Chapter 67: The “River Churning Clam” Tong Yao

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Moonlight and stars sparse, a dark night and high winds.

The Thief Star Shi Qian brought Su Xing to carefully infiltrate the Blooming Water Sword Sect, just easily passing through the sentries of the outer halls, stopping behind a tree.

“You still actually dared to come along, huh?” Shi Yuan showed a narrow smile to Su Xing.

“What wouldn’t I dare do.” Su Xing vigilantly watched his surroundings. This Blooming Water Sword Sect’s precautions were excessively strict. Sword sect disciples could be seen everywhere, and if it were not for the Thief Star leading the way, avoiding being detected would have been extremely difficult otherwise.

Just as he thought this, another several sword sect disciples walked by. Their scents were right under his nose; Su Xing held his breath.

“Senior Brother Zhonglin is truly amazing. He only entered the ranks of Star Cultivators for just three years, and he is already at Nebula Late Stage.”1

“I heard he even killed the Heavenly River Sword School at the Flower Dragon Cave and obtained a Galaxy Stage Artifact, the Blood Rain Pot.”2

“Right, these days, the Headmaster already passed on the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique incantation to him.”

“A Star Cultivator that can form a contract is truly a cause for envy. We’ve stayed at the sword sect for four or five years and still haven’t broken through to Nebula Stage.”

“Just how can we compare to a Star Master. In order for Senior Brother Zhonglin to emerge victorious from the Star Duels, the Headmaster definitely vigorously patronized him. I heard a secluded ancestral master specially left the mountain.”

“Ai, as long as you can contract a Star General, it’s all good.”

“Without strength to sign a contract, those trash Star Generals completely lacking fighting capabilities simply are asking for a dead end. Those powerful Fiend Stars simply won’t pay attention to us. We had better honestly and sincerely cultivate.”

“En, you said it. The Headmaster said we cannot bite off more than we can chew.”

An adept suddenly yelled. “You Junior Brothers, what are you still blabbering about. Senior Brother Zhonglin’s Star General is currently training. The Headmaster had cause to let us train with her.”


The dozen sword sect disciples hurriedly ran over.

The Su Xing and Shi Yuan who silently overheard the entire exchange looked at each other.

“I wonder which sister received such hospitality from the Blooming Water Sword Sect.” The Flea on a Drum covered her mouth.

Compared to these sects that possessed robust strength, Su Xing just discovered that he was truly fortunate to have reached his current stage on his own. “Are we going to go take a look?” Shi Qian said.


“To get to the Overboard Peak, we need to pass through the sword training courtyard, anyways.” The Thief Star surveyed the surroundings, and then her figure flit away, seemingly dissolving like a graceful civet into the night. Su Xing promptly followed her up.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect sword training courtyard was a massive elevated platform. Its surroundings had four water dragons steles embedded with colored glass and precious gems. Within the dark night, the clear radiance emitted brightly lit the sword training grounds. Currently, a hundred sword sect disciples assembled on the sword training grounds. The could be seen with flying swords grasped in hand, or manipulated, or swung, or used for magic, or every sort of prominent power.

Standing atop the platform was a challenger who was an extraordinary girl, wearing light blue temple dress. Her hair rolled up by a sparkling and translucent jade hairpin, and her waist was wrapped by crimson silk. While she wore a pair of Water Walk Phoenix Shoes.3, her skirt was arranged like slightly swelling waves, that reflected and floated out clear and crystalline light in such a large sword training courtyard, almost like she was stepping on water; the girl’s forehead had a blue, gorgeous Astral Crest, flickering an extremely beautiful and splendid light. The weapon her hand grasped was very strange. It was a green scaly dragon tail, a trident with its entire length sparkling.

Under Wu Xinjie’s teaching, Su Xing already more or less understood a few of Maiden Mountain’s Star Maidens’ characteristic Destined Star Weapons. This exquisite and extraordinary was perhaps the “Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident”4, the Retreating Star River Churning Clam’s Destined Star Weapon.

The River Churning Clam Retreating Star Tong was ranked in power as Maiden Mountain’s 69th, Her military strength was average, but she possessed excellent aquatic martial arts. If she were to fight on water, even a few of the Heavenly Stars may not necessarily be her opponent, a river churning dragon not just in name, but also in reality.

Seeing that Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident surrounded by a blue starlight, it must be refined to at least One Star.

