Chapter 632: Shi Xiu’s Variable

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“The more, the better. Your Servant can only go all out like this.” Shi Xiuxiu provoked. The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf growled nearby, assuming an attack stance.

Han Bing glanced at Xin Lao, hinting to her. Neither of them were the sort to be sloppy. They would fight Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu with full power.

Xin Lao expressionlessly activated the All Things Bracelet.

The All Things Bracelet released hundreds of rays of light to first trap Shi Xiuxiu. Han Bing controlled her sword chant. The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords shot towards Shi Xiuxiu, forming an encirclement. Han Bing’s swords crisscrossed and reflected one another.

The Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf charged towards the swords. Shi Xiuxiu did not dare be careless either, unleashing her Dark Rank Wolf Howl Ten Thousand Li.

“Elder Sister Xiuxiu, please accept Feixue’s respect!” Ling Feixue’s Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon thundered.

The muzzles spat rays of fire-light.

Flashing Brilliance Heaven Shaking Thunder!

Thunder Clap Fire Rain!

She unleashed her two techniques without any restraint. The interweaving cannonfire was like a majestic downpour as it exploded in a fifty meter radius around Shi Xiuxiu. The space that had been frozen by Han Bing melted under this rumbling cannonfire. But Ling Feixue’s attack was not finished yet. Fully aware of Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother’s personality, the girl was determined to put forth her most overwhelming attack for this carefree Elder Sister. 

The Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannons flashed with three intense lights.

This was.

Earth Rank Technique.

Heaven Shaking Earth Splitting Gathering Triple Cannon!

The earth rumbled, and the sky shuddered.

The Xin Lao caught in the middle of the barrage had no choice but to use the All Things Bracelet for protection. Even so, her body was still jostled about uncomfortably.

Han Bing’s Divine Intent moved. The Flying Swords assumed a circular formation around Shi Xiuxiu and released light, twisting towards her as the cannonfire detonated. An encirclement by Xin Lao’s All Things Bracelet, the Star Frost Flying Swords’ suppression, and Lin Feixue’s Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques, any other Star General would hardly escape unscathed. Even the Daredevil Third Brother could not possibly be an exception. Finally, the Flying Swords attacked. Han Bing was confident that Shi Xiuxiu could not last too long.

Clang, clang, clang.

Bang, bang, bang.

The sound of weapons clashing echoed in the dust.

Han Bing was stunned.


The dust was blown away. Shi Xiuxiu’s slender figure appeared like a swan.

She unexpectedly still had so much vitality?

Han Bing showed slight astonishment, but gazing at Shi Xiu’s unyielding figure, she held even more pity and admiration.

Just when Shi Xiuxiu leapt high up, a silhouette from outside the forest had already been waiting for this, like a concealed beast opening its jaws to snatch prey at the most critical moment. A white robe fluttered, and black hair cascaded, revealing the firm, beast-like eyes under her bangs.

Even Shi Xiuxiu was shaken. “Zijin!”

“This is over.” Yang Zijin’s hand gripped her Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber, speaking expressionlessly.

Five Star, sparks scattering.

Her hand rose, and the blade descended.

The blue arc was too fast for the naked eye to react to. She cut down from the woman’s shoulder down to her waist, leaving a shocking blade wound.

Yellow Technique!

Tooth Extraction!!

Shi Xiuxiu screamed. A bloody mist erupted from her body, and she was cut down to the ground by this slash. Even Ling Feixue felt wretched seeing this.

The tip of her foot gently touched the ground. Yang Zijin closed her eyes, still maintaining her indifferent attitude as she held her blade. After her breathing calmed, Yang Zijin opened her eyes.

Shi Xiuxiu groaned. She was practically propped up by the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf’s enormous body. Right now, Daredevil Third Brother appeared quite appalling. Just the most ordinary attack of a Five Star Star Weapon was so incomparably terrifying. Yang Zijin’s dreadful “Tooth Extraction” had nearly severed Shi Xiuxiu’s last shred of consciousness.

Blood covered Daredevil Third Brother, making the girl’s body tremble.


