Chapter 577: A Banquet Of Starfalls (III) Sigh At World’s End

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Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin’s nine divine weapons were truly troublesome to deal with, especially that Five Star Destined Weapon Yellow Dragon Staff that was hard for even Lady Snake Scorpion to ward off. Now, their sudden surprise attack and the assistance of the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array enormously aided Lady Snake Scorpion. 

All Star Generals in the array were completely trapped, and the could only bare their necks in preparation for death. Seeing that the famous Nine Tattooed Dragons was about to die by her hand, Lady Snake Scorpion could hardly conceal the excitement inside her heart.

Shi Jinglun used the Yellow Dragon Staff to prop her body up. The woman was currently urging on her “Dragon Tattoo” Innate Skill with all her strength. Her jade skin continuously flickered with dragon patterns, as if they were about to come alive, roaring. Nine Tattooed Dragons attempted to lift herself from the array, but every single time was taxing.

“Never expected that you surprisingly have still not signed a contract. Let us see who can save you this time.” Lady Snake Scorpion jeered.

Looking at the dead and wounded Nine Dragons Palace disciples strewn about, Shi Jinglun’s haughty expression showed pain. She gazed at Lady Snake Scorpion with an expression full of hatred and a bone-chilling cold.

Lady Snake Scorpion was already accustomed to this sort of expression. She was the Star Master Poison Overlord of the Vermilion Bird Territory. Even the Star Masters of the other Four Mountains had been killed by her, taking their Star Energy. The current Lady Snake Scorpion was astonishingly nearing a breakthrough to Supervoid Stage. What she cultivated was also the “Snake Scorpion Heart Sutra,” increasing her toxic cultivation method and profundity.

Sooner or later, those White Tiger Territory Demons would also die at Lady Snake Scorpion’s hand.

Lady Snake Scorpion sneered as she drew the Stars Falling Dragon Sword.

Waving the sword, white lights twinkled upon it. The twinkling became a glaring light ball, and there was a vaguely visible dragon-like silhouette in the light ball. Just as it was slowly taking shape, the light ball shot over like a starlight, surprisingly bringing a thundering noise, about to kill Shi Jinglun.

But Shi Jinglun had no intentions of retreating. Rather, she urged on her Star Energy, and the Dragon Tattooes on her body instantly expanded, flying with a roar.

And at this moment, several unusually thick and white sword-lights flashed by in front of Shi Jinglun.

Shi Jinglun took a small breath. THis kind of calmness made Lady Snake Scorpion slightly displeased. The Star Masters and Star Generals she had killed so far all were in incomparable despair. Even if this Minute Star Shi Jin’s martial force was domineering, so what. Snorting, it was just at this moment, that a sword-light suddenly shot out.

And after this purple sword-light emerged, it suddenly expanded with a crackle, instantly becoming a tire-sized crescent that broke her pure white Falling Dragon sword-lights.

Lady Snake Scorpion flowery complexion paled, but regardless, she was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s number one Star Master. She had other abilities.

She breathed out a poison fog.

After a muffled bang, the sword-light split apart, instantly becoming several smaller fragments. Then, they dueled with the Stars Falling Dragon Sword’s sword-lights.

“Boom.” Those light beams slammed against the sword-lights without any restraint.

Purple beams and white lights flashed. The two kinds of extreme blazes exploded in the area. Countless glittering lights appeared in midair, the two cold qi spread through the entire space in the blink of an eye.

Powerful sword-wind blew Lady Snake Scorpion into an extremely sorry figure, and a chill tickled her back.

“Courting death!!!” Lady Snake Scorpion furiously shouted. She waved her hand, and a blinding, highly poisonous black net flew out from her palm. The frightening poison qi and speed practically reached Shi Jinglun’s front in the blink of an eye with an air-shattering screech. Then, the air issued an unpleasant stench.

Lady Snake Scorpion clicked her tongue. The grand Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun, to turn the absolutely magnificent Star Maiden into an ugly corpse at the end with her “Thousand Spider Poison Shadow” was truly too tragic.

The poison fog dispersed.

