Chapter 643: Refining The Fire Element Flying Swords, “Jian Feather”

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This scene was unprecedented in Liangshan Continent.

At once faced with three Star Beasts in addition to every kind of sword array and magic weapon, even stronger cultivators could not possibly escape unscathed. Even the Divine Bird Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was hard-pressed. This was not their true trump card, however. The real trump card was naturally Su Xing and Dong Junqing’s combined attack.

Although Su Xing and Dong Junqing were not contracted to each other, the two of them were still obviously lovers. Their minds were synchronized, understanding one another very tacitly. Their pupils contracted in an instant, and they showed serious expressions at the same time. Using the cover of the Star Beasts and Zhao Hanyan, the two of them immediately seized their chance to attack.

Dong Junqing’s beautiful body suddenly leapt several hundred meters into the air. She was even faster than the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s Crimson lights. The Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears in the woman’s hands seemed to jeer as the woman slashed with power to topple mountains and overflow seas.

A ghastly light flashed in the sky!!

Yin Yang Cross Slash!!

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s defenses could be considered gorgeous and relaxed. The flame-like feathers over its whole body were its strongest defensive magic weapon. Flapping its wings without any excess movement, she cut down down the Steadfast Star’s Yellow Technique, as if she did not place Dong Junqing in her eyes at all.

The instant that its resistance reached its peak, a blinding light finally exploded from the space between them. A hole was suddenly tore open in the pervasive dust above. Su Xing immediately followed upwards, slashing with the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber again and again.

The Star Energy on the blade’s edge blossomed, not holding back in the slightest.

Now, Su Xing’s slashes were each tyrannical enough to easily kill a Supercluster Cultivator instantly.

Under the teamwork of Su Xing and Dong Junqing, the magnificent Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian let out a graceful cry, finally feeling pain. Its seemingly gentle and dreamy body attacked at exceptionally high speed. The area within a range of several hundred meters immediately burned with a bright flame. The power of these “Clinging Fire” was formidable. An average cultivator could not face these flames, let alone approach without getting burned clean away.

Then, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s attack nevertheless landed on nothing. Long before she attacked, Zhao Hanyan’s hundred Flying Swords had already formed the strongest shield to help defend her two most beloveds. Of course, the consequences were not so easy to bear. The Flying Swords linked to her life were immediately scorched and smoldering. The True Spirits of the Flying Swords were completely destroyed. It was obvious how frightening the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire was.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian flapped its wings. Suddenly, it swept up an intense gust that easily created a super hurricane of Clinging Fire.

Clinging Fire and a whirlwind combined. Even with greater numbers, this would be hard to resist. As expected, Hua Wanyue’s Heavenly Hero Red Luan very quickly was unable to continue and was dispatched by the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian. Then, Dong Junqing’s Void Dragon False Phoenix was also defeated.

The situation was approaching a crisis.

Su Xing used an escape technique. He was like a rapidly flowing stream in the middle of the storm, charging about as he wished amidst the incoming Clinging Fire. He left behind him a long trail of golden petals. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed at full power, appearing especially conspicuous on this flaming battlefield. By the time the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s third attack missed, Su Xing then fiercely pulled his body up, drawing a tight curve. Then, he brought enormous magic energy to collide with the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s massive body once again.


The sky exploded.

A flame that seemed alive pounced and broke Su Xing’s form, swallowing him. The flames perched on the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body fired all around Su Xing like arrows. Yin Yang spear-light twisted in Su Xing’s surroundings, immediately repelling the attack.

A figure came to Su Xing’s side.

To still be able to keenly observe Su Xing’s situation during battle, the Five Tigers General was worthy of her name.

“Mister, do not be careless!” Dong Junqing said.

Su Xing slightly smiled.

His figure flashed away. He suddenly carried Dong Junqing in his arms. In an instant of life and death, Su Xing’s body moved at speed exceeding his conscious limits. In that instant he carried Dong Junqing away, he felt an extremely sharp blade sweep down. At the same time the fine but matchlessly brilliant red light sliced off half his hair, it swept across the entire battlefield, parting the mountain range.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian once again used its ability.

Its feathers directly became unstoppable blades.

Then, a sharp cry in the air flooded their ears. Flaming blades flit by at speeds that were practically impossible to react to, appearing very brilliant. It appeared in these concentrated sword-lights, there was no chance to escape unscathed.

It could be said that the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s feather blades were formidable. They sliced apart a range of several dozen kilometers. Beyond that range, some powerful Demon Beasts that were not aware of what was happening were decapitated on the spot or sliced in half. Their stumps were even cauterized very thoroughly. Their heads that kept roaring expression fell to the ground, stirring up a bloodied cloud of dust. Jumbled together with corpses frozen in odd and rigid positions, anyone would feel aghast at the sight.

This kind of ability made even Dong Junqing break out into a cold sweat.

