Chapter 575: A Banquet Of Starfalls

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Stalk Of Flower Cai Yunzhen looked painfully at her Star Master. The Heavenly River Sword Sect’s Li Xianyan stood close by to protect her, “Yunzhen, leave this time.” Li Xianyan gave her a comforting expression that made the girl feel relief.

It would be difficult for all the Star Generals outside their Star Nests to appear again if they returned to the Star Nest with the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array in effect. This gave the other Star Masters a very great opportunity.

An enormous killing intent pounced right at his face. Dust and stone suddenly flew about, turning the world dark.

“Protect Junior Brother Xianyan.”

The expression of a Heavenly Sword Sect elder changed. Several dozen sword sect disciples gripped their Heavenly River Swords and opened an array. “Insignificant Star Masters that dare take advantage of this crisis, do not be reckless.” The elder sneered, believing that a short-sighted Star Master would want to take profit from this crisis. However, other than a top-notch Star Master like Zhao Hanyan, against the Star Masters in front of him, the old man had nothing to fear with his Supercluster Late Stage cultivation.

“The Azure Dragon Territory’s ignorant youngster bluffs.”

A chilling sentence entered his ear. Shockingly, it was the voice of a young man.

A shadow instantly arrived in front of them.

The Heavenly River Sword Sect disciples raised their Heavenly River Swords, firing sword-lights, like lines of water pulling apart. They simultaneously spun in the surroundings, like a net. This was the Heavenly River Sword Sect’s famous Heavenly River Sword Array – Heavenly Water One Line.

That youth laughed out loud. He threw a slab of rotten wood.

That rotten wood fell and vanished. That youth himself abruptly disappeared in midair as well. The Heavenly Water Sword Sect’s disciples looked around at each other, their expression astonished, none of them daring to be careless.

“Look out!”

Li Xianyan shouted.

Before the other disciples could react, they heard an ear-splitting crack. The ground beneath them cracked open, and more than a dozen trees broke through the earth and pierced towards the skies like sharp swords. Instantly, a small forest was formed. These disciples could not handle a Supervoid Cultivator’s magic weapon. Without even the slightest bit of resistance, they were skewered through their whole bodies. The Heavenly River Sword Sect disciples were unexpectedly wiped out.

Only Li Xianyan and the Heavenly Sword Sect elder escaped this disaster by relying on their high level reactions and cultivation.

“How is it, do you like Your Servant’s magic weapon Azure Dragon Execution Wood?” The young man appeared in the forest, wearing a cruel grin. Those corpses hanging on the trees were still wide-eyed, the running blood making the youth’s savagery appear all the more shocking.

This youth was none other than Shijiu Ying.


Seeing his disciples die so wretchedly, the Heavenly River Sword Sect’s elder was extremely furious. He opened his mouth and fired more than a hundred Rock Piercing Water Droplets, like a torrential downpour.

The forest was immediately uprooted.

“Truly courting death.”

Shijiu Ying raised both his hands, and more than a hundred trees skyrocketed. Shijiu Ying’s Divine Intent moved, and the trees stabbed towards the elder.

The old man used his sword chant, activating the Heavenly River’s “Black Water Dark Snake Sword Array.” More than a hundred pitch-black Flying Swords slithered like a snake and attacked.

The Flying Swords surged, unstoppable. 

Seeing that his Flying Swords were about to break the opposition’s magic weapon, the old man was pleased.

The mocking grin on the corner of Shijiu Ying’s lips appeared even more cruel. He formed a hand seal, and the disheveled trees suddenly combined into a single giant tree. This tree’s branches were convoluted, its leaves verdant. The leaves were dark as ink, and the treetop parted suddenly to let in black light. 

The black water Flying Swords were covered by this black light and immediately lost their support.

The Heavenly River Sword Sect elder was astonished. Suddenly, he felt an enormous pain in his Divine Intent. His heart panicked, and the Flying Swords he controlled collapsed. Shijiu Ying’s Azure Dragon Execution Wood was created using an ancient tree in Prehistory known as “Subjugating Dragon Execution.”1 It contained enormous power that could harm Divine Intent, particularly difficult for Flying Swords to stop.