The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber was stuck into the ground, supporting Shi Xiuxiu so that she would not fall over.

“Zijin…” Shi Xiuxiu smiled even more carefreely.

“Change these Star Duels together with Zijin…Xiuxiu…” Her beast-like eyes slowly recovered their warmth, concealing a grief no one noticed.

“Your…Your Servant…”

“Refusing a contract is beyond your power.” Han Bing’s expression moved. A blue light flew out from her Astral Stone. In this light was a shackle, but both ends were brilliant stars.

This was the “Twin Stars Buckle”1 obtained from a Purple Rose Treasure Chest.

So long as a Star General without any means of resistance was secured by the Twin Stars Buckle, they would be forced into a Star Duel Covenant. By then, even if Shi Xiuxiu was unwilling to Star Duel from the bottom of her heart, the Star Master need only to issue orders for the contract’s compulsion function to inevitably force her into participating.

“Elder Sister Xiuxiu, you will understand our careful considerations.” Ling Feixue was still mediating.

Han Bing’s eyes locked.

The Twin Stars Buckle first fastened onto Han Bing’s wrist while the other end flew towards Shi Xiuxiu.

Starlight instantly magnified in front of Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes, appearing very blinding.

Behind her, the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf let out a howl of helplessness.

Three days later.

Aboard the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat, Su Xing lifted his head to gaze at the sky. A Crimson Star gradually sparkled. This was a Crimson Star that had shown up not too long ago. Now that the Star Duels had entered this stage, they were honestly already nearing the end. Most of the Star Generals willing to sign contracts at this time had already signed contracts, and those that did not mostly held their own positions.

Compared to the past, because of his appearance in the Ninth Generation, Crimson Stars were exceptionally numerous.

There was no other way to put it. Even Majestic Star Lin Yingmei and Harm Star Wu Siyou had signed contracts. They could be said to be the crown of the Ninth Generation. However, the newly lit Crimson Star still made Su Xing feel considerably puzzled.

At the same time that Crimson Star glimmered, it seemed like two Crimson Stars had been superimposed. This was the first time Su Xing had seen this. It was a pity that Wu Xinjie was not present. Hua Wanyue and the others could not make sense of this and could only surmise some special object was used to sign a contract in order to achieve this sort of situation.

These words made Su Xing uncomfortable.

He knew that Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu was in the White Tiger Territory, and he could imagine that the White Tiger Territory’s Star Masters definitely would have designs for her. Could it be that was the Wisdom Star’s Crimson Star? Su Xing had no illusions that all Star Generals would sign contracts with him, but before he left, he had made a promise to Wu Xinjie. He never wanted to disappoint his wife.

“Sir, are those ruins the WHite Tiger Territory’s ancient warp array??” Xi Yue pointed to some empty ruins in the forest below.

Su Xing put away his thoughts and looked at the ruins she indicated.

A very eye-catching array, arranged according to the Five Elements, enclosed by several circles in the surroundings.

“En, that’s exactly it.” Su Xing nodded.

The White TIger Territory’s topography was vast, practically boundless and very dangerous. The first thing that past cultivators did when they came to the White Tiger Territory was not to search for fortune, but rather to first construct these kinds of miniature teleportation arrays. By doing so, they could quickly escape when met with danger. This was the greatest life-saving measure for a cultivator training in the White Tiger Territory.

These warp arrays came in all sizes. The larger arrays could be linked across a million li, and it was normal for them to reach across the Four Territories. The small warp arrays could also allow instant travel across a hundred li. Originally, when Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan came to the White Tiger Territory, they had inadvertently stepped in one such array. They understood what happened afterwards, so Su Xing also remembered this very clearly.

Accumulating over several thousand years, the White Tiger Territory had more than a thousand teleportation arrays, which was considered a unique landscape in all of Liangshan Continent. It was a pity that most of those teleportation arrays were abandoned. Some required special items to operate and thus became nothing more than decorations.

