Chapter 630: Water of Qilin Destruction

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Su Xing spotted Ju Yueke and the current headmaster of the Four Styles Sword Sect, Daoist Master Xuan Tian, at the entrance to the Four Styles Sword Sect’s mountain. After using the Thousand Year Tears, Daoist Master Xuan Tian had broken through to Supervoid Stage, and he exhibited a considerably more reserved presence than Su Xing remembered.

“Disciple greets Master and greets Headmaster.”

Su Xing cupped his fist.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian was somewhat alarmed, and he promptly said: “Su Xing, no need to stand on ceremony. That This Old Man and the Four Styles School have a today is all thanks to your assistance, Your Distinguished Self. This Old Man does not deserve your reverence.”

Ju Yueke stood to the side, beaming with a profound smile as she watched Su Xing. Many in Liangshan Continent respected only strength. Su Xing’s current cultivation was Supervoid Stage, but this arrogance nevertheless did not have one bit of a Supervoid Ancestral Master’s might. This honestly felt fresh to Ju Yueke.

“What Senior Brother is saying is that although you are My disciple, I have nothing to teach you.” Ju Yueke paused, glancing at Daoist Master Xuan Tian.

“Master, Headmaster, is something the matter.” Su Xing asked.

“Where is Lianxin?” Ju Yueke asked back.

Su Xing had already thought of an excuse: “Lianxin is currently helping Your Servant forge a magic weapon. She is unable to leave at this time.”

Ju Yueke nodded and sighed: “Truly, you have suffered.”

“Thanks to your aid, Su Xing, the Four Styles School has finally completed the wish of many over a hundred years, to once again surmount the Azure Dragon Territory’s Alliance of Ten. Master and Headmaster have discussed that we cannot allow you to face the Star Duels alone. Now that the Star Duel situation has been complicated, for even those previous Overlords to appear, and the variables known as the Purple Thunder Monster and the White Tiger Demonkin, these Star Duels are exceptionally perilous.” Ju Yueke wrinkled her brow. She appeared to truly be concerned with Su Xing’s prospects.

However, if she knew that that abnormal Purple Thunder Monster was standing in front of her this very instant, what sort of expression would she make.

“Your Servant was just thinking of visiting the White Tiger Territory. The Three Heavenly Books will emerge next month during mid-autumn. This is the time to go see the White Tiger Territory.” Su Xing did not hide this. “You going alone is too dangerous. Teacher shall accompany you.” Ju Yueke said.

“Master, no need. Going to the White Tiger Territory is because of the Star Duels. There is no need for you to intercede, Master.” Su Xing said.

Ju Yueke thought so as well. For a mere Supercluster Late Stage Master like her to go to the White Tiger Territory, se could only be a burden to Su Xing. The beautiful woman could not help but force a smile. The man in front of her was too humble, such that Su Xing made her want to treat him with the doting care of an elder.1

“This time, This Old Man has sought to give you something to help you in the Star Duels.”

Daoist Master Xuan Tian spoke of the reason he called Su Xing over.

“Something?” Su Xing blinked. He did not know of anything the Four Styles School had that could help him. Even that sect-guarding treasure, the Four Styles Qiankun Sword, was not very useful in Su Xing’s perspective.

And Daoist Master Xuan Tian could not possibly give Su Xing the Four Styles Qiankun Sword. This generational sect-guarding treasure could only be passed to a headmaster. Daoist Master Xuan Tian did not dare betray the founder’s orders.

Ju Yueke guessed Su Xing’s thinking and slightly smiled.

“Come with This Old Man. Yueke, you stand guard here for now.”


Daoist Master Xuan Tian turned and entered the mountain with Su Xing following closely behind.

This already was not the first time that Su Xing was inside the Four Styles School’s mountain. He remembered that when he first came here, there was a curious secret in the tomb. He even sneakily opened the secret of the tomb with Wu Xinjie and the others, finding the tomb of the founding master.

Su Xing remembered he even obtained a Qian Heaven Astral Wind and a sarira, however, because he had the Purple Rose Transforming Qi and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, he had constantly forgotten the Qian Heaven Astral Wind Chant in a corner.2

It could not be that Daoist Master Xuan Tian would suddenly unseal the tomb’s secret to pass it on to him?