The old man shouted to himself that this was bad, and he promptly activated a magic weapon.

Shijiu Ying grinned mercilessly. When he arrived in front of the old man, his hand suddenly transformed into countless vines and branches that grabbed. The magic weapon was expanding, but before it could fully activate, Shijiu Ying snatched it in right hand. Shijiu Ying had Li Qingxiao’s Innate Skill “Hovering Combat,”2 which greatly raised his realm. This action could be said to be extremely quick. The Heavenly River Elder did not react fast enough, and he was immediately pierced through the chest and died.


Li Xianyan was endlessly hurt.

“Now it is your turn.”

Shijiu Ying ripped apart the elder and turned to attack Li Xianyan.

Li Xianyan resisted with full power. Although he was renowned as the Heavenly River Sword Sect’s up and coming genius in recent years, Shijiu Ying was a Wood Demon that had cultivated for a thousand years. A so-called genius was nothing more than an ant before him. 

Just as Li Xianyan was about to suffer a fatal blow.

Just at this moment, an enormous blood-colored flower petal flew out. This bloody flower petal bloomed, spitting out a blood-light that entangled Shijiu Ying. The flower petals closed, swallowing Shijiu Ying like a giant mouth.

This flower was Stalk Of Flower Cai Yunzhen’s Star Beast “Bloody Dhara.”3

The Star Generals were trapped by the array, yet Star Beasts were not. At this very moment, Star Beasts had become the greatest protection a Star General had aside from their Star Masters.

“Master.” Cai Yunzhen’s pained expression was nevertheless resolutely controlling her Divine Intent.

She made the Bloody Dhara devour Shijiu Ying’s corpse.

“Let’s go, quickly.”

Li Xianyan wanted to grab Cai Yunzhen and leave.

A bone-chilling laugh.

The Bloody Dhara suddenly shuddered. Its flower petals were in incomparable pain. Blood-light burst out from inside. Its flower petals split open, and with a bang, the Bloody Dhara let out a shriek as it was torn apart.

Cai Yunzhen’s face paled, watching in disbelief as her Star Beast Bloody Dhara was killed.

A strange, twisted tree full of markings sprouted towards the heavens. That tree appeared ghastly, its form gnarled, winding like blood vessels. Its dense leaves were sharp as razor blades. With a rustle, it let out a hair-raising chill. 

“Not good, this Demon has revealed his True Body.” Li Xianyan turned aghast.

The White Tiger Territory’s Demon Cultivators used their cultivation of their essence to assume human form. If they released their True Bodies, their cultivations would skyrocket. A demon’s True Body was even more powerful. Shijiu Ying maintained a human youth’s appearance at merely Supercluster Stage, more or less. Revealing his True Body, he entered Supervoid Cultivation.

“Damned ants, to surprisingly force me into using my True Body, Your Servant will hang your skulls as decorations!!”

A youth’s twisted face formed on the tree trunk.

Shijiu Ying shouted with bared fangs.

His tree leaves rustled.

“Ah, tree demon.”

“A tree demon.”

“This is bad!!”

The several thousand cultivators that had rushed over to face Shijiu Ying together were scared out of their wits when they saw that giant, frightening tree. They used their escape techniques and Flying Swords to escape in a panic.

Shijiu Ying sneered incessantly. His leaves shook.

Countless spikes rose from the ground, covering a range of five, six hundred meters. Blade-like tree leaves shot out, turning into tiny black lights.

Screams rang out continuously everywhere. Countless cultivators were too late to react.

Supervoid Cultivation was extremely powerful. Shijiu Ying had instantly killed thousands of cultivators in the blink of an eye.

The dense spikes pounced, and Li Xianyan was pale in despair.


Cai Yunzhen sobbed, unexpectedly forcing herself to stand against the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array. She leapt, wanting to grab Li Xianyan’s hand. Li Xianyan reached out his hand in incomparable despair.

Everything collapsed around them. 

“Yunzhen – “ Li Xianyan shouted, wanting to hold Cai Yunzhen’s hand in death.