She perhaps could have resisted, but for how long. Su Xing directly used his Light Smoke Dance Steps to evade and then the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower for protection, wandering about the thousand feather blades, waiting for the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s attack to abate.

At this time, Zhao Hanyan was unable to continue controlling her Flying Swords anymore. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was honestly too powerful. Those Prehistoric Clinging Fires left her with no choice but to withdraw her Flying Swords. She threw out every kind of magic weapon, but that was a futile effort. Although she ached to go help them, she considered that she would add to Su Xing’s burden and could only dismiss the idea. And then the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire was completely caught by the Earth Book.

It very nearly tore the Earth Book to shreds.

“Ling Yan Princess, you had best be careful.” Hua Wanyue said. The Hero Star continuously fired her bow, each and every one an attempt to give Su Xing a chance. This made Zhao Hanyan very envious.

At this very moment, Gongsun Huang used a Wind Riding Through Territories Star Magic, raising Su Xing and Dong Junqing’s body techniques to even greater heights, up above the Clinging Heaven Vermilion JIan’s head. They finally escaped the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire blades.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian raised its heads to the sparkling sky, gazing at a scorching red dot above, where her prey was.

Then, she flapped her wings, extremely angered. She finally sensed that her opponents were far unlike any of the intruders she had faced previously. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian sensed danger, and it once again used full power. 

Suddenly, it unleashed a crimson ray of Clinging Fire directly through the clouds that was like a gigantic sword capable of cleaving even the heavens.

Countless raging flames tore the air apart. The giant crumson sword spiraling upwards very quickly formed a vortex that blotted out the sun. Heaven and earth unbelievably warped and shuddered under the boiling airflow, as if something was currently charging up. Then, when the concentrated flames finally reached the critical point, a pillar of fire that clambered up to the highest point finally roared like an erupting volcano.

A stifling hot wind instantly rolled over Clinging Hill, and at the crest of this red wave, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was braving the winds. Its wildly blazing figure shot into the clouds at that moment, but the Clining HEaven Vermilion Jian’s dazzling body nevertheless made the surroundings appear dim. Her majestic wings were like two white hot axes, slicing apart the billowing air, severing the ashen skies, cutting open the fearful lines of sight of insignificant Demon Beasts.

This was the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s most famous ability.

“Scarlet Flame Splitting!!!”

Flames that seemed able to split the heavens rolled over.

This flaming blade descended.

Just when Su Xing was unable to evade, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix forged onward to intercept this attack. This powerful Star Beast activated its own full power ability to contest the CLinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, but it was surprisingly blown away a moment later by the scarlet flames, unable to continue battle.

The failure of its first wave of attacks made the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian considerably frustrated.

“It would have been great if this bird was a Star Beast.” Dong Junqing clucked her tongue.

Then, Su Xing’s voice pulled her back to their high-speed battle at altitude: “Look out, don’t be careless!”

Before the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s second wave of Scarlet Flame Splitting, Su Xing and Dong Junqing promptly attacked. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian once again opened an inescapable net. Su Xing flew across the blue heavens with an unimaginable arc, leaving behind only a dazzling red streak against the multi-colored skies.

And at the end of his trail, more than a thousand fire serpents flocked over, like fireworks exploding in the sky. Each one was full of a deadly presence.

But although their aggression was strong, the swiftly moving tongues of flame were completely unable to catch up to that fuzzy target. In an instant, they were already left far behind him,  their long bodies entangled due to the excessively blind chase, twisting into an ugly giant fireball.

Speedy reactions and clever evasion allowed Su Xing to avoid the first wave.

But the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s assault was far from just this. At the same time, large swathes of flame once again leapt off from its shining body. The flames were thick to the point that opaque heat waves appeared one after another. The tongues of flame crowded together bore down upon him menacingly.

“It’s no good, we’ll be struck sooner or later if this goes on!” Su Xing’s pupils suddenly contracted.

“It seems that This General will need to use her Earth Rank.” Dong Junqing said. All along, she did not wish to use her Earth Rank. The General of Double Spears was absolute that this perhaps was the sole area that made her feel more dazzling than Lin Yingmei. It was a pity she was using it for the sake of this man, but she had no choice but to make an exception.

“Man,1 you owe Junqing a favor.” Dong Junqing very lewdly licked her chapped lips, the meaning in her eyes apparently very clear – For this favor, repay it with your body.

Su Xing smiled, aware of her intentions, and nodded. Once again, he used the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, beginning to sparkle with a brilliant light, and how beautiful and dazzling it was.

The lotus flower’s petals blossomed amidst the flames, protecting Dong Junqing.

Su Xing was at her side, cutting down every attack, buying Dong Junqing time to use her Earth Rank.

