Chapter 644: Blood Intoxicating Aroma

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Su Xing continued to forge and grind the Fire Element Flying Sword Jian Feather. Because Dong Junqing used her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, Zhao Hanyan was completely drained of all energy and had no choice but to rest. Although Xi Yue rallied after ingesting the soul, she was still apparently unconscious. Hua Wanyue and Gongsun Huang each sat cross-legged, on guard.

Rat Star Bai Yutang turned her large, adorable eyes to watch what her Papa, Elder Sister, and Mama1 were doing. The little loli was not idle and brewed wine nearby, but because the White Tiger Territory’s terrain was unfavorable, Bai Yutang’s brewing was not too successful.

“Squeak, squeak.”

Bai Yutang’s Star Beast, the Essence Spirit Rat, lay atop the little loli’s shoulder. Suddenly, it smelled something and looked at a corner. The Essence Spirit Rat squeaked a few times, then quickly climbed down her shoulder and entered the forest.

“Baibai.” Bai Yutang shyly called out, but the Essence Spirit Rat had penetrated into the forest. Bai Yutang stood up and jogged in pursuit, her mouth softly calling: “Baibai, don’t run…”

Gongsun Huang cocked her head, seeing Bai Yutang leave. She then glanced at His Highness Su Xing. Because all of his attention was placed on forging the Flying Sword, Su Xing did not notice.

“Baibai, Baibai…”

Bai Yutang chased for a hundred meters, bursting out of a fire leaf bush. The Essence Spirit Rat turned its head back and squeaked, hopping on top of a fire-red fruit. “Don’t run off, Papa’ll get mad.” Bai Yutang crawled over, grumbling. The Essence Spirit Rat squeaked back. When the little loli looked to see that fruit, her innocent eyes were pleasantly surprised.

“Eh, this looks like it can ferment into an Earth Rank Wine.” Bai Yutang inspected this fruit. Up until this stage, Bai Yutang was already able to brew Earth Rank Wine, but the materials she needed were very demanding. Papa was very busy, and Bai Yutang did not wish to bother him, so this Earth Rank Wine was put on the back burner. Her Star Beast Essence Spirit Rat was able to smell the scent of any material for wine, so that was why the rat ran out.

“Oh.” Bai Yutang’s little face blushed from happiness as she carefully harvested the fruit.

But at this moment, a blood-shadow shot out.

This blood-shadow was extremely indistinct, hidden among the underbrush. After Bai Yutang picked the fruit, it finally showed itself. But just as it was about to attack Bai Yutang, a saber-light swung over and slashed this blood-shadow apart.

“This ‘Blood Intoxicating Aroma’ is used to as a cure-all for healing injuries. Never thought you would find it. Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Sheng, huh. To surprisingly see such an adorable Little Sister, Your Servant truly does not dare believe it.

“However, you must be careful in the White Tiger Territory.

A slightly weak voice suddenly spoke.

Bai Yutang was frightened and snapped around. She saw a woman dressed in white looking at her with a gratified expression. The woman held a gourd of wine. There was still a bit of leftover fragrance.

Bai Yutang seemed familiar with her.

“Your Servant is Bright Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu.” Shi Xiuxiu walked over. She was completely without killing intent. Gazing at this adorable little loli, there was not way she could have any killing intent. “Can you give this Blood Intoxicating Aroma to Your Servant to use?”

The truth was that after she parted from Su Xing, Shi Xiuxiu still felt unable to compose herself, thus she stealthily tailed SU Xing. She waited to see the final outcome – to understand this man’s true face. Shi Xiuxiu had lived in the White Tiger Territory for so long, concealment and tailing were like the back of her hand, so no one noticed her.

After what happened, although Shi Xiuxiu did not understand much, she more or less vaguely realized a bit of something. After the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, the teamwork of the Star Generals had amazed this Wisdom Star again and again because it appeared that those exceptional women at this man Su Xing’s side were each unique. Although she did not see Lin Chong, the Hero Star, Leisure Star, and Steadfast Star’s formation made Shi Xiuxiu feel disbelief. Especially for the latter, that Steadfast Star surprisingly used her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill for this man.

