Chapter 678: Chao Gai Retreats In Defeat, Guan Ying Emerges From The Pagoda

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By the time Chao Gai arrived at Seven Worthies Village, the two Overlords’ presences had thoroughly vanished. The ground still had traces of the battle, but it did not appear to be an intense on at all. Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui’s heart sank. She held the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda, covering her whole body in a stern air, radiant Buddhist light and chanted a scripture of nirvana.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

Four figures abruptly descended from the sky, falling at different times. One of them fell as light as a feather. The one who drifted down was clearly the strongest. 

When Chao Wuhui looked at these four, her expression changed.

“So you must be that Chao Gai, correct? Oh, you look quite strong.” The Buddhist woman named “Wu De” gripped her staff, coldly saying.

“Very strong, much stronger than those women from before. She should keep Niang’er entertained for a while.” Niang’er glanced with her flirty eyes, every single gesture of hers full of charm. She seemed to want to devour Chao Gai, as if she was hungry.

Shu’er mockingly smiled: “Shu’er will not be able to defeat this one. Not point in arguing with you two.”

“Xian, Liang,1 Shu, De! This One never imagined the Liao Emperor would surprisingly use the Heavenly Book to summon you.” Chao Wuhui’s face remained unchanged, but her fluctuating breath betrayed her astonishment and concern.

Sister Xian smiled and said: “Eh, you know of us?”

“No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home.2 This is the renown of Her Highness Fang Moujia.3 Everyone in Star World knows.” Chao Wuhui thought to herself that this was problematic. These four women were much more troublesome than the Liao Emperor, especially this woman who was eternally smiling, as if conveying her kindness, but in actuality, this smile hid a dagger. And it was this dagger that made countless Star Generals in Star World afraid.

“If you know of Her Highness, then this will be much easier to manage.” Sister Xian nodded. “Since you know of Her Highness Moujia, then you ought to know what it means for us to appear her, Chao Gai. No matter what, these Star Duels are now finished.”

“Do the famous Four Great Generals Xiang, Liang, Shu, De of Her Highness Moujia intend to meddle with the Star Duels that Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven arranged?” Chao Gai calmly said.

“Chao Gai, no need for you to pressure us with the name of the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven.” Sister Xian smiled and shook her head: “Since the Liao Emperor used the Three Heavenly Books to summon us to this lower realm, even the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven would not mind, let alone that this is the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven that Empress used her fate to summon.”

“Would you answer a question?”

Sister Xian asked.

Chao Gai knew what she wanted to ask.

“The Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends of the 108 Star Maidens purportedly are the first Star Generals of Star World, but for what reason has that Empress arranged this world’s Star Duels? Could it be she actually believes she can reconvene the Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends? To be able to defend the fate of the Great Song? Chao Gai, if you answer us, Her Highness shall allow you to join us.”

“You will have to ask Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven this question.” Chao Gai said in a low voice.

Sister Xian shook her head.

“In fact, Her Highness was very aware you would not answer.”

“Yet you still ask?” Chao Gai coldly said.

Sister Xian showed a perfectly benevolent smile: “Your Servant was merely offering you a chance to live…”


The woman’s figure flickered. Sword-light suddenly passed by. Chao Gai opened a Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, using the flower to defend. Without any warning, the flower has hacked to pieces. A blinding blood-light directly passed by Chao Gai’s body, sending Chao Wuhui flying. Sister Xian appeared at the place Chao Wuhui had been standing at, holding her sword of essence steel and blood-talismans in one hand. A bright flash lit up the broadsword.

Chao Wuhui was pale in the face. Her Eye Opening Precious Armor was astonishingly cut open by this attack. If it was not for her Meditative Mind Lotus Flower already greatly dampening the blow and protecting her, that would have left Chao Gai definitely heavily injured.

“Is that sword the ‘Phoenix Splitter?'” Chao Wuhui’s face was drained of color. “Wuhui has heard of that vile name. Apparently, it has slain countless True Phoenix Realm martial generals.”

“Perhaps it can kill the Thousand Buddha Star today.” Sister Xian smiled.

