Chapter 633: Ice Heart Appreciation

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Emergence from the warp array was instantaneous. The heavily injured Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu did not forget about Su Xing. With her hand gripping the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, her last shred of weak killing intent gathered into a line a the saber’s tip, “Earth…Earth…” Shi Xiuxiu panted, preparing her Earth Rank Saber Technique.

“No Earth.” Su Xing could not watch any longer. He used Light Smoke Dance Steps to directly circle around Shi Xiuxiu. Even if Daredevil Third Brother had a high Realm, she currently was unable to react. Su Xing’s palm chop descended, knocking Shi Xiuxiu unconscious without any reservations. 

In that split second when her consciousness faded away, Shi XIuxiu’s mind flashed one final phrase.

My Star Duels.

Are finally over.

“Elder Sister Xiuxiu is still as hard-working as ever.” Shi Yuan sighed from inside the Star Nest.

“Big Brother, you are injured.” An Suwen said with concern.

For the sake of helping Shi Xiuxiu withstand Yang Zijin’s saber-qi, Su Xing’s waist had been cut by Shi Xiuxiu’s attack. The wound was not deep. To the Su Xing who was already used to this, this injury was nothing of import, however, it still made Su Xing experience the vigor of this woman. To be so fierce even with such heavy injuries, in peak condition, perhaps no one would be able to subdue this true wild beast.

“Su Xing, maybe you should contract with Elder Sister Xiuxiu right now.” Shi Yuan incited him. She also felt that the Daredevil Third Brother in front of them was too arrogant. She was somewhat worried about Su Xing’s ability to contract with Shi Xiuxiu. Now that Shi Xiuxiu had bore heavy injuries, she had no way to resist signing a contract.

Su Xing indeed had thought of this, but this betrayed his goal. “If she is willing, then she is willing. If she isn’t willing, then forget it. Let’s avoid forcing a contract.” He understood nothing about Shi Xiuxiu, and he had no deep feelings for her to speak of. He naturally did not want to take advantage of someone’s troubles.

However, Shi Xiuxiu was on death’s door at the moment. He could not possibly ignore her.

Su Xing walked near and flipped over the collapsed Shi Xiuxiu. His eyes froze. Shi Xiuxiu and Han Bing’s battle appeared very intense. The clothes on her body wer not intact, with only scraps covering her body here and there, especially the white tube top she used to bind her chest. The white cloth had been mostly ripped apart, and the erotic sight of her immense breasts was half-revealed. Her delicate, snow-white skin had been cut all over, and her blood flowed nonstop.

This really was half alluring, half shocking.

“Elder Sister’s tits are so big, Su Xing, feel them up and see if they’re real or not.” Shi Yuan was flabbergasted.

“Yuan’er…” An Suwen gasped.

Su Xing took out a pill from his Astral Bag. He opened Shi Xiuxiu’s lips and placed it inside her mouth. Shi Xiuxiu groaned a few times, her consciousness still fuzzy. A Star Maiden’s physical constitution was very special. Most of Liangshan Continent’s medicines would have no effect. If he wanted to allow Shi Xiuxiu to quickly recover, he could only rely on Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen. However, Stari Maidens possessed automatic recovery abilities, albeit slowly. But Shi Xiuxiu had fallen into unconsciousness and perhaps did not have much time.

Shi Xiuxiu’s body was drenched in blood. Su Xing wondered to himself whether he should help wash her as he looked at those massive breasts. Thinking quickly, Daredevil Third Brother was that kind of proud and uninhibited woman. It was very normal for her to destroy things indiscriminately. Su Xing decided to forget about it. Wu Xinjie wanted him and Shi Xiuxiu to have a good relationship, but it was very evident this kind of strip-someone-else-naked-and-bathe-them conduct was absolutely unrelated to fostering a good relationship.

Despite thinking, when he saw Shi Xiuxiu’s bloodstained body, Su Xing still found a creek and used a towel to wipe away the blood covering her, not undoing the binding over her breasts. Although he unavoidably touched Shi Xiuxiu’s sensitive spots, Su Xing still avoided that as much as he could. Her injuries were quite severe. Su Xing’s technique was very cautious, very gentle. Shi Yuan watched very enviously, screaming to be allowed back out and have Su Xing do it to her.

