Chapter 549: When Blossoms’ Shadows Move In Moonlight, Promise Me You’ll Come Back Again; As Soon As Her Eyes Move, Others Can Guess Her Mind

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Hu Mi curiously watched the girl in front of her. After a while, she slightly smiled and sighed: “So it is you. That Purple Thunder Monster truly is very skilled. In such a short time, he has surprisingly reached Supervoid from Supercluster Middle Stage. This truly is unsurpassed.”

The young woman before her wore a white palace dress, nevertheless, its simple elegance had an additional mundane aspect. The wide sleeves trailed behind her, graceful and luxurious. Her glossy black hair was bound simply in a Flying Immortal Bun. Several large and round pearls decorated her hair, making the black bun appear elegant and even more bright. Her beautiful eyes overflowed with splendor, and her red lips rippled with a sneer. 

“Hu Mi, fight Your Servant once more.” Xi Yue coldly glared at the seal Hu Mi played around with in her hand.

Hu Mi could see through her thoughts. She gently said: “It is reasonable to say that as you are the Purple Thunder Monster’s exclusive property, you are his partner. Mi’er should take this opportunity to split you from him, to destroy one of his arms.” The topic then changed, “A pity that this has ruined my mood for the Treasure Banquet, I decline.” 

“Eh?” Xi Yue did not expect her to say this.

“Hey, don’t tell me you’re afraid? What now, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters are all cowards?” Zhang Feiyu jeered.

“Little Mi, this Little Sister is truly noisy.” Xu Jingshu yawned. She actually did not view the Boatman as an opponent.

“Do you want this Black Turtle Seal back?” Hu Mi toyed with the Black Turtle Seal. She craftily said: “How about this then. Let us compete at the Crystal Dragon Palace’s training field. If you win, I shall return this Black Turtle Seal to you. If you lose…Little Mi shall not make things difficult for you. You only need to inform me why you are so willing to believe in the Purple Thunder Monster??”

“And if I refuse.” Xi Yue coldly asked.

“You were the one who came looking for Little Mi in the first place. Does it matter to me whether you agree or refuse?” Hu Mi smiled and said.

“How about right now.” Zhang Feiyu clenched her fist.

The Crystal Dragon Palace had the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls as protection. If a Star Duel actually occurred here, then it would inevitably alarm the whole place as well as implicate Su Xing. Xi Yue did not want to create side issues at such a critical juncture. In actuality, the Water Illusion Fairy knew that although she was Supervoid Stage, that had only been a few days prior. She was a bit inferior to Hu Mi, and Gold Lancer Xu Ning’s hook spear technique was absolute. The golden armor she had inherited was even more famous in Liangshan. Even some top-notch Star Weapons were unable to contend against it. If they actually battled, Xi Yue had no chances of victory. 

Thinking quickly, Xi Yue made her decision.


Training palace.

Hu Mi in purple clothes and Xi Yue faced one another. Guardian Star Gold Lancer Xu Ning put away her indolent attitude. She took several steps forward, waved her hand, and an enchanting golden lance appeared in her hand. There were four faintly visible stars twinkling, the Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance.

Zhang Feiyu snorted and brought out the Blazing Fish King Saber.

“Do not hold back, do not let Jingshu feel bored.” Xu Jingshu languidly stretched.

“I, Feiyu, will make you climax.” The Boatman shouted, suddenly attacking.


The Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance caught Zhang Feiyu’s Blazing Saber, and then she swept, shaking the spear. Zhang Feiyu was repelled several paces. Xu Jingshu’s spearmanship was eerie, impossible to defend against. Each thrust made Zhang Feiyu’s guard abnormally awkward, deeply irritating the Boatman. The widely maneuvering Blazing Saber was completely useless. Infuriated, her palm shook. The Blazing Fish King Saber shook out a clear rotation. Zhang Feiyu gripped the saber and used full power to attack with her Yellow Rank Saber Technique Fish Dragon Roaming Fire.

A fire dragon like a golden fish rolled out from the saber.

Xu Ning caught it with her lance and vertically slashed downwards, letting the fish fire burn her body without reacting at all. The flames dispersed, and her figure charged out.  

A thrust directly penetrated Zhang Feiyu’s chest.