Shi Jinglun was perfectly unharmed, and in front of her was already a beautiful man.

The still regretful Lady Snake Scorpion suddenly stopped.

The man wore a green long gown, and his cultivation was surprisingly Supervoid Stage. He held a long sword in his hand, and the sword emitted a powerful pressure.

Supervoid Sword Saint???

“Who are you!!” Lady Snake Scorpion bared her teeth at this man who interfered with her.

“Your Servant dislikes snake and scorpion women like you.” Liu Tianya’s tone was gentle, as if he was speaking with a lover.

Compared to her husband’s bold and powerful body, Lady Snake Scorpion suddenly extremely loathed this kind of pretty boy.

“So it turns out you found a man as well, Shi Jin. No wonder you did not sign a contract, ha, ha.” Lady Snake Scorpion thought that Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons thought that the reason why Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons did not sign a contract was that she had taken a fancy to this Supervoid Sword Saint who was unable to contract, thus, she laughed out loud.

Shi Jinglun paid no heed, but she wrinkled her brow.

“Liu Tianya, you do not need to mind me. Go protect Qingci for now.”

“Qingci wants to take this chance to induct her Sisters into the Uprising, but because she worries for Imperial Empress, she has ordered Your Servant to hurry over.” Liu Tianya answered calmly.

“But…” Shi JInglun hesitated, but she knew that Qingci was a thorough person and said nothing more. She knew that now that the Fourth Phase Heavenly Books was on the eve of beginning, Uprising other Sisters was already their most urgent matter. The Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array gave her a perfect opportunity to use the Uprising’s ability to protect those Star Maidens who were not necessarily fortunate.

“What Uprising do you speak of?” Lady Snake Scorpion felt this was foreboding, and she coldly said: “Could you be thinking of interrupting our Star Duel?”

Liu Tianya elegantly and gracefully took up his sword. A swordtip pointed at Lady Snake Scorpion as if it was at her back.

He seemed to be saying: Even if I die, she will not take a single step.

Lady Snake Scorpion was indigant, and she was about to say something.

Suddenly, a chill crawled over her skin.

Lady Snake Scorpion hastily withdrew. A portion of her shirt was ripped apart by sword-qi, and it was then that Lady Snake Scorpion felt a bit of fear. This was the first time that she had encountered a Sword Saint who did not fear Maiden Mountain.

Truly stupid.

“No wonder Shi Jin does not sign a contract, this man is honestly somewhat capable.”

Lady Snake Scorpion would not let go of this opportunity. She urged on the Thousand Spider Poison Shadow, and invisible poison threads attacked Liu Tianya. The latter was as calm as water, but his footsteps were not the slight bit inattentive. The sword in his hand waved, and snow-white sword qi twisted apart the poison threads.

But this was merely Lady Snake Scorpion’s diversion.

The next second, Lady Snake Scorpion was like a sword unsheathed, a cold glint flashing by.

Two gu creatures, a snake and a scorpion, suddenly flew out. These snake and scorpion gu were the gu that Lady Snake Scorpion was most proud of. Ever since she lost the Ten Thousand Year Gu, Lady Snake Scorpion had concentrated all of her power to refining these gu. The snake and scorpion gu were like a set of imperceptible battle monsters. Poison fog wafted, and poison-light spread. Its unstoppable progress was merciless and its attacks sever. Each strike would enter into Liu Tianya’s range.

However, the strange thing was that Liu Tianya was unimpressed. Lady Snake Scorpion’s attacks was far from as deadly as he had imagined.

Liu Tianya merely used his sword-qi as a way to make a shelter, easily making Lady Snake Scorpion’s snake and scorpion gu incapable of progressing.

“Since this is the case, then off you go!!!” Liu Tianya gently said. He raised his arm, and a powerful sword-qi burst out from his sword, forming a terrifying force that washed away the entire place.

In an instant, in just a single instant, Lady Snake Scorpion’s beautiful pupils suddenly contracted.


Just looking at this world-breaking explosion, even the shockwave was capable of disintegrating the entire palace.

All the cultivators were terror-stricken.

“You damned man!!!” The dust dispersed, and Lady Snake Scorpion cut a very sorry figure.

