Chapter 641: Star World’s Amnesty Draft

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The nearby Li Taisui watched dumbstruck. Ever since the Liao Emperor retreated in defeat from the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet, he was skeptical of the Liao Emperor’s strength, and he also felt doubts about her ability to overthrow Maiden Mountain. Losing the Liao Kingdom’s number one martial general and magic general, what power could the Prehistoric Liao Emperor have. No one was sure. Now it appeared that this Liao Emperor was indeed still overwhelmingly powerful, showing the skill to nonchalantly suppress one of the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin hegemons, the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon.

At least now, it appeared that the Liao Emperor was still somewhat capable.

Li Taisui added more reverence into his posture. Yelü Wuxin slightly smiled. How was this not a warning to him.

“Great King, I wonder what plan you have in store, to have convened all of the top-notch Demonkin in this fashion?” The White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin already fought their own battles. If she summoned them to topple Maiden Mountain together, Li Taisui felt this way of thinking was very childish. If not for this purpose, Li Taisui could think of no other reason.

Ever since her defeat at the Treasure Banquet, Yelü Wuxin had lost her two great generals. After she returned to the White Tiger Territory, she appeared a bit despondent, but Li Taisui was still wondering if the Prehistoric Liao Emperor had been defeated by Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals. He did not foresee that several days later, she would comprehend the Yellow Court, as if she realized some profound mystery. Then, she came to Fengdu to reactivate the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda’s array.

When this pagoda was erected, records were seemingly not employed for its. It was merely a tower upon which to offer sacrifices. And now, the Liao Emperor’s great fanfare about this made Li Taisui feel increasingly uneasy. The old man did not like this feeling of being kept in the dark. Immediately, he took an indirect approach.

How could Yelü Wuxin be unaware of his intentions. She said: “Li Taisui, you wish to know of Star World’s matters.”

The old man was taken aback. He cupped his fist and said: “I would like to hear the details!” He was once like Yelü Wuxin, inquiring matters about the Star Duels. However, before that time, there was no such thing as the Star Duels. Yelü Wuxin did not know anything. As for matters about Star World, he had actually forgotten about that.

“Star World has millions of Star Names. We cannot speak clearly about these Star Names. However, We nevertheless once mentioned that there is a rumor in Star World…” Yelü Wuxin said thoughtfully.


“Star World has a rumor named ‘Amnesty Draft.’ In Star World, there are millions of Star Names. These Star Names are born from primal chaos and originated from legend. The traces of this are imprinted into the blood of a Star General at birth. It is rumored that all generals of Star World have received this Amnesty Draft. So long as one finds the conditions for Amnesty Draft, they can unify Star World!!” Yelü Wuxin slowly said.

“What?” The unflappable Li Taisui could not help but be shaken.

Unify Star World?!

Star World was inherently full of mystery and dread to Liangshan Continent. To suddenly hear the words “unify Star World,” how could Li Taisui not be stirred.

“Can it be that the condition for this Amnesty Draft is related to the current Liangshan Continent Star Duels?” Li Taisui calmed his breathing.

Yelü Wuxin faintly said: “This King is not sure, but This King has suddenly deduced something. Back when the Great Song brought Star Generals to attack my Liao Kingdom, This King had believed that they were prying into the Great Liao’s Star General restraint array, the “Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.’ Now that This King reflects, not long after This King fell into this world, the Star Duels began. Perhaps they did not attack for the array, but rather to cast This King into this world.”

Yelü Wuxin’s eyes narrowed. She closed the book.

On the topic of Star World, this conversation ended.

Li Taisui listened, flabbergasted. If these rumors of Star World did not come from the great Prehistoric Liao Emperor, he would never have believed them – the Star Duels were surprisingly involved in unifying Star World? Could it be, that wish was real?

“In short, we cannot allow Maiden Mountain’s women to do as they please. If you want to end the Star Duels, then you must truly destroy her!” Yelü Wuxin’s tone suddenly turned cold.

Truly destroy her?

Li Taisui’s heart sank.

“Great King, what does this mean?”

