Chapter 65: Refining Divine Thunder Ovum Water

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The Blooming Water Sword Sect, one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Four Great Sword Sects.

The school entrenched above the Heavenly River’s five Efficacious Summits was all of the Sword Sect disciples’ most proud achievement.

The Heavenly River was looked upon as Liangshan Continent’s number one river. The river basin reached an area of ten million kilometers, cutting across the entire Liangshan Continent with countless tributaries. It originated from the “Nine Mountains of Immortals” of legend. With natural spiritual power in abundance, its Efficacious Mountain near the Heavenly River gave birth to countless schools and sects. It was land that Star Cultivators vied for viciously.1

Furthermore, the Heavenly River flowing past the Rippling Wave Kingdom altogether had Nine Efficacious Summits. The Blooming Water Sword Sect conveniently occupied the five greatest of these; not being proud of this was out of the question.

Actually, speaking of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s founding, a hundred years had not yet passed. Being compared with the number three of the Great Sword Sects, “Extreme Winding Sword Sect,”2 which had a thousand years since its founding, the geometric progression was indeed somewhat shameful.

The chief of Blooming Water Sword Sect’s signature art could not possibly  take it around on his person. This made the countless red-eyed Star Cultivators of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique desire the chance to steal it. Since relying on a true technique could substitute a school into the Four Great Sword Sects, thinking of cultivating this technique themselves to turn one into a Great Daoist3 was not necessarily impossible.

Consequently, anything concerning the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique was guarded extremely tightly.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique had been put on the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Blooming Water Hall on top of Overboard Peak4. Along the sides of the road, other than a hundred disciples standing guard, secret arrays, and mechanisms not low in number, the Blooming Water Hall’s surroundings incorporated a “Calamitous Thunder Evil Smiting Array.” In the event that they did not have the Head Minister’s permission to pass, if the intruders were not dead, then they would still have to abandon half their life.

Along with the passing of a hundred years, the Star Cultivators that died on this road at Overboard Peak were not few in number. Nowadays, the defenses of Overboard Peak were actually increasingly relaxed.

However, the Blooming Water Sword Sect would never have thought that, once again, someone had their eyes on the “Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique,” and this person was precisely Maiden Mountain’s brilliant and famous Best Thief Under Heaven, the “Thief Star” Flea on a Drum Shi Qian.

The Flea on a Drum Shi Qian carefully slinked into the Blooming Water Sword Sect along the mountain path leading to Overboard Peak. Acting as a specialized thief avoiding the eyes and ears of people, she was very clear on these series of dangers as well as how she should avoid them.

Within the views of the ordinary person, robbers liked to lead away a goat in passing under cover of the night. However, Shi Yuan was different; acting as the Best Thief Under Heaven, she never walked the ordinary road. Clear and bright under Heaven and Earth, the Thief Star easily passed through the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s outer mountain by means of that excellent sneaking and hiding technique.

The Thief Star’s first Huangjie Magic, “Wordless and Uncommunicative,”5 was a magic that made her heart have no distracting thoughts and removed her presence. The vast majority of Star Cultivators were unable to sense her. Even if she were to be behind you, you would not even know. It seemed that if it was used for assassinations, it would be a powerful ability. However, if Shi Yuan were to move for a kill, the silence would very easily be broken. Within a certain time period, it was unable to be used, thus, Shi Yuan was actually very content to take advantage of crises for gain inside the ruins. After all, “Wordless and Uncommunicative” handled a few arrays and mechanisms to great effect. Sometimes, intruding into the arrays and traps would not even stir them.

Needless to say, in a short amount of time, Shi Yuan promptly passed by in front of the eyes of a hundred Blooming Water Sword Sect disciples and arrived at the vicinity of the Blooming Water Hall. Finding a hidden corner, Shi Yuan sized up the surrounding environment. This was caution a thief was required to take.

The Blooming Water Hall had two Middle Stage Nebula Stage cultivators on guard, but this was only on the surface. Shi Yuan sensed within the darkness that there were additional people standing guard. The Blooming Water Hall had a Sword Sect Forbiddance, and Shi Yuan estimated that this forbiddance would not be difficult to break; it was just those guarding Star Cultivators that would not be easy to handle. Wordless and Uncommunicative could not achieve making other people turn a blind eye on you.

