Chapter 596: Mu Zhiyu’s Miscalculation

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The last assassin Mu Zhiyu became a shadow that pursued them. A Star General that had become an overlord was no laughing matter. She instantly arrived in front of Su Xing, the double daggers in her hands spilling her killing intent, woven like silk.

Su Xing held Zhu Sha in one hand while he wielded the Thousand Year Divine Sword in the other. He relied on those Innate Skills that were not inferior to a Star General’s in order to block with the sword. He once again used an escape technique and fled instantly a hundred meters away.

Mu Zhiyu changed from her previously heedless attitude. She was savage and cruel to the extreme. After her first strike missed, the Investigative Star’s figure vanished into thin air. Su Xing’s escape technique stopped, and without time to draw breath, a sharp wind entered his ear. Mu Zhiyu suddenly reappeared next to him like a ghost, her twin daggers stabbing directly at Zhu Sha’s back.

Su Xing was startled. He grit his teeth and activated the Chaotic Tail Escape.

His skin cracked, blood spattered, and he disappeared once again. This time, he fled several dozen li away. Su Xing did not stop, continuing to escape several times. If you can’t win, then run. Against an overlord level Star General, Su Xing did not have any arrogant thoughts about testing his strength.

Several consecutive Chaotic Tail Escapes later, he made all of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s cultivators, including Emperor Liang, stare dumbstruck.

Blood-light flashed by above them, the speed extremely quick. Several blinks later, it had traveled the entire palace.

Su Xing’s whole body hurt as he grimaced and stopped. The Chaotic Tail Escape’s side effects really were a bit severe. If he could, Su Xing honestly did not want to use this kind of self-harm technique.

Su Xing spread open his Divine Intent, scanning in all direction.

But he had taken only a single breath when a chilling knifepoint once again whistled past his ear. Mu Zhiyu once again appeared. “Fuck, she really is like a dead soul lingering about.”1 Su Xing was startled. This speed was unavoidably too fast, for her to even be able to catch up.

How could Su Xing have known that this was indeed Mu Zhiyu’s Earth Rank Assassination.

Dead Soul Lingering About!

This dagger stabbed into Su Xing’s chest, but when the second dagger attacked, Su Xing’s palm fired Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, only then blasting Mu Zhiyu away.

“I will kill all of you to avenge Little Sister.” Mu Zhiyu fiddled with her daggers, her face cold.

“Put me down.” Zhu Sha felt a powerful force constrict her waist. Even the stone-faced Earthly Leader Star could not help but feel a bit strange. Su Xing did not mind her and snapped his fingers, then unleashing Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

An assassin’s most threatening time was only while she was hidden. Since she had been exposed, her threat level had been reduced by half.

Mu Zhiyu spun, flashing to Su Xing’s flank. Her stabs were directed towards Zhu Sha’s chest.

Dark Rank Assassination.


At this moment, the Chaotic Tail Escape already could not longer be used. Su Xing hugged ZHu Sha and instantly spun around without thinking, using his body as a shield. The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed simultaneously opened, and he used the Acala Wisdom King Chant.

One dagger stabbed into his lung, immensely painful. With Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed protecting his body and the Widom King Chant’s powerful corporeal body, he was only barely able to blick. Su Xing then opened his mouth and fired the Rock Piercing Water Droplets. It was regrettable that his Flying Swords had lost their spiritual power and were incapable of use for the time being, otherwise, he could not be cutting such a sorry figure.

Mu Zhiyu’s dagger cut down the Rock Piercing Water Droplets. She stared at Su Xing, this time, not in a hurry to attack.

“This Leader Star is not your Star General. Why did you rescue her?” Mu Zhiyu gloomily said. If it was not for Su Xing’s bodyblock just now, her Departing just now would have pierced through the Resourceful Strategist’s lungs and made her fall into the Star Nest. But how could Mu Zhiyu expect that the Purple Thunder Monster would go against common sense and surprisingly protect her.

In Mu Zhiyu’s reckoning, this was simply unreasonable. She had thought that Su Xing grabbed the Resourceful Strategist to use as a meat shield.

A fleeting emotional reaction flickered in Zhu Sha’s eyes, but it very quickly vanished. The woman recovered her stone-faced expressionlessness. Her hand pointed, and she used her Yellow Technique: Mountains And Rivers Array!3

The Five Elements Weather Banner flapped, surrounding Mu Zhiyu.