The Boatman was alarmed that one of her ribs had been broken. Zhang Feiyu was a risk-taker, not retreating but advancing, however, Xu Ning was a different sort of character. Comparing martial arts, she was also superior. Her shoulders suddenly drew close, and a pressure like that of a mountain pressed on the Boatman. Zhang Feiyu’s lungs seemed to be ripped apart in pain, and she slid back several dozen meters,

“Gold And Stone Splitter!!”

Xu Ning gripped her spear, and a ray of blinding gold light suddenly tore apart Zhang Feiyu’s line of sight.

Meanwhile, Xi Yue was not idle. Knowing that in terms of Star Generals, it was probably unfavorable for Zhang Feiyu to face Xu Ning, she immediately launched an attack on Hu Mi. So long as she could injure Hu Mi, Xu Ning would inevitably also be harmed.

The two first raised Flying Swords, however, the Flying Swords Hu Mi forged were the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s renowned “Purple Firmament Sword Chant.” The sword chant activated, and a multi-colored mist descended like a mountain. Xi Yue’s sword chant could not compare at all. She had returned her “Sky Clinging Spiritual Distribution Banner” to the sect after leaving it. She actually had the Dual Modes Ruler as a protective artifact, but she had been suppressed by Flying Swords into complete defeat mere moments in. Xi Yue promptly activated her power, “Like Illusion, Like Reality Soul Technique.”

A hundred Flying Swords manifested a multitude of sword-shadows in the sky, surprisingly becoming innumerable, just like a black cloud. The black cloud pressed down on the city, only then inhibiting the Purple Firmament Swords.

Hu Mi remained unimpressed. She fiddled with the Black Turtle Seal in her white hands. The Black Turtle Seal immediately smashed towards Xi Yue. “This seal shall be returned to you, be sure to catch it properly.” The Black Turtle Seal suddenly magnified, and its whole body radiated black and white light. The crystalline seal faintly had minute talisman script moving about, manifesting the Black Turtle True Spirit. When a Supervoid Cultivator activated the magic weapon, it naturally was not weak. Before Hu Mi had used full power, the drilling field had been rocked by the Black Turtle Seal, about to collapse.

The pressure pushed down, but Xi Yue did not shrink back. Secretly chanting, two rays of light flew out from her sleeves, assuming the form of yin and yang to firmly resist the Black Turtle Seal’s pressure. Xi Yue urged on her Supervoid Star Energy, attempting to take the Black Turtle Seal.

“Dual Modes Ruler?” Hu Mi was astonished, “That Purple Thunder Monster truly is not unkind to you, to surprisingly give this level of Spirit Treasure to you? Little Mi truly is more and more curious about him.” As she said this, Hu Mi sent Star Energy into the Black Turtle Seal.

The Black Turtle Seal briefly shuddered and let out a long cry. That seal imprint uttered an air-shattering voice. The three zhang sized seal carried this thundering power. The Dual Modes Ruler’s form struck the Black Turtle Seal like whips, releasing cracking sounds. The hall tottered on the edge of collapse, with cracks becoming more numerous.

Hu Mi took back the Black Turtle Seal and retreated a step, her expression not as relaxed as before. “If this continues, the Crystal Dragon Palace will expel us.” Her figure flashed, and Gold Lancer Xu Ning slowly returned to her side. Zhang Feiyu was forcing herself up, extremely exhausted. The victor was clear.

“It appears to be our victory.” A slight grin appeared on Hu Mi’s lips.

“Who says.” Zhang Feiyu was indignant and forced herself to stand up.

Just at this moment, a mildly sweet and beautiful voice came entered the hall, making people appear intoxicated.

“Bullying a Water General is not skillful. Guardian Star Gold Lancer Xu Ning, fight Me, how about it?”

Everyone turned their gazes.

A beautiful girl had appeared in the hall at some point in time. Her haze-shaded clothes, short cloak, and two lotus leaf-like pieces of cloth covered her chest, half-exposing her snow-white roundness. Her deep cleavage was especially prominent, and in the middle hung a brilliant piece of colored glass. Below her snow-white belly was a hundred-pleat short skirt, with gilded edges and flowery embroidery. Her white legs were encased in knee-high black stockings. Clad in multi-colored boots, each of her steps seemed to tread on clouds, extremely gorgeous. 

