Chapter 572: Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array

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The air practically froze into a stifled stage. No one expected such a thing would occur. The Prehistoric Liao Emperor’s number one fierce general Wuyan Guan was surprisingly defeated in one blow. That impenetrable armor was completely collapsed, and even Emperor Liang and the other top-notch cultivators looked at that languid woman with stupefied expressions.

“Unable to defeat even Your Humble Servant, yet you want to go challenge Maiden Mountain? Your Humble Servant urges that you not look at the sky from the bottom of a well.” Konghou acted as if she was saying something obvious.

“You are not a cultivator of Liangshan Continent.” The Yelü Wuxin who had been holding her scroll changed expressions for the first time. “Just who are you?”

“You can just treat Your Humble Servant as a passerby who saw the bumps in the road.” Konghou smiled very amiably.

“This General is not yet defeated!” Wuyan Qin roared. She sprung up, swinging her spear, slashing a cold and glaring arc of light.

Without even looking, Konghou waved her palm. The wind from her palm directly twisted towards Wuyan Qin. Although Wuyan Qin was able to deflect it, Konghou already was beside her.

So fast!

Even the reaction speed that Wuyan Qin was so proud of could only see the instant that Konghou appeared in front of her. A sharp ray of light scraped over her.

Her movements were smooth and fluid, easy as flowing water and drifting clouds. This woman completed an instantaneous change in speed beneath her nose. With a sway, she was already upon her. Wuyan Guang’s left hand brandished a fist heavy as the Five Sacred Mountains.

Astral wind crackled, piercing through a hundred li.

The corner of Konghou’s lips had a slight smile. She easily leaned, her body techniques brilliant to the extreme. She then swept her right leg upwards, sweeping it with a swift and severe whistle towards Wuyan Qin’s head.

Even though Wuyan Qin had already been extremely vigilant, she completely did not expect Konghou to still be able to kick and deflect the punch. This woman’s movements were so profound, to unexpectedly reach such a degree instantly at such a short distance.

Relying on those instincts that naturally came to powerful warriors, Wuyan Qin barely caught onto her opponent’s movements, yet she had lost the key moment to defend herself. Helpless, she attempted to sweep her spear in a counterattack. 

A pity, for everything was in Konghou’s expectations.

As if she was levitating, Konghou’s slender and beautiful legs were like a phoenix spreading its wings and soaring into the sky. As if she was flying in all directions, she then circled around, pressuring her very closely.

Wuyan Qin suffered this head-on.

From an outsider’s perspective, Wuyan Qin was repelled again in only the blink of an eye. At this time, the armor on her body was already considerably ruined, like scrap metal, and the female general’s face cut and exceptionally sorry figure. Her pale expression was fully livid and unsightly.

“Take this!!” The cold He Chongbao shouted, her voice like a clap of thunder, rolling into the ears and shaking the Crystal Dragon Palace in all directions.

“Demons And Monsters!!!”

He Chongbao’s eyes flashed with a chilling light.

Seventy-two blood-fiends suddenly took form, their appearances like devils, dragons, ghosts, and asuras. Caught in the middle of Demons And Monsters, the Dragon Palace sunk into blood-light, the spectators incomparably aghast.

“Be careful, these are blood-fiends formed from the Demons And Monsters spell!!” Emperor Liang gravely warned. He recognized these as the main cause of what made the Azure Dragon Territory suffer through a bloody carnage a thousand years ago. These Demons And Monsters blood-fiends could multiply. Attacking them with Flying Swords and magic weapons would produce more and more doppelgangers. In the end, they could form an entire army, their offensive unstoppable, soaking mountains and rivers in blood.

Only Buddhism’s Great Mercy And Compassion Buddhist magic could restrain them. It was precisely because of this favor from a thousand years ago that Buddhism could keep their own independence in the Azure Dragon Territory today, to not be disturbed. But because Senior Monk Four Noble Truths accepted a disciple, the disastrous loss of Buddhism’s Six Patriarchs, not a single one of those top-notch Buddhist Ancestors came to the Crystal Dragon Palace Treasure Banquet. The Buddhist disciples that did come were very few in number, but those that had truly comprehended profound Buddhist magic could be counted on fingers.

Now that the Demons And Monsters blood-fiends had emerged, even Emperor Liang was somewhat worried about Konghou.

“This really is a coincidence. Your Humble Servant is somewhat versed in Buddhism.” Konghou was unimpressed. In her indifferent beauty, she seemed apparently forever unaware of the word

“Hmph.” He Chongbao sneered and formed a hand seal.

A hundred red runes appeared that attached to the blood-fiends. They were like divine soldiers, their power unstoppable.

The seventy-two blood-fiends each rolled, and the thick blood-light descended. Emperor Liang had originally thought to help Konghou, but although the True Dragon Imperial Qi could stop the incursion of blood-fiends, his Divine Intent would similarly be inhibited. He had no way to make a direct confrontation.