Immediately, the other three took action. Shu’er drew her enormous bow, firing a scorching hot arrow. This was the Dark Technique Sun Shooter. The Wu De woman raised her staff and swung at Chao Wuhui’s head. Niang’er gestured with her fingers, using a mysterious Star Magic in succession after the others.

Chao Wuhui grunted and smashed her palm towards De’er.

The moment staff and palm connected, Buddhist light glowed. Arhat, vajra, bodhisattva and other dharma characteristics arose from their exchange of blows. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda rose to smash Shu’er’s Sun Shooter Arrow. Then, the pagoda emitted a phantom, destroying Niang’er’s Star Magic.

How could Chao Gai’s Realm ever be compared to those Overlords from before.

She was able to suppress the teamwork of three people alone.

“De’er loves to kill Buddhas the most!!!” The overbearing, buxom woman’s left hand punched. The chains on her arm rattled, manifesting eerie blood-light like a spell.

This punch struck the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda. The mighty pagoda rocked, astonishingly cracking a bit. Chao Gai formed a hand seal, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Pagoda emitted light that bound De’er. However, this woman’s power was extremely strong. She could not be bound into the Thousand Pagoda, but Chao Gai managed to fling her away.

“Star Shatterer!!!”

Shu’er once again fired a Dark Technique.

The arrow left the bowstring.

The air immediately glinted with the light of a hundred arrows. These arrows were densely packed, filling the sky, as if they were stars. The arrow-lights fell, all of them shooting towards one person. Chao Wuhui opened the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Golden lotuses bubbled forth in her surroundings, protecting her.

Star Shatterer and the lotus flowers fell.

Star-lights flashed everywhere, and the lotus flower wilted.

“Hè.” The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda attacked Shu’er. Golden light passed, but along the way, Niang’er’s powerful Star Magic repelled the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda.

Chao Gai could not rouse herself to face three people Just as she searched for that “Xian” woman, she suddenly sensed danger. Chao Wuhui stepped back, only to see Sister Xian eerily appear where she had been standing, her sword swing missing. But at just the moment Chao Wuhui stepped back, before she could feel relief, her opponent seemed to have planned for just that. Before the figure of the Sister Xian who missed even vanished again, another Phoenix Splitter Sword already stabbed through Chao Gai’s armor, lotus, and Buddhist light from behind. The tip of the sword emerged from her chest.

Chao Wuhui stared wide-eyed, not daring to believe this.

Chao Wuhui was formidable. She swung a palm towards her read. Sister Xian did not dare take this blow head-on and leaned away. Bang, Shu’er’s arrow found its mark into Chao Wuhui’s body.

“Oh, a hit.” The girl was giddy.

Chao Whui grunted. Her figure distorted and broke free of their encirclement.

“Niang’er has not played her fill. Don’t run.” Niang’er’s Star Magic attacked Chao Wuhui.

“For the famous Xian, Liang, Shu, De Four Great Generals to surprisingly face novice Star Generals,4 it seems Her Highness Moujia is not so incredible.” Chao Wuhui’s body glowed with Buddhist light. She licked the blood at the corner of her mouth. Her retort was calm and steady, speaking with the derision of a girl removed from worldly affairs.

“For Chao Gai to surprisingly use reverse psychology, this is truly pathetic. It seems this Star General is not so incredible.” Shu’er sympathetically said.

“To have allowed a ruffian like the Liao Emperor to use the Three Heavenly Books to summon us, no one should think of ascending Maiden Mountain this generation.” Sister Xian smiled.

“This One does not feel you can stop this.” Chao Wuhui disdainfully smiled.

“Then let us try it. However, it is a pity, Chao Gai, that you will not see that day.”

When she finished speaking, the Phoenix Splitter Sword hacked onto Chao Wuhui’s body. Chao Wuhui was not to be outdone, repelling Sister Xian at the same time with a palm strike. “Then allow Poor Monk to send you off to see the Buddha.” De’er’s staff swung at Chao Wuhui’s head.

