Chapter 552: Zhiyu Softly Sang, Wuyu Was Leisurely

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Jin Qiongyu’s face sunk. She looked around at everyone present. The other cultivators did not want to join in on a Star Generals’ dispute and merely looked on. However, each and every one of their expressions brimmed with cold detachment. Jin Qiongyu sneered, and she snapped her fingers.

A pure jade containing fire yet emitting cold shot towards Tang Lianxin.

It stopped in front of the girl’s brow.

“Cold Yang Warm Soul!!” Everyone was astonished.

The Cold Yang Warm Soul was forged using every kind of Yin Yang spirit jade. Other than being upgrade material for Heavenly Stars’ Seven Star, it could enormously benefit Divine Consciousness when forged into a magic weapon. It was indestructible, but this kind of jade was extremely difficult to refine, and its value was worth more than ten billion.

“My surplus shall be given to you.” Jin Qiongyu flatly said. She could refine Seven Star upgrade material without any worry.

Glancing at Ju Yueke, Jin Qiongyu carried her hatred away and departed the Gambling Stone Pavilion.

“Master, why have you come?” Tang Lianxin took the Cold Yang Warm Soul and stepped forward.

“Worthy of the Jade Armed Craftsman Skilful Star. The sect that can contract her will definitely achieve meteoric success.” Ju Yueke muttered. She saw Tang Lianxin, and she warmly smiled: “Lianxin, you truly are audacious. You surprisingly dared to bet against the Skilful Star. Could it be that you do not know that she is extremely proficient in spirit jade?”

“It is precisely because of this that Lianxin did this.” Tang Lianxin respectfully said.

Ju Yueke did not understand.

It actually was very simple. If that actually was a Jade in the Stone that brimmed with spiritual power, how could Jin Qiongyu bring it out for the Gambling Stone. More or less, she knew that was probably “White Bone Scale,” but there was still a bit of uncertainty that she had to resolve with the Gambling Stone.

Tang Lianxin was an expert in tool refinement, perfectly knowledgeable in the refinement of arms and magic weapon materials. For this reason, rather than say she was making a hair-raising bet against Jin Qiongyu, it was better to say the Solitary Star had bluffed Jin Qiongyu’s tactic.

Hearing Tang Lianxin’s explanation, Ju Yueke then noticed that the reclusive and antisocial girl was not as simple as she had imagined. Ju Yueke swept her gaze over the crowd. Not seeing that figure that should have been following, she was very discontent: “And Su Xing? Is he not together with you?”

“Elder Brother has some other matters.” Tang Lianxin answered.

“If you encounter other Star Masters, separating like this is dangerous for you two. According to what I know, the majority of the territories Star Masters have joined this Treasure Banquet.”

“Lianxin knows.”

“How are your preparations for the Star Duels?”

“Everything is progressing smoothly.”

Ju Yueke did not know just what this everything is progressing smoothly meant, but she was fully aware that Tang Lianxin and Su Xing’s situation was very dangerous. With the Solitary Star participating in the Star Duels, Su Xing perhaps was facing great misfortune. Ju Yueke was somewhat regretful: “Two days after the Treasure Banquet, there will be preparations to convene a major conference of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Alliance of Ten. All sects will be in attendance. At that time, Star Masters would also appear to discuss some Star Duel related matters. As your master, I wanted to speak with you and Su Xing about the Star Duels’ situation, and see at the same time if there was anything I can help you with. This is Headmaster’s intention.”

“Many thanks to Master. Lianxin will inform Elder Brother.”

“Then good…This Lady is…” Ju Yueke spotted the stunning Hu Niangzi, and her eyes flashed with a strange glint.

“She is…”

“I am Lianxin’s Elder Sister.” Hu Niangzi was aloof, using a vague phrasing.

Ju Yueke did not know their relationship, but she did not mind. She then specifically instructed Lianxin some matters relating to the Alliance of Ten before leaving.

Xie Zhenyuan and Bing Qingxuan walked on the street searching for the things they wanted. However, Xie Zhenyuan stuck out like a sore thumb. Against his chest, he carried in his arms Huo Roulian, looking around as he talked and laughed with her. The eager little loli brimmed with a brilliant smile. At first glance, how could they be Star Master and Star General. They were clearly brother and sister out to play.