After this series of tasks was done, the time of day had become late.

Su Xing then opened the Birth Treasure Outline and unceremoniously looked at Shi Xiuxiu’s materials.

Star Position: Wisdom Star

Star Name: Shi Xiu

Nickname: Daredevil Third Brother

True Name: Shi Xiuxiu

Rank: Thirty-third

Star Weapon: Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber (Two Star)

Star Beast: Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf

Realm: Extreme Realm Eight Stage

Innate Skill: All Out1

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Heavenly Wolf Moon Howl

Dark Rank Special Move: Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li

Earth Rank Special Move: Heaven And Earth Extermination

Current Status: Weak (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“What a high realm.” Su Xing took a deep breath. He realized this Daredevil Third Brother had relentlessly trained in her martial arts for her realm to be this out of the ordinary. Looking at the Birth Treasure Outline from beginning to end, Su Xing was astonished.

Extreme Realm Eighth Stage.

Her distance from True Phoenix Realm was only one step. Realms dominated a Star General’s martial arts. This type of Realm perhaps could not be dominated by a top-notch martial general. But it was a pity that Shi Xiuxiu’s Star Weapon Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber was only Two Star. Star Weapon level was connected to the power of a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow techniques and could also similarly increase a Star General’s Realm. If she was like Lin Yingmei, at Five Star, entry into True Phoenix Realm was not impossible.

A True Phoenix Realm martial general before the Heavenly Books.

Su Xing was very interested.

In the past, even after the Three Heavenly Books passed, a martial general able to reach True Dragon Realm was as rare as a phoenix feather. Those as abnormal as Shi Xiuxiu were indeed rare. It was no wonder she could escape under Han Bing’s assault.

“Su Xing, you really won’t loot a burning house?” Shi Yuan dry swallowed. As far as the Thief Star was concerned, looting a burning house was a commendation. She would not mind in the least if Su Xing did this.

“We’re immediately going back.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Xi Yue and the others still remained at the other end of the warp array facing two powerful White Tiger Territory Star Masters. He knew of Han Bing and Xin Lao’s might. He was worried to death in his heart. After he helped heal Shi Xiuxiu, he was not in the mood for anything else. He wanted to quickly hurry back.

However, this warp array was no longer usable. Su Xing used his Star Crest to sense their location, and then he carried Shi Xiuxiu.

Shi Xiuxiu groaned a few times, subconsciously struggling briefly.

Su Xing had no way to put her down in this place. He soared up and used an escape technique, hugging Shi Xiuxiu all the way.

At this time, just as Su Xing anticipated.

Han Bing and Xin Lao launched an attack on Xi Yue and Hua Wanyue.

More than a dozen Demon Beasts used each of their abilities, however, they were all suppressed by the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

Hundreds of Flying Swords flew about in the sky. On one side was Han Bing’s Icy Sky Snow Frost, and the other was Xi Yue’s Water Moon Paradise. Both sides were very contrasting, beautiful beyond imagination. Hua Wanyue at this moment had also summoned the Heavenly Hero Red Luan. Two great bird-type Star Beasts faced the incoming Demon Beasts with more than sufficient leeway, and the Hero Star pulled back on her bow, letting loose several arrows that battled against Ling Feixue’s cannonfire.

Ling Feixu’s Flashing Brilliance Heaven Shaking Thunder appeared ferocious, but it could not compare to the Hero Star’s astonishingly ruthless archery.

Han Bing wanted to settle the battle quickly. Her sleeve waved, and the Evil Cleanup Knife flew out from her sleeve. Its cold light glinted, and it directly attacked Xi Yue. Xi Yue was unperturbed. She similarly raised the Dual Modes Ruler’s shadows. Green light flashed, clashing with the Evil Cleanup Knife. Han Bing’s cultivation was higher than Xi Yue’s, but Xi Yue’s Dual Modes Ruler was several magnitudes stronger than the Evil Cleanup Knife. Both sides were about even.