Shijiu Ying clearly was disgusted at such a warm scene.

The earth spikes became even more numerous and frightening.

However, in the end, he could not stop their firm grip on one another. At the same time, the rolling earth spike tore Li Xianyan to pieces. After a whimper, Stalk of Flower Cai Yunzhen also disappeared.

A Crimson Star immediately fell onto the Demon Tree.

When Shijiu Ying started his slaughter, the other White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars obtained Li Taisui’s indication and did not hesitate to seize the opportunity afforded by the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls to slaughter the other Star Masters and Star Generals. Crimson Stars fell one after another.

Xiang Chenxing brandished a giant staff. The staff’s wind blew about, and golden light shot out, killing several dozen cultivators.

His attack style was violent, opening a great general’s wind. Having inherited Zhou Zhiyun’s Layered Pupils Innate Skill, this made Xiang Chenxing’s eyes appear even more terrifying. His staff was unstoppable, and the others cultivators could not defend against this.


General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin was killed by Xiang Chenxing into the Star Nest without any resistance.

“Little Sister, quickly run.” Sikong Chuhe hastily shouted.

The Yin Yang Twin Swords pincer attacked, twisting for Xiang Chenxing’s head, but they clanged against his neck as if they had struck iron. Hearing this sound, there was unexpectedly no result.

“Bastard.” Sikong Dangniu angrily cursed. Seeing this man seize the chance to kill Dan Meng’er when she was trapped, she wanted him to flay him alive. Countless fire arrows descended.

Xiang Chenxing did not fear the power of her flames at all. This man who did not even feel like putting on a stiff expression felt nothing at all. Golden light twinkled as he slashed with his giant staff.

Several golden, sickle-shaped killing intents directly and neatly cut the palaces apart.

Sikong Dangniu barely evaded, but killing intent covered her at the same time. 

Xiang Chenxing swung his giant staff.

Silong Dangniu’s frightened face was ashen. Fortunately, Sikong Chuhe was always prepared. The girl pointed her finger, and a burst of water blossomed that entangled the descending staff. Then, she used the Snow Woman Lantern, and Sikong Chuhe advanced with an icy spear in her hands, burning with a flame-like frost. The way the flames burned was extremely unusual, like the flapping of a bird’s wing.

Xiang Chenxing’s brows finally rose.

Sikong Chuhe grunted.

Frost Luan Nine Firmaments!

Sikong Chuhe’s shouted in a low voice as her spear slashed a surging frost flame that burned from the spear. The flame that could burn even the blue dome of heaven immediately consumed Xiang Chenxing.

Sikong Chuhe seized the chance to pull her little sister into sitting on the Heavenly River Divine Cold and retreated.

“Elder SIster, why are we not killing him.” Sikong Dangniu angrily said.

“We cannot. That Demon has a metal body for protection. I fear his True Body is that of a metal armored Demon Beast. Even the Yin Yang Twin Swords are helpless. We cannot beat him.” Sikong Chuhe was anxious.

“Wait until we sisters practice the Yin Yang Twin Phoenix Jian, then we can beat him.” Sikong CHuhe consoled.

Sikong Dangniu had wanted to say something.

Theat ice-flame behind them dispersed.

As Sikong Chuhe had expected, Xiang Chenxing barreled out of the flames, his Layered Pupils frightening, glinting with a golden light. Even Sikong Dangniu was frightened as if by a devil.


Sikong Chuhe did not expect him to be this thorny. The Heavenly River Divine Colt sprayed a burst of water-light that formed a net.

Xiang Chenxing abruptly threw out a treasure.

A golden light immediately pierced through, running through the Heavenly River Divine Colt like a shooting star. The Heavenly River Divine Colt whimpered, and the Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu immediately fell unsteadily from its back.

“Little Sister.” Sikong Chuhe for the first time showed a fearful expression.

A tall and sturdy man appeared beside Sikong Dangniu. His layered pupils glinted, reflecting Sikong Dangniu’s blank expression. Without any hesitation, the man swung the giant staff squarely down.

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  1. 伏龍誅
  2. 滯空戰意
  3. 血陀羅


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