, Zhou Zhiyun cried out in pain. She lifted her head to look at the general on the horse and the scorching axehead. Her pupils shrunk. Immediately, her body disappeared, falling into the Star Nest.

Xiang Chenxing’s stiff face malevolently warped as he stared at the newcomer.

“Impatient Vanguard is here. Little Sisters, prepare to die.” The woman on the horse restlessly shouted.

“This King thought to see Imperial Sister, but This King never imagined to encounter two Star Masters who do not know they are dead breaking into the forbidden palace. As Father Emperor is not present, allow This King to pass judgment on Father’s behalf.” A heroic man standing on a fiery Flying Sword appeared, his attitude arrogant.

He was Zhao Heng.

Zhao Heng brought the Heavenly Star Impatient Vanguard relying on her Charge Innate Skill to instantly dispatch Zhou ZHiyun, immediately boosting the morale of the cultivators.

“Your Highness Heng, why are you…” Mo Shangxian contrarily wrinkled his brow.

“You still do not run?” Zhao Heng haughtily said.

Two non-Heavenly Star Star Masters were breaking into the Imperial Palace, and with so many cultivators and the national scholar’s assistance, Zhao Heng already planned to destroy these two Star Masters here. Afterwards, Father Emperor would inevitably recognize him.

“National Scholar, Qingshuang, today, we shall let these short-sighted fools know of the Great Liang’s might.” Zhao Heng laughed. 

Zhao Heng and Suo Qingshuang broke through in a spurt of energy. The HEavenly Star martial general took action, and Cang Feng and Xiang Chenxing immediately fell to a disadvantage. Mo Shangxian could not help but feel that this Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals were indeed unequalled in the words when he saw this scene, for only one Impatient Vanguard to render them an advantage.

Mo Shangxian prepared to rally a group.

Just at this moment, the Demon Sealing Platform boomed and rocked. The Nine True Evil Smiting Chains and the eight gates broke one after another, shattering. An astral thunder descended from the sky, striking directly onto the complacent Zhao Heng.

His protective magic treasures disintegrated, and Zhao Heng fell.

“Your Highness.” Suo Qingshuang lost the color in her face.

“Hanyan isn’t here yet?”

Su Xing lifted his head to look at the parting waves. Several dozen men and women dressed in the robes of True Immortal Hall had arrives. Their leader was a Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator wearing a grave and stern expression. Among these people, Su Xing did not see Zhao Hanyan’s figure.

“With the Ling Yan Princess’ Supervoid Cultivator, perhaps she already does not follow the comings and goings of her sect.” Wu Xinjie surmised. Because Star Masters relying on the Star Duels cultivated too quickly, their ascent into Supervoid Stage often would let them act as they pleased and to not necessarily follow their sect as they had before.

“Is that so?” Su XIng’s brow deeply creased. The Intertwined Branch Sword’s light was increasingly dim, and his heart was somewhat ill at ease.

“I shall go ask for Young Lord.”

A moment later, Wu Xinjie returned.

“What is it, did you find anything?”

“They say that the Ling Yan Princess has gone to Kunlun to refine the Thousand Year Tears and has yet to return to the sect.”

Wu Xinjie muttered.

“Perhaps the Ling Yan Princess has found a way to rescind the Intertwined Contract?” Lin Yingmei suddenly said.

Su Xing was stunned. He nodded and felt this was very logical, concerned yet confused. With Zhao Hanyan’s cultivation and the Five Tiger Generals Dong Junqing at her side, he really did not need to worry too much. That Kunlun was known as an Immortal Mountain, with the Liangshan Continent’s top-notch medicine refinement master Queen Mother of Kunlun. Perhaps there really was some elixir involved, but even this would not explain the Intertwined Branch Sword’s abnormality.

“That’s good. I’m currently on the receiving end of Maiden Mountain’s retaliation. This will avoid implicating her.”

Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei glanced at each other. The Knowledge Star covered her grin: “Young Lord truly keeps the Ling Yan Princess on his mind, yet that Steadfast Star is not one bit grateful at all.”

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