“Those Seniors truly are incredible.” Xi Yue gasped. To construct teleportation arrays in the White Tiger Territory, it was obvious how dangerous this was. Those Senior Great Cultivators had painstakingly constructed these arrays, and to a great degree, this was convenience for other cultivators who came to the White Tiger Territory to train.

“Let’s enjoy the hard efforts of our predecessors.” Su Xing was grateful. “Let’s go down and take a look!” Urging his Divine Intent, the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat descended towards the ruins.

Su Xing was always interested in these arrays that could instantly warp over ten thousand li. He even wanted to research one. If this kind of array could instantly reach the deepest reaches of the White Tiger’s north, that would be for the best. Wandering these ruins for a long time, Su Xing had not completely deciphered them.

Gongsun Huang sat on one of the large stone pillars of an array, kicking her legs and cocking her legs and bobbing her head. She stared with her big eyes, lowering her head to admire Su Xing’s posture immersed in research.

“There is a disturbance. Careful.”

Su Xing came to his senses from his study and turned around to stare at the forest behind him. A sharp rustle drew near from afar. Before Hua Wanyue, Xi Yue, and Zhang Feiyu could put up a defense, the forest suddenly burst open.

A bloody figure charged out of the forest.

It was a white wolf whose whole body was drenched in blood, and a frail girl lay across its back.

When that woman saw Su Xing’s party, she was taken aback, but her reactions were very swift. She leapt off the white wolf with lightning fast speed, rushing towards Su Xing.

At the same time, an intense explosion from inside the forest blew apart the trees.

“Elder Sister Xiuxiu, why are you running.” A voice called out from inside the grove and immediately scuttled out.

When she saw Hua Wanyue and the others, the newcomer was astonished.

“You.” Ling Feixue stared dumbstruck.

“White Tiger Star Masters.” Xi Yue’s expression changed.

This sudden accident was not foreseen by anyone. “Daredevil Third Brother is heading for the teleportaiton array, quickly stop her!!!” Han Bing grit her teeth and said. A powerful wave of cold immediately washed over.

Yang Zijin drew her sword.

Saber qi shot over.

Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu’s hand gripped the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber as she flew towards Su Xing. With her Realm, this slash allowed Su Xing only to retreat. When Shi Xiuxiu raised her saber, upon seeing that Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, Su Xing immediately realized this woman’s identity.

Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother.

Greatly surprised, Su Xing had never imagined he would encounter her so suddenly. It was completely too late to call out a greeting. Shi Xiuxiu had abruptly treated him as one of Han Bing’s allies, recklessly attacking Su Xing.

Su Xing’s body techniques altered, and his hand seized her.

The already spent Shi Xiuxiu was unable to resist. Easily caught at the wrist by Su Xing, the woman’s expression changed. She kicked with her foot, using her shoulder to ram Su Xing’s chest, tumbling with him towards the center of the teleportation array.

Su Xing was inherently able to restrain Shi Xiuxiu, but at this moment, Yang Zijin’s chilling saber-qi already nipped towards Shi Xiuxiu. With the girl’s heavily injured state, he feared she would not last any longer. Therefore, without thinking, Su Xing turned his body to shield Shi Xiuxiu. Doing so, Shi Xiuxiu’s saber cut into Su Xing’s chest, making him grimace.

However, it was now already too late to bicker any further. After he spotted Han Bing’s party, Su Xing already understood what had happened. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder collided with Yang Zijin’s saber-qi. The leftover force still burst over Su Xing’s body, striking with the momentum of a tidal wave, placing Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu into the center of the array.

When Shi Xiuxiu saw this, she clenched her hand, and a jade stone appeared in it.

The deathly silent array suddenly glowed.

“This is bad.” Su Xing’s heart suddenly sunk.

The array’s stone pillar fired a light that enclosed Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu.

“Your Highness.”



The three women were startled.

In the blink of an eye, the array was already empty, Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu nowhere to be seen.

The entire process lasted an instant, completely disregarding the opinions of everyone present. By the time they regained their senses, Su Xing was already taken away by Shi Xiuxiu’s use of the teleportation array.

