Chapter 607: Bloodsoaked Clothes

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There once was a psychology research expert who said that long-term behavior decided a person’s personality and instincts. This kind of personality and instinct will react to every single detail in life, influencing their ultimate destiny. Fine, our ancestors have already used five words to sum this up – habit will become second nature.

If Su Xing was made to recall his deepest impression he had, the most common thing he did after coming to Liangshan Continent, that could similarly be explained in four words.

Hero saves the beauty.

Regardless of whether it was when he first performed rescue breathing on Lin Yingmei, then braved danger for Shi Yuan’s sake, or later after he learned to intensify the Chaotic Tail Escape, Su Xing practically demonstrated these four words to the limit of perfection.

The came Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang, Wu Siyou and other beauties, even opponents likeHua Wanyue, Gong Caiwei, and Zhao Hanyan, as well as the Star Generals Zhu Sha and Dong Junqing, even those he lacked a close relationship, like Hu Mi. The people in the world only felt the Purple Thunder Monster’s twelve beauties serving him was defiant of the Star Duels’ rules, but if they thought carefully, this behavior that disregarded one’s one safety, completely overturning his position as a Star Master, was what was truly unreasonable.

Perhaps it was precisely this type of “time-tested” behavior that Su Xing had cultivated instinctually. If someone was a friend, Su Xing would always spare no effort to help her and not allow harm to befall her. To be honest, this type of behavior that appealed to the masses was understandable. Even the thousand year arrogant martial general Wu Siyou had a preference for this Lord Husband who put himself at others’ service.


This damned man still informed us – the world never had such a thing as “time-tested.”

Thus, when even the shrewd Hu Mi could soften in Su Xing’s embrace, Fulfillment Star Zhu Manxiang used her most firm callousness to answer this man – walk along the riverbank, and you will get wet.

She swung her saber.

The Five Star Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber slashed tyrannically.

Ice-cold killing intent like cold water falling from the heavens froze Su Xing in place. This was a Dark Rank Saber Technique.

Sparrow Drinks Winter Spring!1

Su Xing never expected this kind of unforeseen event. In the past, he hugged the girls he saved against his chest with absolute trust in them, and over time, this somehow became Su Xing’s natural instinct. He never imagined the day, this day, that this natural instinct would betray him.

Caught off guard with the close range attack of a Five Star Destined Weapon, even if Su Xing was the Daluo Golden Immortal, he would be powerless to return to heaven. THis slash practically twisted all of Su Xing’s meridians apart. This was the first time he had personally faced the danger of a close range Dark Technique from a martial general’s Five Star Destined Weapon.

“Forgive me.”

Zhu Manxiang said guiltily. Her hand nevertheless quickly threw Su Xing towards the Ghost Cavalry King. “Now release Chise Sakura!”

“Lord Husband!” Su Xing had sustained heavy injury. The adjacent Wu Siyou was similarly shocked, also receiving harm.

Currently in a frenzied battle against Uesugi Kenshin, this instant of stagnation brought about an irrevocable major gap. Uesugi Kenshin easily broke through Wu Siyou’s twin swords, her chilling blade directly cutting Wu Siyou’s neck.

This was not surprising. Such an attack would kill Wu Siyou without doubt.

But Uesugi Kenshin did not do this. A slight glint flashed past the girl’s eyes. She gracefully spun halfway around, and the blade gently slid past Wu Siyou’s neck. The girl’s figure moved, instantly appearing between the Ghost Cavalry King and Su Xing, suddenly changing her attack direction.

“Clown from who knows where, watch Kenshin’s blade!” Uesugi Kenshin’s saber slashed at the Ghost Cavalry King.

When the Ghost Cavalry King saw Su Xing was thrown over, he became a dense black shadow and pounced. At the same time, a little girl was revealed inside his black robes. When Zhu Manxiang saw her, she anxiously rushed over to catch the girl.