“Let me see how you will stop my ‘Ice Heart Appreciation.'” Han Bing sneered. As she said this, she waved her sleeves. Suddenly, a cold wind blew. The frosty clouds in the sky above rolled, and a bluish light appeared on Han Bing’s chest. Like frost and snow, it was desolately ice-cold. It rolled ice clouds in her surroundings, blew a north wind over a thousand li, and was just like trillions of knives carving at her. Soon after that cold light on Han Bing’s chest split into the powers of the dual modes, the frost and clouds changed, turning into the two colors of black and light, rolling around each other yet remaining distinct. From time to time, they appeared like a tiger and dragon clashing, blending like water and fire, profound, marvelous beyond compare.

Ice Heart Appreciation was Han Bing’s strongest ability. It was formed using her actual body as an Ice Woman, and it could form a territory.

It could freeze the world.

The reason why Han Bing squandered so much magic energy to use this technique was because she wanted to cleanly and decisively end the battle so as to avoid producing side issues.

“Roar, roar.”

Those summoned Demon Beasts roared. They had been blown around by the snowstorm and began to flee.

Hua Wanyue’s Heavenly Hero Red Luan persisted for a few moments more before becoming an ice sculpture.


Hua Wanyue drew in a breath and promptly circulated her Star Energy for protection.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix frantically flapped its wings, using its flaming body to dissipate the ice, but the endless wind from Han Bing’s chest cavity flowed out. Like a thunderstorm, it barreled towards them, endless, inexhaustible, and without end. It was simply unstoppable.

Xi Yue’s expression changed. Her hundred Flying Swords were unexpectedly frozen over, clattering to the ground.

“Look out.”

Zhang Feiyu bellowed. The Flaming Fish King Saber suddenly slashed, and she used the Dark Rank Fire Tree Silver Flower, but the Dark Rank Technique was also powerless. Under Ice Heart Appreciation, before the throbbing flames could be rampant, they were blown out. 

The Dual Modes Ruler’s shadows elongated to protect Xi Yue, endlessly warding off the incoming blizzard.

At this moment, Han Bing’s person was like an ice sculpture. The hole in her chest radiated light everywhere, becoming increasingly blinding. Gongsun Huang used the Dark Rank Half Destroyed Landscape to no avail. Under Han Bing’s Ice Heart Appreciation, the ground was frozen solid.

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!”

Hua Wanyue leapt into the air, jumping high with bow drawn as she released her arrow.

The power and killing intent of a thousand cavalry concentrated into the arrow broke apart the ferocious storm. It shot towards the hole in Han Bing’s chest, but the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was similarly frozen when it drew near.

“How formidable.”

Hua Wanyue was flabbergasted. Just what True Body was this Demonkin, to have power so strong.

“Let Han Bing use Ice Heart Appreciation, you can rest in peace.” In response, Ling Feixue guarded at Han Bing’s side.

The cannon muzzles aimed at Zhang Feiyu, not hesitating to use Thunder Clap Fire Rain.

The cannons roared.

Countless fireworks bloomed in the sky, becoming meteors, falling like a torrential downpour towards Xi Yue. The endless cannonfire boomed against the Dual Modes Ruler, and Xi Yue’s resistance became even more hard-pressed.

“Can you block an Earth Rank?”

When Hua Wanyue saw this, she instantly fired her Earth Rank at Xi Yue.

Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow.

An arrow of multi-colored light shot towards Xi Yue.

The Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow’s light was only average in destructive power, but the rainbow light could disperse any offensive ability, putting the target in an unrivaled state. As expected, Han Bing’s high-power ability was unable to disperse Hua Wanyue’s Earth Rank Archery. The Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow’s light immediately blew away the ice-cold air. As long as the arrow could hit Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu, Zhang Feiyu’s Earth Rank could instantly reverse the situation.

Hua Wanyue’s calculations were very precise, but there was someone else present who had become a variable.

Just as the arrow was about to strike home, a resplendent light suddenly intercepted it.

A glowing bracelet encompassing all things unexpectedly absorbed the Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow.

Hua Wanyue gnashed her teeth and turned her head.

The woman who had been like a stone statue of the Buddha in meditation had finally taken action.

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