As she was thinking, all of a sudden, the Blooming Water Hall doors opened.

Three people walked out and heard the Star Cultivators guarding the door reverently and respectfully call out.


“So that’s the Blooming Water Sword Sect current Headmaster, the Daoist Luo River6?” Watching that middle aged man of flat complexion, Shi Yuan recalled the information the Knowledge Star gave beforehand, that this Daoist Luo River attained Galaxy Late Stage. The two flanking him were a young man and young woman. The man’s expression was very respectful, but the girl was rather indifferent, seemingly not putting the headmaster in her eyes.

“Seems to be a Star General?” Shi Yuan muttered.

Suddenly, that girl violently glanced towards the place Shi Yuan was hiding at. The Thief Star was startled and immediately restrained her breathing.

“Yao’er, what’s the matter?” Chen Zhonglin asked.

Following her line of sight, several people saw an ordinary mountain rock. That Daoist Luo River pointed, and a jade light shot towards there. Not sensing anything peculiar, it subsequently returned.

“Nothing, just somewhat tired.” Yao’er yawned.

Chen Zhonglin helplessly looked at his headmaster.

Daoist Luo River slightly smiled, walking while speaking: “Zhonglin, this time, the Sword Sect indeed completely values your capabilities in this time’s Star Duels. You definitely cannot be careless.”

“Zhonglin is determined to go through water and tread on fire for the purpose of raising the Sword Sect’s prestige, without hesitation” Chen Zhonglin earnestly stated.

“You have already memorized this Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique’s introductory chant?” Daoist Luo River nodded, pleased.

“En. Zhonglin surely will do his best to cultivate this art. I won’t let the sect down.”

As Chen Zhonglin declared his solemn vow, Yao’er dully interjected a phrase: “Compared to this, I want even more to quickly refine my Star Weapon to Two Star.”

“Relic Blade Sand is truly too rare. A secluded ancestral master7 already finished his training. I’m afraid we still need more time.” Daoist Luo River did not take offense to her attitude at all.

“Oh, is that so?”

“En. I’ve heard Bian City recently held an auction that turned up Relic Blade Sand. The ancestral master certainly will help you obtain it.” Daoist Luo River laughed loudly.

Chen Zhonglin showed a happy expression. Sword Sect ancestral masters on average were all Supercluster Star Cultivators. This sort of cultivation placed within the Azure Dragon Territory could be considered front ranking. It seemed that an ancestral master taking action meant there was no problem refining to the second Star was not a problem.

“Yao’er, I said you can just relax. Hm, hm, after this, even if we ran into Lin Chong, even she would know your might.”8


The group gradually walked off far away, and Shi Yuan stretched her head forward, turning it towards the Blooming Water Hall. Her eyeballs rolled, suddenly exposing a crafty smile.

Su Xing sat in his bedroom, both legs crossed as he finished a day of cultivation. Exhaling a long breath, his Star Energy had yet to make great progress in Nebula Early Stage. The Chaotic Tail Escape and Heart Like Mirrors Techniques’ progression was also very slow. Hearing the Knowledge Star say that during the Star Duels, Star Masters would not spare anything to increase their own strength, besides advancing Star Energy, first-rate artifacts and even Astral Treasures and cultivation techniques were innumerable.

The newcomer Su Xing, one, had no patrons, and two, lacked experience. So far he only had the “Chaotic Tail Escape” and the “Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.” Although speaking of these two techniques that they could be counted as top-notch, not being able to increase his fighting capabilities was somewhat of a pity.

Su Xing abruptly remembered the things he stole from the Heavenly River Sword School’s blue-clothed youth under the cover of an emergency at the Flower Dragon Cave. Conveniently turning things over, out came the copy of “Water Droplet True Technique” and a small bottle.

Looking through the Water Droplet True Technique once, this seal actually was pretty good. Taking a “Water Droplet” and training it inside the dantian could allow, at any time, a spitting “Water Droplet” attack. Cultivating to Late Stage, every single “Rock Piercing Water Droplet” would seem to have the power of a thousand, and could break through to a thousand men and ten thousand horses. Thinking of that scenario of simultaneously firing several tens or hundreds was just terrifying; it was worthy of not having any difference from the Heavenly River Sword School’s signature technique.