“Still do not understand? Why do the Star Duels have Chao Gai standing guard? Why is there a rule restricting the Seven Stars Assembly?” Yelü Wuxin smiled: “Why else but that those Star Generals are somewhat weak. As long as we kill Chao Gai, guardian of the Star Duels, the rules of these Star Duels will naturally break, understand?”

Li Taisui’s mouth hung agape. For a moment, Yelü Wuxin’s words shocked him. Kill Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai? No one in the Ninth Star Duels dared to have this thought. Even if they had thought of it, Chao Gai already demonstrated in the past Star Duels how incredibly stupid this idea was.

However, if he thought of her words carefully, Yelü Wuxin’s words were not impossible.

As the guardian of the Star Duels, if they killed her, would that not topple the Star Duels. This was the true meaning of an overthrow.

“Of course, you are no match for her. She has descended on behalf of the Xuan Nü of the Nine Firmaments. How could any of you possibly compare to her.” Yelü Wuxin sneered. Acting as the guardian, Chao Gai possessed formidable power. In the vast Liangshan Continent, she came and went as she pleased, settling matters in one go. Even the greatest of Star Generals were left in her dust. Though she was almost able to injure Chao Gai, it was a pity that in the end, she had been foiled at that last moment by the Purple Thunder Monster.

Yelü Wuxin nevertheless did not speak further. She seemed a bit tired: “This King’s array has been prepared expressly for Chao Gai. So as to avoid side issues, This King requires the few of you cultivators to stand watch.” Yelü Wuxin’s eyes held some disapproval. If it was not for her great generals sealed inside Chao Gai’s pagoda, she basically would not have counted on the White Tiger Territory’s cultivators at all.

“At that time, Li Taisui, would you sacrifice your life for the sake of ending it?” Yelü Wuxin suddenly bantered to this old man.

“As long as This Old Man can help Zijin end the Star Duels, This Old Man’s bones are not worth a mention.” Li Taisui cupped his fist and said: “This Old Man is indebted for Great King’s favor.”

Yelü Wuxin smiled, easily able to see that this old man’s hypocrisy. Though his words were grand, to speak of helping his own Star General and disregarding his own life, these words could fool only those naive children. How could this old man not wish to ascend into Star World.

What Star Master would not wish to ascend into Star World?

“This King is weary. Go and make the arrangements.” Yelü Wuhui waved her hand.

Li Taisui deferentially withdrew.

Seeing the old man retreat, Yelü Wuxin sneered: “To end these Star Duels is so simple. Just kill every single Star General…Hmph…Maiden Mountain, allowing This King to arrive into this world is your greatest mistake!!”

Li Taisui descended the stairs while pondering the information he obtained from Yelü Wuxin.

“Unify Star World? It is as This Old Man thought. This Star World really is interesting.” Li Taisui slowly brought out his paper fan as he muttered to himself: “Liangshan Continent’s earth is worth nothing in the eyes of Star World, as expected. This Old Man actually wants to see it.”

Just as he thought this, Li Taisui abruptly wrinkled his brow. His face retracted its smile, gazed at the horizon and became grave.

A woman in bloodied clothes approached, descending in front of him.

“Zijin, what happened to you?” Li Taisui promptly asked Yang Zijin when he saw her. “Is that Daredevil THird Brother so powerful that even you would cut such a sorry figure, Zijin?” Li Taisui was just about to reprimand her for nurturing a tiger when Yang ZIjin spoke.

“Taisui, that Purple Thunder Monster has come.”

“What, the Purple THunder Monster!!” Li Taisui’s expression turned grim. Every time he heard of the Purple Thunder Monster, it always seemed that something bad happened, so after hearing of the Liao Emperor’s plan to end the Star Duels, then hearing the Purple Thunder Monster’s name, he immediately became unsightly, particularly when he saw Yang Zijin’s heavy injuries. His heart’s fury already renounced collaboration with the Purple THunder Monster as beyond the clouds.

“How did this happen?”

Yang Zijin summarized the events that transpired.