How could this Yellow Technique trap Mu Zhiyu. The assassin leapt high then descended like a vulture, her daggers like talons, showing her abilities. 

“What she said is right. You and I are total strangers. Quickly put me down.” Zhu Sha said. Without her, Su Xing clearly would be more free.

“I have my own ethics.” Su Xing coolly said. Not being able to save Little Huang already made him exceptionally distressed, and then to see Zhu Sha die would always be impossible for him. After all, she also had taken action for his sake against the third generation Star General.


Mu Zhiyu’s body techniques were swift as lightning, her double daggers stabbing out a ray of cold light.

Just at this moment, a dragon-like yet also phoenix-like cry came from the sky. A giant shadow descended from the heavens, and a mocking voice sounded out: “This man does not understand romance. Elder Sister and This General should spend some loving time together!!”

Mu Zhiyu raised her head and looked.

A dragon-like and phoenix-like Star Beast spread its wings and swooped down upon her, sizzling spirit flames spurting out.

Void Dragon False Phoenix!

The Investigative Star charged forth to face it, crossing her double daggers. Dagger-qi shot in all directions, constricting the Void Dragon False Phoenix. Dong Junqing was taken aback and retracted her frivolous expression. She dodged away, and the Void Dragon False Phoenix was slain by Mu Zhiyu.

“You quickly go rescue her.” This was the first time she was embraced by a man. Evidently, even if Zhu Sha was somewhat not unrestrained, to be frank, her tone did not have her normal stiffness.

“You quickly leave.”

Su Xing did not hesitate at all.

In midair, Mu Zhiyu spied Dong Junqing. Her eyes were gloomy, and then she turned to attack. However, along the way, she was already intercepted by Su Xing. “Heaven Shaking Stillness Hand!!” SU Xing’s palm swept over.

The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder became a giant palm that swatted at Mu Zhiyu. The top-notch assassin ignored this attack and suddenly vanished before Su Xing’s eyes. Su Xing’s hands pinched together, forming a giant purple thunder net.


The thunder net tore open, and a black shadow appeared.

What a troublesome assassin, Su Xing was being suppressed  to the point he could not catch his breath, but Dong Junqing who had lost her virginity was completely powerless to escape. He could only defend her front, to stall for as much time as possible.


A shout like breaking snow broke up from the ground. Lin Yingmei finally rushed over. No matter the time, she was always the one person that Su Xing’s heart was most relieved over. The Majestic Star’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear hacked downwards.

The ice-cold killing intent on the spear swept extremely quickly, directly knocking Mu Zhiyu aside. Then, her beautiful figure dashed and attacked Mu Zhiyu.

Although she did not have the Majestic Star’s level of martial force, any way it was put, Mu Zhiyu had a realm that the Lin Yingmei in front of her did not. The assassin caught her attack without being lenient.


Mu Zhiyu’s double daggers caught the spear. Immediately afterwards, the assassin flashed away, disappearing and then reappearing. She broke away from Lin Yingmei’s attack range. An assassin’s attacks eternally drifted, incapable of refinement. Very quickly, she suddenly appeared beside Su Xing, her weapon just like a fish back in water, a butterfly fluttering through a garden. At the same time, with her wrist as the center, a swift and powerful arc of wind suddenly appeared, shooting out with frightening speed.

The incorporeal force became substantive. Su Xing’s body slightly rocked. She once again approached with high speed. He had barely avoided that oppressive daggertip, but an even more slimmer dagger-shadow already covered him. Completely soundless, the attack was hidden like this.  

Su Xing’s figure immediately recoiled backwards, but the dagger in front of him followed him like a shadow. Those glinting lights surprisingly accelerated the instant they throbbed. Mu Zhiyu surprisingly could still maintain this speed while attacking. This was completely outside of Su Xing’s expectations. Under an attack like this, Su Xing could only dodge at the last moment. The two were locked in a pursuit, moving like the swift wind. After several moments, there unexpectedly was no place to retreat.


A light arrow that carved open space passed between Su Xing and Mu Zhiyu, cutting off the assassin’s finisher.

