Chapter 640: The Yellow Court, Watch The Leisurely Wind And Clouds

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“Liao Emperor” Yelü Wuxin sat cross-legged atop Kaifeng’s Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda. This tower was nine thousand zhang tall, able to overlook the entirety of the vast capital of Kaifeng. In front of her was a record of a beast swallowing the heavens. Yelü Wuxin was currently stooped over a yellow scroll covered in dust. She looked through it meticulously. Despite the surrounding howls of wind, the girl was nevertheless as calm as water, not minding this irritating atmosphere at all. 

On the contrary, she raised her head from time to time, looking down at the bleak city with some grief in her eyes.

Yelü Wuxin had established the Great Liao in the White Tiger Territory years ago. Kaifeng was the White Tiger Territory’s sole giant city-state. It once was home to tens upon hundreds of thousands of Demonkin. It was structured with innumerable streets, uncountable districts, heavy traffic. It could have been described as bustling. However, following Yelü Wuxin’s defeat, Kaifeng was sacked. This city declined, and today, its people were gone and its buildings vacant. There was not a soul in sight. It had become a true ghost town.

Qin’er, Bao’er, and We must make Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals pay the price.

Reading the Yellow Court, her usually everpresent right and left hands were absent. Alone, Yelü Wuxin felt even more lonely. She lifted her head to gaze at that heaven-supporting mountain that not even the White Tiger Territory was unable to obscure, her heart frothing with resentment.

“What a sweet little girl, truly a pitiful sight. I wonder how you will taste.”

Just as she was reminiscing, suddenly, an evil air surged in the atmosphere. Black clouds rolled, transmitting mystifying laughter.

Before it could speak, there was a loud crack. The black clouds in the sky gurgled like boiling water and parted. Above the sky, a magnificent painting of mountains and rivers unfolded like a mirage. The mountain was tall as the sky, its waters cascading down, boundlessly majestic, awe-inspiring.

Yet Yelü Wuxin was unmoved. Her hand gripped the Yellow Court, and her eyes narrowed, still maintaining her amiable appearance.

She did not see a person’s figure. There was only the suspended scene of the mountain and river, the odd laugh. Immediately afterwards, the magnificent scene of the mountain and river slowly became an illusion. It lasted for a breath’s time. The giant mountain had surprisingly emerged from a painting, flying spectacularly towards Yelü Wuxin to crush her.

This mountain was gigantic, unexpectedly covering the entirety of Kaifeng. As the mountain drew closer, it seemed as large as the sun or moon. In the blink of an eye, it crushed towards Yelü Wuxin. This shocking power would make even a top-notch cultivator pale in the face.

Yelü Wuxin was unfazed. She maintained her imperial posture. “You would surprisingly refine the Ancient Mount Tai into a magic weapon. Not bad, not bad. You have imagination.”

The Ancient Mount Tai was a famous mountain in the White Tiger Territory. Also known as the White Tiger Territory’s first divine mountain, it contained an imperial leyline. Although the Mount Tai before her eyes was even more massive than what she saw previously, to be able to refine it to this extent made Yelü Wuxin unable to help but give praise.

“Petty tricks by an amateur!!” Yelü Wuxin saw that the heavens had been completely covered by the Mount Tai mercilessly bearing down upon her. She sat at the top of the pagoda, smiling warmly.

Pointing her hand upwards, the scroll in her hand unfurled. A yellow cloud flew out, forming an array. High above, it blocked the mountain. No matter how viciously this Mount Tai exerted itself, it was unable to descend further.

“Break!” Yelü Wuxin rose, gesturing with her hand. That yellow cloud array burst, and the array began to transform continually, completely wrapping up the Mount Tai.


An ear-splitting noise seemed to rend the sky.

Mount Tai disintegrated inside the array.

But her opponent was not finished. She heard an incantation.

“Watch Dragon Pond Waterfall!”1

In the sky, a thousand chi long waterfall flew out from the painting, coiling like a water dragon around the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda.

