Chapter 578: A Banquet of Starfalls (IV) Confined Within A Circle

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“Protect Wudao!!”

Ancestor Longevity shouted. The disciples of the Lifeless Hall wearing black robes each formed hand seals. A thousand Flying Swords gathered into a rolling black cloud that churned without stop. Within the center of the disciples, Yan Wudao was protected.

At this time, Star Masters that had the backing of a sect displayed this advantage. Under the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, weakened Star Masters would general become the number one attack target of other people, but with the support of a sect, at least it would not be so simple to kill him. However…Xin Lao sauntered towards them. The gorgeous woman that was seemingly carved from jade practically did not change her indifference at all, making the Lifeless Hall feel anxious.

“You use such despicable methods to participate in the Star Duels, even Chao Gai could not bear to watch you. If you dare take another step, the Lifeless Hall will most certainly fight to the last gasp.” Ancestor Longevity shouted, his words revealing certain information. He did not want to fight her at all.

Xin Lao stopped her steps and raised her head to look at everyone.

The girl was so indifferent and beautiful. If it was not for the Star Crest on her forehead identifying her as a Star Master, Ancestor Longevity would be facing a Star General and a Demon Cultivator. However, for a Star Master to feel like a Star General, this was considerably even more thorny. Ancestor Longevity knew that this was one incredible foe, particularly that her cultivation had reached Supervoid Early Stage. If he could, the old man truly thought that farther she stayed away, the better.

Xin Lao apparently considered it for a moment. Then, she raised her hand without any hesitation.

An enormous boom.

The ground quaked.

The Lifeless Hall disciples did not hesitate at all to fly on their swords. Following Ancestor Longevity’s shout of “Courting death,” the black cloud of gathered Flying Swords rolled towards her. The pervasive pitch-black sword shadows screamed as they rolled towards Xin Lao.

As one of the Two Halls of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects, the Lifeless Hall’s power naturally could not be underestimated. A sect’s cultivation method in the Azure Dragon Territory was its central aspect. Consequently, regardless of cultivation or abilities, a sect’s disciples developed their own school in the Azure Dragon Territory. Especially the Lifeless Hall’s unique “Lifeless Sword Chant,” which was absolute. The center of the mass of rolling Flying Swords surprisingly slowly glowed with a fiery red light, as if it was burning. In the black sword-qi, it appeared very abnormal.

Ancestor Longevity also instantly brought out his own magic weapon. With a chuckle, he activated the magic weapon he was most proud of, the “Life Breaking Sword” – a completely black Flying Sword emerged. After Ancestor Longevity spat out a mouthful of evil qi, it suddenly grew, surprisingly enlarging more than tenfold. Like a gigantic maw, the chilling Flying Swords flashed with a clear light, as if they could cut even space apart, especially that Life Breaking Sword flitting about among them. A faint, black fog emerged. THis was “Lifeless Seven Apertures Smoke.”1

Ever since he had been defeated by Leisure Star Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic at the Longevity Hall, Ancestor Longevity meticulously cultivated his own unique magic weapon when he returned to the sect. Now, if he faced the Leisure Star from that time once again, Ancestor Longevity was more confident.

Yan Wudao did not dare be careless. He raised his Divine Intent and power will all his strength, forming seven barriers to guard against any sneak attack from Xin Lao. Although Ancestor Longevity similarly was at Supercluster Peak, even the Yan Wudao who had reached the breakthrough bottleneck to Supervoid Stage with the Thousand Year Tears was at an advantage compared to Ancestor Longevity. But against a White Tiger Star Master, Yan Wudao certainly was not at ease.

Qiang!2 With a long ring as if a divine sword was unsheathed, the pervasive sword-shadows filled the world, their power completely covering Xin Lao.

Xin Lao was still indifferent.

They did not see her make any sort of movements, as if she was waiting for death. Hua-la.2

The sword-qi in the space warped and wefted. The walls and flooring cast from gold and jade were gouged with deep trenches by the Flying Swords, damaged very severely. Xin Lao instantly was obscured, no trace of her presence detectable at all. Even a Supervoid Early Stage Cultivator could not possibly escape this situation completely unscathed.

