Chapter 574: One Qi Forms Three Clarities

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The Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array emerged, and everyone noticed that all the Star Generals seemed to bear the Five Sacred Mountains. Those Star Generals that ordinarily could make cultivators fearful and envious were completely suppressed as if they were infants. Even a scholar that lacked the strength to truss a chicken could kill them now. But Maiden Mountain’s might shook Liangshan Content, and Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai was also present. Although those cultivators had fantasies, they nevertheless did not dare move in the slightest. However, some did not feel the same way.

“Knowledge Star, thou must die.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s white hair fluttered, and his eyes shot out a sharp essence light. The Most High Path Three Clarities Flying Swords became countless specks of light that fell towards Wu Xinjie and the other girls. Up until now, the Purple Thunder Monster still did not appear, and Northern Darkness Has Fish was unable to detect him using Divine Intent. He more or less already realized that the Purple Thunder Monster probably was not in the Crystal Dragon Palace, but left the Knowledge Star and the others to manage his affairs. This discovery made Northern Darkness Has Fish ecstatic.

Everyone knew that if a Star General was too far from her contractor, they would be unable to return to the Star Nest in the case they were killed. This was the reason why Star Generals and Star Masters were inseparable after signing a contract.

But Northern Darkness Has Fish was counting his chickens before they hatched.

A cold and clear sword-light chased over. That sword-light immediately turned into a Heavenly Immortal that blocked the Three Clarities Flying Swords’ black-light on contact. The one who intervened was none other than Emperor Liang. Northern Darkness Has Fish looked over, and his expression immediately sunk. “Emperor Liang, This Old Man today wants only to take the Purple Thunder Monster’s life. If you interfere any further, you will become enemies with the Most High Path.”

Emperor Liang’s expression was calm as water, but his eyes inadvertently leaked his kingly grandeur. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords’ True Immortals circled around, the flickering sword-lights menacing. “Northern Darkness Has Fish, you have already become enemies with the Azure Dragon Territory.” Emperor Liang indifferently said.

“Long Wanxin, Immortal Outside Heaven, do you think so, too?” Northern Darkness Has Fish recovered his calm.

Immortal Outside Heaven’s clothes fluttered. She was expressionless, her beauty exceedingly refined, but the sword-spirit rainbows her Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords manifested emerged layer upon layer, clearly demonstrating her hostility.

“Long Wanxin?” Northern Darkness Has Fish then looked to the Imperial Empress of the Crystal Dragon Palace.

Long Wanxin’s expression was graceful, but she could not bear this as she remembered their more than hundred year old friendship, “Northern Darkness Has Fish, release the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls right now. Unite with us to confront the White Tiger Territory. There is still time to redeem this blunder. Please, Fellow Has Fish, think over this again. You absolutely cannot be impulsive.”

“This Old Man only wants to kill those Star Generals of the Purple Thunder Monster’s.” Northern Darkness Has Fish expressionlessly replied. “Would it not be better for you to work together with This Old Man? Long Wanxin, could it be you would let go of this opportunity? How can what This Old Man is doing now not be for everyone’s Star Masters?”

Long Wanxin hesitated briefly. These words certainly stirred her thoughts.

“Long Wanxin. Northern Darkness Has Fish has already conspired with the White Tiger Territory demon scoundrels. The Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls are proof. Do you really believe him?” Emperor Liang smiled, full of disdain. “The Liao Emperor will not save you. Northern Darkness Has Fish, you had better give yourself up.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish coldly snorted and disdained to reply. His body manifested a black-light and directly flew over.

The moment he moved, Emperor Liang and Immortal Outside Heaven were already completely ready for this. A hundred sword spirit immortal immediately attacked. The dazzling True Immortal continuously struck Northern Darkness Has Fish, but the latter was worthy of being named the Most High Path’s number one cultivator. His cultivation was profound, and the sword chant of the two great Supervoid Peak Cultivators were both warded off. Multi-colored Flying Swords practically flooded the palaces within a hundred meters. Sword-lights spurt forth everywhere, making some cultivators who were too late to protect themselves suffer casualties.

When Long Wanxin saw that Northern Darkness Has Fish was obsessed, her heart inwardly sighed, and she used her magic weapons and powers.

In an instant, the showdown between four Great Supervoid Cultivators became the Crystal Dragon Palace’s most influential battle.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was somewhat strained fighting a three on one. Several times, his sword array was obstructed before it could break the siege upon him. Emperor Liang and Immortal Outside Heaven’s Flying Swords already were at the True Spirit Realm. Although their cultivations could not compare to his, even Northern Darkness Has Fish considered himself inferior in terms of sword chants. 