Yelü Wuxin’s brows wrinkled. Evidently, she did not want her adversary ruining this place. “This is not a place where you can behave atrociously!” The girl’s hands clapped. The Yellow Court Book flipped to another page. A scream came from the sky, seemingly very far away yet also seemingly beside her ear. It was extremely mournful, like someone bereaved.

Another array opened around the pagoda.

This array exhibited no changes. Yelü Wuxing shook her sleeve, and that thousand chi water dragon immediately rippled, surprisingly shrinking in size. In the end, it surprisingly fell into Yelü Wuxin’s sleeve. The painting of the mountain and river’s two powers were easily broken, astonishing yet also frustrating her opponent. With the waterfall and Mount Tai broken, the mirage seemed to immediately have two ugly empty spaces carved out of it.

But her opponent sneered.

This time, the entire painting’s scenery came down.

However, at this moment, a prayer mat flew over. That prayer mat spun, forming a zone of primal chaos.

“Fellow Wankong, this Mountains And Rivers As Paintings is indeed beautiful, but I must ask that you stow it away, so as to avoid something regrettable over this painting.” Li Taisui slowly appeared on top of the pagoda.

That person snorted.

Suddenly, the magnificent scenery above the sky vanished into thin air.

Their view brightened, a cool breeze and scattered clouds as before. A thousand zhang above Yelü Wuxin, there stood a man. His complexion was bright, his build imposing. He had sharp brows and twinkling eyes, a considerably sovereign august air. He had a nine-clawed golden dragon armor and brocade as well as boots made from dragon scales. His left hand held a scroll. That scroll had scenery as black as ink, luxuriant forests. This was the source of the beautiful scenery from earlier.

This man was named “Woming Wankong.”2 His true body was a purple-scaled magic cloud dragon. He quite benefited from the qi of the leyline, and his name of Wankong naturally was not in the Buddhist sense of the emptiness of all things. Rather, everything in the world was beneath him.

Of course, he indeed had the means to be this arrogant.

Supervoid Late Stage cultivation, magic energy that was unfathomable. Across all of the White Tiger Territory, he was a hegemon of the Demonkin.

Woming Wankong looked at Li Taisui then glanced back at the indifferent woman atop the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda faintly glowing yellow. He laughed: “I heard that the White Tiger Liao Kingdom’s great king, the Liao Emperor, had resurfaced. I specially came to meet him, but I never expected that the Liao Emperor who made the White Tiger Territory’s myriad Demonkin bow their heads was surprisingly an unripe little girl.”

Li Taisui sneered: “Fellow Wankong, you honestly are arrogant.”

“This King has convened the White Tiger’s Four Great Demonkin for support. What is this. Only you came?” The girl did not look at him and only read her book.

Feeling he had been slighted, Woming Wankong was furious: “Defeat me first, then I shall advise them on your behalf, little girl. Otherwise, today, you will be food in my belly.” Although the Mountains And Rivers As A Painting magic weapon had been broken, this was not his true power at all. Woming Wankong’s shoulders shuddered. He uttered another incantation. Suddenly, the world dimmed, the wind howled, and purple clouds rolled in every direction.

This was one of the formidable abilities of Woming Wankong’s True Body.

Purple Cloud East Rises!

Just as Li Taisui was about to intervene, he heard Yelü Wuxin say: “We shall win them over.” She flipped through the book in her hand. Another page fluttered by. From the book, a large yellow light ball flew out. This yellow light magnified, its brilliance blinding, illuminating everything. Ray after ray of yellow light formed a strange array in the air, blossoming splendidly. Li Taisui watched, awe-struck. It instantly broke Woming Wankong’s Purple Cloud East Rises.

“How about you let me read that book.”