“Hmph, she dared to underestimate our Lifeless Hall.” A cultivator from the Lifeless Hall jeered.

“Do not let down your guard.” Yan Wudao was serious.

The sword-shadows parted. The cultivator that had just been talking bi immediately turned dumbstruck. After their mountain toppling and ocean overturning sword array, the woman appeared seemingly unharmed, as if all their attacks just now were a ridiculous illusion.

“How is this possible?”


“Look out for her bracelet.” Ancestor Longevity spotted the bracelet on Xin Lao’s white wrist and immediately shouted.

Xin Lao slowly held her hand before her chest. Her wrist was wrapped by a lustrous bracelet that faintly flickered. A powerful spiritual power leaked out that surprisingly did not allow the Flying Swords to approach.


Ancestor Longevity urged on his magic energy, chanting.

The Life Breaking Sword swiftly slashed.

The Lifeless Seven Apertures Smoke was as thick as fog, obscuring all lines of sight, a deep abyss.

Xin Lao’s delicate hand gently waved.

The bracelet leisurely flew off her wrist. The resplendent light flashed and slammed against the Life Breaking Sword.


Ancestor Longevity was inwardly pleased. His Lifeless Seven Apertures Smoke was capable of corroding magic weapons, and that his opponent surprisingly used a magic weapon was much to his liking. Just as Ancestor Longevity was about to dissolve his opponent’s magic weapon in one go.


A crisp sound like that of shattering glass came from the sky.

Ancestor Longevity’s expression immensely changed.

That bracelet’s bright light was more dazzling than the sun, more penetrating than moonlight. This light glowed, and the black smoke completely dissipated.

Then, the bracelet drew an arc that that smashed into the Life Breaking Sword without stopping whatsoever.

There was a bang.

The indestructible Life Breaking Sword was unexpectedly snapped squarely down the middle by the bracelet. Its spiritual power was completely lost. The magic weapon that Ancestor Longevity had painstakingly forged all his life was unexpectedly turned into scrap in but an instant.

Ancestor Longevity gasped and suddenly vomited blood.

When the Lifeless Hall disciples saw this, they immediately united to once again use every kind of ability and millions of Flying Swords to surround her. The sword-shadows cvered her, which made Xin Lao slightly raise her eyebrows.

The jade bracelet in midair became even brighter, as if the galaxies in the Nine Firmaments were falling to the ground. The pinpricks of beautiful light were like stars. The bracelet seemed to hover in the air and release a galaxy. The center of this galaxy was all-inclusive, containing suns, moons, and stars within.

The Flying Swords inside were illuminated by the starlight. Under its canopy, the swords’ power was eliminated.

All of the Flying Swords were completely sucked into the endless light the bracelet released.

These were all Life-cast Flying Swords of the cultivators, linked to the lives of their cultivators. When the Flying Swords broke, the Lifeless Hall’s disciples screamed endlessly.

“All Things Bracelet!!!!”

Ancestor Longevity was greatly astonished.

For a magic weapon to be able to break his Life Breaking Sword as well as completely break millions of Flying Swords, this was unheard of in Liangshan Continent. Seeing that bracelet was so dazzling, Ancestor Longevity immediately recalled that very recently, a furor over an All Things Bracelet that had displaced the Three Clarities Banner on the Spirit Sealing List.

This is bad.

We will die!!

Ancestor Longevity suddenly realized this idea, but just at this moment, everything was too late. When the seemingly heedless Xin Lao had done away with all of their Flying Sword Attacks with the All Things Bracelet, the woman suddenly moved.

Her figure shuttled back and forth over the ground. Like light, her transience arrived in front of Ancestor Longevity.

A spotlessly white palm thrust out.

In the instant she attacked, Ancestor Longevity only felt the surrounding space and earth crumble. A formless prison made him unable to flee, and he was completely unprepared as he suffered Xin Lao’s palm.

Powerful magic energy directly raved Ancestor Longevity’s internal organs.

The Ancestor Longevity that originally thought they could take on this opponent was astonished to discover this enemy was far more powerful than he had imagined. A Supercluster Cultivation was far from being as strong as a Supervoid Stage Star Master. Profound power swiftly and firmly froze Ancestor Longevity’s whole body. No matter how he struggled, he was surprisingly unable to break free.

