Chapter 553: Assassin Dance Steps And The All Things Bracelet

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A mysterious sound came, passing by endlessly.

Bing Qingxuan was shaken. This was the very first time he had been frightened into a cold sweat. He possessed Unrestrained’s Innate Skill, but the girl before him had infiltrated right before his eyes, surprisingly unperceived. The opponent’s concealment abilities were simply shocking. Could it be she was more formidable than an assassin Star General?

Mu Qingqing saw that her master had been captured. Without thinking, she instantly withdrew, using Dark Technique Death Path’s Kiss!

Wuyu shrugged her shoulders. Her figure vanished, obstructing Unrestrained with speed that far surpassed hers. Mu Qingying’s double daggers unleashed Wounds Of King Yama as she easily evaded the girl’s daggers and twisted for Mu Wuyu’s throat. The girl’s brows rose, and she slowly laughed. 

Mu Qingying cut empty space.

“Qingying, stop!” Bing Qingxuan shouted.

Before Mu Qingying could, a dagger pressed against her. The dagger’s edge glinted with a cold light, the glare blinding Mu Qingying. She was stifled: “Frost Moon Ruinous Light?”

“Hey, this is my duel with Elder Sister, don’t interfere.” Mu Duiying pointed at Wuyu.

Mu Wuyu’s brows rose, and she retracted her daggers.

“No wonder the Twin Mu Assassins have declined, to unexpectedly revel in infighting.” Mu Wuyu dully turned her head back, calling out to Xuanle Feifei without any energy: “Feifei, are we actually helping this generation’s Sisters?”

Xuanle Feifei nodded. Mu Wuyu and Mu Zhiyu put away their hostility, concealing themselves behind her.

“Who are you?” Bing Qingxuan was unable to breathe, and his whole body trembled.

“What are your True Names?” Xuanle Feifei asked.

“Duiying. Who are you, why are you interrupting me.” Mu Duiying stamped her foot, angrily speaking. The corner of Bing Qingxuan’s mouth twitched. This idiot completely had no sense of danger, and she was a bit too much on the slow side.

Xuanle Feifei then looked at Mu Qingying.

“Qingying.” Mu Qingying coldly replied.

“Mu Duiying, Mu Qingying, not bad. The names of this generation’s Mu Sisters are appear to be able to have some achievement.” Xuanle Feifei happily punched her palm. This made her recall that day she contracted Mu Zhiyu and Mu Wuyu. It was practically the same situation. 

“Just who is Your Distinguished Self?” Bing Qingxuan already sensed something.

Mu Wuyu lazily stretched herself: “These two are too weak. Feifei, are we really helping them ascend Maiden Mountain?”

Bing Qingxuan’s eyes widened. He restrained the impulses in his heart, “You, you…what did you say…”

“Mu Duiying, do you want to ascend Maiden Mountain and become Overlord.” Fairy Xuanle tossed out an enticing offer.

Mu Duiying bluntly refused: “No!”

Xuanle Feifei blanked. She completely did not expect that Mu Duiying would answer like this.1 She had originally wanted to play matchmaker to make this man contract two Stars with Mu Duiying. If the Sisters signed contracts, so long as they were of the same mind, there was a very good chance for him to become a Star Master to two Stars, but seeing Mu Duiying’s unwilling appearance, Xuanle Feifei had thought she misheard. There was unexpectedly a Star General that did not wish to scale Maiden Mountain.

Mu Zhiyu was delighted. “Little Restrained, you said you do not want to ascend Maiden Mountain?”

“I only want to kill Elder Sister!!” Mu Duiying pointed at Qingying.

“Where did you come up with this preposterous idea.” Mu Wuyu was a bit furious with this fool who had inherited the name of Little Restrained.

Mu Duiying actually then recalled something, finally saying with determination: “This is how I think. Elder Sister, watch this!” Saying this, she was about to stake everything when Mu Wuyu instantly arrived beside her and grabbed her wrist. This speed scared Bing Qingxuan.

“That hurts.” Mu Duiying bared her teeth.

“You, your truly have lost the face of us Little Restraineds.” Mu Wuyu’s face was red as she cursed.