The contents more or less were that Su Xing teamed up with the All Out Shi Xiuxiu. In the end, Yang ZIjin suffered disastrous defeat.

“Zijin, you must ask yourself, did you truly lose?” Li Taisui said in a low voice, his tone overbearing. In his old man’s heart, Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin’s power could be said to be first among the Star Duels’ martial generals. Li Taisui was unable to accept that just teamwork between the Purple THunder Monster and Shi Xiuxiu was enough to injure her. If there was Lin Chong or Wu Song, then perhaps. But those opponents did not appear at all. THis made Li Taisui have a feeling of humiliation.

Yang Zijin was neither servile nor overbearing: “Zijin was careless.”

“Ai. This cannot be blamed on you. That Purple Thunder Monster’s strength is unfathomable, his magic weapons innumerable. If he even had the aid of the All Out Daredevil Third Brother, This Old Man is already very grateful you were able to return.” As if sensing his previous expression was somewhat too stern, Li Taisui recovered his nromal warmth and benevolence. “Zijin, you had better return to the Star Nest to recover in the meantime.”


“Then can it be the Purple Thunder Monster and Shi Xiuxiu have signed a contract?” Li Taisui was a bit apprehensive. This man contracting Daredevil Third Brother would turn his plan to specially cultivate Shi Xiu into a futile effort, and the Crimson Star that appeared not so long ago made Li Taisui a bit uneasy.

Li Taisui then relayed the information of Star World’s Amnesty Draft and the infromation about ending the Star Duels that he learned from the Liao Emperor. Blue Faced Beast also showed an astonished expression, but she very quickly and silently assented to Li Taisui’s decisions.

Not long after, Han Bing and Xin Lao returned in succession.

After realizing Yang Zijin had been defeated, Han Bing’s expression was cold to the extreme, but she did not show this to Li Taisui. She could only say in a cold voice: “That Monster is truly damnable, to surprisingly look down upon the White Tiger Territory!”

“However, Han Bing has killed one of his wives,1 his strength has been debilitated. Taisui, shall we seize this chance to kill him?” Han Bing asked.

“The Liao Emperor currently has a plan. For the time being, we are not to disturb the grass. That Purple Thunder Monster has dared to appear in the White Tiger Territory. This Old Man fears that he has assistance. Going now achieves nothing.” Li Taisui was displeased. He originally wanted to negotiate with the Purple Thunder Monster about ending the Star Duels. Now it appeared that his hopes were dashed. But never mind, Li Taisui did not truly believe that Purple Thunder Monster would assist them.

“That man is truly fortunate.”

“Fortunate? Ha, if This Old Man is correct, your Terrified To The Bone was not necessarily able to kill the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife. If he saved her, perhaps they will come to Kaifeng.” Li Taisui showed a warm grin. “At that time, we shall properly welcome him!!”

“Everything is as you command, Taisui.”

Su Xing sneezed, feeling as if someone was thinking about him. Yingmei? Siyou? He wondered how they were faring at the Extreme Ice Abyss. He did not think anything would happen to them. After what happened to Xi Yue, Su Xing could not help but start to worry about the other wives that had mobilized.

When he rushed urgently the Clinging Bird Hill, Su Xing suddenly felt the Intertwined Branch Sword resonate.


Could it be that Zhao Hanyan was in the vicinity?

“Milord!” Hua Wanyue suddenly spotted a beauty in front of them and shouted at Su Xing.

Su Xing looked, and his heart immediately bubbled with warmth.

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  1. Are you sure about that?


    1. Not dead! Go back a couple of chapters. Xi Yue has been put into a coma by Han Bing’s attack.

  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! An array to kill off all the star generals huh. Wonder what kind of bait they’re planning to use to bring that about.

      1. [“However, Han Bing has killed one of his wives,1 his strength has been debilitated. Taisui, shall we take seize this chance to kill him?” Han Bing asked.] -> [“However, Han Bing has killed one of his wives,1 his strength has been debilitated. Taisui, shall we {(take / seize) pick one} this chance to kill him?” Han Bing asked.]

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