Chapter 571: Falling Dragon Boundless

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The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda emitted a brilliant light, enshrouding Chao Gai within. The Buddhist law protectors and Brahmanistic chanting continued. A giant Wisdom King Vajra circled around the light, its hand gripping a devil subduing artifact. It waved its hand, rolling thunder-fire and golden light, intense to the extreme. That thunder, fire, and golden light was even more formidable than the Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. Even the Great Liao’s number one martial general Wuyan Qin was hard-pressed to approach. He Bao’er’s blood-fiends were occasionally shaken to pieces by those Buddhists, however, every disintegration would create a new one from nothingness, as if they were infinite, which was extremely terrifying.

Seeing Wuyan Qin and He Bao’er fall into a stalemate, the continually charming and delicate, leisurely Liao Emperor Yelü Wuxin who had been reading finally took action. She formed a hand seal, and her body emitted an amber colored translucent qi. This qi ascended towards the nine firmaments and descended towards the blue below.

The nine-clawed golden dragon formed from True Dragon Imperial Qi was far more mighty than Emperor Liang’s. It charged at Chao Gai’s Thousand Pagoda bearing a force powerful enough to make people prostrate in submission. It directly placed itself into the thunder-fire and golden light. As if it set off a chain reaction, those thunder-fires’ explosions were increasingly intense. It jolted the earth and mountains. The Buddhist light was not originally that strong. It could only protect Chao Gai. 

The thousand Buddhas’ changing incantations covered the entire Crystal Dragon Palace within the glittering Buddhist light. Those Buddhas, asuras, Wisdom Kings, and Vajras each displayed their own abilities. How could a cultivator compare to this power. Chao Gai’s forehead was engraved with a crest, and her long hair fluttered, graceful and imposing.

This was the first time in all their lives that the cultivators witnessed a battle of Transforming Star of Annihilation level adepts. Even Emperor Liang had never seen something like this.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Ever since the Star Duels began, cultivators had more or less known of Maiden Mountain’s might, but seeing for the first time Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai take action, they felt this was far more stunning than what they had imagined. With Chao Gai’s power, even Emperor Liang and the others united would have difficulty gaining an advantage.

If Chao Gai was like this, then what was Maiden Mountain like?

Chao Gai’s beautiful eyes radiated golden light, glinting dharma characteristics, a continuous match with auspicious light. But Wuyan Qin, He Chongbao and Yelü Hui had originally descended from Star World. Although their cultivations had greatly diminished, Yelü Wuxin had unintentionally refined True Dragon Imperial Qi in the Along The River During Qingming.

The three of them worked together, and Chao Gai’s expression strained.

A more than hundred zhang  tall Law Protector Wisdom King holding a Vajra Chan Staff was struck in the chest by that nine-clawed golden dragon. It suddenly screamed and faded away into specks of light, vanishing without a trace.

Immediately afterwards, Wuyan Qin’s three layered armor pushed straight through with support from He Bao’er’s magic, slaying another Wisdom King. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda continuously rocked. The Thousand Pagoda law protectors were nearly about to be disintegrated by the True Dragon’s long range attack. Just as the auspicious light became thinner and thinner, Chao Gai became increasingly anxious. In her worry, her mind surprisingly thought of Su Xing.

Who knew from where this man came from. His conduct and deeds were universally shocking, yet he nevertheless showed enormous promise. The current him was completely capable of helping her face the Liao Emperor, yet she could not see him right now. Could he be so distrustful of This One?1

Chao Gai’s heart was briefly bitter.

“Chao Gai, you are unexpectedly distracted. Courting death.”

As her mind wandered, she suddenly heart Wuyan Qin sneer.

Chao Gai thought to herself, “Oh, no.”

The Thousand Buddhas’ protection already broke. Wuyan Qin raised her spear to attack. That smooth spear launched a bean-sized silver light, flashing. It grew dramatically, turning into a twin-headed silver wolf in the blink of an eye. It opened its mouths and spat out whip-liked lights. 

“Watch this – Fierce Wolf Devouring Moon!”

The glimmering lights shattered, and the spear went directly for Chao Gai.

Chao Gai fanned her sleeve, rolling Buddhist magic. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed in midair, but the spear directly twisted it apart.

Just as that double-headed wolf’s mouth was about to devour Chao Gai, at this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the Fierce Wolf. The figure spread its arms, grabbed that Fierce Wolf’s mouth, and pulled upwards and downwards in both directions at once. With brute strength alone, the figure unexpectedly ripped the wolf apart.

The Fierce Wolf immediately dissipated.

Wuyan Guang was shocked, and she quickly withdrew, staring at the woman in front of her.

The woman who appeared had a wonderful figure, graceful curves and beautiful lines. A pair of languid, clear pupils flickered with a kingly dignity.

She was none other than Konghou.

“Who are you?” Rarely did Wuyan Qin’s expression stretch taut, and her hands could not help but grip tighter. In that instant’s exchange just now, she clearly sensed the overwhelming martial arts of her opponent. This was the first time she had ever felt a sensation of powerlessness.