“Could it be you all haven’t eaten? Hurry and use your skills. At least act like men and not let Yao’er feel bored.” The Retreating Star’s tone was brimming with unhappiness. “Is the Blooming Water Sword Sect all these pieces of trash?”

Her words that were ruthless roused the indignation of the sword sect disciples.

A dozen disciples urged on their hand seals. Their flying swords unsheathed and turned into a single sword array. The other disciples disciples took the opportunity to brandish and cut their swords toward her.

“Hmph, this is only slightly interesting.”

Yao’er spun her Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident, and the light reflecting from the floor seemingly rose suddenly. When it clashed directly with the other sword array, the array completely collapsed, and a water-light scattered in every direction from the weapon. It was like a dragon had just emerged from the sea, suddenly giving birth to wind and reducing those besieging disciples into disorder. Their sorry figures tumbled onto the sword training courtyard, yet a dozen flying swords turned into blue lights that shot straight towards the Retreating Star.

The girl moved just a tad, and the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident shot down the flying swords. The attack was grand in scale and unstoppable. “Give me a bit more effort, and use your styles. Lin Chong is definitely not like you incompetents!!”  

A disciple glanced towards Chen Zhonglin.

Chen Zhonglin nodded.

“Then, excuse me!!!”

A disciple shouted, even striking hand seals, and the other disciples responded in succession. The Blooming Water Sword Sect was a school of sword cultivators, and as such, they were very proficient in the sword arts. Conventional military forces in Liangshan Continent that could emerge victorious over a Star General were not many, but the Star Generals were not necessarily dominant over sword arts. Several hundred flying swords decorated the sword training courtyard, imposing as a rainbow. Brightly shining on the people, Su Xing was transfixed.

Under the sword sect disciple’s call, the flying swords emitted water-thunder and linked together into a great net.

The Retreating Star at last put away her boredom, both hands grasping her polearm for luck. A dark blue brilliance swept out from the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident, and the Chen Zhonglin to the side did not dare to be careless, striking hand seals and imbuing Star Energy.

The Water Thunder Flying Swords spread and covered the sky. The might of the “Water Thunder Flower Sword Array”5 fully utilized by a hundred disciples was even more terrifying than an artifact.

The Retreating Star River Churning Clam Tong Meng was indifferent as she rotated her feet in a half circle. Her body slightly turned, and the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident became like a soaring, coiling dragon that tore through the sky. Its water dragon body engulfed the entire sword training courtyard and continued to expand. Even if he was a hundred meters away, Su Xing could feel the water dragon attack towards him.

This water dragon just swept and leveled the sword training courtyard. Those disciples were struck one by one, and those flying swords were washed away like dead leaves in a river. It it was not for Tong Yao painstakingly holding back her power, this move would have killed at least half the sword sect disciples.

“So powerful!! Is this a Yellow Rank Battle Technique or a Dark Rank Battle Technique?” Su Xing was dumbstruck by what he saw. It is said that the Star Maidens altogether had four types of different ranks of Battle Techniques, “Heaven and Earth, Dark and Yellow.”6 When each type of Battle Technique what used, that was always a great, all-destroying and ruthless move. It was rare to use this without reaching the critical moment because this was very taxing on their strength.

“Yao’er, that was done not half-bad. The ‘Water Dragon Captures Heaven, Overflows the Sea’7 is more and more proficient. Even easily breaking the Water Thunder Flower Sword Array, it seems it won’t be long before you should comprehend the Dark Rank Style.” Chen Zhonglin clapped.

“It’s still too early.” Tong Yao took a deep breath, dully replying. Looking at everyone around her, she coldly smiled: “Come at me again, Tong Yao isn’t done playing yet.”

“Young master, we should leave.”

Shi Qian tugged Su Xing.

Although he was very astonished by the girl’s power, Su Xing did not forget his own job. The sword training courtyard was still a place to train the sword, and Su Xing’s heart gave rise to a trace of waves. Not only just he, but the rest of Liangshan’s Star Masters were all trying hard. Even Earthly Stars would not give up any opportunities.

On this road to chase after the final victor, inside this utterly unfair game, everyone would not tread very relaxed.    

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Maiden Mountain Group 121137608 recruiting 108 beautiful ladies and handsome men. Announcing the three measurements of entering ladies and announcing the length of the men =。 =!8

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  3. 踏水鳳履
  4. 碧水鰲龍叉
  5. 水雷葵花劍陣
  6. 天地玄黃
  7. 水龍擒天覆海
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