Su Xing’s head burst with sweat when he thought of this.

The path that Daoist Master Xuan Tian brought Su Xing along was not from the Bagua Array. Rather, they entered a winding passageway, descending the entire way.

The walls were hung with never-extinguishing Longevity Lanterns. This was the first time that Su Xing had truly seen the interior of the Four Styles School’s mountain tomb. The tombs within were all extremely large. Beside differently shaped guardian beasts, each tomb had four or five giant, vivid and lifelike statues of the grave’s owner.

The Four Styles School was an expert in tool refinement, so the statues they produced were naturally unique. In actuality, several complex talisman scripts and arrays were carved inside them. At the slightest disturbance, the entire mausoleum would react. At that time, the intruder would become food inside the belly of a giant beast. Su Xing reckoned that if he had rashly probed the tomb back then, he would perhaps face very poor odds.

In front of each ancestral master, Daoist Master Xuan Tian paid his respects.

Stopping and going like this for awhile, they finally came to the end of the passage.

Here, the Longevity Lanterns that never faded had already been snuffed out. The surroundings were too dark to even see anything.

With Su Xing’s current Divine Consciousness, he already no longer required his eyes to see. He could very easily sense Daoist Master Xuan Tian contemplating in front of a wall. Then, green, crimson, white, and blue lights flashed in the darkness.

The four types of rays glittered.

The green rocked with the sound of thunder.

The crimson was as fierce as flame. 

The white was as gentle as a breeze.

The blue ran continuously like water.

The Four Styles appeared, very imposing.

Su Xing previously felt that the Four Style Qiankun Sword was not useful to him, but now that he was very close, he found that this sword was actually very worthy of its title as the Four Styles School’s sect-guarding treasure. As expected, there was some truth to that.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian brought out the Four Styles Qiankun Sword then recited an incantation. He raised his hand and inserted the sword into the wall.

As it was still stuck in the wall.

It acted like a key. Following a turn of the sword, the Four Spirits flowed along the veins of the wall in succession. Su Xing noticed that this was following pathways the “Four Spirits Mutual Engenderment” that Lianxin once reserached.

A rumbling noise.

An astonishing scene occurred.

This wall that was impenetrable to even Su Xing’s Divine Consciousness was surprisingly as heavy as a gate, slowly opening. “The reason the Four Styles Qiankun Sword is retained by the headmaster of each generation is because this sword is the key to opening This Sect’s greatest secret!” Daoist Master Xuan Tian’s voice was slow and distant.

Now, Su Xing could not help but wonder just what the Four Styles School’s greatest secret was.

Behind the door was a hundred square meter cave. It appeared extremely nondescript with reflecting sunlight and flowing waters. Everything appeared so serene, but it nevertheless also gave Su Xing a sort of indescribable feeling of astonishment.

This was clearly a space that was sealed shut, so how could there be sunlight and seawater?

A towering rock was in the middle of the cave.

A stalk of vegetation grew upon the rock, gently swaying. It looked like an ox’s horn and was very fragrant.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian and Su Xing walked before the grass. Su Xing thought to himself, This greatest secret of the Four Styles School can’t be this odd-looking grass, can it? “Be careful, touch not the water inside.” Daoist Master Xuan Tian’s expression was stern.

Su Xing nodded, not understanding his nervous attitude. He glanced curiously at the grass.

As expected, the grass had gathered some dew. It wafted a mouth-watering fragrance, enticing Su XIng to drink it. Su Xing was stunned and nearly cried out. THis dew and grass were unordinary, as expected.

Just as Su Xing was about to ask, suddenly, the very rarely talkative Solitary Star Tang Lianxin let out a quaking voice from inside the Star Nest. “Elder Brother…This…is…Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew!!!”3

“Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew??” Su Xing was startled.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian turned his head back, looking at Su Xing with admiration: “So it turns out you know the background of this water.”

“Is it really Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew?” Su Xing found himself slightly trembling.

“Indeed.” Daoist Master Xuan Tian spoke: “Fire Eastern Island’s current environment is filthy. That This Sect has never left is because of this Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew.”

