Chapter 629: Journey

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When Hu Niangzi awoke from her beautiful dream, she was already the only one left on the bed. Her two Elder Sisters, Majestic Star Lin Yingmei and Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie, had already risen. She did not know who it was that was as gentle as a feather, but they had covered her body with a blanket as thin as a cicada’s wing, making her sleep considerably comfortable.

If it was not for the ice-cold hatred that once occupied her heart, Hu Niangzi would have thought she was not in the Star Duels – to have had sex last night with her Dear Husband and the other Sisters, and to rise so beautifully in the morning, she seemed genuinely like a wife.


Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang rose from the bed. First of all, she put on a pair of silken, moon-white stockings over her sparkling, slender jade legs. Then, she dressed in underwear that hid the girl’s delicate secret place, covered afterwards with a water-smoke short skirt; then she took a narrow piece of underwear to wrap up those ample breasts that were full of hickeys left from Lord Husband’s love last night. Finally, a bodice hid the rest of their sweet intimacy.

Her black hair spilled over her shoulders like a cascade, and when she finally wore her outer garments, Hu Niangzi’s golden pupils appeared very tender. Her unblemished skin looked as fragile as a baby’s. A slight curve appeared upon her lips.

As the name Ten Feet of Blue implied, she was a deadly viper.

At any moment, she could strike mortal fear into a person. The queen of beauty and venom of nine generations, she had never shown softheartedness even around her own contractor. But no one could have imagined that the ninth Bright Star would be full of thoughts for her Dear Husband as she dressed in the morning.

Hu Niangzi hid her little, tender thoughts, subsequently leaving the bedroom.

In the plaza of the Longevity Palace, she happened to spot her Dear Husband and the Sisters worriedly discussing something.

“Niangzi, you’re up?” Su Xing lifted his head to smile at her in greeting.

“Dear Husband, has something happened?” Hu Niangzi softly asked.

Su Xing said carefreely: “Oh, just a tiny little thing.”

Wu Xinjie promptly said: “Maiden Mountain has finally become overbearing this time. We must quickly mobilize.”

“??” Hu Niangzi.

“What is there to be afraid of.” The one who spoke was the refined Hero Star Hua Wanyue. She disdainfully twitched her lip: “Three Overlords in tandem. This merely shows that Maiden Mountain is at wit’s end that she would use such a contemptible method, but put another way, this means Su…Milord has already struck fear into Maiden Mountain. From then to now, Milord’s current strength cannot be matched with one Overlord. Three would be nothing either.”

“Although this is true, Wanyue, do not forget that the Sixth Overlord is Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang. That one possesses a Seven Star Star Weapon.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

Without another Star upon her Star Weapon, the consequences of using their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill would be higher.

Even Lin Yingmei would be unable to contend against the Seven Star Destined Weapon of Hu Sanniang.

“Chao Gai said after the Three Heavenly Books. Yingmei’s Star Weapon should be able to reach Six or Seven Star by then.” Wu Siyou interjected.

“In short, this is for the time being. However, we had better seize the initiative before the Three Heavenly Books to quickly finish our tasks. There will be no more chances afterwards.”

“Is there anything Dear Husband requires of Niangzi?” Hu Niangzi asked.

“Niangzi, your Star Weapon also needs upgrades. Any way it’s put, the Sixth Hu Sanniang is your senior, Niangzi. I do not want you to lose to her.” Su Xing said.

Hearing their contractor’s indomitable words, all of the girls knowingly smiled.

Hu Niangzi nevertheless said: “Dear Husband, there is no need to mind Niangzi. Right now, Elder Sister Yingmei’s Star Weapon is the most important.” What she said was true. Even though Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi’s Star Weapons differed by a level, the distance between their natural martial prowess was quiet clear. The Panther Head held an obvious advantage. Each upgrade to a Star Weapon required enormous material expenditures. To upgrade one was doable, but Su Xing had a dozen wives. To upgrade each and everyone indeed was too difficult.

“Niangzi, you listen to me this time.” Su Xing did not allow her to refuse.