Rock Piercing Water Droplet actually could be used as the second “Silver Blade,”9 and Su Xing’s eyes gleamed.

Considering the Blooming Water Divine Thunder and the consequences of nurturing the Rock Piercing Water Droplets at the same time in his body, Su Xing inquired the experienced and knowledgeable Wu Xinjie. The answer was actually affirmative: “As long as the Five Elements do not mutually overthrow each other, this does not have any problems.”

“Then practicing this Rock Piercing Water Droplets isn’t bad.” Su Xin said.

Wu Xinjie looked over the True Technique: “This is only an Early Stage or Middle Stage Technique. However, using it to nurture at the dantian is very suitable for Young Master.” The Knowledge Star smiled.

“Is there a reason?” Su Xing inquisitively asked.

“Young Master has contracted with myself and Little Sister Yingmei. Your ocean of consciousness would be larger than from before by a size. According to this logic, as the ocean of consciousness grows stronger, this sort of technique of warm upbringing within the body that exploits Divine Intent and ocean of qi to cultivate will increasingly show its results.”

Su Xing nodded. Training the Rock Piercing Water Droplets required a kind of “Ovum Water”10 to act as an aid, and it happened to be that small bottle of singular almost egg-like water droplets.11 The Thief Star already agreed to go steal that True Technique anyways, so Su Xing decided to directly swallow both the “Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill” and the “Ovum Water” in one go and be done with it.

He thought about it and sat. Su Xing had Lin Yingmei stand guard, and Wu Xinjie waited for the opportunity to act.

A Water Pill flew out from his Astral Bag, and following the opening of that small bottle, those egg waters flowed out from within the bottle, floating in the air under Su Xing’s Divine Intent. Letting the Nebula Stage Star Energy within his eight extraordinary meridians revolve a round, Su Xing then opened his mouth, and the Blooming Water Thunder Pill and Ovum Waters at the same time flew into his mouth with a whoosh.

That Ovum Water was incomparably viscous. Stuck in his throat, it felt exceedingly disgusting, just like phlegm. Su Xing almost wanted to spit it out, for it had been stuck into a single piece along with that Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill. Breathing in through his throat, Su Xing slowly sucked in the Ovum Water and Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill to his dantian.

At this time, he promptly mustered the Star Energy in his body to use “fire” to refine these two goods. Su Xing actually was very lucky executing this step; refining two types of objects inside the body at the same time could not be achieved by the average person, especially since Su Xing was not more than Nebula Early Stage. Fortunately, he signed contracts with two super Star Generals, and just as Wu Xinjie expected, an enormous ocean of consciousness was sufficient to support the refinement. Otherwise, two kinds of goods was not only ruining the enterprise for a basket, even to the point of obsession, but he could also explode his body and die.

The Ovum Water started to slowly met, and the rest subsequently also started to melt, one by one. The Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill was also slowly melting under his Star Energy’s refinement. Blue Water Thunder, like a chick emerging from its shell, issued out with the sound of neighing.

The Ovum Water started to stir up, seemingly fighting in the area of his dantian, and a faint thunder-water at this time also pulsed within his body, not to be outdone. Hastily making his Star Energy revolve like a whirlpool, he little by little wrapped up the two kinds of different powers. The Ovum Water and the thunder-water slowly coiled into a clump, violently raising a Water Thunder that seemingly wanted to engulf the Ovum Water.

Su Xing thought to himself that this was not good, hastily mobilizing the chant on the “Water Droplet True Technique.” Only after forming several seals did he break away from the misfortune of the Ovum Water dying out, an increasingly concentrated cyclone simultaneously wrapping the Blooming Water Thunder and the Ovum Water into a single piece.

Those two forces inside his body were increasingly violent, and Su Xing had signs of somewhat losing control.

With a boom, Su Xing suddenly felt an electric current scatter suddenly in his body. His body seemingly became matchlessly heavy, and his consciousness was incapable of any more resistance. Immediately, the sight before his eyes went black, and he fainted over.

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  1. 頭破血流的必爭之地
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  8. And that’s what you think, buddy.
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  11. Think frog eggs.


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