Dong Junqing shouted furiously. Holding her double spears, she drew a giant half circle in the sky, raising those hot and cold Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears that were renowned across Liangshan Continent. Her figure broke through with a speed that could not be followed by the naked eye. SHe was like a shooting star streaking across the darkness, falling from the heavens straight for the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s forehead.

The double spears let out two lights more glaring than the sun!

The next instant, an intense and dense ripple burst out from between where the two collided. A powerful force swallowed them both at the point of contact, letting out a harsh grating sound like when metals ground against one another.

The scorching hot storm immediately rolled over the entire battlefield, and even the unending mountain chain seemed to shudder slightly.

Past the burning storm of flames, Dong Junqing’s double spears swung down!


The light of these double spears seemed able to cut the ground in half. The Yin Yang Double Spears’ dragon and phoenix flew out. In midair, one became two, and two became three. Along with Dong Junqing’s double spears endless attacks, more and more dragons and phoenixes flew out from her spear. This kind of feeling was like there were countless Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears attacking the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian. 

There were practically no gaps, making Su XIng quite speechless.

This was the Earth Rank of one of the 108 Star Maiden Five Tiger Generals – Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances!!!

“This is My chance!!” Hua Wanyue drew her bow and blurted out.

The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow shot directly at the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian.

The arrow stuck into the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s cry was more resounding than a clap of thunder, far beyond any sound in the world. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian that was suddenly injured once again flapped its wings, and a burst of flame suddenly flew out.

There was a kind of odd illusion at this instant.

Because of the high temperatures, the world seemed to stop.

The flow of time seemed to stagnate, the swelling winds were destroyed, and even Su Xing’s matchlessly resolute willpower was frozen in that instant.

The surroundings gradually faded away, covered by a surging blaze.

Then, in this concentrated deathly stillness, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian gathered the ambient light in the atmosphere using its crown. It was like a shimmering star in the pitch black darkness.

A sharp light shot out from the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body. This light beam was a blade that split the sky and earth. It first cleaved the entire battlefield in two. Then, it sharply cut down half the mountain face. Finally, it split apart the clouds in the sky without stopping.

Its speed was too fast to react to.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s furious roar and death declaration passed over Dong Junqing’s body in an instant.

Dong Junqing was enormously surprised her Earth Rank was unexpectedly unable to slay this Divine Bird. She fiercely wielded her double spears, but immediately afterwards, followed by an oppressive ripping sound, the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears in her hands were nevertheless torn away from her body by an unblockable, powerful strike. Then, she was blown into the air by a strong wind. A series of sparks shot out from the entire gouged area. Su Xing’s expression immediately turned pale, and he promptly threw himself over.

The next instant, Su Xing caught the flying Dong Junqing, who had been knocked unconscious. He evaded the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s strong and silent offensive, but the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian began to unleash its spiritual pressure. It mercilessly pushed Su Xing towards the ground.

In the blink of an eye, it had slammed Su Xing and Dong Junqing ruthlessly against the ground, splashing a wave of flame reaching the sky.

“Junqing, are you alright?” Su Xing’s concerned voice entered her ears, seemingly coming from far away.

“This General was careless…” Dong Junqing shakily rose from the ashes, shaking her muddled head. She did not expect her Earth Rank to fail at their chance to attain victory.

“You did well. She won’t last much longer.” Su Xing said.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian before their eyes let out a low roar. Dong Junqing’s Earth Rank Technique did not fail at all. The powerful Dragon Flying Phoenix Dancing apparently made the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian sustain heavy injury, and Hua Wanyue’s last arrow was the cherry on top. 

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian apparently put all of her focus into launching a powerful attack. She was very aware that if she did not quickly kill her enemy, her chances were slipping away every second.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian opened its mouth and sprayed a high density flame that condensed into a red lightning suddenly descending from the sky. 

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s “Clinging Fire” breath was more terrifying than any of this world’s fire element abilities.

Yet the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s time was short, and a stagnation appeared in the Clinging Fire.

Su Xing shielded Dong Junqing with his own body, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower erupting with radiant light.

A thousand flower petals bloomed around them, stopping the Clinging Fire attack like a sturdy shield, keeping them safe under the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s attack. The flow of flames that dared to encroach were completely extinguished.

“It’s not over yet.”

Su Xing showed a warm smile to Dong Junqing, apparently very grateful she would accompany him, even facing this world’s most frightening Divine Bird.

The next instant, a booming breath once again came from overhead. Su Xing did not hesitate to raise the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. Then, a blood-shadow on his body flashed, the Chaotic Tail Escape. “Hè,” Su Xing slashed downwards.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian spat out Clinging Fire.

A flaming light burst out from the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body, cutting apart the surrounding air like a sharp knife. It burned directly towards the sky, fearlessly attacking Su Xing. If it could be said that the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s attack was a blinding sun, then Su Xing’s counterattack was the moonlight that borrowed the sun.