Bing Qingxuan cast a sidelong glance at them. His forehead slightly creased, and he felt like vomiting when he saw this scene.

Although this genius Senior Brother had contracted a trash Star General to participate in the Star Duels, to him, this was a very good thing, but upon recalling Xie Zhenyuan’s stance about protecting his Star General, BIng Qingxuan was thoroughly disgusted – who did he think he was? Maiden Mountain’s ruler? He was truly arrogant beyond belief.

Although Xie Zhenyuan had now reached Supervoid Stage, Bing Qingxuan had the confidence he could now send this supercilious Senior Brother go report to King Yama and cover everything up. However, Bing Qingxuan did not want to do this at all – this was not so-called “sympathy for a compatriot.” Bing Qingxuan purely thought of how far Xie Zhenyuan could go after the Three Heavenly Books, to see the sight of him wretchedly begging for mercy.

His heart scoffed, yet Bing Qingxuan’s outer appearance was still calm, a look of reverence for his genius Senior Brother. “Senior Brother Zhenyuan, Your Servant remembered something else to do and will now take leave.” 


Seeing Hou Ruolan’s blissful smile, Bing Qingxuan had a slight destructive impulse. He put on an act and sighed: “Ever since the Purple Thunder Monster entered the world, our sect has already been put in turmoil by him alone. Several Ancestral Masters have died one after another.1 If Senior Brother can contract a Five Tigers, perhaps…” 

“Qingxuan, you can go.” Xie Zhenyuan was emotionless.

“Apologies.” Bing Qingxuan feigned sincerity, apologetically cupping his hands towards Hou Ruolan: “Ruolan, Senior Brother is putting out enormous sacrifice for you. You must not disappoint Senior Brother. I hear Star Master and Star General can comprehend Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. Perhaps you can be a helping hand.”

“Ruolan will try her best.” The girl softly said.

Xie Zhenyuan watched Bing Qingxuan leave, and his eyes had an additional sharpness. “Zhenyuan.” Hou Ruolan tugged at Xie Zhenyuan’s hem. She lifted her head and guiltily said: “Sorry.”

“I will protect you.” Xie Zhenyuan showed a smile. He tenderly caressed Hou Ruolan’s hair. In that instant, the face of his little sister and Hou Ruolan’s overlapped, making Xie Zhenyuan briefly dazed.

It was this similar face that made Xie Zhenyuan completely not hesitate to sign a Star Duel Covenant with her the first time he saw Hou Ruolan.

“This time, I will definitely protect you!!” Xie Zhenyuan repeated the promise he had once broken, hugging Hou Ruolan even more tightly.

Hou Ruolan slightly hurt but was a bit moved.

Bing Qingxuan ingested Change Appearance Pill to alter his facial features. After confirming no one was paying attention, Mu Qingying then emerged from the Star Nest. Investigative Star Unrestrained appeared to be like a shadowy projection, her eyes full of a gloomy chill.

“Xie Zhenyuan’s reputation will not hinder us for much longer. For this Treasure Banquet, Qingying wants to first use every means to upgrade her Star Weapon.” Bing Qingxuan understood.

“That Purple Thunder Monster?” Mu QIngying spoke.

Bing Qingxuan’s face turned gloomy: “I believe that the Purple Thunder Monster will become everyone’s target after the Seven Stars Assembly. We can wait and see for now, then swoop in. If we can upgrade your Star Weapon to Six or Seven Star, Qingying, we will be fine. So long as we can kill the Purple Thunder Monster, his multiple Star Generals will only become meat on our chopping block.”

“Master’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords is still missing the Heaven Sword. Does Master need Subordinate to help steal it?” Mu Qingying continued to ask expressionlessly.

“No need for the time being. We can take the Heaven Sword at any time. For now, let it be, so as to avoid disturbing the snake in the grass. Wait until after the Heavenly Books.” Bing Qingxuan stroked his chin, suddenly gazing at the woman. “Qingying, have you comprehended your Earth Rank?”

Mu Qingying shook her head.

“I should think of some ways to comprehend the Earth Rank and Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. By the time of the Three Heavenly Books, we will have an even greater chance of victory. If we can comprehend the Heaven Rank Third Watch, these Star Duels will be ours.”