Against Uesugi Kenshin’s sudden attack, he sneered. He surprisingly passed through the blade without any fear, breaking apart as if he was a ghost. Several ghost shadows suddenly appeared. Uesugi Kenshin did not anticipate this and turned her head back.

“Watch This King’s ‘One Spirit Soul Taking.’”2

The Ghost Cavalry King laughed. The ghost shadows already wrapped around Su Xing.

“What is this?” Su Xing was startled.

A wretched black shadow suddenly pounced down. A bone-chilling howl sounded beside his ear, and then the Ghost Cavalry King’s ghost shadows drilling into Su Xing’s body. A sort of bone-rending paid seemed to tear Su Xing apart. His head seemed muddled, as if it was filled with mercury. An indescribable thing wanted to rip his consciousness from his body.

“That is a walk-in,3 you had best not be careless.”

Chao Gai’s voice was transmitted into his mind.

Su Xing’s heart sunk. He quickly shut his eyes, calmly activating the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique. At the same time, he chanted Brahmanist incantations, releasing Buddhist light. A giant Meditative Mind Lotus Flower broke free little by little from the black shadows and bloomed.

“Thinking of resisting? Your body is not bad. That Star General is to This King’s palate. This King shall use full power to see just how long you can last.” The Ghost Cavalry King sneered. More than a dozen ghosts instantly emerges, splitting into a hundred more. Countless phantoms fell over each other nipping at Su Xing’s whole body, drilling into his body.

“Lord Husband!” Wu Siyou’s expression changed.

A figure held her back.

“Do not go over there!”

“Chao Gai!!!” Wu Siyou was furious.

“If you go now, you will only hurt him.” Chao Gai calmly replied.

“Just what is happening?” Wu Siyou said.

“This cultivator ability is a soul extracting art. He wants to occupy Su Xing’s body like he did with that little girl…”

“What did you say?!” Wu Siyou was shocked.

“However, there is no need to worry. Su Xing cultivated the Meditative Mind Lotus and has Li Zhishen’s Meditative Mind Innate Skill. So long as his reactions are fast enough, his consciousness will never fade. The Ghost Cavalry King will not be able to handle him, after all, your Lord Husband is but the man who contracted twelve Star Generals. With that enormous Star Nest and peak Supervoid Cultivator Divine Intent, the Ghost Cavalry King is no match.” Chao Gai expressionlessly replied.


Wu Siyou tightly bit her lip, her fingers white from gripping her weapon so tightly.

Meanwhile, Uesugi Kenshin was also stunned by the scene before her eyes.

Countless phantoms let out terrifying howls as they endlessly coiled around Su Xing. In the black shadows, a bean-sized golden light radiated little by little. Then, a lotus bud broke free of the ghosts’ entanglement, slowly blooming into a powerful lotus flower.

The countless shadows shrieked as they tried to prevent the lotus from blossoming, but this light was honestly too blinding. Not a moment later, half of the shadows had disappeared.

“What is happening?” The Ghost Cavalry King was astonished. His One Spirit Soul Taking was but the most powerful ability of his Supreme Ghost Body. To successfully refine it was a coincidence from dying to Yan Qing’s Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, and he had refined this technique afterwards.4

Although each use greatly debilitated his cultivation, against the Star Master Chise Sakura, her contract was actually very good nourishment. The Ghost Cavalry King had succeeded against her at the first strike, but now he was using all of his strength and was surprisingly feeling drained.

Not good.

The Ghost Cavalry King shouted in pain. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower behind Su Xing unfurled. Like a sun, the countless specters screamed as they burned away from its illumination. The shadows split from Su Xing’s body one after another.

This man’s powers are very formidable.

Within the span of a breath, the Ghost Cavalry King’s phantoms had all been peeled off Su Xing’s body. They gathered in midair and restored themselves into the appearance of a black robe.

“Just who are you?”

The Ghost Cavalry King’s tone sunk.

“Ghost Cavalry King, you truly are a lingering soul in both name and reality.” Su Xing slowly opened his eyes. He appeared extremely solemn. The lotus flower suddenly expanded, and Buddhist light glowed brightly.