With a forceful bellow, Woming Wankong suddenly appeared behind her, two horns upon his forehead, his whole body covered in purple dragon scales. Then, he swooped down, a purple light soaring, auspicious clouds rising. In the purple qi and clouds, Woming Wankong’s back vaguely manifested the shadow of a dragon. He howled at the sky, scratching directly at Yelü Wuxin.

Yelü Wuxin could discern that Woming Wankong appeared brash, his execution was very decisive, practically without any mercy. Normal cultivators proceeded sequentially by steps, first probing their opponent’s limits before counterattacking, but whether Woming Wankong’s strength was remarkable or he was arrogant, from the start he used a trump card with no leeway.

He dove down, his magic energy boundless, his might enough to jolt the entirety of Fengdu. Even Li Taisui was astonished. However, Yelü Wuxin had descended from Star World. She had seen great changes. Woming Wankong’s cheap trick was not enough to disturb the tranquility in the Liao Emperor’s eyes.

The girl’s hands formed several hand seals. The arrays in the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda’s surroundings linked into a chain, yet it was also like a gigantic yellow cloak. It resisted Woming Wankong’s powerful purple qi. Yelü Wuxin felt her hand sink, inwardly shouting “How powerful!” Indeed, the top-notch Demonkin of the White Tiger Territory had real skill. The girl could not help but be serious. She fiercely rose, pinning her opponent.  

When Woming Wankong saw that his “Magic Cloud Dragon” had been stopped, he suddenly fumed. He immediately circulated his magic energy and arrays. The purple dragon scales over his whole body glowed. He then opened his mouth, spun several times, and a purple cloud dragon took shape. The Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon flailed inside the array of yellow light. With his True Body manifested, his power had increased by several times.

Yelü Wuxin immediately felt her heart shudder. She sened that the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon wrapped up inside her array fiercely thrash about, seemingly about to directly break the array. He broke free, and the opposing killing intent pervading the world rushed over. Knowing that this man’s magic energy reached the heavens, Yelü Wuxin became increasingly vigilant. On one hand, she used force to suppress her foe, and on the other, she flipped open the book.

Several divine weapons appeared in midair that slashed at Woming Wankong.

Several dozen sword-lights slashed upon the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon, but Woming Wankong’s purple qi protected his body, and he had dragon scales. Although they hacked ruthlessly at him, they inflicted no damage. Just as he was about to sneer, Yelü Wuxin did not stop here. She raised her hand. “Hand Concealing The Heavens Array!!”

An enormous hand descended from the sky and seized the Purple Scaled Purple Cloud Dragon.

The size of that hand seemed to turn the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon into a worm.

Suddenly seeing that hand break the heavens, the degree of its power, this was surprisingly far outside his expectations. Woming Wankong’s heart was alarmed: “Where did this bitch come from? How can any array be so overwhelming. I have never seen this before.” His body quivered, and he recalled that the Liao Emperor was famously rumored to have descended from Star World. Her power was ridiculous. The two of them simply were not even in the same world.

After he recognized this, Woming Wankong had no more arrogance in his heart. He immediately realized this innocuous-looking girl was not easy to handle. He immediately thought of retreated, but he was already too late.

Woming Wankong had already fallen into the array. Hand Concealing The Heavens Array made him unable to escape. He struggled with all his might, but no matter how much stronger he was, it was still difficult to resist. The giant hand grabbed, squeezing the man into its palm. It seemed that it needed only to flex to be able to pinch him to death as easily as an ant. For the first time, Woming Wankong felt despair.

“No more, I am willing to aid the Great King.”


Yelü Wuxin played with a lock of hair.

This battle appeared intense, but the girl had always maintained her book-reading posture, making Woming Wankong completely submit.

“I concede. I am willing to go convince those Demonkin on behalf of the Great King.”

Yelü Wuxin flipped through the book.

That giant hand vanished.

The cloud dragon descended, transformed into human form. Woming Wankong heaved, barely escaping with his life.

“Go on.”

Yelü Wuxin gently said.

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