Wu Xinjie had said as well, according to common sense, Su Xing giving each of the beauties a Star Weapon upgrade was indeed too difficult, however, they fortunately had that ruler of the Great Circle Castle who could greatly lessen the burden. At the very least, they could save lots of time in searching for information about Star Weapon materials.

Other than upgrading Star Weapons, there was also another matter that was also urgent.

This was Su Xing’s Life-cast Flying Sword, the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword.”

Someday, a situation could be imagined where Su Xing would become the target of everyone. Even with the accompaniment of the Majestic Star, the Harm Star, and other top-notch martial generals, it was obvious the Overlords would aim their spearheads at Su Xing.

Therefore, they must bolster Su Xing’s strength.

The Earth Element Heavenly Abyss were completely destroyed in the Double Sevens and required reforging using Black Turtle Divine Iron. This needed to wait until Tang Lianxin emerged from the Star Nest. And the remaining “Fire Element” and “Water Element” materials needed to be settled before the Three Heavenly Books.

“The northern region’s Black Ice Abyss’ deepest place has the Water Element’s Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. I already have a Vermilion Jian Map that should allow me to settle the Fire Element’s Clinging Fire Jian Feather.” Su Xing paused and looked at all of the girls, his expression quite conflicted.

“One is in the Azure Dragon Territory’s northernmost region. The other is in the White Tiger Territory. The distance between them is too vast. Lord Husband does not have enough time to gather them…It appears…” Wu Siyou knew what face Su Xing made when he was reluctant to part.

“It appears that we must once again part ways from Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie helplessly said.

“Then, Siyou and Wanyue, Your Servant leaves Young Master’s protection to you both.” Lin Yingmei did not hesitate to step forward: “Your Servant shall go to the Black Ice Abyss.”

Lin Yingmei’s Star Weapon was the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, and her Star Beast was the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast. Ice-type by nature, this really was perfect for Lin Yingmei.

“Yingmei, that place’s topography is dangerous. To let you go alone, I won’t be at ease…” Su Xing used his eyes to stop Lin Yingmei from opposing. Then, he turned his gaze to harm Star Pilgrim: “Siyou, you go together with her.”

“Your Concubine obeys.”

“Yingmei, Siyou, you two have inherited the reputation of thousand year Star Generals. The two of you should unite once more at the end.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou glanced at each other. The two of them never were the indecisive sort.

“Then Siyou and Your Servant shall strive forth with full effort for Young Master.” Lin Yingmei slightly smiled.

Wu Siyou showed a touched smile and nodded.

Su Xing assumed responsibility for the Fire Element Sword, journeying together along with the two contrasting lolis Gongsun Huang and Bai Yutang, as well as Xi Yue and Hua Wanyue. Although the White Tiger Territory was extremely dangerous, with frightening Star Masters the likes of Li Taisui, they could be relieved with Su Xing’s formation. Even Wu Xinjie felt that if they encountered Li Taisui, letting Little Huang unleash her Heaven Reank Technique would be a fine solution.

Other than this, Su Xing naturally knew that Wu Xinjie’s arrangements were to create an opportunity to deepen his relationships with Xi Yue and Hua Wanyue.

No matter how it was put, Xi Yue was among the wives. However, her relationship seemed to be the most dull among all of the girls.

Finally, the materials for Hu Niangzi’s Star Weapon were left to Hu Niangzi and Wu Xinjie. Upgrade materials for a Heavenly Star General were difficult to find, but the Bright Star was quite lenient by contrast. In the future, when they would face the Sixth Overlord Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue, to use Su Xing’s loving words – his wife could not lose.

But it was a pity the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Five Elements Sword’s “sun, moon, star, and draconic” materials were already extinct in Liangshan. Otherwise, if they could assemble the complete Immemorial Flying Swords, an assault on Maiden Mountain in the future was not out of the question.

At this point, Su Xing recalled the “galaxy” substance he had siphoned from the Double Sevens. Bringing it out flooded the plaza immediately with a resplendent river of stars, as if night had fallen, a splendid scene.