This strike was particularly fierce. The heavily injured Chao Wuhui feared that she was unable to take this blow. The Thousand Buddha Star still showed a dignified expression, unmoved, when just at this moment, a yellow light shot out of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda. When this light appeared, a Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade caught the staff. De’er did not expect this, and the Reclining Moon Blade swept De’er back.

An awe-inspiring woman had appeared from inside the Thousand Pagoda. She had a kind of indomitable, unrivalled spirit. Her whole body was covered in black qi. She appeared fully frightening.

Guan Ying.

Chao Wuhui was stunned. She did not expect that Guan Ying would charge out of the pagoda.

“Brave Star Great Blade, what is with this wretched appearance?” De’er was shocked.

“Quickly run. Tell Su Xing that This One believes that he will surely achieve the wish of us, the Sisters of Maiden Mountain.” Guan Ying’s bark brought Chao Wuhui back to her senses.

“This One will definitely accomplish your wish.”

The Thousand Buddha Star grit her teeth and clapped her hands together.

Buddhist light glowed bright.

“You think you can run?”

De’er, Shu’er, and Niang’er attacked while Sister Xian gripped her mantle, prepared to cut down Chao Wuhui at a moment’s notice. But Devil Qi flowed from Guan Ying, and her eyes completely sunk into darkness. Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying let out a terrifying roar. The Devil Qi around her dispersed. She gripped her Great Blade and used her Unrivalled aura. Guan Ying dashed forward with reckless abandon.

Behind her Unrivalled aura, it seemed as if an entire army was following right behind.

A world-toppling might surprisingly forced the three tyrannical women back, repelled one by one by this Unrivalled. Although they blocked the frightening Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade, they were unable to obstruct Guan Ying’s charge.

Earth Rank Blade Technique.

Hegemon Crosses The Land Unimpeded!5

Guan Ying blew apart the three people’s attack, and the rolling, tyrannical qi attacked Sister Xian.

For the first time, the all-smiles Sister Xian lost her grin. The woman was somewhat solemn. She raised her hand and attacked with the Phoenix Splitter.

Perhaps she had been shocked by Guan Ying’s Unrivalled aura or perhaps she had slept for too long, but the girl napping under the pavilion finally opened a pair of dark blue eyes, a pair of eyes as impenetrable as a deep abyss. 

“Su Xing??”

The girl muttered, mulling over the name that Great Blade Guan Ying had mentioned just now. Her deep eyes flashed with a particular glint.

“Su Xing!!”

Sukhavati Buddha Kingdom, Central Celestial. Su XIng’s group finally arrived at this place of lingering, unresolvable karma. As before, it was full of Buddhist chanting. “Su Xing, quickly look. This Chan Sect’s name is so familiar.” Shi Yuan looked at above an enormous plaza in the Central Celestial where there was a senior monk preaching. A thousand disciples were currently sitting upright, and there were also a hundred younger monks currently declaring the sect’s objective.

“Meet Buddha, kill Buddha; meet ancestors, kill ancestors; meet arhat, kill arhat.”

“This goal is surprisingly so disgraceful. To unexpectedly be able to establish in the Buddha Kingdom, this place is indeed incomprehensible.” Hua Wanyue could not help but wrinkle her brow when she saw this sect’s mission. Seeing the name of this sect made the Hero Star endlessly impressed.

“Murdering Buddha Chan Sect!”6

At first glance, this sect was somewhat unfilial, but careful inspection showed that chanting was nevertheless in accordance with the myriad main schools of Buddhism. Hua Wanyue was in amazement: “Buddhism’s senior monks are indeed profound, to be able to comprehend such a sect. I truly want to experience it.”

Wu Xinjie and the others snickered when they heard this.

“Wanyue, to experience it is not so simple. That Senior Monk7 is standing right in front of you.”

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  1. She’s referencing the Niang woman here.
  2. 某年某月,四海為家
  3. 方某家
  4. Referring to the Overlords
  5. 霸者橫欄無極處
  6. Flashback to Chapter 374. This was the sect established following Su Xing’s outrageous ideas.
  7. Referring to the one who established the Murdering Buddha Chan Sect


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