The girl’s appearance was sweet, her bright eyes pleasant. Perhaps she had drunk some wine, but her white and fair skin was dyed with an intoxicated pink. Even her expression carried traces of drunkenness, and her voice was like a fine wine, intoxicating. She honestly was slightly tipsy and flushed, brushing her peach blossom red cheeks with a rippling smile. 

Hu Mu recognized the young woman as the one that caught her attention earlier.

As expected, she was a Star General.

“Where did you pop out from. I, Feiyu, have not played enough.” Zhang Feiyu shouted.

That was an inconceivable scene.

The multi-colored light flashed, and the young woman already appeared in front of Zhang Feiyu. Her speed was so fast it left Zhang Feiyu dumbstruck. “If you are not happy, then both of you can come together.” The young woman knocked Zhang Feiyu back with one strike.

Her right hand clenched, and a weapon of multi-colored light entered her hand.

Hu Mi and Xi Yue froze. They did not know if the woman before them was actually drunk or too arrogant to surprisingly face the four of them. The next instant, Xu Ning’s desire for battle was aroused. Laughing, the Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Spear attacked. 

The girl’s body techniques were wonderful. Her hand moved and knocked Xu Jingshu away with one strike.

“I hear that Guardian Star Gold Lancer Xu Ning has another unrivalled armor Star Weapon, ‘Goose Feather Ring Gold Armor.’ How about you allow Me to experience it?”

“What an arrogant Star General.” Hu Mi sneered and suddenly attacked.

Zhang Feiyu was red-faced with anger. She raised the Blazing Fish King Saber to attack from behind.

The girl practically was trapped on all sides, yet she remained easygoing, unhurried as she consecutively defended against the three women. Her left hand then manifested a segmented staff weapon, attacking all sides with great dexterity, surprisingly suppressing Xu Ning and the others’ assault.

“I forgot to introduce myself – I am Yueying!! Little Sister, speak your True Name?”

Star Position: Speed Star

Star Name: Dai Zong

Nickname: Magic Traveller

True Name: Dai Xingyue

Rank: Twentieth

Star Weapon: Star CHasing Moon Treading Armored Horse (Two Star)/Sky Confusing Heart Bell (Not Manifested)

Star Beast: Divine Hawk

Realm: Matchless Third Stage

Innate Skill: Magic Traveling Array

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Sun Travels Thousand Li

Dark Rank Special Move: Flying Smoke Scattering Stars

Earth Rank Special Move: Sun Pursuit

Current Status: Uprising (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

Han Bing currently stood at the top of one of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s halls overlooking the ant-like market. At the same time, the Birth Treasure Outline opened before her, endlessly scanning women in the crowd who appeared especially beautiful. If her luck was not bad, she had a good probability to encounter a Star General. Using this method, a list of names of Star Generals had appeared in her Birth Treasure Outline.

Of course, understanding the material of Star Generals was only second. The most important thing was for Han Bing to search for a second Star General to sign a contract with for her Twin Stars Button.

But when she spotted the record of Dai Zong, Han Bing’s ice-like indifferent expression wrinkled its brow.

“Uprising? What kind of contract is this?” Ling Feixue gasped, confused. 

The taciturn woman Xin Lao beside Han Bing pursed her lips, clearly at a loss.

“Imperial Sister, do you know what Uprising is?” Ling Feixue asked the golden long skirted woman beside Xin Lao.

The girl had wavy golden hair and had a seemingly solemn complexion. She looked displeased and shook her head. 

“I heard that Song Jiang’s Innate Skill is Uprising, could it be this?” Han Bing said in a low voice. 

“Impossible, there has never been this sort of thing before.” Ling Feixue flatly denied it. “Perhaps it is the effect of a magic weapon like the Twin Stars Button?”

Thinking about, it could only be this.

“Imperial Sister, you must remember well Little Sister’s whereabouts. When there is a chance, pay her a visit and we will know then.”

The golden haired girl nodded, concentrating on Dai Xingyue. A third, bright golden eye suddenly opened on her spotlessly white forehead. After a long while, it then closed. Han Bing nodded. Since she could not be conquered, it was completely useless. Not thinking about this anymore, she continued to scan with the Birth Treasure Outline.

At this time, the Birth Treasure Outline displayed new information.

Han Bing looked. Immediately, she was interested.

“Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong has comprehended her Earth Rank Technique!!”

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