Although trifling, it was nevertheless strong.

Su Xing finally caught that frightening blade of Clinging Fire. The place where the flames and light touched immediately became a true void. Even specks of dust were destroyed by the terrifying might, disintegrating to particles invisible to the naked eye, then burned away due to the high heat.

Light more blinding than the sun finally dispersed from the sky. The raging flames were like serpents slithering everywhere over the ground, flocking over after they found a weak point. The entire earth immediately turned into a volcano, spitting out lava everywhere.

Any cultivator that saw this scene would become filled with unmatched despair at this time because the entire area was filled with Clinging Fire, but Su Xing paid it no attention, facing again and again the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s seemingly endless light.

The next instant, a thin but incomparably dazzling red light beam fired. THis red light drew a glaring arc in the air, piercing through the burning sea of flames and magnificent blade-light, accurately aimed at her prey.

The second beam of light pierced the hot winds, once again firing towards her target.

Then the third.

And the fourth.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian used all of its power, doing its utmost to launch its final and most beautiful strike, but Su Xing continually resisted. Even if his body was burned, pockmarked with countless blisters, Su Xing did not waver one bit. In his mind, the only thought was to attack and attack.

An endlessly oppressive attack.

“Master, look out!!”

This time, she2 was unable to stop Su Xing.

The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber hacked into the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body.

“Junqing, use that.” Zhao Hanyan shouted from far away.

Dong Junqing understood tacitly and leapt high. The Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears danced again, and she smiled savagely: “Man, this is not what I meant by repaying that favor with your body. Watch this – “

Dong Junqing wielded the spears.

The hot and cold lights intertwined, twisting and inverting one another, finally slamming into the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian.

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Top Luan Inverted Phoenix Slash!!

The already injured Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian attempted another counterattack, but at this time, Gongsun Huan’s Half-destroyed Landscape shattered her prepared counterattack. Afterwards, another barrage of Hua Wanyue’s arrows found their mark. Following that, Su Xing’s saber cut into her body, finally cleaving apart her defenses.

With a cry, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian finally could not continue. Her wings stiffened, and she fell to the ground, unable to move.

After a lengthy battle, this Divine Bird was finally settled.

Seeing those beautiful, gem-like eyes, Su Xing suddenly felt some pity.

“Big Brother, can you take her soul without killing her?” An Suwen asked.

“Suwen, is there a reason?”

“Because legend says even if the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s soul is taken, as long as its body is still preserved, before its spiritual power fades, it will be capable of resurrection.” An Suwen said.

Su Xing nodded.

Although the materials on the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s body were very valuable, Su Xing did not want them at all. He only needed the soul capable of saving Xi Yue.

“Rest well. Forgive me.” Su Xing tenderly stroked the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s head.

This Divine Bird apparently responded to something and quietly cried, slowly closing its eyes.

After taking its soul, Su Xing immediately placed her into Xi Yue’s body. As expected, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s fire immediately dispelled the cold. Xi Yue slowly warmed up, finally allowing Su Xing a breath of relief.

However, before this was over, SU Xing obtained twelve feathers from the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian as material for his Flying Sword.

“Su Xing, you are sure you need only these twelve feathers?” Zhao Hanyan asked regretfully: “The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s liver is reportedly a powerful supplement, very helpful for cultivation.”

“Forget about it.” Su Xing shook his head. With his current cultivation, this type of medicine was simply insufficient.

Zhao Hanyan smiled. She wandered around the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s surroundings, taking a few intact feathers as mementos.

While Xi Yue was recovering, Su Xing began to take the chance to forge his Fire Element Flying Swords.

The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s feathers were exceptional materials for Fire Element Flying Swords. Su Xing did not even need Tang Lianxin to refine them, so he was able to forge them himself.

Each of the swords of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Swords were formed differently.

The Fire Element Flying Sword’s main body was the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Bird Jian’s feather. He used the feather as the main structure to forge a unique and unmatched feather blade. Su Xing used his fire to begin continuously shaping the feather’s appearance. Gradually, the feather’s frail appearance began to show the edge of a sword. Then, Su Xing imbued it with other materials.

He slowly started to grind them.

This was a long process.

The already powerless Dong Junqing watched from the side as she was supported by Zhao Hanyan.

“This sword truly is beautiful.” Dong Junqing’s eyes glinted.

Zhao Hanyan agreed.

The twelve Fire Element Flying Swords began to show signs of developing. Due to Su Xing’s magic energy being far more profound than before, this refinement speed was very fast. Very quickly, twelve beautiful red Flying Swords were already formed.

Swords like feathers, as transparent as jade.

“Su Xing, what do you want to name these swords?” Zhao Hanyan curiously asked. In truth, for Immemorial Flying Swords like these, naming the Flying Sword was the most favorite thing for a cultivator.

Su Xing pondered.

He carved two words.

Jian Feather!

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