The riddle was not solved and had instead become even more mysterious.

After she saw Bai Yutang sneak away, Shi Xiuxiu only revealed herself because she was quite fond of this innocent little sister.

“Elder Sister.” Bai Yutang shyly said.

Shi Xiuxiu showed Bai Yutang no killing intent at all, and the little loli did not sense any danger. On the contrary, she felt that this very feral Elder Sister in front of her was very cordial.

“Can you give this Blood Intoxication Aroma to Your Servant? Of course, if you do not consent, Your Servant absolutely will not force you.” Shi Xiuxiu said.

Bai Yutang lowered her head to look at the Blood Intoxication Aroma in her hand, seeming very fond of it, but when she saw Shi Xiuxiu’s not so optimistic state of injury, the little loli could not bear it. Looking back and forth several times, the little loli finally decided to open her palm: “Elder Sister, here.”

“Thank you.” Shi Xiuxiu stroked Bai Yutang’s hair, tenderness appearing in her heart for the first time.

Shi Xiuxiu placed the Blood Intoxication Aroma into her mouth and chewed. Having lived in the White Tiger Territory for so long among the vegetation, she discovered some grasses were natural medicines for healing wounds. This Blood Intoxication Aroma was a particularly rare kind. It was able to quickly restore blood and congeal wounds, speeding recovery. Although Shi Xiuxiu had ingested many medicines, her injuries were still not completely recovered, otherwise she would not have made such a request.

As she chewed the Blood Intoxicating Aroma, Shi Xiuxiu’s forehead twisted. Although the Blood Intoxicating Aroma was very good at restoring her circulation, there was a flaw. As this herb’s name suggested, it was very painful as it circulated the body.

“Elder Sister, drink this.” Bai Yutang held out a white wine bottle.

Shi Xiuxiu looked at her and slightly smiled. Without any suspicion about the wine inside the bottle, she drained it in one gulp. After the wine washed down her throat, the pain over her whole body suddenly vanished, making Shi Xiuxiu astonished. “Is this your Yellow Rank Wine?”

Bai Yutang nodded.

It was Worry-free Without A Care.

“Thanks, to have a Little Sister like you truly is Your Servant’s good luck.” Shi Xiuxiu happily said.

Bai Yutang lowered her head in embarrassment, suddenly making Shi Xiuxiu feel she was even more adorable.

“Your Servant must repay you. You must have wanted this Blood Intoxicating Aroma to brew an Earth Rank Wine, right?” Shi Xiuxiu very easily deduced, “Although this Blood Intoxication Aroma is good, it is a bit lacking as material for brewing an Earth Rank Wine. Your Servant knows a place. It has many unqiue wine grasses, and your Star Beast may be able to find something even better.”

“Are you willing to go together with Your Servant?” Shi Xiuxiu smiled and asked.

“But Papa will worry about Tangtang.” Bai Yutang said.

“With Your Servant protecting you, there is no need to be afraid. If that man truly loves you, then he should not be treating you like a canary in a cage. We are Star Generals, no Sister should rely on a man, you know? Tangtang, this is our pride!” As a naturally battle crazed Star General, Shi Xiuxiu had very hotbloodedly projected lofty and heroic traits onto the innocent Bai Yutang.

Although she heard battle and pride, Tangtang only half understood. However, she still received her hotblooded feelings.

“Did you not want to help do something for your Papa? Then this is a good chance.” Shi Xiuxiu continued to say.

“Tangtang wants to help Papa.” Bai Yutang nodded, her expression very serious and earnest.

Although her Yearning Day And Night helped all of her Elder Sisters, the aftereffects nevertheless trapped those Elder Sisters completely in the Star Nest with no way out. Bai Yutang had seen this, and she was similarly worried. However, a weak, low-ranking Star General like her was not like Gongsun Huang who was strong in magic energy, nor was she as swift of mind as the other sisters. Thus, Bai Yutang did not know what she could do. 