All of the girls stared blankly.

Wu Xinjie had never seen such a thing. “Perhaps this is related to the sun, moon, stars, and dragon. We will only know when Lianxin emerges from the Star Nest.”

“Since this was inside the Double Sevens, it cannot be insufficient, can it.”

“Could it be that a tool refinement Great Sect like the Four Styles School does not have any records?” Hua Wanyue’s brows twisted.

The Four Styles School had too many records, and Su Xing could not possibly investigate them all. Having Ju Yueke do so was not a bad idea, but to do so was too offensive. Su Xing was afraid of drawing her suspicion.

As he thought of this, Su Xing’s mind shifted and he brought out a token.

The Four Styles School’s token was specially forged with Thousand Li Sound Transmission. At this time, Ju Yueke happened to summon him to the halls.

“Sisters, the next time we meet, let us sweep over Maiden Mountain together with Lord Husband.” Wu Xinjie’s passionate words made all of the girls knowingly smile. This made Hu Niangzi slightly distracted, and she could not help but stare at Su Xing – these were still the Star Duels, but because of him, they were not as cruel as she remembered.

There was no time to lose.

All of the girls immediately split off.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou departed together, making yearning appear in Hua Wanyue’s heart.

Afterwards, Hu Niangzi and Wu Xinjie also bade farewell. Wu Xinjie intentionally French kissed with Hu Niangzi and Su Xing,1 “Young Lord, must take advantage of this chance to properly attend to Xi Yue and Wanyue.” Wu Xinjie whispered into his ear.

“Do you even need to lecture me on this?” Su Xing smiled and spanked her butt.

“There is another thing. The White Tiger Territory has Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu. She may have been targeted by Li Taisui. Young Lord, promise Xinjie that you will go induct this bold Little Sister into the harem, okay?”

Su Xing unhappily said: “Xinjie, do you think your Lord Husband is a love saint.”

“Hee-hee, in Xinjie’s heart, Young Lord is Xinjie’s love saint.” Wu Xinjie giggled. “In short, if Young Lord sees her, you must properly attend to her. Of course, that is if she and Young Lord do not become hostile. She is a very good Little Sister. Xinjie is quite fond of her.”

“Even if you don’t tell me, I know what to do.” Su Xing grabbed Wu Xinjie’s supple butt.

Wu Xinjie moaned, and her arms wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, her tone very longing: “Xinjie hates to part with Young Lord. After we return, Xinjie must have Young Lord love me tenderly.”

“Go, be careful.” Su Xing gently said.


“Niangzi, you as well.” Su XIng instructed Hu Niangzi.

The two girls were reluctant to part. Considering this concerned the final step in happiness Su Xing could bring all of the Sisters, they could only do so. However, before she left, Wu Xinjie the little fox still did not forget to whisper to Xi Yue.

“After we return, let us serve Young Lord together, Xi Yue. Let us agree to this…”

Which made Su Xing a bit embarrassed.

“No need to wait until they return. Now that no one is here, Xi Yue and Su Xing should go to the bedroom right now. I, Feiyu, shall observe.” Seeing that they had all left, Zhang Feiyu giggled.

Xi Yue’s face was a thorough red as she lowered her head.

“We can cross that bridge when we get there. Xi Yue, we have many days ahead of us…” Su Xing earnestly said.

“This Wife understands.” Xi Yue smiled and nodded.

“Wanyue and you two stay here for now. I’ll go meet with Master.”

Saying this, Su Xing left the Immortal’s Abode.

With Tang Lianxin, An Suwen, Yan Yizhen, Zhang Yuqi, and Shi Yuan all in the Star Nest recovering, the bustling Immortal’s Abode was instantly silent. “I suddenly feel that with a man like this, making our Sisters renounce this mutual slaughter and live together is pretty good.” Zhang Feiyu sighed.

“Even you would give away your virginity?” Hua Wanyue indifferently said.

The delinquent girl’s reply was naturally instant.

“If this man is worth Feiyu’s virginity…That would be quite interesting, too.”

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