“Subordinate obeys.”

Bing Qingxuan planned every single step in the future Star Duels. Although he acted as the Most High Path’s hidden Star Master, compared to the Xie Zhenyuan in the spotlight, he appeared especially cautious.

Just as he was pondering, Bing Qingxuan’s Divine Intent moved.

Mu Qingying quickly spun around. Her Four Star Destined Weapon daggers Flowing Frost Moon Shadow unsheathed, slashing a frosty dagger-light.

Dagger knocked into dagger.

A crisp clash.

The sneak attacking assassin’s speed was not slow. After the first wave of assassination attacks declared her presence, the second wave launched even faster. Just like a demon circumventing Mu Qingying’s defenses, she directly targeted the Investigative Star’s heart.

Mu Qingying’s double daggers slashed left and right, but her opponent had evidently used her Dark Technique. Twin daggers slashed open countless phantoms that deflected these tips, however, Mu Qingqing was a Heavenly Star assassin after all. Regardless of awareness or reactions, she was extremely outstanding. The Investigative Star instantly retreated. Her Star Beast Dark Karma dispersed into countless black screens, and her foe suddenly attacked empty space.

“Was that Flickering Light Passing Shadow just now?” Mu Qingying reappeared several dozen meters away, the corner of the girl’s mouth carelessly revealed a mocking curve.

Hearing her words, the Bing Qingxuan who was about to intervene stopped. “Flickering Light Passing Shadow? Little Restrained?”

Gritting her teeth.

A shadow appeared. Mu Duiying straddled her Yin Room Black Panther as she stared hatefully at Mu Qingying.

“Letting you off last time was your good luck, now you have come to die again? You truly are adorable.” Bing Qingxuan laughed. He recognized the girl in front of him. Last time at the Most High Path, this assassin heard information from who knows where and came to the sect to duel Mu Qingying. The result was she was naturally defeated. Afterwards, so as to avoid exposing his identity, they let go of their chance to kill her, allowing Little Restrained to escape. 

Bing Qingxuan still felt this was a pity. He did not expect her to come again.

“Elder Sister, do you dare duel with me?” Mu Duiying pointed at her Elder Sister.

Mu Qingying gazed at Bing Qingxuan.

“You fool. Your luck is good, and triggering the Treasure Banquet’s anti-attack enforcement will bring trouble. We will not kill you this time, seeing as you are so foolish. You will be a moth to a flame sooner or later, anyways. I also want to test if I can contract two Stars…Qingying…” Bing Qingxuan ruminated as he pursed his lips, hinting to Mu Duiying.

Mu Duiying understood intuitively.

Her figure suddenly vanished.

The Yin Room Black Panther roared, simultaneously turning incorporeal.

The two great assassins completely hid their presence. Bing Qingxuan had inherited Mu Qingying’s Innate Skill and could track their movements.

In that chaotic emptiness, Mu Qingying and Mu Duiying’s four daggers bit at each other, cross, sliced and slammed. Both sides were assassins, paying particular attention to the first to initiate and attack, to kill in one strike. Their attacks were extremely violent, their speed beyond compare.

The air range with the impacts of weapons, yet not a shadow could be seen.

The two swiftly retreated several steps, grimly eyeing their counterpart.

Immediately after they withdrew, like a sudden storm, the Sisters tacitly attacked.

“Kill In One Strike!!”

“Flickering Light Passing Shadow!!”

The shadows melded together. Dagger-light glittered, and a sharp dagger-qi shot out, shattering the wall.

Bing Qingxuan narrowed his eyes. His expression suddenly changed, and before he could react, a cold dagger was already pressed against his neck. Beside his ear, he heard a sing-songy voice.

“You are supposed to be the same, sharing joy and misfortune. Little Sisters, turn your hostility into friendship.”

A young woman stood between Mu Qingying and Mu Duiying, dully speaking.

The two girls were shaken. They only then noticed that their techniques were surprisingly easily broken by this newcomer. Mu Qingying’s seemingly forever cold expression finally showed interest in seeing this woman..

Zhiyu softly sang.

Wuyu was leisurely.

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