“This Sect surprisingly had such a thing.” Su Xing sucked in a breath and gazed at this grass, full of trepidation.

The Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew was a type of legendary water, collected using “Qilin Horn Grass.” It was nourished with the quintessence of sun and moonlight, strengthened with the qi of earthly fire and yin waters. Legend said that one droplet could be produced a year.

However, what made the Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew awe Liangshan Continent was not only because it was difficult to find, but also because of its innate properties.

One drop of the Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew’s fragrance was said to be able to poison Holy Beasts like a qilin to death. For qilin, Holy Beasts that even those Supervoid Cultivators would fear, to be able to die so easily to this demonstrated its power. Thus, the Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew had another name – Water of Qilin Destruction.

The Four Styles School’s location was extremely perfect.

It possessed Earthly Fire, and because it was an island in the middle of the sea, with an adjacent mountain tomb, yin water would naturally form.

The place Fire Eastern Island was located at was also where the sun and moon rose, practically the first ray of sun and moonlight would fall here.

To be able to have Water of Qilin Destruction was not odd at all.

Other than that the Water of Qilin Destruction was a powerful poison, there was another reason Su Xing remembered this so clearly – no mistake, the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s “draconic” of the “sun, moon, star, draconic” required none other than this water to forge.

Su Xing already had no hopes for the sun, moon, stars, dragon, but he could never have imagined that the Four Styles School would surprisingly have one of these. But thinking carefully, there was nothing strange about this. As the Azure Dragon Territory’s famed tool refinement Great Sect, having this sort of ancient item was very normal.

“Although this water is valuable, it has nevertheless only drawn disaster to This Sect. And This Sect has no one that can refine this kind of Immemorial Poison Water. Su Xing, you have the Solitary Star. Perhaps this is the destiny of This Sect…This Old Man has pondered upon this. Rather than allow this water to remain in This Sect, it would be better to confer it to you for the Star Duels. Treat it as recompense for the favor you have shown This Sect.” And it was because of Su Xing’s selfless assistance to the Four Styles School that Daoist Master Xuan Tian and Ju Yueke discussed and agreed to give the Water of Qilin Destruction to Su Xing.

“Disciple shall not refuse.” Su Xing did not want to put on a show of declining this. He indeed was in great need of this Water of Destruction to forge his weapons.

However, to collect this Water of Destruction was quite tricky. Once this water left its perfect environment, it would automatically evaporate in three days, and Tang Lianxin was stuck in the Star Nest, requiring at least fourteen days before she could emerge.

“Yueke has helped forge a Qilin Gourd for you. It can temporarily preserve this Water of Qilin Destruction for about ten days. You had better have Lianxin help you use this water to forge an unparalleled weapon with all haste.” Daoist Master Xuan Tian smiled and beckoned with his hand.

A pot of fine jade fashioned in the appearance of a crouching qilin suddenly appeared.

As expected of a master tool-refinement scholar, this Qilin Pot that Ju Yueke had forged was enough to incur the jealousy of every Great Sect.

Su Xing took the Qilin Pot and imbued it with his Divine Intent. The pot’s spout opened like a qilin’s mouth.

The Heavenly Dragon Sweet Dew was immediately sucked into the pot. After he took some of the Water of Qilin Destruction, Su Xing was somewhat hesitant, “Take it all, it will still automatically condense more in the future.” Daoist Master Xuan Tian smiled.

Su Xing nodded.

In an instant, all of the Water of Qilin Destruction had been sucked clean away.

“Disciple shall never forget the favor that Headmaster and Master has shown.”

Su Xing earnestly said.

“This Old Man has already said, there is no need for the niceties.” Daoist Master Xuan Tian shook his head.

With the Water of Qilin Destruction, he should ponder upon the other materials to forge a sword, but as Daoist Master Xuan Tian expected, this material was highly toxic. Su Xing forging it with his Life-cast forging would be very dangerous, no different from dying. Now, only the Solitary Star, the Star Maiden of tool refinement, Tang Lianxin could produce a masterpiece of it.

“Elder SIster, Lianxin will definitely emerge as soon as possible.”

Tang Lianxin bit her lip with a moved expression.

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  1. Teacher route, open.
  2. Refer to chapter 136
  3. 天辰甘露


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