“We let her escape again. This Elder Sister Xiuxiu truly does not understand romance.” Ling Feixue’s cannon missed, and she stamped her foot in fury.

Although Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu had left, the situation had instead become even more severe.

“Purple Thunder Monster!” Han Bing’s tone was ice-cold. Her hands balled up tightly. What had happened made her think she was dreaming, though, it would be a nightmare; just as she was about to capture Daredevil Third Brother, at this critical moment, she unexpectedly encountered that man she hated to the bone. She wondered if it was because of her hatred for the Purple THunder Monster that such a wild illusion would occur.

But reality coldly, distinctly and mercilessly struck her.

“You people have surprisingly come to the White Tiger Territory.” Han Bing’s mood and her Flying Swords were unanimous.

“To have encountered you so quickly, hmph.” Xi Yue steeled herself, placing all of her attention on Han Bing’s party. The other girls also knew that now was not the time to worry about Su Xing. Each of their eyes were focused tightly on Yang Zijin.

Xin Lao, Han Bing, and Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin.

These three were all very problematic.

“As expected, the Purple Thunder Monster has come to the White Tiger Territory.” Han Bing’s eyes were ice-cold, her Star Frost Swords let out a freezing qi. Xi Yue was not to be outdone and activated her Flying Swords. However, Han Bing’s Flying Sword abilities were the clear victor. Biting cold chills made Xi Yue somewhat unable to use her Life-cast Flying Swords.

Compared to Han Bing’s shock and hatred, Xin Lao’s contrarily calm was statuesque, calmly watching them.

“Without the Purple Thunder Monster, this time, you will die here.” Han Bing pointed her finger. The Star Frost Flying Swords flew down like hail, but en route, a green storm completely entangled the Flying Swords. The surrounding ice and snow were blown away by a whirlwind. Han Bing lifted her head to look.

The absolutely beautiful Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix spread its wings. A petite little girl stood on the phoenix, holding her Pinebrand Ancient Sword, using Wind Rolls The Clouds.

“Gongsun Sheng!!” Han Bing’s brows creased even more deeply.

The star energy who was number one in magic energy made Han Bing a bit fearful.

“Shall we begin a Star Duel?” Hua Wanyue drew her bow, gracefully provoking them.

Both sides had their daggers drawn, the atmosphere tense to the limit.

Han Bing indeed wished to Star Duel here. Now that the Purple Thunder Monster was gone, this was a once in a blue moon opportunity, but the number one in magic energy Gongsun Huang or the absolute in both spear and bow Hero Star were both not so easy to deal with, “Zijin!” Han Bing placed her gaze on the strongest martial general here.

Yang Zijin gently grasped her sword’s hilt, her movements detached. But even if she stood quietly at that spot, she nevertheless emitted a frightening aura, squeezing HUa Wanyue’s lungs, slightly smothering her. Even Lin Yingmei had never given her this kind of threatening feeling.

This Little Sister hidden in the deepest reaches of the White Tiger Territory was very frightening.

It was precisely because she was worried about her that Hua Wanyue did not act without thinking.

“Do you want Shi Xiuxiu or a Star Duel?” Yang Zijin softly asked back.

Han Bing understood her meaning. Currently, Shi Xiuxiu had sustained heavy injuries, but the accursed thing was that she and the Purple Thunder Monster used the array to flee together. If that damned Monster actually could form unlimited contracts as the rumors said, then Shi Xiuxiu who was completely without any ability to resist had fallen into the monster’s clutches.  

If they had gave her a bridal dress for the Purple Thunder Monster, Han Bing swore – even her ruthless frame of mind was about to go mad.

At the present moment, the critical thing was to immediately find Shi Xiuxiu. Right now, a Star Duel perhaps was a waste of time.

If they missed this golden opportunity, signing a contract with Daredevil Third Brother in the future would be extremely difficult.

Li Taisui wanted Han Bing’s Twin Star matters to be in the palm of her hand, so he specifically dispatched Xin Lao and Zijin to aid her. Even at the final move, a great surprise nevertheless appeared.