“You recognize This King?” The Ghost Cavalry King was startled.

“Oh, you forgot about me? It was all thanks to you back then in Stone Tablet City that Little Yi comprehended the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.” Su Xing breathed deeply, staunching his wounds.

The Ghost Cavalry King was taken aback. Suddenly, the ghosts over his whole body contorted. “It is you, you are Lin Chong’s contractor?”

“Finally remembered?” Su Xing’s expression turned cold.

“This King just happened to be looking for you. For you to show up on my doorstep, perfect!!” THis King shall now turn you into mincemeat.” The Ghost Cavalry King let out a hair-raising cackle: “This King shall let you witness the might of This King’s Supreme Ghost Body.”

A black demonic blade appeared in his hand, and just when the Ghost Cavalry King slashed at Su Xing.

“I actually want to see what abilities you have.” Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. Suddenly, twelve jadeite Flying Swords became twelve green rainbows. The twelve green Flying Swords released jadeite bamboo projections. Clear light linked together into a cage to cover the Ghost Cavalry King.

The insufferably arrogant Ghost Cavalry King immediately shrieked when he touched this clear light.

“Evil Suppressing Clear Light.”

“Heh, heh. As I thought, it’s effective.” Su Xing’s fingers weaved hand seals. The twelve Langya surrounded the Ghost Cavalry King, forming a net that covered the world. Resplendent clear light illuminated the royal court.

The Langya were all forged from Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo’s naturally nourished Evil Suppressing Clear Light was not only capable of hindering demons, it was also effective in fighting off any evil spirit. Let alone that this was a Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, the might of the Evil Suppressing Clear Light was easy to imagine. Even a Supervoid level demon would have to retreat.

Although the Ghost Cavalry King’s Supreme Ghost Path had been cultivated to its peak, he had never imagined that Su Xing would surprisingly have Flying Swords so defiant of the natural order as the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Having received Su Xing’s provocation, this slash had fallen perfectly into Su Xing’s trap.

The twelve Flying Swords spun, and they all released clear light at the same time, suppressing the Ghost Cavalry King into becoming immobilized.

“Damn you, how do you have Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” The Ghost Cavalry King struggled to free the famous Demonic Blade in his hand, but it was like a frightened rabbit fleeing from terrifying danger. “Sakakibara Yasumasa, quickly rescue This King!!” In a moment of desperation, the Ghost Cavalry King shouted.

How could Sakakibara Yasumasa ever dare to intervene. There was Uesugi Kenshin as well as Harm Star Pilgrim. There was even the Fulfillment Star, and they all were staring intently at him, as if he would die on the spot if he made even the slightest movement.

Sakakibara Yasumasa’s forehead was full of sweat. He could only stare at Su Xing in shock and hatred.

The Purple Thunder Monster, he had unexpectedly encountered the legendary Purple Thunder Monster.

“You think you can win with just the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo? You are injured. This King shall see just how long you can last.” The Ghost Cavalry King laughed.

Although the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Clear Light was formidable, it could only suppress, not kill. Even if clear-light was to refine away his ghost body, that would require a very long time. The Ghost Cavalry King saw that Su Xing was already drenched in cold sweat. He knew that the Fulfillment Star’s Dark Rank attack had indeed made him suffer greatly, So long as Su Xing could not maintain this, this Evil Suppressing Clear Light would recede sooner or later.

“I’ll let you look at something you haven’t seen in a long time.” Su Xing evilly smiled and raised his hand.

A stone stele suddenly enlarged. Golden characters manifested upon this stele, and an air of righteousness filled the world.

The Ghost Cavalry King was stunned. He immediately screamed in terror.

“No, the Devil Suppressing Stele!!!!”

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  1. 雀飲冬泉
  2. 一魂奪魄
  3. 奪舍, a form of possession that replaces the soul in a body
  4. So he died and then resurrected.


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