“No…” Ancestor Longevity’s eyes widened, unwilling as he looked at the apathetic woman in front of him.

Confined Within A Circle!!

Xin Lao gently retracted her palm.

Ancestor Longevity’s whole body crumbled away like clay. It was impossible to imagine that the Ancestor Longevity who had lived his whole life with great prudence and caution would die so feebly at this time, unable to withstand a single strike.

“Ancestral Master!!”

The Lifeless Hall disciples wailed.

“Let’s go, quickly!!!”

Yan Wudao furiously shouted.

Xin Lao eyed him. Her figure immediately moved, and the All Things Bracelet and her palm struck at the same time.

Yan Wudao flipped out the Six Paths Plate. He grit his teeth, smiled and advanced.

“Stupa Blackened Flame, Vermilion Bird Soaring Cloud!”

Ye Futu’s hands formed seals, and a fire bird shot out from his finger. Then, following the closing and opening motions of Ye Futu’s hands, the blazing figure of the Vermilion Bird flew out from his body. The rolling flames headed towards a young girl.

Long Nü was calm and composed, unhurried.

“Dust Washing Sword Mind!”

Long Nü pointed. The Dust Washing Flying Swords’ blue light magnified. Instantly, it seemed that countless arrows had been fired. Then, after they soared out, they all became sparkling flying sword-shadows each a half chi long that numbered five or six hundred. In their great numbers, they shot towards the Vermilion Bird.

The fire of the Vermilion Bird was broken by the Dust Washing Sword Mind, immediately crumbling.

When the Ye Futu who was in midflight saw this scene, his cold expression showed surprise.

So many sword-lights approached at the same time. Let alone their might, just the numbers in this mountain of blades was enough to terrify anyone. Without much more thought, Ye Futu’s escape light not only did not stop, it flashed and became even faster. But at the same time, more than a hundred sword-lights shot out from within the escape light to directly intercept these sparkling sword-lights.

“I did not think that the son of the grand prince would surprisingly rely on help from the White Tiger Demonkin. Crown Prince Futu, you disappoint me.” Long Nü calmly said.

These words struck a sore spot in Ye Futu’s heart. The man coldly snorted, expressionlessly saying: “As long as Futu can scale Maiden Mountain, so what if Futu even becomes one of the Demonkin.”

“As expected, you are already beyond redemption, Ye Futu.” Long Nü pointed, and the Flying Swords advanced.

Ye Futu released the Karma Fire Flying Swords to contest.

One side was gentle water-light, the other was fierce flame, an incomparbale competition.

“Seventh Princess rumored to live lavishly in the Crystal Dragon Palace, what qualifications do you have to lecture Your Servant?” Ye Futu sneered.

“Then This Highness shall lecture you, Ye Futu!”

A clear and bright laugh. A ray of cold light sneak attacked, but Ye Futu’s reactions were extremely quick. Battle Potential was aroused, and he evaded. A man of elegant and noble bearing appeared. Seeing that his forehead had a Star Crest, it was clear he was a Star Master as well.

“Here comes another person who has lived like a prince.” Ye Futu sneered.

Xie Chang’an laughed aloud, “Ye Futu. Those White Tiger Territory Demon Cultivators, perhaps I cannot do anything against them, but as for you…” He smiled craftily. Then, Xie Chang’an gazed at Long Nü: “Your Highness Princess, let us join hands for now. Do not waste your breath on this traitor. Just kill him first for now.”

Long Nü slightly hesitated. WIthout another word, Xie Chang’an already was on the attack.

“How could you empty people ever understand the humiliation I went through.”

Ye Futu coldly spat out a sentence.

“Well said, Brother Futu, then allow Your Servant to help you!”

A call of praise, and then a graceful and carefree man appeared beside Ye Futu at the same time.

He was none other than the Wind Spirit of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, Cang Feng!

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    1. I don’t know. If I recall, Cang Feng wasn’t around when Mishe Chilie, the Fire Spirit they recruited behind Ye Futu’s back, appeared.

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