The Extreme Clarity Dark Light was increasingly feeble under this assault. Northern Darkness Has Fish suddenly shouted and brought out his strongest magic weapon, the “Three Clarities Banner.” He chanted the Most High Indifference Incantation, and in a split second, a kind of worldly tranquility gathered on Northern Darkness Has Fish’s body.

The Most High Dark Light protecting him clearly faded away, but Northern Darkness Fish still gave them an even more powerful feeling. This sensation was as if Heaven and Earth had become one.

“This is bad, that is the Most High Indifference.” Long Wanxin’s tone was shocked.

“The legendary One Qi Becomes Three Clarities? A perfect chance to experience it for Ourselves.” Emperor Liang sneered.

Northern Darkness Has Fish shook the Three Clarities Banner. The Three Clarities Banner shook out a ray of essence qi that lingered at his side. Then, the essence qi dispersed, and three identical Northern Darkness Has Fishes appeared before them. Regardless of appearance, might, or even cultivation, they were exactly the same.

“Emperor Liang, today you destroyed the Great Liang.” Northern Darkness Has Fish slowly opened his eyes. The three Northern Darkness Has Fishes spoke at the same time, the words they said were oppressive.

Emperor Liang used the True Dragon Imperial Qi to probe. Astonishingly, he discovered these projections and Northern Darkness Has Fish were equally matched.

“The Three Clarities Banner can form three doppelgangers,1 but the Most High Indifference cultivated to the highest realm can reach the Oneness of Heaven and Man stage. At this time, the doppelgangers will be no different from the real one.” Long Wanxin hastily explained, so as to avoid Emperor Liang and Immortal Outside Heaven being caught off guard.

“What, three Northern Darkness Has Fishes?” Immortal Outside Heaven was shocked.

“Fellow Has Fish, quickly stop. You absolutely cannot make mistake upon mistake.” Long Wanxin was very clear that the Most High Indifference cultivation method would make the cultivator turn even colder, even dominate the cultivator himself, turning him into a monster of slaughter. It was for this reason that although the highest realm of the Most High Indifference ability was powerful, it was rare for a cultivator to practice it to this degree.

But Northern Darkness Has Fish already put his all into the fight at this time. He would not listen to anything.

“Long Wanxin, you may as well hand over your Bright Moon Ring, too.”

The three Northern Darkness Has Fishes smiled at the same time, chilling to the bone. Then, they simultaneously used different but equally powerful Flying Sword powers. Suddenly, the Three Clarities Immortal Light extinguished the lights of Emperor Liang and the others in total domination.

Millions of cultivators could only watch dumbstruck.

Meanwhile, the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.

“Blue Faced Beast” Yang Zijin, “Striking Hawk” Li Qingqiao and the others were also unable to move under the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, but compared to the other panicky Star Masters, the White TIger demons were nevertheless calm and collected, not at all concerned.

After checking his Star General, Shijiu Ying watched that One Qi Forms Three Clarities battle with a cruel grin. “That Azure Dragon Territory Daoist’s powers are even stranger than ours, to unexpectedly form three equally powerful doppelgangers.”

“So do not be careless of them, Shijiu Ying.” Cang Feng said in agreement.

“What a pity that the time will still come for internecine strife.” Shijiu Ying complacently smiled.

Cang Feng did not mind. He glanced at the battle of the Supervoid Peak One Qi Becomes Three Clarities in front of him. Behind him was the Liao Emperor’s battle, and from time to time, there was also the Star Maiden battles of the Azure Dragon Territory and others. Their side was contrarily quiet. In contrast, within the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, they were very calm about their Star Maidens’ identities being exposed.

“Now is the perfect time to kill the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters down to the last one.” Clearly, Shijiu Ying had noticed this point.

The youth became somewhat excited.

Relying on their cultivation ad magic weapons, without their Star Generals for support, these Star Masters were nothing more than fish on the chopping block waiting for their doom.

But out of worry for the Liao Emperor, everyone placed their gazes on the old man.

“Taisui, what is your decision?”

Everyone turned their heads to look, each and every one of them gazing at the calm and composed old man sitting on a prayer mat. The air around him stopped its flow, as if it was dead.

After a seemingly long time, in what seemed another instant.

The old man slowly opened his clear eyes.

He only spoke two words that made the air surrounding him instantly come alive.

“Kill them!”

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  1. It’s technically two, but basically, there are three of him at the same time


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