“Hmph, you should take the time to properly enjoy the White Tiger Territory’s scenery.” Han Bing’s eyes turned as she suddenly smiled.

“This Wife has not said you are allowed to leave.” Xi Yue could vaguely guess their plan when she heard their conversation. The girl did not hesitate at all to use the magic weapon Duel Modes Ruler.

Immense ruler shadows attacked, and Xin Lao activated the All Things Bracelet.

Ruler and bracelet clashed in midair.

Han Bing clearly did not want to waste time and immediately pulled back.

By the time she left, Hua Wanyue also said without thinking: “We need to go find him immediately.”

“But where did that teleportation array send him?” Zhang Feiyu asked.

Everyone placed their gazes on Gongsun Huang.

Little Huang and Su Xing had a contract. No matter where the contractor was, she could sense him.

Gongsun Huang pursed her lips and shut her eyes in deep thought, but just at this moment, an enormous rumble came from inside the forest. Several Demon Beasts walked out from the woods, baring their teeth, gazing at Hua Wanyue and the others. Their eyes glinted, and then they pounced.

This is bad, we’ve been had.

Hua Wanyue grit her teeth.

As a true Demonkin of the White Tiger Territory who had cultivated to a human form, that Han Bing sent several Demon Beasts to handle Hua Wanyue honestly was an enormous convenience for her. After her temporary retreat, Han Bing was no longer in a rush to go chase Shi Xiuxiu.

“Have Fei’er go look for Daredevil Third Brother’s whereabouts. That is only a small warp array. She cannot have gotten far.” Han Bing said.

Xin Lao’s forehead Star Crest glowed, and a ray of light flashed beside her.

A tall, golden haired woman with the dignity of a god appeared. She wore golden armor and was draped in a cloak. She was like a celestial soldier, and her slender eyes glowed with a particular light, twinkling like sunlight.

Fei’er grunted. The Star Crest on her forehead changed, revealing a third eye.

Xin Lao’s Star General was the ranked forty-third Earthly Hero Star General of Heavenly Vision Peng Qi,2 True Name Peng Fei.3 Among the Maiden Mountain Sisters, she possessed an Innate Skill that was like her Nickname, “Heavenly Eye.” This Heavenly Eye could sense the Star Energy of Star Crests within a certain range. From this, she could find the location of Star Generals. Legend said that coordinating with the orbit of the Crimson Stars could even allow her to find any Star General she wanted.

However, using this kind of Innate Skill was considerably draining on her Star Energy.

The General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei opened the third eye, and it stared.

Han Bing knew this was the General of Heavenly Vision currently using her Yellow Rank Technique.

“Search For Obscured Star!”4

This technique combined with her Innate Skill could find a Star General even more quickly.

As expected, a moment later.

General of HEavenly Vision Peng Fei already aimed at a direction and stopped.

“Zijin, I shall leave the Wisdom Star to you.” Han Bing said.

“You want to Star Duel?” Yang Zijin guessed Han Bing’s thoughts.

Han Bing calmly said: “The Purple Thunder Monster is separated. Now is precisely the best time to fight those girls. Xin Lao and I can still handle them, but we will have to trouble you to bring Daredevil Third Brother back.”

“Han Bing, you truly are thorough.” Ling Feixue was greatly delighted.

Firstly, they did not need to waste time searching for Shi Xiuxiu. Secondly, they could also inflict heavy losses to the Purple Thunder Monster’s allies. This truly was two birds with one stone. Previously, Han Bing’s retreat was clearly a stall to allow Peng Fei to search for Shi Xiuxiu.

Yang Zijin pondered. Without any reason to refute, she nodded and said nothing more.

Her figure moved and rushed in Shi Xiuxiu’s direction.

“Now, we shall see who is stronger, me or that Monster’s wives.” Han Bing coldly declared.

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  1. Now that we know what it looks like, I’m switching the translation from Twin Stars Button to Twin Stars Buckle
  2. 地英星天目將彭玘
  3. 彭妃
  4. 飄渺尋星

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