Mu DUiying snorted. With her other hand, dagger-light glinted, releasing a phantom. THe girl spun around, stabbing behind her, but regardless of how fast or nimble she was, she was completely unable to seize even the slightest trace of Wuyu. Suddenly, Mu Duiying helplessly threw her knives.

Frost Moon Ruinous Light directly stuck into the thick stone slabs.

“As an assassin, throwing your weapons is truly disgraceful.” Mu Wuyu was speechless.

Bing Qingxuan wrinkled his brows and sneered: “This kind of Star General truly does not realize the situation before her. Contracting with her will only be a hindrance.”

“What a big mouth.” Mu Wuyu arrived in front of him, disliking his evaluation of Little Restrained.

“Do not be noisy.” Xuanle Feifei shouted, a bit unable to fathom Mu Duiying, “If you wish to become top-notch assassins, then come with This Fairy.” Xuanle Feifei turned around and opened a Heavenly Sound Array. Her two Mu’s shrugged and entered the formation.

Bing Qingxuan hesitated a moment. Although he did not understand just what was happening, he could vaguely deduce that he had apparently happened upon great fortune, to encounter an exceptional character. The array in front of him was truly an absolutely good opportunity. He laughed, and then Bing Qingxuan and Mu Qingying entered the array.

“That man is somewhat shrewd.” Mu Zhiyu slightly grinned.

“This keeps in accordance with an assassin’s style.” Xuanle Feifei nodded. But that Little Restrained was honestly very unqualified. As an assassin, she nevertheless did not have even the most fundamental ability to sense danger. She unexpectedly wanted to challenge a Heavenly Star. Was her brain waterlogged?

“Although she is a bit stupid, her martial arts are not bad. Her thinking is very meticulous. Perhaps she is not so simple.” Mu Wuyu had tested Duying before and thoughtfully smiled.

Xuanle Feifei could not interfere in the Star Duels, otherwise drawing Chao Gai over would be some trouble. If it was not for her, she truly wanted to help Bing Qingxuan contract both Mu Sisters, to achieve another Double Mu assassin legend. However, entering her “Heavenly Sound Realm,” there was a chance Mu Duiying would refuse.

Pondering this, Bing Qingxuan and Mu Qingying already entered.

Then, Mu Duiying walked in with the Yin Room Black Panther. She did not want to become an assassin actually, she simply did not want to let her Elder Sister go.

Before Fairy Xuanle could say anything, Mu Duiying suddenly turned around and left the array. Then, she walked in again and left again, as if she was leaving the backdoor to her own home. Fairy Xuanle and the others stared, not understanding what she was doing.

After two cycles, Mu Wuyu smiled: “Just what antics are these, Little Sister.”

“I just want to go grab my weapons.” Mu Duiying showed her daggers. 

“Destined Star Weapons…Can appear as we will them…Grab, is there something so cliche?”

“…You’re right.” Mu Duiying had an epiphany.

Xuanle Feifei: “…”

Bing Qingxuan: “…”

“Can we actually realize the legend of the Ninth Generation Assassins?” Mu Zhiyu facepalmed.

Mu Wuyu dully shrugged her shoulders.

“Just who are you?” Bing Qingxuan decided to not mind her.

“Do not ask me who I am. You need only remember one thing…I will impart to you the pinnacle of assassination.”

Xuanle Feifei smiled, full of confidence.

Su Xing’s Treasure Banquet was still progressing according to plan perfectly. On the second day, he had already browsed through the two largest districts in the Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow areas. He had already bought what he could, and when he returned to his quarters at night, Tang Lianxin brought the information Ju Yueke relayed about the Alliance of Ten.

And Xi Yue mentioned the Hu Mi of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace.

That duel had been interrupted by the mysterious Star General Yueying. The result was that Zhang Feiyu was not an opponent and was defeated. Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu also suffered a hidden loss. However, in a four against one, even that Yueying did not have an advantage. She made several hundred bouts before she withdrew. Just as she came, so too did she withdraw mysteriously.

Su Xing had seen many Star Duels, and those whose martial arts could be this strong wer elimited to a few.