“For that man to be able to have you, he truly is fortunate. Alright, then let us give him a pleasant surprise together.” Shi Xiuxiu said.


Shi Xiuxiu tugged Bai Yutang’s little hand and was just about to leave.

An arrow stopped her. Along with it was a quite unhappy voice.

“Daredevil Third Brother, I still feel that you are upright and frank as a hero. I even thought highly of you, however, I never imagined that you would shamelessly lure Tangtang away. This truly is extremely disappointing.”

Hua Wanyue gracefully brushed back a lock of her long hair. She gazed calmly and keenly at Shi Xiuxiu.

“Tangtang, come here now.” Hua Wanyue motioned.

“Mama Wanyue.” Bai Yutang happily smiled.

Hua Wanyue’s expression immediately softened greatly: “You left without permission, which will make Milord very worried. If you want to find something, we can help you. Could it be that you do not believe in us?”

“Hero Star, so you, too. Your Servant never thought that you would surprisingly recognize a contractor.” Shi Xiuxiu said casually, bursting into a guffaw. “However, Tangtang wants to help Su Xing. You are obstructive and worried. Could it be that you are underestimating your own Little Sister?!”

“Shi Xiu, do not speak so glibly. Milord is very concerned with Tangtang, but he has never viewed Tangtang as a tool to brew wine. No wine is worth Tangtang’s safety.” Hua Wanyue said indifferently.

“Tangtang, what is your choice? Will you obediently pamper yourself in your Papa’s embrace, or will you send him a bottle of wine while he is very tired?” Shi Xiuxiu lowered her head and asked.

“Shi Xiu!!!” Hua Wanyue glared.

“Tang…Tang…Tangtang wants to help Papa…” Bai Yutang lowered her head.

“This is what a good Sister is. Hua Rong, you should be at ease. With Your Servant here, she absolutely will be safe. And your formation over there right now is not optimal. If Rat Star Bai Yutang refines her Earth Rank Wine, that will be very beneficial to you, right!” Shi Xiuxiu smiled.

“Shi Xiu. Even though Milord saved your life, you nevertheless lead Tangtang astray. I truly am not worth Milord.” Hua Wanyue could not be at ease. Although Shi Xiuxiu sounded pleasant, the White Tiger Territory was very dangerous. This Daredevil Third Brother’s temperament was eccentric. Hua Wanyue was not willing to take a risk. If Su Xing knew that Tangtang was gone, perhaps he would flip the White Tiger Territory upside down.

“Today, so long as I am here, do not think you will have your way.”

Hua Wanyue shouted.

Her bowstring creaked.

An arrow fired.

“Mama Wanyue.” Bai Yutang was distressed, evidently not wanting to see the two fight.

“To attack right in front of such an adorable Little Sister, this is too dreadful. Your Servant also wants to fight you, Hero Star.” Shi Xiuxiu was not afraid of any provocation. On the contrary, she already wanted to test herself agaisnt the Sister who was absolute in bow and spear.

“Tangtang, rest well for now.” Shi Xiuxiu gently said and pushed pressure point.

Bai Yutang’s eyelids suddenly felt heavy, “Mama, don’t fight…” The little loli muttered and fainted.

“Hero Star, Your Servant’s True Name is Shi Xiuxiu, let us compete.”

“Wanyue obliges!”

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    1. It’s funny because Shi Xiuxiu genuinely believes that she is helping Bai Yutang. As Hua Wanyue points out, Shi Xiuxiu is too stupid (or too intoxicated off of combat highs) to understand that not every Star General is as addicted/suited to battle as she is. Shi Xiuxiu’s actions are based on the belief that Bai Yutang is just as valiant in battle as she herself is, which is a completely faulty assumption.

  1. All three of them could go there together. There, problem solved. But no, we need another pointless fight.

  2. She might have good intentions but did she forget that she got owned recently?
    And having the two of them fight while our MC is refining and the others weak as fuck…
    Did they not think ahead at all?

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