Hua Wanyue drew her bow from afar. Although this arrow was ordinary and unremarkable, it succeeded in giving Mu Zhiyu an obstruction.

Then, a cool and elegant silhouette suddenly appeared beside Mu ZHiyu.

Wu Siyou also used all of her strength. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashed. Mu Zhiyu had only just caught Wu Siyou’s sword when a pinprick of cold light descended like a star. Lin Yingmei had very quickly rushed over.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou coordinated their attacks, and there was also the Hero Star Hua Wanyuefired arrows from behind. Against the perfect teamwork of three top-notch martial generals, even Mu Zhiyu was unable to last. She could only barely ward off the blows.

After all, she was an assassin. In a direct confrontation, Mu Zhiyu began to grow conflicted. Without hesitating any further, she grit her teeth and suddenly spun around. She abruptly disappeared in midair. Her daggers whistled sharply through the air. With an ear-piercing clang, at some unknown time, Mu Zhiyu had completely wielded her superb combat level. Her battle strength was aroused, and she suddenly already cut apart all of the attacks by Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou’s weapons. 

Mu Zhiyu then withdrew.

As her Star Master, Xuanle Feifei currently had not appeared, Evidently, she was being held up.

“Investigative Star, you have already been exposed. Why not end things here?” Lin Yingmei gripped her spear in one hand, sternly speaking.

Mu Zhiyu looked around at the Star Generals present. In the end, her gaze fixed onto Su Xing. The woman used a soft, sing-songy and graceful tone to say: “You all can see the foolishness of your own Star Master. He surprisingly would protect Star Generals not his own. Is such a Star Master worthy of your companionship?”

How could she have expected that Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou would instead smile.

“Hmph, you are Star Generals in the Star Duels, yet you act impetuously. Today, allow Zhiyu to give you all a lesson!!” Mu Zhiyu’s arms spread open. She took several deep breaths, her towering chest rising and falling indefinitely like waves.

She continued her breathing, her daggers hovering, gently entering her grip. The tranquility was somewhat frightening.

“Not good, this is a Heaven Rank Technique.” Dong Junqing shouted.

“Heaven Rank??” Su Xing was stunned.

“Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, quickly stop her!! You absolutely cannot allow her to use her Heaven Rank Technique.” Dong Junqing extremely urgently screamed. All of the Star Generals instinctively sensed the might of a Heaven Rank. In Liangshan Continent’s records, they could shake all under heaven when they appeared. A Heaven Rank Technique could only be withstood by a True Phoenix Realm Star General.

If they allowed Mu Zhiyu to use her Heaven Rank, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“You quickly leave!” Dong Junqing hastily shouted.

“No can do.” How could Su Xing let Lin Yingmei and the others go.

Endless murderous intent began to surge, flowing about Su Xing’s surroundings.

Mu Zhiyu’s Heaven Rank was in the middle of charging, but it surprisingly had such powerful strength. Once used, it was unimaginable just how terrifying it would be.

Lin YIngmei and Wu Siyou promptly wanted to stop her. A Heaven Rank Technique’s greatest flaw was perhaps that it required a very long charge time in order to focus the Star General’s Star Energy. During this time, the Star General was very weak. But Mu Zhiyu’s figure had suddenly vanished, moving in the surrounding shadows. Without a sensory Star General, there was no way they could discern her location.

“There has never been a person who could escape Mu Zhiyu’s Heaven Rank Assassination, ‘Murderous Intent Fills Mountains Rivers’…Purple Thunder Monster, guess who will be the first to die this time!!!”

Mu Zhiyu’s leisurely voice echoed in empty space, her killing intent everywhere.

“I’m guessing it’s you!!!”

Suddenly, the flaring murderous intent was doused by ice water. The shadows gathered together, and Mu Zhiyu suddenly appeared out of thin air. The girl stared in disbelief at a dagger that had pierced straight through her chest.

This dagger was sudden and completely unforeseen. Even Su Xing and Lin Yingmei did not react in time.

“Little Sister…” Mu Zhiyu’s voice shuddered. She turned her head back to see Guardian Star Little Restrained Mu Duiying’s cold eyes!!!

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  1. 陰魂不散
  2. 離別
  3. 江山陣


  1. She did as all great assassins should. Hid herself while waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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