Without a choice, Emperor Liang could only retreat.

These blood-fiends were indeed mighty. Konghou could not fully use her arms and legs for her martial arts, and even her boxing did not constitute a threat to these blood-fiends.

The blood-fiends flocked close together to surround her in a ball of blood. If it was not for Chai Ling knowing Konghou’s identity, she would have been somewhat anxiously thinking of using the Red Ink Iron Certificate to save her.


He Bao’er’s Divine Intent moved.

When the bloody dance was at an extreme, the blood-fiends surrounded Konghou and endlessly nipped at her body.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow!”

Chao Gai pointed, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda released light. The Buddhist light magnified, and a Meditative Mind Lotus Seed was superimposed in midair, blossoming to an enormous several zhang size.

Chao Gai had thought to help Konghou, but just at this moment, the concentrated sea of blood suddenly flashed with a brilliant sword-light.

A galaxy split open, unexpectedly parting the sea of blood. Then, the Demons And Monsters blood-fiends surrounding Konghou shrieked as they dispersed.

“Chao Gai, Your Humble Servant has not fallen low enough for you to take action.” Konghou coldly responded.

Chao Gai leisurely smiled and retracted the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow THousand Pagoda.

“Huh.” He Bao’er was astonished, very shocked to see that Konghou had surprisingly broke free of her strongest magic so easily.

“Indeed, it was somewhat formidable. Your Humble Servant had no choice but to use her weapon. It has been so long since it was used.” Konghou’s line of sight returned to He Bao’er. The woman gripped twin swords, each in one hand, her figure astounding.

The twin swords in Konghou’s hands were wrapped in a sea of stars, completely indistinguishable. That flickering sea of stars was blinding to the extreme, as if a galaxy had been pulled over the Crystal Dragon Palace. Those terrifying blood-fiends appeared timid as ants under the galaxy/

What powerful spirit.

He Bao’er stopped.

“Demons And Monsters was to no avail.” Konghou curled the corner of her lips. Suddenly, her eyes emitted seriousness. Her figure moved, directly rushing forth. Along the way, she drew a galaxy, a blooming lotus.

Black sword qi twisted towards He Bao’er as if to slay a dragon.

He Bao’er instinctively told herself several times that she should evade, but her body nevertheless was completely unresponsive, rigid and incapable of budging. Rather than say the speed of Konghou’s maneuver was too fast, it was a bit more appropriate to say that her powerful spirit already made He Bao’er feel fear.

The twin swords twisted.

The blood-fiends were simultaneously destroyed.

The next instant, He Bao’er was entangled, her most powerful magic energy incapable of defending. “Bao’er.” Wuyan Qin rushed forward to block.

But Konghou had no compassion to speak of. The swordtip directly took Wuyan Qin’s head. Even if Wuyan Qin’s body was indestructible, she had been conquered at this moment by Konghou’s kingly and lion-like gaze. She had one sensation – she would die.

“Do not kill her.” Chao Gai suddenly shouted.

Konghou’s blade fell. At the last moment, she held back. Wuyan Qin was heavily wounded by the slash. He Bao’er also received a reduced impact from Konghou’s attack.

“Be at ease, Your Humble Servant is incapable of killing her. An immortal and indestructible body has no limits. Chao Gai, the rest is up to you.” Konghou pushed her hand, and a sword-wind pushed Wuyan Qin and He Bao’er to Chao Gai.

Chao Gai released released the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda. Its Buddhist light rose to absorb the two. Wuyan Qin and He Chongbao were not at all willing to give up, but they had been heavily wounded by Konghou’s strike and were powerless to struggle.

“Release them!”

Liao Emperor Yelü Wuxin was finally impatient and shouted furiously.

Konghou showed a “make me” expression and said, “Your number one great general made Your Humble Servant use her true martial arts. Your number one magic general made Your Humble Servant use her weapon. Perhaps you, the number one Liao Emperor, can make Your Humble Servant suffer her first defeat in a thousand years.”

“This King just happens to know of an array that can handle you Star Generals…” Yelü Wuxin sneered. The scroll in her hand shook, manifesting a chain that flew about. Then, pillars rose in the four corners, and one hundred and eight stars fell to form a profound array. When this array appeared…

Wu Xinjie immediately felt her body turn powerless, as if the Star Energy in her body had been sucked dry. Not only the Knowledge Star, each and every Star Maiden in the Crystal Dragon Palace fell to a knee, all of the strength in their body fading away. This situation was very much like when Lin Yingmei was caught in the Heavenly Cycle Northern Dipper Array. However, no matter how the Star Masters used Star Energy resonance, they were unable to produce any effect.

The Star Crests on all the Star Maidens dimmed.

Wu Xinjie’s face paled. She was in disbelief.

“Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.”1

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  1. 太乙渾天象陣, probably a corruption of 太乙混天象陣, a formation used in the original Water Margin by Wuyan Guang, I think.

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