The woman’s clothes were in shambles, and her snow-white skin showed burning wounds. But she was fairly tenacious, surprisingly still able to stand. Lady Snake Scorpion raised a hand, and a familiar and terrifying poison thread gathered in her hand.


Lady Snake Scorpion cursed.

A poison shadow shot out from Lady Snake Scorpion’s hand.

Liu Tianya’s right hand waved. The poison shadow was knocked aside, but in that instant he waved his hand, Liu Tianya simultaneously already set his speed in motion.

After he warded off the poison shadow, Liu Tianya directly reached her front, forcibly crossing the distance of several zhang between them. His speed was swift as a demon’s, and before she could react, the long sword in his hand hacked down towards Lady Snake Scorpion.

Supervoid Sword Saints possessed absolutely overpowering martial force.

“You unexpectedly dare to kill me!!”

Lady Snake Scorpion’s face sunk.

Just as the beauty was about to die, at this moment, a golden light flit by and snatched her away. Its speed was fast enough to make even Liu Tianya startled. This Supervoid Sword Saint turned around to stand guard in front of Shi Jinglun. His long sword flew about, and the clangs of strikes landed.

However, at this time, he had already lost his chance to kill Lady Snake Scorpion.

“You damned Supervoid Sword Saint, you would go so far as to kill my wife!!!”

“Lord Husband!!” Lady Snake Scorpion was overjoyed. Her savior was none other than Great Sage Falling Sky Roc Demon King.

“Wife, there is no need to worry. Husband shall dispatch this bastard for you.” The Roc Demon King showed a cold expression as he stared fixedly at Liu Tianya.

Liu Tianya’s eyebrows rose. His hand heedlessly gripped his weapon tight, and his expression became more serious than before.

As if a storm’s stuffiness was suddenly approaching. 

Without another word, after the Roc Demon King set down Lady Snake Scorpion, he immediately pounced. The Roc Demon King’s cultivation was considerably profound. Just his magic energy alone did not lose out to Liu Tianya, and the martial arts the Roc Demon King cultivated at Falling Dragon Mountain similarly could not be underestimated. His hand gripped a golden club that struck at Liu Tianya’s head.

Killing intent drenched Liu Tianya, following the contours of his face and drawing out blood in his mouth.

Liu Tianya was quiet. He breathed slowly and deeply, letting the killing intent strike him, his person indifferent as a flower.

This kind of quiet killing intent was actually quite obstructive.


Liu Tianya’s finger curled.

The sword-qi in his hand then became a dragon that coiled towards the Roc Demon King.

Their powerful cultivations dueled, surprisingly churning the ocean waters. A torrent emerged and poured down, becoming a heavy rain.

In this rain, a wave of scorching heat broke out.

A snow-white swordtip split it apart.


Sword-qi blossomed from Liu Tianya’s hand. The rainwater gradually crumbled away, and sword-qi passed through the screen of controlled water and formed a perfectly coordinated attack.

The Roc Demon King roared.

A strong pressure surprisingly destroyed this terrifying attack of rain.

Liu Tianya lowered his stance and instantly bolted forward a distance of one zhang. The power of his swordtip crisscrossed where Liu Tianya originally stood, exploding, evaporating into a boiling splash.

Wind howled in every direction, blowing out fires. Evading killing intent, it tore at the Roc Demon King. As befitting the ruler of Falling Dragon Mountain, the Roc Demon King took as swift step and tread upon the rainwater, directly using force to push this down, as if he was Mount Tai. Meanwhile, Liu Tianya sprung upwards.

He aggressively attacked.

This level of ground was completely pulverized.

Liu Tianya used extremely quick speed to close in, a pinch of sword-light in his palm blasting.

The Roc Demon King struck back with his club.

But just at this moment, Liu Tianya’s sword vanished like a shadow from his eyes. Then, an intense pain struck his chest.

The Roc Demon King flew out.

Sigh At World’s End!!1

“Impressive!!” Liu Tianya’s five fingers opened, unexpectedly feeling pain.

Liu Tianya instantly shifted to the opposite side.