“You.” Chao Gai also showed surprised, having not expected Konghou to appear.

“Don’t misunderstand. Your Humble Servant merely does not like seeing someone without any power show off wherever she goes…” Konghou was calm as if she was stating a very normal fact. The woman looked at Wuyan Qin without any contempt, but with a senior’s chiding tone. “Little Sister Wuyan Qin, if you want to ascend Maiden Mountain, then you will only bring disgrace to yourself with this sort of strength.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Wuyan Qin cruelly smiled. She gripped her weapon even tighter. “This General wants to see just who is the arrogant one.”

Wuyan Qin leapt. In an instant of haziness, a red figure was like a rolling dragon, flying about with terrifying speed. Countless spear-shadows rolled and shot out, wrapped in intense killing intent. An air-shattering shriek filled the Crystal Dragon Palace.

“Dragon Kill Grind!!!”

Wuyan Qin shouted.

Countless rolling rays of killing intent interweaved, forming a thousand dragons, completely surrounding Konghou. It was completely impossible to evade this killing intent’s attack. Continuous and fierce roars endlessly echoed.

As if they wanted to devour her.

Wuyan Qin’s natural warrior intuition allowed her to sense Konghou’s frightening aspects. From the very start, she showed no mercy in her plan to kill her. From an outsider’s perspective, Konghou had nowhere to run. Even the most top-notch of cultivators could not receive this strike.

Konghou slightly raised her brows. Her hands slightly extended to her front and directly caught Wuyan Qing’s Dragon Kill Grind.


Wuyan Qin was shaken. No matter how the thousand rays of killing dragons roared, no matter how fast they were, all of her attacks were like cows in the sea, completely ineffective. Konghou’s hands waved, fluid and elegant. Even stronger output was a stone sunk into the ocean, giving her a sort of feeling she was unable to wield her own power.

Just as she saw that her trump card was unable to work, Wuyan Qin’s complexion changed. She could no longer bear this kind of useless attack. Suddenly, she pounced as well, relying on her three layered armor to close the distance, thrusting her spear directly at Konghou’s heart.


Just as the spear drew near Konghou’s heart, she felt an invisible resistance, and she was no longer able to proceed further. Under Wuyan Qin’s efforts, the speartip’s airflow whirled into a gorgeous vortex, like a halo. Wuyan Qin concentrated all of her strength to a single point, doing everything she could to stab. This spear’s penetrative power could split rocks as if they were clouds. Awe-inspiring spear-light blossomed from it.

A clear and crisp sound, a bang.

Wuyan Qin felt her spear unexpectedly stop. Liangshan Continent surprisingly had someone who could take her full power strike. Wuyan Qin felt disbelief, and in an instant, an unfathomable thing happened.

Konghou mysteriously appeared right in front of her. Her palms grabbed Wuyan Qin with a subjugation stance. Wuyan Qin was fearless due to her three-layered armor protecting her. Her shoulder shook in preparation to throw Konghou off of her, but Konghou then grabbed her shoulder.

Instantly, Wuyan Qin felt a weight as if the Five Sacred Mountains were pressing down on her shoulder. This weight made Wuyan Qin feel strained. The Great Liao’s number one fierce general was shocked. She could not use even a bit of her strength.Then, in the next second, Konghou’s hands seized her, and like a subdued True Dragon, she was immediately punched away.

A simple, unadorned punch smashed against Wuyan Qin’s three-layered armor.

Bang. The powerful armor directly sunk in. The sound of the fist striking the armor seemed to be like a giant dragon’s death cry. A mountain toppling, ocean overturning power rolled over her body. Wuyan Qin’s eyes were wide open, feeling as if the bones and meridians in her body had been disintegrated. There was surprisingly no strength in her body. Under Konghou’s punch, the martial force that she was so proud of seemed as ridiculous as a weak lamb.

Wuyan Qin let out a bloodcurdling scream.

The power had punched straight through her armor and out her back, bursting out a clump of blood spatter.

Konghou calmly and coolly retracted her fist, indifferent as a flower.

Falling Dragon Boundless!!

The Great Liao’s number one Great General – Wuyan Guang, defeated!

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  1. You know shit is bad when even Chao Gai is hoping for Su Xing’s help.
  2. SFX, clang


  1. [Who knew from where this man came from. His conduct and deeds were universally shocking, yet he nevertheless showed enormous promise. The current him was completely capable of helping her face the Liao Emperor, yet she could not see him right now. Could he be so distrustful of This One?]

    I mean, to be fair, Su Xing couldn’t help cuz of the whole Hanyan thing….
    He’ll prolly come at the last second though.

    1. Yeah, imagine the look on Chao Gai’s face if she ever learns the reason he was away was because he was busy having sex with some girls.

  2. Man, I knew Konghou was badass, but she is an absolute unit. I’m fucking in love. Man, I wish she joined the harem by the end, but alas, her position as a character isn’t meant to mesh with our heroes like that.

    I’m just about to simp on her rn, tho. Badass women that can wreck shit with their bare fists are great.

    1. Oh, yeah. She’s one of those characters who unexpectedly steal the spotlight every time she appears.

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