As for Hu Mi’s intentions, Su Xing surmised that she was most likely betting on both sides. She was both friend and foe, however, her repelling Xi Yue made Su Xing let go of fighting her.

On the Treasure Banquet’s third day, Su Xing unexpectedly ran into Gong Caiwei in the magic array district. Due to his abundance of Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, he gave her the Bagua Mirror, inquiring about her recent situation and taking a stroll with her. 

During this time, they encountered Yan Wudao, Xie Chang’an, Lady Snake Scorpion, and other familiar faces. It was contrarily difficult to maintain calm in the Crystal Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet.

On the fourth day of the Treasure Banquet, the Spirit Sealing List was again in a perlious situation.

A never before heard of Prehistoric Spirit Treasure named “All Things Bracelet”2 had surprisingly displaced Northern Darkness Has Fish’s Three Clarities Banner had been squeezed out of its throne at third place. The proud magic weapon of the Most High Path’s top-notch ancestor had once again been dragged down by an unheard of magic weapon, again making everyone speculate in a frenzy who it belonged to. However, other than these days that flourished in the direction of the Purple Thunder Monster, they truly did not know anyone else.

The same day, the “Alliance of Ten Conference” set their banquet in the Crystal Dragon Palace’s “Four Seas Hall.” 

This was not actually an Alliance of Ten Conference, but this was a good opportunity to use the Treasure Banquet as a means to convene all of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects for negotiation.

Because Su Xing had the identity of a Four Styles School disciple, he also needed to attend. Tang Lianxin followed afterwards, but so as not to expose himself, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Wu Siyou and the others did not come along. Only Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang entered the Star Nest as a precaution.

Tang Lianxin’s “Great Void Golden Lotus” Star Weapon had never been clearly understood by anyone, so Su Xing did not worry about her being seen through. He slightly disguised himself and then rushed to the Four Seas Hall. He heard practically all Star Masters would attend, and SU Xing wanted to find Zhao Hanyan.

Outside the Four Seas Hall, the Four Styles School’s delegation was outside the gate.

In attendance of this Treasure Banquet, other than Ju Yueke, there was also the Fire Cloud Peak’s head Ruan Hongde as well as his daughter Ruan Hongxue and others.

Spotting Su XIng, Ruan Hongxue was still a bit of fiery temper: “You are too slow, to make us wait for you so long.”

“Sorry, some things delayed me.” Su Xing said.

“You…Su Xing, you are Supervoid Stage…” Ju Yueke was stunned.

“Huh?” Ruan Hongde first froze. When he surprisingly could not see Su Xing’s cultivation clearly, he discovered the man in front of him had unexpectedly reached Supervoid Stage. The man cupped his fist in reverence and said: “Truly, congratulations to Fellow Su Xing, to surprisingly break through to Supervoid in such a short time.”

Supervoid Stage was Liangshan COntinent’s most powerful level of cultivation. Even with the Four Style School’s years of history, other than during its golden years, there were no more Supervoid Cultivators afterwards.

“No way?” Ruan Hongxue did not believe this. The first time she saw Su Xing, he had only been Galaxy Stage, and now he had unexpectedly rose to Supervoid in one year. This cultivation advancement speed was unprecedented. “They all say that that Xie Zhenyuan whatever is a hard-to-find genius, but I feel he truly is very far behind Junior Brother Su Xing.”

These words once uttered drew the gazes of other cultivators.

“Hongxue, do not be impolite to Senior Brother Su Xing.” Ruan Hongde rebuked her, fearing she was as rude and unreasonable as before.

Ruan Hongxue wrinkled her nose in grievance, grumbling about “what is a Star Duel Covenant even good for.”

“It’s okay, this is quite the happy encounter.” Su Xing modestly said.

Ju Yueke sighed: “Never expected Su Xing to reach Supervoid. Master is ashamed at her inferiority, but this is good as well. Master can be at ease about the Star Duels.”

“Did the Headmaster not come?” Su Xing did not want to continue this conversation and changed the topic.

In accordance with this sort of banquet, the sect’s headmaster would not miss out.

When he mentioned the Four Styles School’s Daoist Xuan Tian, Ju Yueke and Ruan Hongde sighed in depression.

“What happened?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Let us go inside and then talk.”

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