Wherever the Roc Demon King looked, his powerful strength burst.

Explosions continuously erupted behind Liu Tianya, slightly astonishing him.

“Courting death!!!!”

Golden light unfolded in the rain.

A club swing suddenly produced wind, carrying a strong momentum that smashed towards him head-on. The long-sword and club clashed. Liu Tianya immediately felt his qi and blood roll, and he felt the inside of his body seemingly about to explode.

The Roc Dmeon KIng sneered and used an escape technique.

Liu Tianya felt his eyes get blinded.

The Roc Demon King’s club already attacked. Liu Tianya’s reactions were quick, barely blocking with his sword. Then, he used “A Happy Excursion,”2 forcing the Roc Demon King back.

“A Supervoid Sword Saint is no more than this.” The Roc Demon King laughed aloud.

He possessed his Winged Escape Technique. His speed alone could make Liu Tianya look at nothing but dust. If it was not for his Sword Saint reaction, any other person would have already died.

“Great Sage Falling Dragon is only capable of this much?” Liu Tianya gracefully wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, showing a disdainful expression.

The Shi Jinglun at his side tightly gripped her Yellow Dragon Staff. If it was not for being trapped in the array, Nine Tattooed Dragons would have already intervened.

“Then This Sage shall allow you to witness my true power.”

The Roc Demon King’s body emitted golden light. He suddenly opened his mouth and bellowed with the sound of thunder.

The rolling sound wave contained the might of a Supervoid Peak, shaking the surrounding several dozen li. Countless cultivators were knocked unconscious and then died. Liu Tianya himself nearly lapsed as well.

“Roc’s Cry Nine Firmaments!!”3

The Roc Demon King shouted once more.

This time, the shaking nearly dislodged Liu Tianya’s weapon from his hand.

“Lord Husband, Your Sevant shall help you!!”

Lady Snake Scorpion sneered.

Once again, she used the Thousand Spider Poison Shadow.

Countless poisonous threads formlessly wrapped around. Although Liu Tianya wanted to dodge, under this sound wave, his consciousness basically could not exert any control. Liu Tianya had been heavily injured at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, and had only recovered a little more than halfway using the Green Nether Gourd, far from his peak state. Encountering the domineering Roc Demon King, how could he last.

The Thousand Spider Poison Shadow tore into his whole body. Liu Tianya softly sighed, yet his eyes did not admit defeat in the slightest. He stared at Lady Snake Scorpion and suddenly moved.


The Roc Demon King was already on guard. The club in his hand swung and sent Liu Tianya flying.

“Liu Tianya!” Shi Jinglun was stunned. This was the first time she had seen him be beaten back.

“A minor wound, nothing more.” Liu Tianya tenaciously stood up.

“Lord Husband, send this damned couple to hell.” Lady Snake Scorpion charmingly smiled.

The Roc Demon King naturally would not let him go.

But just at this moment, a multi-colored light like that of a heavenly canopy descended. “Wife, be careful.” The Roc Demon King immeidately let out protective golden light when he saw this, using his divine weapon to strike the multi-colored light.

This multi-colored light was also resilient, surprisingly not collapsing for the time being.

Immediately afterwards, the multi-colored light rolled.


The Roc Demon King shouted again, directly shouting back the multi-colored light that rolled towards Lady Snake Scorpion.

This sudden abnormality made Lady Snake Scorpion surprised. The Roc Demon King coldly said, “Holy Mother, you surprisingly aid the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators.”

A beautiful figure emerged who was precisely Holy Mother Qi Xia.

“Lady Snake Scorpion, you betrayed the agreement for the Seven Stars Assembly. You killed my disciple, and today, we shall properly assess this debt.” Holy Mother Qi Xia coldly said.

“Very well.”

The Roc Demon King laughed.

“Liu Tianya, are you still fine?” Shi JInglun asked.

Seeing the tranquility in Nine Tattooed Dragons’ eyes, Liu Tianya slightly sighed and nodded.

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  1. 天涯一嘆
  2. 逍遙遊, a passage from the Zhuang Zi
  3. 鵬嘯九霄


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